One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 16 - Kaya o mamore! Usoppu kaizokudan daikatsuyaku! - full transcript

Luffy broke 5 of Kuro's Cat Claw Swords. This made him prepare his most deadly technique. The Shakushi which makes him incredibly stealthy and attacks without warning. During the Shakushi Kuro kills several of his crew members and is soon planning to kill Luffy. Meanwhile Zoro who is carrying the weaken Usopp in search for Kaya and the kid trio in the forest. As Jango is on pursuit in tracking them down. His circular blades are sharp enough to cut down a tree. And will force Kaya to sign the will and be executed. Will Zoro get there in time to save her and the 3 kid pirates? And will Luffy be able to defeat Kuro?

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

As this was happening, at the southeast gate,

Usopp and Chopper were taking on

the mole-woman, Miss Merry Christmas,

and cleanup batter Mr. 4,
in a life-or-death battle.

Calling on their wisdom, Usopp and
Chopper finally defeated the pair.

Meanwhile, Sanji and Mr. 2,
Bon Clay, were engaged

in hand-to-hand combat with each other.

Sanji faced impending danger
from the Copy-Copy Montage

put on by Mr. 2, Bon Clay.

H-How cute!

''Transformed into Nami!
Bon Clay's Rapid-Fire Ballet Kenpo''

You're just what they mean when
they say, ''he's nothing but talk!''

You don't even have the
strength left to get up, do you?

Don't think I'm just going to
lie down and be beaten like this!

No matter how much you
might look like Nami-san,

you're still that idiot on the inside.

You damn bastard! Don't get too cocky--

Damn it! She's so cute!

Aah, I must say,
this country is too hot for me.

I just want to take all of my clothes off.

I'll help!

Ballet Chop!!

My eyes!

You fool!

Kick Pointe!!

You're nothing but talk, are you?!

You bastard...!

Mess with me, will you?!

Mascara Boomerang!!

I'll see you in hell!

Oh, don't kick me.

Have to catch my mascara, okay?

Playing with you is fun, but I can't
dawdle around too long, you know?

It's my duty to kill the princess, after all.

I'm going to hurry up and finish this now.

Ha! Twirl, twirl, I'm twirling around!

What?! Blow up the royal palace?!

Yeah. Orders have come down
to blow up the royal palace.

We're going to blow up the royal palace!

They can't be serious.

The palace has a 4,000-year history.

What can I say...

...about this situation we are in?

It's okay, I understand.
There was nothing you could do,

except to intercept the rebel army.

Igaram aside, you've done well
in suppressing the uprising

for over two years. But I was not wrong.

I met some true friends,
who are going to save Alabasta.

You guys go on ahead!
I can handle this myself!

Make sure you deliver Vivi back
to her home! Make sure, now!

Listen to me, Vivi. He will
keep Crocodile under control.

The moment that the
rebel army started running,

the time limit on this land was set.

Once the royal army
and the rebel army meet,

this land will be gone.

If you are the one and only
hope for preventing that,

then you have to survive, no matter what.

No matter what might happen
to any of us here, from now on!

All of you, who are willing
even to give your lives,

how are you faring now?


Over the two years that
I have not seen you,

you have become quite beautiful.

Once we have seen this war through,

I would sure like to hold a
grand banquet for those pirates.


Gimme food.

After I kick Crocodile's ass,
gimme so much food I might die!

Yes. I believe in you.
Luffy-san, you are all right.

I'm sure that you must
have defeated Crocodile.


What is it?

Is it true that you are going
to blow up the royal castle?!

The soldiers are getting explosives ready!

There must be some mistake!

I am the one who gave the order.


Please use as much explosive as there is.

In order to stop the senseless fighting,

and to save the lives
of the people of Alabasta,

we will blow up the royal palace!

Hang in there!
This is nothing serious, Usopp!

You just shattered your femur, that's all!

You may have busted your nose,
your humeri, and your clavicles,

but you lost only a little more
blood than should be fatal.

Your blood pressure
may be at zombie-grade,

but there's nothing to worry about!

Right now, I feel fantastic...

I see pretty fields of flowers...

You don't mean heaven, do you?!
Can you see heaven?!

No matter how great a pirate you may be,

the end will still come for you...

D-Don't die, Usopp!
Please, I don't want you to die!

Farewell, Chopper...
I leave my vast treasure to you...

15 gold and silver coins...
Become a good doctor...


Open your eyes! There's something
I have to apologize to you for!

This manju bun...

This is the manju bun that
you wanted, and I hid it.

If I knew you were going to die,
I would have given you half.

I've been a small, narrow-minded man.

Manju bun?!

Manju bun...

Confound that idiot!
Where the hell did she go?

This is why I told her to
pipe down and hide somewhere.

She does nothing but slow
me down. Dumb woman!

That's it, I can't run anymore!
I'll have to fight!


We're getting nowhere.

He's so impatient.


The stone column! It split up lengthwise!

Split? No, it didn't.
It was clearly a swordsman.

Out of my way.

You cut it, didn't you? With those arms?

That's quite an unusual body
you've got there, isn't it?

Indeed it is. I ate the Dice-Dice Fruit,
making blades of my entire body.

You're him, aren't you?

The swordsman who is said to have
cut down 100 men at Whisky Peak?

