One Piece: Wan pîsu (1999–…): Season 1, Episode 17 - Ikari bakuhatsu! Kuro vs Rufi kecchaku no yukue! - full transcript

Luffy managed to get a hold of Kuro and finished him off with his Gum Gum Headbut attack. He threw Kuro towards the Black Cat Crew and told them to never return to this island again. That remark scared them so they scattered to their ship and fled. Luffy collapsed after the rough fight, while Nami reclaim the bag of Buggy's treasure. Zoro and Usopp managed to defeat Jango with Usopp's sling shot ability. Jango was no longer a threat to them. Kaya is finally safe, and everything's back to normal. The Kid Trio were all amazed by Usopp's heroism, but Usopp wants to them to keep it a secret, as he prefers the villagers to see him as the liar he's always been. We learn more about Usopp's past, and the reason why he always spends hoaxes to the locals. As well as the formation of the Usopp Pirate Crew. At their club base, Usopp announces to his young crew, that he'll be leaving in order to fulfill his dream in becoming a great pirate like his own father. But his friends, don't want him to leave not from all they've been through during the past 5 years. But this isn't another lie of his. He wants them to promise him that they'll fulfill their dreams as well. And from this day, the Usopp Pirate Crew is now disbanded. Meanwhile Kaya & Meri(who's fully recovered) give Luffy, Zoro, and Nami a ship: "The Going Merry". As promised Kaya return their favor in giving them their own ship to sail the ocean. They were excited to be owning their very own pirate ship. The Usopp came rolling down with a large backpack for his departure off the island. Kaya thanked Usopp for all he's done for her. She'll miss him dearly, but won't force him to stay as it's his new bound destiny. Usopp officially becomes Luffy's third mate of the "Straw Hat Pirates". As our heroes set sail, they all celebrate over their achievement in gaining their own ship.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
The feelings of those who are in anguish

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
are crushed by a dry cloud of sand.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
There are those who seek hope,
and those who cling to hope.

''North Block''
''West Block'' ''South Block'' ''East Block''
Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

Their feelings cross each other,
uncertain what to do,

marking an era of history ending in sadness.

Vivi and her friends continue to fight in
order to save Alabasta from its crisis...

Sanji was toyed with by Mr. 2, a master of
ballet kenpo, and fought a difficult battle.

However, during the battle, he figured
out the Clone Clone power's weak point

and finally emerged victorious.

Meanwhile, Princess Vivi has
decided to destroy the palace

in order to save citizens' lives.

However, as the countdown to the
explosion began, Crocodile appeared.

''Nami's Cyclone Advisory! Clima Takt Burst''

Luffy-san's dead...? You're lying!

It's not a lie.

Straw Hat is buried in the sands
of Rainbase, Miss Wednesday.

If only he hadn't gotten involved
with you, he could've lived a long life.

There's no way he could be
killed by someone like you!

Well, it's thanks to their sacrifice
that you're able to rant right now.

Give them your deepest thanks,
so at least the dead can...

Where's Luffy-san?!

Why're you here?! in peace...

I can hear the sounds of battle from here...

So she wasn't able to stop
the rebel army at the entrance...

I wonder if Vivi and the others are okay...

They're all... fighting with their very lives...

And yet I'm...

Like I said...! I want a
more powerful weapon, too!

Powerful weapon...? What's the
point in you becoming strong?

It's true that I'm not a combatant,
I have a nice figure and I'm cute...

--Huh? Say what?
--...but I still...

...wanna be at least strong enough
not to cause the others trouble...

Especially this time, for Vivi...

Usopp... You can understand
how I feel, can't you?

We're different from them.

''Usopp Factory''

''Usopp Factory''
They're as strong as monsters.

''Usopp Factory''
They can fight against any enemy
using only their own power.

''Usopp Factory''
But you and I are ordinary
humans with no power.

''Usopp Factory''
Once the battle starts, we just
get flustered shamefully...

Once the battle starts, we just
get flustered shamefully...

We'll just be a burden to the others,
unable to even protect ourselves.

When we're like that, if we wanna fight,

all we can do is depend on
powerful weapons... Right?

The reason you frantically
work on inventing weapons

is that you wanna have pride that you
can fight just like the others, right?

Me, too! I want to fight with
my own two hands, too, for Vivi!

So help me!

There isn't much time left
before we arrive in Alabasta.

Yeah... Also, there's no way that
I can get strong just like that...

I'm sorry for being unreasonable...

Who said it's unreasonable just
because we don't have time?

Are you saying that there's
something that Usopp-sama can't do?

Then...'re gonna do it?!
Oh, I love you! Thank you, Usopp!

Well then, let me get right to the point.
About the material cost...

Thank you, really!

Hey, hey, hey... It's not like
weapons can be created for free...

Well then, I'm counting on you!

Hey, listen to me!

You guys are off the hook now.


What am I doing... getting
scared by a noise like that...?

...when I grandly boasted
in front of Usopp like that...

I'm prepared, aren't I...?

To fight for Vivi...

That's right... Usopp kept his promise.

In any case, I'll fight! If it's just
that woman, I should be able to...!

It's no use running, girl.

Miss Doublefinger! What was that
spear-like weapon she just used?

Does she also have Devil Fruit powers?

Do you get it now?

I'm a spike person with
Spike Spike Fruit powers.

