One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 41 - Luffy's Best! Nami's Courage and the Straw Hat - full transcript

Nami tells Arlong that she's here to kill him. Arlong however laughed and told her that over the past 8 years, she was never able to kill him before. If she's truly a traitor of his crew, then he'll kill all the villagers, otherwise he'll keep her as his navigator. Either way there's no escape options from him. She was afraid to put everyone at risk. But after Luffy told her, he'll help her. She gain confidences and chooses to fight along with the villagers. Zoro had some strength left in him. He told Sanji to give him 30 seconds to stall Arlong. Sanji went to set Luffy's feet free from the concrete chunk. Usopp made it back and brag that he beaten Chew all by himself. And is ready keep Zoro covered. Hachi got back on his feet, and dives in to eliminate Luffy. Zoro does all he can to fight Arlong with his swords, only to discover that Arlong's skin is really tough. He pierced Zoro and opened his bandages. Arlong was shocked to see that Zoro is still living from the wound he's got. Arlong thinks that this fight is already over. But Zoro told Arlong that Hachi shouldn't rush himself otherwise his injuries would reopen. And he was right as Hachi's injuries got worst and bleed in the ocean. Sanji used his kick to break the concrete. And Luffy's body was finally free. He spring ed out of the water stretched for Zoro. Threw him out of the way so he can give Arlong a Gomu Gomu Bell attack. Then he started to beat him up real bad. But it takes more than that to defeat Arlong, as he tries to bite Luffy. And his teeth as strong enough to break a bone. How will Luffy defeat Arlong?

Pumpkin Pirates, charge!

The treasure we're after is on that island!

Whoever makes land first gets a reward!


Wait for me! I'm coming, too!

You can't.

After all, you're a grown-up, aren't you?

Wait for me!

Rapa Nui! Isoka! Rongo! Akibi! Pukau!

Don't leave me here!
Don't leave me all by myself!

I was dreaming...

You're concerned about your friends, huh?

You were calling out
their names in your sleep.

What was it all for, exactly?

These last 50 years that I dedicated
to researching the Rainbow Mist?

Seeing Rapa Nui and the others
the way they were back then,

it makes me think that I, at least,
have wasted all that time.

It wasn't wasted, right? You did get
to see all your old friends again.

I'm not so sure...

Is the ship moving?

It shouldn't be...

''Thoughts of Home!
The Pirate Graveyard of No Escape!''


Full speed ahead!

Hey, Luffy, are you sure
we're moving forward?

Yeah! Straight ahead!

Where on earth are you headed?

Where? We're going out of the mist!

Don't be ridiculous.

Once you wander into Ape's Concert,
you never get out of it again.

It's a fiendish region of the sea.

Hey, didn't we see that
ship a little while ago?

Don't let it bother you.

There are ships that look
alike everywhere you go.

No, this ship ran aground in the
very first place we dropped anchor.

I remember seeing the goddess on the bow.

D-Does that mean we've come
back to where we started from?

This is why I asked if you
were sure we're going forward!

I've been watching!
We've been going straight.

You can't see our way
straight in this mist, can you?

It can't be...

Seis Fleurs!

Hey, what was that for?!

We shot forward, but it came
flying in from behind us!

Sure enough.

Space is being distorted.

What do you mean?

I remembered something
written in the book.

The inside of the
Rainbow Mist is like a maze.

--H-Hey, don't do anything crazy!


Too late.

He won't necessarily return
to the same location.

That idiot!

I get it. This is a strange mist,
where no matter how far you go,

you end up where you started.

Oh, it's a ''strange mist.''

Are you sure you understand?

The part about not being able
to get out of here, at least.

We don't have to get out. It's fun in here!

Yes, we do!

Let's join up with Rapa Nui and the others.

With those kids?

The best way to get ourselves
out of Ape's Concert

is to consult the ones
whose territory it is, right?

Yeah, but where are they?

Let's ask that boy over there.

How did she find me?!

It's no use hiding.

Un Fleur.

Would you take us?

To wherever your boss is?


Henzo came back,
and he's an old man, you say?

What sort of joke is that?

It's no joke.

He fell into the sea, in order to save us,
and we haven't seen him since.

I promise, I'll come after you later!

Go on! Keep going! Don't worry about me!

He's still alive, in the outside world.

Henzo said that he's been
looking for a way to bring us back,

all this time, in Luluka, and that
50 years had passed, just like that!

50 years? That's absurd.

Are you sure that old man
isn't playing a trick on you?

Why would he play a trick on us?

I wouldn't know why.

But if what Henzo said is true,

I wonder what's happened
to the town of Luluka.

