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Final Episode

Gae Hwa.


Can you please come back to the house?

Your house?

Ye Eun...

Be Ye Eun's mother.

Be her mother, for real.

I wanted to bring this up
when the musical is all done,

so I've been patiently waiting.

The musical is not over yet,

but now I have the confidence
that I can do well.

To Ye Eun,

no one else can compare
to you as her mother.

For me too.
I need you, Gae Hwa.

Let's marry.

I'm not saying this on the spur of a moment.

I've thought about this long and hard.

Think about it before you reply to me.

How long do I have to wait?

Gae Hwa, what are you doing?

Oh, Min Woo's here too.

We're going to the premiere celebration party.
Do you want to join us?

Of course I do.

Think about it. Let's go.

To the performances, cheers!


Thanks for joining us on behalf of the cast.

Showing up like this for The Show's activities,

it feels like you're part of the family now.

Me too, I feel like part of the family.

You want some peanuts?


Min Woo, you're exceptionally caring today.

Hey, Gae Hwa noonim, why be so restrained?

I have to get the kids later.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I'll be her Black Knight*.

{\a6}(*someone who offers to drink on another's behalf)

But that scandal about you two,
is that for real or not?

What I mean is...

Could it be you two are really dating....?

- Yes.
- No.

What? Really?

Congratulations! You made the grade.



Oh, you're still so merciless.

No, Min Woo.

At this level, President is already rather kind.

I don't think you'll ever get a better compliment than this.

I'm truly sorry,

I have to go get the kids.

I have to go too, there's another performance tomorrow.

Let's go.

Get into the car, I'll give you a ride.

Min Woo,

I'll give you my reply now.

I will not marry again.

Shouldn't...shouldn't you think about it some more?

It took me a long time to bring it up to you,

how could you do this without giving it any thought?

I thought about it a lot too,

I've been thinking about it all along.

It's not about you, Min Woo, I will not marry anyone again.

You failed at it once so you're not trying it again?

That's too mean of you!

What happened to you in the past was not destiny,

it's possible for you to meet someone better.

I don't have expectations for any of that.

No, I don't want to have such expectations.


Are you going to spend the rest of your life alone?

Why would I be alone? I still have my Min Ji.

Is Min Ji your husband?

Furthermore, in ten years' time,
Min Ji will get married and leave you,

then you'll be left alone,

so you want to become a granny all by yourself?

Anyway, I have no plans to marry at this point.

You, who always meddle in other's affairs,
why are you so negative about yourself now?

Are you that frightened?

Yes, I'm frightened.

Min Woo, have you any idea what marriage means?

A fellow who has no life experiences, what would he know?

Is that what you mean?

Min Woo, you've never been hurt before so you won't understand.

To promise to love each other for life and get married,

but then separate, do you know that kind of pain?

Min Woo, someone like you won't understand.

So please don't mention marriage to me again.

I'm sorry I had to say this to you.

Sorry I missed the premiere.

I was on the phone with Park In Chul.
I'm told the response was good.

It's not bad, but we'll see how it ends.

I'll go to the performance tomorrow.


Pass the documents to Attorney Kim, I already had a word with him.

I just wanted to let you know.

Who are you?

Sung Min Woo!

Min Ji's father, right?

What brings top star Sung Min Woo to come see me?

What on earth did you do to Yoon Gae Hwa?


What kind of married life was it?

To make her say things like she will never marry again?

What kind of married life...

That's a matter between us, husband and wife.

What has it got to do with you, Sung Min Woo?

Because it's affecting our marriage.

What? Affecting?

So you mean the two of you are going to marry?

Sung Min Woo and Yoon Gae Hwa?

But why? Why would you marry a woman like her?

Watch what you say, what do you mean by 'a woman like her'?

Yoon Gae Hwa, what's wrong with her?

This is a rather big surprise.

Why did the two of you get divorced?

That woman...you will soon find out.

She's a very troublesome person.

Her talent for making others tired of her,
she's number one at that.

You know men will have one or two flings.

She makes such a big deal, and not just once,

but complains everyday non-stop.

So you mean, you had an affair?


you try it out yourself.

She calls herself a woman? She never dresses up,

she's not attractive, and she always feigns ignorance.

I was all confused on whether I was
living with a nanny, or living with a woman.

It's her fault I could never give her any flowers.
You know why?

