One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 39 - Luffy Drowning! Zoro vs. Octopus Hatchan! - full transcript

Luffy is drowning in the water, and it's a matter of minutes until he's ran out of oxygen. While Zoro and Sanji were busy dealing with their opponents. Hatchi the Octopus Merman shows off ...

Dammit, dammit, dammit!

How many times do we have
to be attacked by the navy?!

If you want to survive this,
keep rowing and stop complaining!

We're gonna die!

Hey, Luffy! Give us a hand!

No, I've got no strength...
I haven't eaten since this morning...

You're hungry now?!

Major! Major Pasqua! Please
report to the bridge immediately!

Major Pasqua!

Major Pasqua!!

Shut up, dumbass!

You only have to say so once.

I-I'm terribly sorry, Major.

But we're engaging the wanted
criminal Monkey D. Luffy!


You sure took your time.

You almost missed this historic encounter.

Hmph. Hand me the binoculars.

No doubt about it.
That's Straw Hat Luffy's flag.

Yes, it is.

The dumbass...

We've been firing warning
shots at them for a bit,

but they've shown no signs of stopping.

Major, if you would do ''it,'' please...

''It,'' huh? If you insist.

I think I will.

Oh, here it comes!
The major's special technique!

The one that has sunk countless
pirate ships-- the Finger Bomb!

--What have you done, Major?!

--What was that?
--They shooting at each other?

Take that, navy rats! I predicted
this would happen from the start!

When did you predict it?

All right! As their formation collapses,
we'll use this chance to get away!

Rescue the men in the water
from the sinking ship!

Hey! Are you all right?!

The Going Merry is getting farther away!

--All right!
--There's nothing right about it!

--My chance at a billion
Berries... no, my promotion...
--The wheel of fortune is starting to turn, huh? getting away, Major Pasqua!
--Yeah. Everything is going as history leads it.

Attend to the wounded! The fleet is
setting course for Luluka, as scheduled!

''Legend of the Rainbow Mist!
Old Man Henzo of Luluka Island''

Where's the navy?

Looks like we gave them the slip.

They've been chasing us pretty hard lately.

When there are two people with
prices on their heads aboard,

you can't blame the navy for going all-out.

''Nico Robin
79 million Berries''

''Monkey D. Luffy
30 million Berries
(actually 100 million Berries)''

''Roronoa Zoro
(actually 60 million Berries)''


Watch yourself. It looks like there are
lots of hidden reefs under the waves.

--There's a harbor!
--What?! A harbor?!

Look! You can see the lighthouse!

A harbor, huh? Which means
there'll be something to eat!

Huh? It's not a lighthouse.

That sure is a tall tower, huh?

Who cares? Let's go get
some food to eat! Food!

All right. Just wipe off that drool.

You there, hold up!

On the island of Luluka,
all ships that moor at our harbor,

or even along our rocks,

must pay harbor dues!

Harbor dues?

Whatever it is, we have to pay them money.

Hey, why should we have to
pay a tax just for docking here?

Because it's your duty! Will you pay, or not?!


Don't talk like that to a lady.



Food! Food! Food! Food! Food!

That bastard...

Are you all right?

Yes! I'm completely fine!

Come on, let's go. I want to get some
blank charts to draw some maps.

I'll accompany you, Nami-san!

I-I'm coming, too!

--J-Just a minute! I'm coming, too! Me too!
--Hey, you there!

There's something I need to ask you.

A new kind of clown?

He might be a swindling salesman.

I'm neither one!

Have you seen a rainbow-colored mist?

Huh? Rainbow-colored mist?

Ah, it's no use. He's an idiot.

You're labeling me?

Hey, just a minute!

What kind of attitude is that,
after asking me a question?!

I wonder if you might tell me about it.

Pops, hit me again!

Coming up! One more special!

Another for me, too!

Here's your special.

Hey, you've got money for this, right?

Oh, he's paying.

Whoa, I am?!

I'm telling you the secrets of the
Rainbow Mist. Of course you are.

I'm not the one who asked you!

My name is Henzo.

I'm a genius, repeat, genius scientist
researching the Rainbow Mist.

You can't call yourself a genius.

Anyone who calls themselves
that is no honest fellow.

Mister Henzo...

Call me ''professor.''


Professor, do you know this book?

Is that...?

I came across it in Alabasta.

So that's it. I thought I heard about
the Rainbow Mist somewhere before,

but it turns out it's the name of
the book you're reading, Robin.

I don't know who the author is,

but the book was written over 40 years ago.

According to the book, the Rainbow
Mist is the garden of the gods,

or perhaps El Dorado.

It's recorded as being the
entrance to the City of Gold.

That's nothing more than a legend.

Many adventurers have
been enticed by the legend,

and set off on a journey
to find the Rainbow Mist,

but not a single one of them has returned.

Yes, including my own friends.

So that's why you're researching the mist.


You'd best not take what
he has to say at face value.

How do you mean?

He's one of Mayor Wetton's dogs.


Yeah! He receives research
funding from the mayor,

and lives the easy life! He's a flimflam scientist!

T-The tax collection squad!
The tax collection squad is here!

--What's that?
--Hey, hurry and drink that!

Well, well, good citizens,

are you having an enjoyable mealtime?

You there, you're drinking
some delicious liquor, yes?

When you drink liquor, you need to
pay the liquor-drinking tax, right?

H-H-Hey, wait a minute!

A-All I've got in my wallet is my
wife and kids' living expenses!

It is a citizen's obligation to pay taxes.

Those who neglect their obligations
have no right to live in this town.

Who is this guy?

Mayor Wetton's son, Flip.

