One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 24 - Tama no me no Mihôku! Kenzoku Zoro umi ni chiru - full transcript

After Don Kreig's ship was cut in half, the one who destroyed his fleet has appeared. Hawk Eye Mihawk has followed Don all the way from the Grand Line. With his large sword and stealthily techniques. Mihawk has become the world's greatest swordsman. Zoro has traveled the seas to duel against the famous Mihawk. While Luffy and Usopp help Johnny and Yosaku out of the water. They told them that Nami tricked them and took the Going Merry on her own. As she states that she never officially became a pirate in the first place. In order to become the world's greatest swordsman, Zoro must defeat Mihawk to become worthy of that title. He and Mihawk put up an intense fight as Don Kreig's crew, the Baratie's crew, Luffy, Usopp, Johnny and Yosaku watch in terror. Can Zoro beat Mihawk?

How is it from the sky, Pell?!

I searched every corner of the rooftops
of the buildings near the Square,

but I saw no preparations
for the cannon anywhere.

Then... it might be from
somewhere inside a building...

--I'll search all of them!

I don't feel any anger against you...
You know why, Nico Robin?

How silly... We were a team for four years.

I knew you'd pull something like this.


If you get wet, a knife
can stick in you, right?!

He dodged it! Where'd he...

I'll forgive you for everything, Nico Robin...

...because I've never... trusted
anyone... from the beginning.

That's right... That place can...

Special Attack... Red Serpent Star!

''The Nightmare Draws Near! This is
the Sand Sand Clan's Secret Base''


Where are you?!

What's with this place?

It's falling apart!

There's no mistake!

The cannoneer must be in there!
I finally figured it out!

Is he really in such a place, Vivi?!

If this dust devil is part of the plan... should be a place where
they can still hit the target...

And it also has to be an open space
where a large cannon can fit

and yet can't be seen from the sky.

Look! This place is
unexpectedly large, isn't it?

Why don't we make this
place our secret base?


There's nowhere else I can think of!

Okay! Hold on! Everyone's headed here.
So we'll leave a message...

I'm gonna go on ahead, Usopp-san!

What?! W-Wait, Vivi! W-Wait!

--Ah, okay.

All right! The princess! We found her!

She led us right to her!

There're still some members
of Baroque Works...!

Urk! We signaled the enemy, too!

That's Usopp's signal.

But why is the palace that far?

Good, it's close!

I wonder if they found the cannoneer.

They must have! Hurry!

Usopp...! Noise...!

So this is... this is the...

Now! Let's go, Vivi!


Th-They ran away!


It took so long... to make it this far...

But the end... has finally come...

This land is mine!


I've cornered you, gator!

Why are you alive?

No matter how many times I kill you,
why do you stand up to me?!

Well?! Straw Hat!

How... did he survive and come here...?

Who on earth is he...?

Straw Hat...

Just how many times
do you want to be killed?

You still haven't returned...
what you took away...

What I took away...?

Is it money...? Fame...?




What do you want me to return?

There're so many things that I took away.

The country!

The country? You say funny things...

I'm just about to take this country...
by becoming its king.

When we got to this island,
it was already gone.

Her country was gone...!

I'm going to persuade the Rebel Army

because I want no more shedding of blood!

Up until just recently, it was
a thriving city full of greenery!

Please, Vivi-chan! Stop those fools!

If this is really her country...

What's wrong... with not
wanting people to die?!

Just one look at this kingdom
and even I can tell...

...what most needs to be done!

As if putting your single life
on the line is enough!

I don't have...!

I don't have anything else
that I can put on the line...

At least try putting all of our
lives on the line together!

Aren't we friends?!

If this is really her country...
she should be... smiling more!

Even if you talk cool, when you don't
have water with you, what can you...

This can't be... Kicking me without water...

If only you hadn't come to this country...
Alabasta would've remained peaceful!

Isn't it just heartrending?

Love for the kingdom will be
what destroys the kingdom.



Could it be... you're using...

...your blood...?!

Sand can be hardened
by blood, too, can't it?

From Rainbase... to the palace...
and to the underground mortuary temple...

I'll reward you for your
persistence in challenging me,

even after living through hell twice...

You bastard...! a pirate...

It seems that you want to
beat me up no matter what.