Also, the pirate who, several years ago,

turned down an invitation to
Baroque Works at East Blue,

and cut down the Mr. 7 at the time... you, isn't it?

Ha! There's a story that takes me back.

That was your fault,
for not accepting my terms.

I told your scout man back then this:

''I will join, if you make me your boss.''

Such a funny man.

Far from meeting my terms,
he took a slash at me.

I just put him in his place.

Would you like to try inviting me, too?

Right now, you guys are so ridiculous,

I wouldn't even accept
the position as your boss.

You're making quite the fool of me, huh?

You, a swordsman, from a
small-time band of pirates...

In that case, who do
you think you guys are?

Puppets, without volition of your own,

baited into creating a utopia in name only?

Or are you really just tin soldiers...

...without any substance?

Miss Doublefinger...

You're going to tell me you
want to eliminate him, right?

Do as you please. And I'll deal with the girl.

Hey, Nami!

She's gone!

Twirl, twirl! A finishing
320,000-spin grand fouetté!

Can it be...?

Ballet Kenpo!
Memoirs of a Summer's Day!!

I see your weakness.

I've seen through your Copy-Copy Fruit.

I've seen through your Copy-Copy Fruit.

--Memoirs of a Summer's Day!!
--Joue Shoot!!

Sure enough. No doubt about it.

You've seen through it,
you say? Through what?!

What part of my ability has
someone like you seen through?

You can't use your Ballet Kenpo
while in Nami-san's body, can you?

It's true, I might not be able to attack you,

but the moment you attack me,
you always return to normal.

By touching your cheek with your left hand.

Eh? What's that? I can't hear you at all!

Hey, I'm right, aren't I?

S-So what if you are?!

Yes, yes, without this limber
body that I've developed,

training daily in harsh,
demanding lessons,

I can't perform my Ballet Kenpo. So what?

You're still plenty
black and blue, aren't you?!

What's more, let me show you this.
The prima of Ballet Kenpo!

I'll just say this much about it.

From your viewpoint, the left one is
the pen, and the right one is the cob.

Who cares?

Whether you've seen through
it or not, it doesn't matter!

Take this! Ballet Kenpo...


What?! That's the mark of his kick?!

The right choice!
Avoiding that was the right choice!

At the end of their bent
necks are steel beaks!

There isn't a single crack
around that hole!

True power,
when compressed into one point,

does not destroy anything needlessly.

Consider one of my kicks to
be like a shot from a rifle.

However, the bullet is
a bit on the large side.

I'm going to perforate you!




That won't work!

Damn! Too much difference in our reaches!

This fight is over, huh?!

Flying, flying, I'm flying!

Ballet Kenpo! Memoirs of a Winter's Sky!!

But the longer his reach is,
the longer it takes to recover.

If I can avoid his shot,
I'll have that much more speed!

Die, now!

Too bad. How do you like this?

Hey, you've got something
stuck to your left cheek.


Basses Côte!!






--Tendron!! Quasi!! Collier!!
Flanchet!! Cuisseau!! Jarret!!
--Un! Deux! Ora!

--Tendron!! Quasi!! Collier!!
Flanchet!! Cuisseau!!
--Un! Deux! Krah! Un!

--Damn it!


--Jarret!! Collier!! Quasi!!
Flanchet!! Gigot!! Selle!!
--Un! Deux! Ora!

--Queue!! Jarret!! Collier!! Quasi!!
--Un! Deux! Krah!

--Flanchet!! Gigot!! Selle!! Queue!!
--Un! Deux! Ora!

Un! Deux! Krah!

Un! Deux!


--Veau Shot!!
--Bombardier Arabesque!!

I-I give...

You astound me. You're still alive?

What's the matter? If you turn
yourself into Nami-san again,

I can't finish you off.

Ridiculous... I can't move,
in the shape I'm in...

What good will it do to avoid
the outcome of this?

You've won. Kill me.

I'm destined to be eliminated
by the organization anyhow.

What are you waiting for?

Hurry up and strike the last blow...

That was a good fight. We shouldn't
need any more words than that.

This is, unmistakably, the testament
of friendship between rivals.

But I'm not going to cry...

Bye, now. I'll be taking back
our sharpshooter's goggles.

H-He did strike the last blow...

I've scuffed up another
couple of bones, there, huh?

''Alubarna - South Block''
''Battle of Polka Street''
I've scuffed up another
couple of bones, there, huh?

''Alubarna - South Block''
''Battle of Polka Street''

''Alubarna - South Block''
''Battle of Polka Street''
''Winner: Sanji''
''Prize: A little camaraderie''

E-Everything here is ready!

We can ignite here at any time, too!

This castle has taken in
Alabasta's history for 4,000 years.

It has been a source of pride for me.

But if we destroy the royal palace,

the people will stop fighting,
and pay attention.

I will be able to tell them
the truth in my own words!

Okay, light them!

Yes, ma'am!

W-What is this?!

Are you all right?!

I-It's him...!

We can't have that.

That was quite a treacherous thing
to do, wasn't it, Miss Wednesday?

This is soon to be my house.


Your Majesty!


It sure is nice to have a palace, huh?

It's a fine place to look
down on the filth below.

W-Where is Luffy-san?

Huh? You mean Straw Hat? That puny rookie?

He's dead.