One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Kuro o taose! Otoko Usoppu namida no ketsui! - full transcript

Luffy punched Kuro in the face before he had the chance to slice up Usopp. Then Usopp's kid trio pirate crew show up and beat up Kuro with a shovel. Usopp told them to stop as it's just making Kuro more ticked off than he was before. He gave them orders to protect/guide Kaya out of the battle. They obeyed and guided Kaya out of here (to repay their doubts on thinking their captain was lying about the pirates attacking for real). Jango followed them, while Zoro is busy with the "hypnotized" Buchi. After Zoro finally defeated Buchi, he took the unconscious Usopp to catch up to where Jango, Kaya, and the three kids are. Luffy keeps Kuro busy by pulling off a fight against him. Only to discover that Kuro isn't as easy of an opponent to defeat with his stealth foot step technique. We soon learn about how Kuro avoided his execution by the Marines. As he got Jango to hypnotize a decoy into thinking he's Kuro and the Marines took the fake and executed him. While Kuro laid a low profile by going by the name of Klahadore. And gave Jango the role of captain of the Black Cat Pirates. And after 3 years of portraying as a simple minded caretaker, he wants more than to return as "Captain Kuro". Will Luffy be able to defeat him? And will Zoro & Usopp be able to catch up before Jango kills Kaya and the kids?

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
marking an era of history ending in sadness.

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

There are those who would prevent war,

and those who would incite war.

Many different sensibilities
have gathered at Alubarna.

Among them, at this very moment,
were Usopp and Chopper,

whose battle against Mr. 4 and
Miss Merry Christmas was unfolding.

Will Alabasta fall?

Or will it find true peace?

Moment by moment, the goddess
of fate marks the final hour.

''Big Opening Day Today!
The Copy-Copy Montage!''

Don't you lie to us, you haggy old mole!

There's no way he can be dead!

There's no way he'd be beaten
by that sand-gator bastard!

I'd think you'd need
some grounds for saying

that there's no way it could happen.

He's the man who will be
king of the pirates someday!

That's why there's no way he
can get his ticket punched here!

K-King of the pirates?

''King-er-ates''? ''K-rates''? ''K''?

Don't make me laugh!

I wouldn't tell that foul story
in the Grand Line, ever again!

Man, I'm glad he's dead!

He was a stupid bastard,
who didn't know his own place!

A ''ba''! He was a ''ba''!

Listen up, Chopper!

A man...

It's about time for
you to die, longnose!

Molehill Highway!!

...n-no m-m-matter how d-deathly
h-hideous his foe may be...

See you in hell!

Mole-Mole Impact!!


...n-no matter... slim a chance
he has at beating them...

Mr. 4!

Look sharp! Take your batting stance!

With your four-ton bat!

Here goes! Molehill...

...Intersection #4!!


The weak are always weak,
no matter what they do! Take that!

You bastards!

Why, you...!

Oh, you want a go at it? That's perfect.

We'll send you into the next world,

just like we did that
cowardly punk with the nose!

Shut up! Usopp...

Usopp is no coward!

There are times... when a man...

...must not run from a fight...
no matter what...

You're still...?

Like when... like when his
friend's dream... is laughed at...

Impossible! Your head was
knocked in with a four-ton bat!

You can't still be alive!
You can't still be able to get up!

What trick did you use this time?!

Luffy... isn't dead...

He's gonna be...
king of the pirates someday...

I'm sure he will...!

That's the one thing...

...that's the one thing
I won't let you laugh at!

Ha! Looks like you still
haven't learned your lesson yet.

One more time, Mr. 4!

You think I'm gonna let that happen?!

Let me show you a transformation
point that I've been saving!

Horn Point!


Your determination,
at least, is praiseworthy,

but no matter how resolute you might be,

you can't do anything in your shape!


Get... b-behind... me...!

You got it!

Get ready, Mr. 4!

Take this! Special Attack...

Here it comes! Molehill...

...Smoke Star!!

The rest... is up to you, Chopper!

All right!

That kid took off his boots and got away!

What the--?! Hey!

Molehill Intersection #4!!

Stop! Mr. 4! It's me!


You guys look over here!

Special Attack: Uso-Cho Hammer Comet!!

We did it...!


Usopp! Hang in there!

Don't you die!

Someone get a doctor!

A doctor!

That's you!

''Alubarna - Southeast Gate Battle''

''Alubarna - Southeast Gate Battle''
''Winners: Team Usopp & Chopper''

--Are you okay?

Koza! Are you all right?!


You've still got that
bullet from Nanohana...

This is a battlefield.
Something like that doesn't matter here.

Never mind me,

I'd like to get one
of their horses somehow.