And I'll also admit that you're
an annoying enemy to me.

It came off! What the...

It's a poisonous hook.

I see...

As a competent enough pirate,
you seem to understand

that a duel between pirates
is always a fight for survival,

and that there's no such
thing as ''playing dirty.''

When the explosion happens up there,

this place will probably
collapse in one breath as well.

This is the last time.
Let's settle it once and for all!

The smoke was in that direction, right?

No, was it this way?

What?! Marines?!

Look! It's Roronoa Zoro!

Dammit! I didn't realize that
the Navy showed up in this town...

When I don't have time...

I guess I can't help it.
I'll settle this in three seconds.

You...! Why are you in a place like this?!

What the heck are you doing?!

That's what I'd say!

Roronoa Zoro!

We knew you weren't good with directions,
but this is worse than we expected!

Go back! If you go north at the last
corner, you can get to the Square!

Go back and turn right! Not this way!

Are you stupid?!


--Hurry up!

Wh-What?! What's going on?!

Run! Run, Vivi!

Usopp-san! I can't...

Wait! Hold it!

Th-Tha... Thank...

We'll assist you!

Please stop the explosion
of the Square. Now, hurry!

Thank you! Hurry, Usopp-san!

Ah... Yeah!

All units! Continue to assist them...!
With all your strength!

Yes, ma'am!

Me, go to Alubarna?

We're chasing after the
Straw Hat pirates, right? Or...

You decide what to do when you're there.

You just follow your sense of justice.

Whatever happens, I'll accept responsibility.

Hurry! Hurry!

We wasted quite a bit of time!

I don't know why they did,

but if the Navy hadn't helped,
it would've been worse!

Idiot! Don't look aside!

If the attack isn't stopped,
the casualties will be a lot worse!


The attack can't be stopped by praying!

In two minutes, are we gonna
be winners or dead bodies...?

We still have a minute and a half!

--You've got us all!


There they are! Vivi! Usopp!

Nami-san! Tony-kun!

What's going on?! The Navy helped us!

Did you find the cannoneer?!

We haven't confirmed it yet,
but there's no mistake!

I must've looked at it many times,
but it was my blind spot.

The cannoneer is over there without a doubt!



The clock tower...

I see! From that place, he can
get a good shot at the Square!

If only Pell would get here,
we could stop the attack.


We don't have time.

If I'm not mistaken, the smoke
rose around here, but...

Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit, ribbit... Hey, listen.

I just shot down a big bird
using this ribbit-ribbit gun.

My blunder...

Gum-Gum... Pistol!

Who in the world is he...?

Crocodile treated even our kingdom's
proud warriors like worms, and yet...

You were skewered...
buried alive... and dried up...

Even you, who stood back up after all that...

...won't be able to survive this.

Game over... The poison will
pass into your system soon.

You don't understand anything!

I wonder what happened...

I don't see Pell anywhere...

Say, Vivi. We can't go up that high
within a minute all by ourselves!

Pell! Where are you?! Hurry!

In any case, we should hurry up, too!

We have no choice but to use the stairs!

--Where's the entrance?!

--Nami-san! Vivi-chan!

Why are you up there?!

Why? You left a message
under the smoke, didn't you?!

It said ''clock tower.''
That's why I came up here.

What should I do? Where's the cannoneer?

He's at the top! Top! Go up
from there and beat him up!

Hm? Hm?!

Hey, I looked all over for you guys!

Zoro! You too?!

What're you doing there?

That's what I'd like to say!

Well, Navy guys kept saying,
''go north,'' ''go north,''

so I came up here for now...

''North'' and ''up'' are
totally different, you know!

But in any case, good job! Go up from
there and destroy the clock tower!


They can't go inside the
clock tower from where they are.

Other than entering from
the sky, the only way up

is the stairs in the back on the first floor.

But Zoro can destroy the tower wall and...

We don't know if the cannonball
can bear that kind of shock!

We have no choice but to
go up the stairs after all!

Wait, Vivi!


I've got a good idea!

Ribbit... ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...

Hey listen, Mr. 7. I know that this is
our last mission. Ribbit, ribbit, ribbit...

That's the plan.

According to the plan,
we have 30 seconds left.

What's that?!

Mr. 7! Miss Father's Day!