One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Hissatsu ashiwaza sakuretsu! Sanji vs Teppeki no Pâru - full transcript

After a violent defeat by Mihawk. Zoro made a pledge to never loose like this again. Mihawk liked how tough Zoro was able to live through his attacks. The next time they meet, he'll expect ...

Gum-Gum... Pistol!

You were skewered...
buried alive... and dried up...

Even you, who stood back up after all that...

...won't be able to survive this.

Game over... The poison will
pass into your system soon.

You don't understand anything!

Hurry! Hurry!

What's going on?! The Navy helped us!

Did you find the cannoneer?!

We haven't confirmed it yet,
but there's no mistake!

I must've looked at it many times,
but it was my blind spot.

The cannoneer is over there without a doubt!

Nami-san! Vivi-chan!

Why are you up there?!

Hey! I looked all over for you guys!

Zoro! You too?!

What're you doing there?!

Ribbit... ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...

''Magnificent Wings! My Name is Pell,
Guardian Deity of the Country''

Baroque Works?!

We don't know. Where's the proof
that such a company exists?

We're ordinary citizens
of Alabasta, Mr. Marine.

In the confusion of the rebellion,
are you trying to harm good citizens?

Sergeant Major Tashigi!

What're you hesitating for?!

If you wait until you have proof,
you can't prevent anything!

Discern the enemy with your own eyes!

Yes ma'am! Our apologies!

At 4:30... We're running out of time...

The clock is...

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...
Hey, listen, Mr. 7.

I think this is quite an important mission.

That's right, Miss Father's Day.

I think perhaps we may be given
an incredible status. Ribbit, ribbit.

I hope that's the plan. I hope so.
I hope so, Miss Father's Day.

After all, our plan is to shoot
a cannonball into the crowd

using such a big cannon! So I hope so!

Ribbit! It's almost time, Mr. 7!

Preparations to fire complete!

What is it that... you say I don't understand?

Gum-Gum... Gatling!

Don't you get it? You'll die soon,

due to the poison that entered that wound.

Your body is probably numbing by now.

Whether you win or lose, you'll be
buried under this sacred temple anyway.

15 seconds until the attack!

The target is the center of
the Square. Ribbit, ribbit.


Hey, Nami! What the hell
are you trying to do?!

We really don't have time!
If we fail, we'll die! Hey!

I know that! Just stand there quietly!
I'm calculating right now!

Quietly? I don't understand
the point of this setup!

What the hell are you gonna do?!

You'll know once I do it!


Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...
Hey, listen, Mr. 7!

This is a rare occasion!
I wanna do a countdown!

Is that your plan? That's good!
That's good! Sounds interesting!

The weather forecast is ''typhoon''!

13 seconds until the attack!

Cyclone... Tempo!

H... Hey! Cyclone Tempo is just a
boomerang game for after parties.

Make for the clock tower!

What the heck...? They're coming up!

Chopper! Jump to where Sanji-kun is!


Don't tell me... Is she saying...

...the plan is to jump
all the way up like this?!

Sanji-kun! You know the rest, right?!
We don't have time!

I think I get the gist of it, but...

Oh, heck! I just have to do it!

Sounds like we don't have time to think!
I'm counting on you, Tony-kun!

Okay! Hang on tight, Vivi!

I see... that's what we're doing.

Chopper! Get on my right leg!

Got it!

1 1 !

There! They're coming, Zoro!

Okay! Good job!

So all I have to do is throw them
to the top of that tower, right?!



Okay! Leave it to me!


You dummy! Don't be scared!
I'm using the back of the blade!

--Get a good foothold!
--Ah, okay!


Be careful, Vivi! There're weirdoes up there.

Yes. They're familiar faces.



Miss Wednesday!

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit. I know that
she's a traitor to our company!

They've noticed!


Wait a sec! We're in the air!
If they shoot at us...!

I'm certain that what you're
after isn't in this country.

Isn't that right?! To achieve
someone else's goal...

What's the point in dying over that?!

If you ditch a friend or two,
you can stay out of troubles.

You guys are total idiots.

That's why I said you don't understand.


She tells others not to die,

but she's the first to lay down
her own life to save others.

If we don't help her, she'll die.
You guys will kill her.

You're so dense.

That's why I'm telling you that
you can just ditch that burden...!

We don't want her to die!
That's how friends are!

That's why we won't quit fighting as long
as she doesn't give up on her country!