She never likes them, why would I get her any?

Have you apologized to her?


Causing her such pain, have you ever apologized to her?


Between husband and wife, why apologize? So embarrassing.

Apologize then.


To Yoon Gae Hwa, you should apologize formally and ask for forgiveness.

But what right do you have to demand this from me?

I have the right as the man who loves Yoon Gae Hwa deeply.

Let me see you do that.

What brings you here?

I'm here to send Ye Eun to The Children's House.

Why are you so late?
Have you eaten?

The kids have eaten already.

But Gae Hwa, you haven't eaten?

That won't do, get in the car quick.

The kids are all off to school, let's start eating.

Shall I get more food for you?

It's just breakfast, must we eat at such an expensive place?

There's a reason why this place is expensive.

The smoked salmon here is great, you try it.

You should have a plan for how you spend your money from now on.

You have Ye Eun now, how can you spend money like you did before?

I heard your advertising contracts all got cancelled, right?

All the compensation amounts added up, how much is that?

A little more than 3 billion won, I think.

3 billion?

I'm alright still.

I still have a small fund invested,
and I can still stay in the apartment for a while more.

That means you're eating into your savings now,
you need to be careful how you spend.

And you don't know when your next job is coming.

So you're looking down on me now?

Don't worry, it will all be recovered soon.

You think I'm stuck for good?
I'm Sung Min Woo, you know.

Oh, you can sure boast.

And you, Gae Hwa,

should be glad that a short period like this freed up in my life.

Only at a time like this, I get to propose to you, Ahjumma.

Otherwise, I won't even think about it.

Oh, really.

As if I'm dying for it, oh, really.

But you know, right now my situation is much better than yours.

Min Woo, you're an informal contract worker,
but I'm someone with a steady income.

Aigoo, income!

How much do you get for your annual income?

Once I start to earn my money,

just one CF* and it'll be more than your annual income with some leftover.

{\a6}(*commercial film)

Aigoo, your boast is as grand as hiding a golden calf at home.

Ticket sales are going well.

Choi Hyung Woo and Sung Min Woo,
sales for both of them are really high.

I collected some reviews of the premiere,
the responses are all good.

This is only the start.
We should not let down our guard.

Let's see it through without making mistakes.

- Yes.
- Yes.

Is Ms. Yoon Gae Hwa here?

Yes, that's me.

Who are these from?

For Yoon Gae Hwa,

from Sung Min Woo!

I don't know.

Why would he...?
Maybe it's just a bouquet to show appreciation?

It's so much in the way, I'll put it outside.

It doesn't feel like just showing appreciation,

it feels more like love.

What on earth is going on between them?

What else?

This is what they call the push and pull.

Push them away, then pull them in.

Where should I put this?

If it were smaller, I could stash it somewhere.

Oh, so heavy.

[More beautiful than a flower....Gae Hwa]

Gosh, goosebumps all over.

He's a professional actor, so he's got such thick skin?

It's been a long time since I received any flowers.

A really long time, indeed.

This is...

for you to share with the rest of the employees here.

Oh, you didn't have to.

Ye Eun's therapy is all completed,
so I wanted to show my appreciation.

You didn't have to.


I have a favor to ask.


What is it?

For such things,
a friend's advice is most effective.



Yoon Gae Hwa...
I'd like to marry her.

Marry her?

Aren't you supposed to be doing therapy now?
Why are you here?

Hey, my therapy is not the problem now,

I heard Min Woo proposed to you.

He went all the way to tell you?

This is killing me.

You're saying he didn't?

When is the wedding?

No, it's all one-sided on his part.

What's this?
You don't want to?

He's just a kid, how can I marry him?

Kid? He's already 28, who says he's a kid?

Moreover, a seven year gap nowadays is nothing.

People with bigger gaps are getting married.

You think he and I are compatible?

From now on, just become someone
who's compatible with him, that's all.

He's a handsome man.

even though he's a little faded now,

he's still a star, after all.
And he's young.

How can you miss out on such a man?

Girl, such good fortune falls into hand
yet you throw it away.

Hey, you know what he said when he proposed?

He asked me to be Ye Eun's mother.

He didn't ask me to be his wife,
but to be a mother to the child.

Aigoo, really.

you truly like Min Woo.


You like him, that's why you feel
aggrieved by those words.