I can release spikes from
anywhere on my body.

Spikes that can easily
pierce through stone walls...

If I get caught even once,

she'll pierce my entire body with
those spikes, and that'll be it for me...

Oh? Don't tell me you're going to fight me...

That's right!

Sometimes, it calls forth clouds...
other times, it makes rain fall...

Yet other times, it produces wind...!

This miracle takt causes
catastrophes when it is re-arranged!

Take this! My new weapon, Clima Takt!

What... on earth...

First, sunny weather! Fine Tempo!

Wow, amazing! Doves flew out!

That was stupid!

Are you... okay?

The first shot is often like this...

We start by getting the enemy's
guard down, right? I get it, Usopp.

This time, it'll be the end
of you! Cloudy Tempo!

Wow! What pretty flowers!

No way I can win like this!

What the heck is this?! Say something!

I don't know her situation...
but what a poor child...

Hurry up! Vivi-sama is in danger!

Cannons! Bring cannons here!
Destroy the gate!

Hurry up!

Dieciseis Fleurs!

What the...

I hope we can have some peace and quiet now.

What a stubborn girl...

Don't you think it's pointless to
work so hard to dodge my attacks?

You have no chance.

You're wrong!

According to the instruction,
there're tons more attacks!

My Clima Takt!

When on earth... did you...

It wasn't me. You dropped it here...

Give it back to me!

Sure, I will. I'm not a magician, so...

And I do have enough power to fight
without depending on a thing like that.

Now be a good girl and stay right there.

Then I'll be able to kill you
without causing you much pain.

You still wanna continue
your fun magic show?

The weather forecast is thunder!
Thunder Tempo!

Thunder Tempo...
Thunder Tempo... Thunder...

Stinger... Finger...!


My cheek is bleeding...

Ahh... I wonder if I'm gonna die like this...

I'm gonna die, aren't I...? I'm gonna die...!

If I die, I'm gonna curse him...
That long nose...! Long nose!

Why didn't he make a
real good battle weapo...


Well, then... I'll kill you now... okay?

She's standing on the underside
of the bridge...! Why...?!

Stinger... Hedgehog!

That was close!

H-H-Hey, hold on! Stop!

I said hold on! Hold on a bit! A minute!
Would you give me a minute?! Hey!

I'll get caught if I'm in an open space!

This is it for you. Time to get skewered!

No... thanks!

Well, well...

It seems like she isn't a
total amateur in battles...

What was that...? I think
I read something ominous

in these Clima Takt instructions earlier...

Where was that?

That's it! I'm sure that if you use the
techniques I wrote up so far at parties,

people will love them and
the party will really heat up!

You gotta be kidding me!

Also, I'll write the configurations
for battle on the back.

The back?

Well... I wonder where you're
hiding this time, little kitty?

I won't run or hide any more.

I may not look it, but during the
eight years of my life as a thief,

I survived life-or-death
crises... all by myself!

I can't stand being treated
like just an ordinary girl.

Really... I'm sorry, then...

What's got you so
confident all of a sudden...?

Listen up, I'm gonna show
you my real ability now!

The battle configurations of the takt!

First, understand the
characteristics of the three takts!

Each of the takts can shoot off
air bubbles by shaking or blowing.

The first one shoots off hot air...

...a Heat Ball!

What is this? It feels warm.

The next one shoots off cool air...

...a Cool Ball!

Ah, it feels cool.

And the last one shoots off electricity...

...a Thunder Ball!

Oh, no... that tingled.

These techniques aren't complete yet,
so if you use them at parties...

Then don't write them down!

Are you happy now?

Sewing Stinger!

Please, something I can use! Not for
entertainment, but some techniques!

I'm sorry...

Enough is enough.

Stinger Step!

Oh, I get it! The Heat Ball and the Cool Ball!

When they stop spinning, the air bubbles
hit each other, create an air flow

and cause a tremendous wind!

This is incredible, Usopp!

The Cyclone Tempo is like
an ordinary boomerang.

If you go outside after
a party and play with it...

He doesn't seem to understand it himself...

But with this, I might be able to...

She uses a strange weapon...!

Pay attention until one of us wins!

To show your back to your
enemy during the battle...

Aren't you taking a battle
to the death too lightly?

I changed the air density
by using the Cool Ball.

An abnormal refraction of light due to
a considerable temperature difference...

In other words...

A mirage...! Can't be...
when it was this close...

We can't win with power. At any rate,
survive by using your brain!

That's how we fight, right?!

If I use it efficiently,
even a miracle can happen!

Looks like this is a perfect weapon for me!

Now I've figured out the Clima Takt!

Just give up!


Let His Majesty go, Crocodile!

Hey, hey... You really think
that I'd agree to let him go

after going through all the trouble
to immobilize him like that?

Seriously... try and use your head...

I'm sorry, Vivi...

I couldn't make full use of the chance
that you risked your life to create...


Good grief... Is this how a father and daughter
talk after being separated for so long?

Anyway, Miss Wednesday...

Don't call me by that name!

Let me tell you something first. I don't
intend to keep you and your father alive.

When a kingdom dies out, it's just
natural for its royal family to die as well.


However, before I take the throne,

there's something that I need
to ask you, the current king.

In fact, this is indeed my biggest goal...

Cobra... Where is the Pluton?

How... do you know that name...?