A disagreeable bastard, who extorts
all sorts of tax money out of us.

Well, well, Professor Henzo...

Father was looking for you.

He was wondering how
your mist research is coming.

Same as always.

There's no telling when or where
the mist is going to appear, after all.

My, my. Your research is supported
by the citizens' tax money.

The Rainbow Tower over there was
constructed based on your research.

Do not forget that the
slower your research goes,

the more it puts everyone here out.

Well, I will see you later.

Well, well...

You there, you're eating a
heaping plate of spaghetti, yes?

Mm-hmm, I was hungry.

Eating a heaping plate means that
you must pay a heaping tax, right?

He's paying.

I am?!

Why me, for pete's sake?

--Aah, thanks.
--Cram it!

Now you understand.

If you don't want the people
in town to think ill of you,

then stop hanging around with Henzo.

Thanks for the warning.

But that's not up to me to decide.
It's up to the captain.

A-Are you still shopping?

Of course.

I have to buy some blank charts.

If we run out while we're
at sea, we'll be in trouble.

You sure are buying a lot of
unrelated stuff, considering.

Nami-san, I'd follow you into the
depths of hell to go shopping with you!

There they are, Lake-sama! They're the ones!

You're the insolent folks

who didn't pay their taxes
at the harbor, aren't you?

I am Mayor Wetton's grandson, Lake!

I'm the officer who seizes
unpaid taxes from the insolent!

I'm not exactly sure what's going on here,

but if you're here to throw cold water
on our enjoyable little shopping trip,

you'll get no mercy.


Geez, what are you doing?!

T-The moment I touched
his body, I got a shock.

It's no use. That's what happens
to everyone who touches me.

--I get it.

He has the abilities of a Devil Fruit!

Your own private generator?!

Dynamo Squad, increase output!

Somehow, this doesn't look good, does it?

Have a good taste of the power
of my electroshock suit!

Rolling Thunder!!

Huh? Was that thunder?

That was close!

Nicely dodged. But that
won't happen this time!

Chopper, look after Nami-san.

Got it!

Sanji-kun, don't do anything reckless, okay?

Yes, don't worry about me!

Uh-uh, those are what I'm worried about.

Oh, these?

S-She's the devil.

It's all right. Not only will they not
get hurt, they won't even get dusty.

You've got a real outrageous mayor here.

He takes money from everywhere,
and says it's for taxes.

Where does he get off calling it
a heaping tax? What a rip-off!

Sorry... everyone...

What are you apologizing for, Pops?

Didn't you listen to what
those guys were saying?

Nope, not a bit.

All right, Pops here is in league
with those rip-off artists.

Everyone's money is being wasted,
on account of his weird research.

Do you really understand what's going on?

--Nope, not a bit.
--Look, Luffy, you've got your snails, right?

--Nope, not at all.
--Hey, what's going on?

It's a ship! A galleon is arriving in the harbor!

--A galleon?
--I-It couldn't be...!

Sounds interesting! Let's go see!

Hey, wait, Luffy!

Ooh, it's huge!

It's quite an old ship, huh?

It's the Talielisin.

The Tali--? W-What? H-Hey, Pops!

That's awesome!


Slick! Awesome! I want one! I totally want one!

Yeah, knowing you, I knew you'd say that.


It's no use!

--Shopping bags!

T-That's just stupid... I dodged it...

You're the stupid one!

Sanji, it's the metal!

The valuables are drawing
the electricity! Get rid of them!


They were expensive!

You know what will happen
if you drop them, don't you?!

Yeah, but... after taking an
electric current as strong as that,

a normal person would already be--

He's not normal, so no problem!

This is bad... If my striking attacks
are completely useless...

--He's running!
--Hey, hold it!
--Ah, Lake-sama!

Now, while we can!

--Hold on to my shopping bags tight!

If they're that important, why
don't you carry them yourself?

--Is that wrong?

Rapa Nui! Isoka!

Rongo! Pukau!


Everyone! Everyone!

Hey, Pops!



Y-Your arm...!

Pops, let me have that boat!

Y-You ate a Devil Fruit...?

Me? I'm a rubber man,
who ate the Gum-Gum Fruit.

I can't let you have that machine, the H-1.

Eh? Don't say that, let me have it!

It looks like there were people
here just a little while ago.

There isn't a single person
anywhere on the ship.

This ship is one that went adrift 50 years ago.

50 years ago?!

I have a hard time believing that.

No doubt about it.

The ship is just as it was then.

Whoa, what are you talking about, Pops?

W-What's that?


My radar is reacting! I've never
had a reading this strong!

That's the Rainbow Mist!

Damn, I can't go out into the open
sea in the H-1 ! What do I do?

Oh, I know!

--I'm borrowing this!

Don't go stealing our ship!

If you wanna go, take the galleon!

The Talielisin's helm is still
broken, by Wetton's hand.

W-What do you mean, Pops?
How do you know that?

Because 50 years ago,
I was aboard the Talielisin.

--It's gone!
--The Going Merry is gone!

Hold on, what's going on here?!

Those guys from earlier must
have taken it, in place of the tax!

If that's the case, it's at the harbor!

Damn, that mossy bastard is good for nothing!

Hey, are we really going in there?

That's a place many
adventures have challenged,

but none have ever returned from, right?

We're going in.

This is the reason why I've kept
up my research through today.


N-N-No way am I scared! I am he
who travels all over the Grand Line,

Captain Usopp!

We're charging into the Rainbow Mist!

Professor, where are we?

Ape's Concert.

Ape's Concert? It couldn't be.

W-What's that?!

A ship graveyard, where once
you enter, you can never get out.