It's because you feel he doesn't take you as a woman,
that's why you feel aggrieved.

You like him and he likes you too.
So what is the problem?

Min Woo came to the clinic to talk to me,
he seemed very serious about this.

To Min Woo, coming to the clinic to ask
a friend's help for something like this,

you think it's easy on him?

That kind of man is not easy to come by.

One prawn for you.
And for Ye Eun...

Over here.

We already started eating.

We should just eat at home.

I like it here, Mom.

We've not been to a place
like this for a very long time.

See? Eat more, Min Ji.

So many people will be watching you.

It doesn't matter. How long do I have to hide?
I've not done anything wrong.

I will bring her up in a dignified manner,
because she's my daughter.

Ye Eun, why?
You need the toilet?

Let me do it.

Ye Eun, let's go.

Is it delicious?

Don't you find Ye Eun cute?

If you had a sister like that,
would you be happy?

Ahjussi, do you want to marry my mom?

You... you're really so perceptive.

I would love to,
but I need your input, Min Ji.

And your mom hasn't agreed yet.

Ahjussi, what if after the wedding,
a woman more beautiful than my mom appears?

Will you divorce my mom?


Ahjussi, you're working with beautiful
women all day long, right?

If you also betray my mom,
she'll be very pitiful.

Min Ji,

nothing like that will ever happen.

That's my promise to you.

Thank you.

Gae Hwa, where are you?

At the office.

I thought you'd be here at the performance.

There's too much to finish up here.

I'll come get you,
then we'll go home together.

I wanted to see Ye Eun too.

No, I think I'll finish rather late,

there's really a lot to be done here.
I'm hanging up.

Where should I go to
with the time she's away?

What's up with this ahjumma?
How can she turn me down so swiftly?

Min Woo!

You like Yoon Gae Hwa?

But it looks one-sided.

Hey, who says it's one-sided?

Oh, I think I'm right.

Yoon Gae Hwa appears easy,
but she's actually a very difficult woman.

You think you have her in hand,
but she deals a tug-of-war right then.

But she's truly one
who has a passionate heart,

so long as it has to do with you,
she'll even jump into fire for your sake.

Isn't that right?
That's why you like her, don't you?

Am I correct?

How is it you know so much?

I've been watching you
all this while, you know.

Let's have a drink and talk, shall we?


You're still working?

Yes, there's still stuff to finish.

What are you doing with that?

I wanted it as a remembrance.

This is the first performance
I help to put up, right?

I'm leaving now, let's go together.

I'll give you a ride halfway.

It was great that Teacher Han
came for today's performance.

She made the mood a lot better.

That's why I've been begging her,

begging her to stay.

I truly hope the two of you
can start over again.

It feels like you two still have lots of love
left in your hearts for each other.

How is it going with Min Woo?


If you prefer me not to know,
I'll stop asking. What say you?

I don't know.

But how much are you aware of?

Right now, I know one party has the intention,

but the other party seems
to be unprepared mentally.

That's all.


It's true that Min Woo has the intention,

but I don't know...

Maybe I'm not confident in myself.

Can anyone look at me as a woman?

You truly have that charm as a woman,

to the degree to make someone's heart waver.

And someone here actually felt his heart waver.


Thanks to you, Yoon Gae Hwa,
I was happy for a while.

A gust of Spring blew over me.

Don't be so shocked.

I can mention it like this
because I've sorted it out.

In the future, there's no need
to feel awkward about this too.

I'm so fed up,
where did she get the courage to reject me?

How can she turn down my proposal?

Really, really funny, that ahjumma.

Could it be because you're
not doing well lately?

That's why she rejected you?

She's not that kind of woman.

If she was, why would I fall for her?

So you think, why did she reject you?

I don't know.

I guess it's something that won't
work out just because I want it to.

It seems too difficult, Reporter Han.

Min Woo, when did you start liking her?

When I was looking for Ye Eun, who got lost.

No, at the sauna, I think.

No, it was when I was fighting
with Manager Jeong.

Maybe it was love at first sight.

Wow, you love her a lot.


A lot, a whole lot.

She's different from my girlfriends in the past.

She's pretty,

that's why I want to make her mine,
that's what I think.

You're just a young and pure fellow,

and I thought you were a just a party boy.

[Human, Oh So Human]

[The man Sung Min Woo, not the star Sung Min Woo,
and the love story he told.
Star Sung Min Woo is reborn as a real actor...]