Dad... Mom...

There's no use in worrying about it.

You'll know if it's true or not once
you go back and see for yourself.

You know of a way to get back?

Of course I do. I'm the raiding captain
of the Wetton Pirates, Ian-sama!

Tell us the way to get back
to the town of Luluka!

Sure! Just bring the key!
If you let me out of here,

then I'll take charge of you,
and return you to your homes.

Oh, okay...

Rongo! Akibi!

Don't let him fool you.

Ian just wants to get out of there.

Saying that he knows a way to
the outside world is just a ruse.

Huh? A ruse?

You sure are a tough one, Isoka-chan.

I haven't forgotten all those
times you mistreated us.

Listen up, you tenderfoots!

Being on the seas means always
being side by side with danger!

If you want to survive, then follow the orders

of the Wetton Pirates'
raiding captain, Ian-sama!

It's amazing! That ship over
there is full of jewels, too!

All right, take it to the captain's quarters.

They also had all this food!

All right, take that to
the captain's quarters, too.

Sea serpent!


--Don't run away, face it!


Rapa Nui!

Hold it!

Take this!

What are you looking at me like that for?!

Looking at your gloomy faces
is making the food taste bad!

Remember, it's only because I
happened to be aboard this ship

that you've managed to stay alive up to now!

You might at least say thank you,

but I don't recall ever getting
looks as critical as this!

What's that?!

He was drawn here by the
smell of the food, was he?!

Guys, get outside!

Whoa, wait! This is my ship! Defend the ship!

Your boat is more important
than everyone's lives?!

We don't need a leader like that!

Damn it! My ship...!

We're better off without that ship.

Our true departure is just getting started.

We're all fed up with you,
always shooting your mouth off,

and only thinking about yourself!

I guess you must hate me.

But what if I really do know a way out of here?

Another transparent lie!

Go ahead and test me, to see if I'm lying.

You're concerned about the town
of Luluka, too, aren't you?

Once we get all of the dormant
treasures of Ape's Concert together,

we can live without doing
anything until the day we die!

We don't have to live as pirates
here in this hazy mist.

Well? Come with me,
back to the outside world.

Our only leader is Rapa Nui.
None of us are going to follow you.

My, my, there's no making headway with you.

Well, take your time and
think it over, Isoka-chan.

What's going on?!

There's a ship coming!

All hands, prepare for combat!
Fortify our defenses!

How did they know where we are?

Is that...?!


That ship is huge!

That's a wrecked warship, right?

Yeah. Right now, though, it's our hideout.

You cowards!

How dare you hold Pukau?!

What are you talking about?

No more talk!

Release Pukau!

Mayor! It's the Talielisin!

Oh, my dear old ship.

But Grandpa, why is this ship
coming back home now?

--I told you to call me ''Mayor''!

--Yes, sir.
--Look there.

50 years ago, my ship
disappeared inside that mist.

And, since the ship has returned,

it means that the doorway to
Ape's Concert has been opened.

In other words, it's now or never,

if we want to get the
treasure inside there, right?

That's right. But how do you know that?

Well, your grandson there told me so.

You bonehead!

And after everything I said
about the treasure being a secret!

I'm sorry, Grandp-- I mean, Mayor.

It sure must be trouble, having
dimwitted family members, huh?


Ain't that the truth? And why are
you acting sympathetic toward me?!

For whatever reasons, now that you
know the secret of Ape's Concert,

I can't afford you leaving.

You're going to silence us, is that it?

No, you're going to pay the
''I found out the secret'' tax

of ten million Berries.

Is this a joke?!

More to the point, that's too much!

More to the point, what kind of tax is that?!

Are you saying you can't pay the tax?

Tax collection squad!

You called, Mayor Wetton?

Oh, Daddy!


Take them to Rainbow Tower,
and condemn them to hard labor.

What's that?

That is Rainbow Tower.

You are going to keep working
at that tower until you die.

Hellish, heavy labor, from morning until night.

You'll be off to the next world in no time.

Go on, Flip, take them away.

Oh, the Rainbow Mist has
appeared, hasn't it, Father?!

Now is our chance to get the
treasure from Ape's Concert!

He just said everything.

Secrets aren't worth a damn to them, are they?

All three generations are patently stupid.

You bonehead! Fine!

Call in Henzo, and have him
investigate the Rainbow Mist!

--Right! Bring me the transponder snail, at once!
--Father, you're still pretty strong, huh?

Yes, sir!

Hey, calm down a minute!

Shut up! You took Pukau hostage,

and forced him to tell you
where our base is, didn't you?!

That would be disgraceful.