Even if you guys end up dying?

If we die, we die.

Adjust! Ribbit-Ribbit Gun!
This is an unexpected catch!

Adjust! Yellow Gun!

This is good! This is good!
They're perfect prey!

You bastards! How dare you
point guns at Vivi-chan?!

This is bad! They're a sniper pair!

Chopper! I'll shoot you guys up anyway!

I'll change the direction so
you do something after that!

What?! Me?!

Seven seconds left!

Do something!

Ready?! I'm gonna
shoot you up! Chopper! Vivi!




Hey, listen. Our bullets are...

...planned to crash and explode.


That idiot! He took a direct hit...!

Ready, Vivi?!

With your all might, please, Tony-kun!

''5 seconds until attack''

Ribbit, ribbit. It's no use...



Who's that?!


''4 seconds until attack''

''4 seconds until attack''

Where's Miss Wednesday?!

What happened?!

Peacock... String...!

She's up there!

''3 seconds until attack''
She's up there!

''3 seconds until attack''


Even if you talk big,
your body doesn't respond, huh?

You look pathetic, Straw Hat.


Ribbit, ribbit! Sorry!

You missed!

''2 seconds until attack''

Run Back!

All right!!

''1 second until attack''


Hey, you brats!

You came in from the
shortcut again, didn't you?!

Ahh! It's the gatekeeper!


Chaka-sama. Pell-sama.
Please say something to those brats.



Vivi-sama. Going out?

Yep! To our secret base!

Okay. Have fun.

Where did Vivi-sama go?

Hm? I can't tell you. It's a secret.

The clock tower, huh?

Was it stopped...?

Oh... You're alive...

Wh... What happened to the attack?


--What fell on me?

What's the matter?

They say something's wrong up there.

Vivi isn't showing her face...

There's a problem! Everyone!


The cannonball has a timing device!
If we don't do something, it'll explode!


How despicable!

I'd like you to at least say I was
thoroughly prepared, Mr. Cobra.

Operations should be carried out
considering unforeseen circumstances.

Even if something happens to the cannoneer,

the cannonball will explode on its own.

Well, the time lag is just a few dozen seconds.

I wanted it to be shot into
the center of the Square...

...but it should still do more than
enough damage from there.

If we do this, the rebellion will stop.
If we do that, the rebellion will stop.

I can't stand how annoying
your idealistic theory is.

Let me tell you something...

You can't save this country.

Dammit! What the hell...! The attack
was stopped, but the cannonball...

...has a timing device?!

If it has power to destroy a 5 km diameter,

the Square and the town
won't survive after all!

What's gonna happen?!

Does this mean that it was
impossible from the start

to stop the explosion in the Square?

He made us come this far to look for it...!

He even announced the attack...!

Just how far...

...does he have to go to make fools of us?!

Just how much does he have to mock us?!


That was...

That bird guy...


This place brings back memories...
The Sand Sand Clan's secret base...

--Pell, listen! The cannonball
has a timing device
--Your unprecedented actions really gave us

--and is ready to explode at any moment!
--Your unprecedented actions really gave us

lots of trouble all the time.

It's Vivi-sama! What on earth is she
doing in the ammunition bunker?!

Hey, what happened?!
What was that explosion noise?!

After we've told you so many times
not to go near the ammunition bunker...

Ah, Pell!


I wanted to make fireworks,
but it didn't work.

You see, it's the anniversary of the
day that you joined the army, so...

What're you doing to the princess?!

How many times do I have to tell you...

...not to come near this place?!

You! Do you know what you just did?!

I'm gonna fire you! How dare you...?

Wait, Igaram!

It's okay...

What if you weren't just... injured...?

More...! Higher! I said higher!

Vivi-sama! Please never tell
the king about this, okay?

Because he sternly told me
not to fly with you riding on me!

If you don't want to, that's fine.
I won't forgive you about today

for the rest of my life.

You're the one who said
you'd do whatever I tell you to.

--Say, Pell...

Why do you train for battle every day?

Because I'm a guard. I do it
in order to protect this country.

I have to be strong.

Who will you be fighting?

I don't know...

Rather than fight, I'll protect...

They're different?

They have different purposes.

Hmm... That's strange...

I feel proud from the bottom
of my heart that I was able

to serve you, the Nefertari Family.

I am Alabasta's guardian deity...


The one who destroys
the royal family's enemies!