[Human, Oh So Human - The Man Sung Min Woo]

[Star Sung Min Woo Is Reborn as an Actor]

[Moving Performance Wipes Clean the Stigma of Stink Actor.
(All That Love) Sung Min Woo]

[Sung Min Woo, Musical as a Springboard for Comeback]

[Star Sung Min Woo Is Reborn as an Actor!]


At this rate, Sung Min Woo is totally
going to become a character actor.

Looks like he's gonna make a total comeback.

Shut up.

Character actor, yeah right.

Jjajangmyun* must be here.

{\a6}(*Korean black-bean sauce noodles)

Who are you?



I'm Tae Gu, Choi Tae Gu.

What are you?


please take me on now.

You remember I came with
Min Woo in the beginning, right?

Didn't you say back then I was better than he was?

Oh, Manager!

With Min Woo's ads being cut and the shop going under,
I have no work. Please, please!

Oppa! Congratulations!

Please give us a few words.

I'm very thankful.

And, I'll work even harder in the future...

Wow, Sung Min Woo...

Singing, acting, dancing, he does them all well.

He really is good.

I told you I had a good eye.
I picked him out first.

What's the use of picking him out
when you couldn't even cast him?

At the time, our schedules
just didn't work out.

Next time, I'll be certain to cast him.

Speaking of that, President Kim,

wouldn't you like to invest in my next production?

This came through a Japanese
musical producer I'm close with.

It's a proposal to cast you
for a Japanese drama.


But, it looks like there is a condition
that I stay in Japan for a year.

I don't think I can do it.

As an actor, isn't it an attractive proposition?

I can't leave here for the time-being.

There's someone I have to look after.

I'm grateful,

but please let them know I'm declining.

Yoon Gae Hwa,

I really think you've hit the jackpot.

Excuse me?

Earlier, a construction company came by
wanting an advertising contract.

This is the draft contract.

Do you know what the contract terms are?

For a one year term, it's a billion won.

A billion won?

The image of a young,
impressive single father,

they say it fits the concept of
their apartments or something.

A star is a scary thing.

They come back so quickly.

Someone must be happy.

Gae Hwa, you deliver it to Sung Min Woo.


[Advertising Contract, Shinsang Construction]

That scandal woman, quite frankly
she was way too below standard.

How pathetic, what is that?

And I hear she was already married too?

Ah, yes.

You would be severely wasted on her.

Shall I introduce you to someone?

She's a younger model I know
and a total innocent type, I hear.

I like the sexy type.

You're here?

Congratulations on dating Min Woo.

Don't worry about me.

I've gotten over it.

It's enough to remain as a star's first love.

Um, Yu Ra,

please give this to Min Woo.


Why don't you give it to him directly?

It seemed like he's been waiting
for you for a while now.

I'm a bit busy.

I'll leave it to you then.

Thank you.

Yes. Thank you.

Yoon Gae Hwa just dropped this off and left.

She said she had some work.

Oh yeah?

Min Woo, they all want to have dinner together.

Oh, I have an important matter to take care of,

so I'm gonna go. Sorry.

Sung Min Woo,

you're too good to give to that ajumma.

Why isn't she answering her phone?

You said you were going home.
What are you doing here?

Just sitting.

I came because it seemed like
my friend was having a hard time.

Do you want a drink?

Min Woo.

There's no performance.
What are you doing here?

Well, just, uh...

Did Yoon Gae Hwa come by?

We're handling tonight.

She's probably at the office.


All right.

What is that?

That couple is really weird.

Is Yoon Gae Hwa playing hard to get?

Gae Hwa noonim must be more of
a master in dating than we thought.


shall I think of you as a friend,

and tell you a really funny story?

It better be really funny.

Min Woo proposed to me.

What's funny about that?

It's not funny at all.

Of course it's funny.

At my age...

But you know what's even more laughable?

My heart was stirred.

To be seen by someone as a woman again...

my heart felt touched briefly.

But today, it feels like
the dream has broken.

An ad contract come for Min Woo today.

The contract value was incredibly high.


I also went to his photo shoot.

He seemed like someone from another world.

He was so handsome, so confident...

I realized clearly that he and I
are unsuitable in so many ways.

He was a star when you met him.
You didn't know that?

