One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 40 - Proud, Tall Warriors! Dramatic Battle of Sanji and Usopp! - full transcript

Sanji was about to help Luffy out, until Kurobi swam and knocked Sanji out. He continuously beat Sanji up with his karate moves. And didn't gave him a chance to resurface for air. Kurobi goes on how inferior Humans are when it comes to needing air to survive. As Sanji is running out of breathe, he discovers that Kurobi has gills like a fish. Which means that Kurobi will be useless if his own gills were damaged. So he bit Kurobi's gills and resurfaced to breathe again. Kurobi also resurfaced and told Sanji that it's doesn't matter if the battle in underwater or on land. It's all the same to a merman. But Sanji proved Kurobi to be wrong as he gave him a series of body kicks which sent him through the park wall and left unconscious. After watching both of his henchmen loosing, Arlong decides to show Zoro and Sanji not to mess with his species. Meanwhile Chu thinks his finally killed Usopp with his water cannon, as he's laying in a pool of blood. He leaves, but doesn't know that Usopp is faking it, as the pool of blood is actually ketchup. When Usopp got up and tried to think up an excuse for all this. But couldn't up but thinking that he's the only coward of the Straw Hat Pirate Crew. As everyone has the courage to fight, while he makes up lies on why he didn't fight in the battle. Not when he promised his friends back home, that he'll overcome many dangers as a pirate. And for that he drew Chu's attention to prove he can fight his own battle. He used his slingshot abilities and eventually threw a liquor bottle at Chu. And set him on fire with his flaming slingshot attack. Then he made sure that Chu is down for good, so he continued to he him with his hammer. Until he won, for the first time he's actually defeated an enemy all by himself. That made him feel like the great pirate he claims to be. Sanji and Zoro find Arlong to be a difficult opponent. As his throwing water move is like attacked by a shark. And Luffy is still unconscious. Nami appears and shows her true colors and this time she's not Arlong's little navigator.

You're the insolent folks

who didn't pay their taxes
at the harbor, aren't you?


Geez, what are you doing?!

That's the Rainbow Mist!

Professor, where are we?

Ape's Concert.

Ape's Concert? It couldn't be.

W-What's that?!

A ship graveyard, where once
you enter, you can never get out.

''Residents of the Land of Eternity!
The Pumpkin Pirates!''

Hey, look! There's nothing but
sunken ships, as far as you can see!

L-Let's give this up. It feels like a
ghost captain might appear at any time.

Really? Ghost captain!

Don't call to them!

Beyond the Rainbow Mist
is the world of the eternal.

The final paradise remaining on earth.

It's filled with treasures of gold and silver,

where people live forever
without aging or going hungry.

That's what's written in this book.

I told you, that's nothing more than a legend.

Professor, you knew that this
place was a ship graveyard?

Yeah. 50 years ago, I got a
short glimpse of this place.

If you knew it, then why come?

I told you that, too.
I've been carrying on my research

in order to rescue my friends that
were swallowed up in this mist.

I even became Wetton's dog,

and put up with the
finger-pointing, to that end.


Look at this!

What's this?

Isn't it awesome? There's lots,
lots more inside the ship!

I'm gonna go explore some more!

Whether this is a paradise or not,

the ''being filled with treasure''
thing doesn't appear to be

altogether untrue, huh, Professor?

Those who would disturb
the rest of the dead...

W-What's that?!

Leave the cargo, and depart at once,

or else, the curse of the dead shall befall you!

I-I'm s-scared...!

Who's there?

There they are!

Now, hand over the cargo, nice and easy...

Or else...

That was close! You rotten...

Ghost captain...!

There's nothing inside!

They're... ghosts... all... right...!

But that arrow came from over there.


Luffy! Over there!

There's someone over there!
Hey, listen to me, Luffy!

Luffy, I say!

Oh, a bow.

Luffy! Watch out!


Why, you...!

Special attack: Fire Star!!

What's this?

--Wait, Rongo!

--Take it easy, Rongo!

Oh, you're just kids, aren't you?



You idiot, stay away! Run!


...I'm Home!!

Yo, thank you for that earlier.

You're welcome.


That's enough!

We are the Pumpkin Pirates,
and Ape's Concert is our territory!

Release my friends, and turn over
the cargo, if you want to live!

A bomb?

Rapa Nui!

Could it be...?

Hey, now, if you use that, you'll blow us all up!

We're all in the same boat!
We live, and die, together!

--Let's go.
--I'm sorry, Rapa Nui. Rongo!

Rapa Nui...? Is that you, Rapa Nui...?

And... Isoka, and Rongo... It's you, all right...

Don't you know me? It's me, Henzo!

We always used to play together,
on Cape Luluka!


You know them?

Henzo? You don't mean that Henzo!

You idiot, there's no way...

Stay back! I-I'll blow us up! Stay back, I said!


Kaboom Mark III. I invented it, after all.

It's just a gizmo used for bluffing.

Damn, it's a smokescreen!

What's all the racket...?

You're just now waking up?!

Huh? For that matter, who's the old guy?

Well, it would take a bit of
time to explain it to you.

Hey, they're gone from over here, too.
Who was that just now?