Rapa Nui, I'm not a hostage!

They just asked me to lead
them here, so I brought them!

They threatened you, to make you say that!

It's the truth! These people
aren't bad, I tell you!

Look, he doesn't get mad, even when I do this!

It's not true! This is all a strategy,
to get us to let our guards down!

You misunderstand.

We just want to know how
to get out of Ape's Concert.

And once you find out?

You're planning to take all the
treasures out of these shipwrecks,

and run off with them!

Believe me, Rapa Nui, these guys,
at least, wouldn't do that.

How can I believe the words of a grown-up?!

Of course they're out to get the treasure!

This is going nowhere.


Look! Usopp's specially made lunch is ready!

Yahoo! Food!

You guys want some, too?

Can we?

I can't vouch for the taste, though.

Who asked you?

Yum! Did you really make this?

There's nothing I can't do. Hey, Luffy!
Don't eat those all yourself!

They're not as good as Sanji's,
but they are just regular yummy.

--Oh, thanks. I lived alone for a long time and all.
--There are some children over there
who look like they'd like some.

Hey, come on down, guys!

These are delicious!

--Oh, can we really?
--All right!

Don't let them sucker you in with food!

Have you forgotten your
pride as Pumpkin Pirates?!

Rapa Nui!

Pride won't fill your belly.

Huh? You guys came from the East Blue?


Which means, you must have
gone past Reverse Mountain, huh?

You've got guts!

Yes, we've gone through
many adventures up to now.

We've dueled with giants, and sea
serpents that swallow whole islands,

and even saved a country
from a secret society.

--Wow, really?

The only reason we got
through those predicaments

is because we had my wisdom and bravery!

Out of reverence for that,
everyone calls me ''Captain--''

What was that for?!

Stop sputtering when others are eating.

Rapa Nui, forgive me!

Forgive my shameful self! I spent
50 years researching a way

to save you from the Rainbow Mist,

I've finally managed to get
myself inside the mist,

but thanks to my carelessness,
we can't get out.

I'm a failure as a pirate professor!

But I will endure my shame to ask you,

if you know a way, please tell me!
How do we get out of this mist?

And then, we can leave here,
together, and go back to our home.

There is no way out.

And even if I did know of one,
I wouldn't tell you.

I still don't trust you guys, after all.

And you call yourselves friends?


Never mind us, Pops here
is your friend, isn't he?

Tell me, if you can't trust
your friends, who can you trust?

You keep out of this!

You expect me to just believe that
50 years have suddenly gone by?

Believe it!

No matter how much time has
passed, or how different he looks,

if he's one of your friends, who fell
in under the same banner as you,

you should know each other!

The color of your flag may fade,
but friendship is forever, you know!

Oh, that's me.

Okay, okay, I'm coming. Huh?

Yes, hello?

What good does it do for you to answer?!

Well, well, Professor Henzo?

Huh? Who are you?

Huh? Who is this?

--Luffy, is that you?
--Where are you?

You guys just took the ship on your own,

and put the rest of us in a big fix!

Huh? Is that you, Nami?

You're connected to Nami and the others?

--Hold on, if we can talk to her...

Are we connecting to the outside world?!

Flip?! Flip, are you there?!

Yes, this is Flip!

Professor Henzo, where are you?

I'm inside the Rainbow Mist.


The Rainbow...


Currently, we are unable to get out.

I'm sorry, but could you come rescue us?

Someone's coming for us?!

We can go back to Luluka, right?!

Isn't that great, Rapa Nui?

There's no time. Tell Wetton to
equip the safety search gear

that I invented, and to come inside the mist.


What are you doing?!

That name you just said, Wetton,

is the same man who burned
down the town of Luluka, isn't it?!

Wait! I had to team up with that man,
in order to save all of you!

Now it's all clear. You are not
the Henzo that we know!

If you were one of the Pumpkin Pirates,

there's no way you'd become
one of Wetton's pawns!

Rapa Nui...

Don't call me by that name!

You traitor!

Hello? Hello?

My, my, so they really are
inside that mist, are they?

What do we do?

Isn't it obvious? We go inside the mist.

Just a minute!

I told you,

you aren't allowed to go into
Ape's Concert without my permission.

You keep acting on your own, and...

Say, where is that safety gear
that he mentioned earlier?

--Oh, in here.
--Thank you!

--No, don't mention it.
--What are you giving it to them for?!

Thank you!

You fools! Seize them, at once!

Yes, sir!

And here, I was about to make
a wisecrack about eloping.

Go, Nami!

Yeah! Leave Luffy and the others,
and the treasure, to me!