Back then, he was a person
that had nothing to do with me.


Lately, as Min Woo went through hard times,

I'd feel bad for him.

And, when he'd say immature things,
I'd nag him.

Those times, he seemed easy and comfortable.

I'm a loser, aren't I?

Things are starting to go well for Min Woo,
and I can't even be happy for him.

Min Woo cares for you a lot.

So much that when a drama proposal
came for him from Japan,

he declined immediately
after he heard about it.

When Min Woo has changed so much like that,

shouldn't you acknowledge his feelings?

I'm sure these emotions are special to you too.

And, it's possible this kind of opportunity
may never come again.

That's probably why it hurts more.

Thinking it may never happen again.

I think I'm going to have to go.

Min Woo!

What's the matter with you?!

Am I a joke to you?

Am I so insignificant?

Why are you disregarding me?!

I've asked you a question,

and you know clearly how desperately
I'm waiting for an answer!

You don't answer my calls, you avoid me,
why are you doing this?!

I gave you my answer
from the very beginning.

You're the one that disregarded
my answer and kept pressing.

I asked you to think about it again.

Even if I think about it again,
it's the same.

We're not right for each other.

Not in our situations, our age, or anything.

I've been divorced, I'm older...

nobody would see me as a match for you.

If I cared about that, I wouldn't
have even started to like you.

That's only what you yourself think.

That's why I'm saying you're young.

So just let it go at this point.

And, you should go and work in Japan.

Is that why you're acting this way?

Are you mad because of that?

I never wanted to go to Japan.
That's why I didn't tell you!

Because of that,
you were crying to President Yoo?

Making a laughing stock out of me?

I'm the laughing stock.
Did you have to drag me away like that?

Why do you always act so rashly?!

Every time you do something like this,
I'm really embarrassed for you.


Yes, embarrassed.

You just race around, driven by your young vigor
and you pick fights at the drop of a hat.

You flare up whenever you feel like.

And so...

And so, you're saying you can't
marry me because of that?

Are you saying that because I'm young
and immature, I can't even be considered?


That's right.

A reckless man like you makes me nervous.

There's no way I can trust
and marry a man like that.

So don't ever bring up marriage again.

Gae Hwa!

You're late.

Yeah, a little.

I think the performance will roll on
smoothly even if I leave it alone.

Sung Min Woo is getting good reviews too.

I got a call from Professor Choi a while ago.

He asked me to move to his school.

He's been asking me for a while.

Are you thinking of going?

If you let me, I want to go.

Don't you think it would be better
if we were apart for a bit?

I think I need more time.

Think about it.

[1. A New Transformation]

[We made a new discovery regarding Sung
Min Woo's discomfort during interviews.]

[Sung Min Woo Profile]

Weren't you the one trying
to coax me like this before?

[Kim Byung Hak]


What is it?

You came?

Yoon Gae Hwa.

Gae Hwa!

Aigoo. What's wrong with you?

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Sincerely, I'm sorry.

What's with you all of a sudden?

I've never properly apologized to you.

So, I'm apologizing.


You don't think... I felt bad?

Because of me,

because of what I did, we got divorced.

When you did absolutely nothing wrong,

of course it was me who was in the wrong.

I'm the one who caused you so much trouble.

I'm the bad guy, really.


it's a bit humiliating,

a man apologizing like that.

So, that's why I haven't been able to apologize.


after listening to Sung Min Woo,

I thought it over carefully,

and felt it really was wrong of me.

I felt I should apologize.

So, I came.

What do you mean listening to Sung Min Woo?

You met with Min Woo?


He came to see me.

He came,

and told me to apologize to you.

That kid,

it seems like he really likes you.

Rather well done for a young guy.

"I'm... speaking as a man who loves Yoon Gae Hwa."


The kid said that,

and he seemed a little bit,
a really little bit, impressive.

So, I thought I'd muster up
some guts of my own,

and apologize to you, impressively.

That's why I came.

Gae Hwa,

I'm sorry.

I was in the wrong.

Disregarding you and
saying things that hurt you,

all of it... please forgive me.


forget it all.

Start a new life.

And if that guys upsets you,

tell me immediately.


I'll really make him pay.


Ah... forget it.

Go now.


You go in first.

I'll see you go in and then leave.

Go on in.

It's not like he's my brother or anything.

Why's he butting in?