Huh, Pops?

Henzo! Hurry on down!

I-I'm too scared!

Don't be afraid over something
like this! We're the Pumpkin Pirates!

When I grow up, I'm gonna be a real pirate.

But Rapa Nui, your father is a marine, right?

Is he going to let you?

My pop is my pop.

I want to have adventures in places
that nobody has seen before!

Places nobody has seen before?

Sure. There are still lots of things in
this world that nobody knows about.

I want to see them, too.

Me, too. I'll be a pirate, too.

But we'll have to fight with
other pirates, too, right?

Someone as weak as I am couldn't do that.

Henzo, you can invent all
sorts of things, can't you?

You'll invent the gear that
we'll need for our adventures.

Hey, yeah!

Okay, I'll be a pirate, too!

You're easy to convince, Henzo!

We were so happy.

Playing as friends, and chatting...

I spent the best days of my life with them.

Every day was so bright,
it doesn't even compare to treasure.

Until that one dreadful event occurred...


Henzo! Are you all right?!

I've perfected the Kaboom Mark III!

You idiot! Don't scare us like that!

You sure do have a lot of false alarms, huh?

Holy crap! The town is on fire!

The town of Luluka is on fire!

--What is this...?
--Our town...

Dad! Mom!


Burn! Burn!

Leave nothing of value!

Kill everyone that opposes us,
the Wetton Pirates! Got it?!

Show the women and children no mercy!


What's this, there are still some kids
who haven't run away, are there?

Listen, guys, once we get to the harbor,
there will be ships there.

We'll take one of them, it doesn't
matter which one, and get out of here.

But what about Dad, and the others?!

You idiot! Do you wanna get killed?!


Those brats...

The ships...!

Those guys earlier must have sunk them!

Over there! We'll get on that one!

Eh? That one?

There aren't any others, right? Hurry!

What are you doing to my ship?!

Here he comes!

Damn it!


You all are ready to answer for this, right?

Hurry, up there!

You think someone like you
can handle this axe?

Don't get too cocky, kid.

I'm not a kid! I'm Rapa Nui,
the leader of the Pumpkin Pirates!

--Rapa Nui!
--It's all right! He's just one man!

Let's all join our forces together,
and defeat him!

Huh? Captain, are we setting sail already?

There's another one!

Huh? Who are you guys?

What is that?!

The Rainbow Mist!

Hey, hurry and turn the helm!

If we get swallowed up inside there,
we won't be able to get back!

The helm is busted!

Why, you... You'll pay for this!


Don't think you're getting
out of here alive anymore.


Your shoulder's dislocated.

Rapa Nui!

You'll pay for that!



Go back! Turn the ship back!

We can't! The helm is busted!

The Rainbow Mist... The Rainbow Mist...!

Rapa Nui!

Go on! Keep going! Don't worry about me!


I promise, I'll come after you later!

I am a member of the
Pumpkin Pirates, after all!


Ever since...

Ever since, Rapa Nui and
the others have never returned.

To think that they actually
became pirates in a place like this...

Yeah, but that happened 50 years ago, right?

They were still just little kids.

The passage of time within the
Rainbow Mist appears to be different.

One day in here might be equivalent to a week,

or even a year, in the outside world.


If that's true, we have to
find a way out of here fast,

or there'll be no undoing the damage.

Why not?

You are so dense!
The same thing that happened

between those kids earlier and the
old man could happen to us, too!

While we're in here, puttering around,

Nami and the others we left behind
will become old men and women!


Hey, Pops, let's go back, quick!

Like he said, we don't know how to get back!

--What?! Is that right?!
--So, there's no way back?

--What have you been listening to, Luffy?!
--No... There must be a way

--They must have said it... three times now!
--to get out of Ape's Concert.

Oh, that many times?

Geez, these guys are persistent.

That weapon is a real problem.

You shut your traps! I'll finish you off!

--Are you all right, Lake-sama?

Are you the ones who chucked that?!

No, not us.

For that matter, wasn't he watching?

He is wearing that thing, and all.

I asked you, was it you?!

What if we say it was?

All right.

You're picking it up?!

I have collected your harbor dues.

I now formally welcome
you as a citizen of Luluka.

Ape's Concert, you say?

Yeah. Some soldiers said
they saw your ship enter

the Rainbow Mist, no doubt about it.

From what the mayor says, it's
piled up with treasure in there.


They say that Ape's Concert
is a ship graveyard.

The shipwrecks in there have
untouched cargo all over the place.

The mayor is after that treasure,
which is why he has a scientist,

named Henzo, researching a way
to get into Ape's Concert.

Ah, the old man made
this electroshock suit, too.

What do you think? Pretty damn slick, isn't it?

This guy sure likes to talk a lot, huh?

Shouldn't he be content
with just getting the tax?

We can't just stand around here!

We're going in into that mist, too!

Yes, sir, Nami-san!

But once we go in there,
there's no coming out!

What good will getting scared do?
Our treasure is waiting for us!


No one is allowed into Ape's Concert
without my permission.

--You bonehead!


You've got a poor memory.
Aren't I always telling you?

You are to call me ''Mayor.''

''Mayor Wetton.''