If we get down this street,
and through the center of town,

we'll be at the north block,
where the palace is.

The palace? What are you planning to do?

Demand that King Cobra surrender.

Don't be ridiculous! North block
is where the royal army's

main force, including Chaka and Pell,
will be! It's too dangerous!

We haven't even mustered
all of us together yet!

We can wait until reinforcements get here

from the other areas of town, right?

It's already too late as it is.

Give me a hand!

Hey, Koza!

Halt! Are you with the rebel army?!

There's nothing ahead in
north block but the palace!

Understand me?!

If you're not here as part of the battle,
leave this area of town at once!

Hey, are you listening, woman?!
This is no playground!

I know!

Princess Vivi!

It couldn't be!

Is it really her?

Where is my father? Where is he now?

W-Well, the thing is...

In that case...

...take me to where Chaka is!
There's something I want him to do!


Un... deux...! Un... deux...!

You bastard...!

What a kick...

Imagine, him being able to
compete with my Ballet Kenpo!

Out of my way!

I told you, if you want to get by,
you'll have to defeat me, first.

Just keep pushing your luck like that.

Day in and day out, lesson, lesson!

The dancer's kenpo I've refined will
not be beaten by the likes of you!

It's no use trying to escape from my fists!

Ballet Kenpo!!

Degenerate Swan Dance Recital!!

I'm not getting anywhere like this.
I'm gonna settle it right here and now!

--Collier Shoot!!







Ballet Kenpo!

Mouton Shot!!

Swan Arabesque!!

My Mouton Shot...
blocked by that bastard...?

My Swan Arabesque, stopped by
that insignificant cook...?

You've got to be kidding me!

Okay, fine! I mean business!
From now on, I mean business!

Try me.

You don't know what
my ability is yet, do you?

What's amazing is the capacity
of my memory. If I use it,

I could make, say, this sort of montage!

When you see this, you will
laugh until you collapse.


the world's most unusual hair...

Then, the world's most unusual eyes...

The world's most unusual nose...

The world's most unusual mouth...

Now, take a good, long look!

Grand opening, today!

The Copy-Copy Montage!

90% of that was your own face, huh?

You've left yourself open!

Stop playing around, you dirty bastard!

Don't you have a heart?! You devil!

I don't have time to mess
around with your craft.

Craft? That's nothing!
Calling it a craft is nothing!

There was someone like this once.

A man who, through friendship,
made me powerless.

--Love is everything. People have
to have love. Your love needs me.
--So that's it. I more or less get now...

...what you're going to do.

Go on, try to lay a hand on--

H-How could you?!
That was the face of your friend!

What do you take your friends to be?!

What are you, stupid? No matter
who you change your form into,

you're still you.

I'm not the sort that's
caught up by such images.

A person is their soul!

A person is their soul...?

You're so...


I'm embarrassed to have
been caught up by looks!

All right. Even if I were to,
say, set myself up as her,

--Mellorine! Mellorine!
--or any of your other friends,

--Mellorine! Mellorine!
--it wouldn't mean anything.

Mellorine! Mellorine!

He's easy to read...

Mellorine! Mello--

Really easy to read...

--rine! Mellorine! Mel--

Seriously easy to read...

You're a fool.

It's Vivi-sama!

It's true! The princess has come back!

Why, at a time such as this?

Are you insane, Vivi-sama?! If we did that...

If we did that, what?
This land would be finished?

It wouldn't, would it?
This place isn't Alabasta, after all.

The Kingdom of Alabasta... the people who are
hurting each other now!

It's because of them that this
place first became a country!

If we can stop this war,
then that's good enough!

Please! If we can draw everyone's
eyes over here for a few seconds...

...then I will come up
with something from there.

I swear, I will!

Destroy... this palace!

W-What are you saying, Princess?!

This palace has a 4,000-year history!

Please don't go through with
this foolish idea, Vivi-sama!

Chaka-sama, don't let
your judgment go astray!

The king is not present!

We cannot allow you
to do this on your own!

But then, Your Majesty,
the way things are headed,

this country is in a mortal crisis!

So what if it is? Are you
saying we should wipe out

the people of this land,
without even knowing the cause?

That indeed would be the
destruction of this country.

We set out for Rainbase, where Crocodile is.

Forgive me for saying so,

but if we were to turn
against Crocodile now,

it would be like pouring fuel
on the flames of rebellion.

While we would be attacking Rainbase,

the rebel army would come
against Alubarna Palace!

And so what if a rebel army
were to take the castle?

Even if we, the royal army, were to fall,

if we cut out the root of this,
the country will surely rise again.

It is not this castle that
we should be protecting,

it is the people of this country!


...the people are the country.


I shall do as you say!