We've seen the children off. Now, let's eat.

Shall I cut it for you?

Eat lots, Min Ji.

I'm going to raise her proudly.

Because she's my daughter.

[Proposition for Actor Sung Min Woo]

[Life Proposition for Yoon Gae Hwa]

Read it.

Read it, and then give me an answer.

[Yoon Gae Hwa Profile]

Yoon Gae Hwa, Age 35.

Korean homemaker and The Show Company's
Project Finance Team Manager.

Strong points: She has a loud voice.

She's meddlesome.

She can't hold herself back
when she sees injustice.

Her ddukbokki and kimbap are pure art.
(*spicy rice cakes; **Korean sushi)

Her fresh squeezed fruit juices are top of the line.

She's a woman who sings Wax's "Oppa" well.

Even though she likes Kim Myung Min
better than Sung Min Woo,

she's a woman I want to forgive.

A woman who came first as a housekeeper,

and then came as a production
company employee,

and after that,
became like a mother to Ye Eun.

A woman to be grateful for.

And now,

a woman who's entered my heart.

Pretty when she laughs, and pretty
when she cries, that woman.

However, now,

I want to always make her laugh
so she never sheds a tear.

Future plan:

Marriage within a month.

In a year, an anniversary cruise.

On the fifth anniversary,
a tour around the world.

He sure talks a good story.

What about the kids?

I thought I always did the basics,

but I don't think I was a very good wife.

I mean a warmer,
more generous woman.

I'll reflect on it while we're apart.

Call me when you get there.

You'll be busy at the performance.

I'll text you later.

If I have time,
I'll come down over the weekend.

If you want.

I'm dreaming, of my future.

I'm dreaming, I can't stop.

Alive again forever, our love's dream.

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About the way I spoke
so harshly to you last time,

I'm sorry.

Pushing you away wasn't what I sincerely felt,
so please understand.


thank you.

For taking such time to think
about my life so earnestly.

So, I'm...

thinking of showing some courage.

Because of you, I think I can do it.

I wanted to be a shield for Min Ji
against the world, and in thinking that,

I planned to live on my own,
always solid and strong.

But now, if things get hard,
I can lean on you a little.

Thank you.

For saying that.

Thank you.

Thank you,

for helping me muster up courage again.

I'm grateful too,

that you looked after me
and Ye Eun up to now.


I'll look after you.

I like you the way you are.

You make me laugh.

My heart that was hurt,

smiles when it looks at you.

I'm becoming like you.

I'm laughing like you.

Ultimately, to you,

I always want to be a good person.

I feel like I'm going to cry...

If you don't have anyone to go with you...
[Yoon Gae Hwa - Chae Rim]

Now I'll focus on you.
[Sung Min Woo - Choi Si Won]

Shall I give you a ride?
[Yoo Si Jun - Lee Hyun Woo]

If you want.
[Han Jung Ah - Moon Jung Hee]

I'm his girlfriend.
[Hong Yu Ra - Park Han Byul]

Oh, it came out real nice.
[Eom Dae Yong - Lee Dae Yeon]

I'm going to crush them!
[Han Min Kwan - Kim Kwang Kyu]

You can't cry, okay?
[Manager Jung - Kim Hee Won]

She's doesn't have enough guts, I'm telling you!
[Kim Byung Hak - Yoo Tae Ung]

[Lee Bok Nim - Yoo Seo Jin]

[Oh Jae Hee - Hwang Hyo Eun]

I'll clean your face...
[Choi Tae Gu - Heo Jun Seok]

Because the clubbers are waiting.
[Park Jin Ho - Hong Jong Hyun]

[Security Guard - Kim Hee Jun]

I had my hair slightly done.
[Road Manager - Kim Jong Yeob]

You're not possibly jealous?
[Choi Ho Seok - Chu Heon Yeob]

It's cooler.
[Kim Min Ji - Bang Jun Seo]

[Ye Eun - Kim Yu Bin]

[We sincerely thank the viewers of Oh My Lady.]

[Coffee House begins next week. We hope many will watch.]

In this world,

there is no one who is right for me.

Rotten bum, son of a bitch, dog, trash!

Would you like to order?

One cappuccino please.

I don't want to be like you.

You have a lot of regrets
even now, don't you?

I'll try to get it right, guest!

I know it may be impossible now,

but I'll try to get it right.

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