Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - La démocratie contre les barbares - full transcript

How many are with Antinous?

At least 20.

- That's all?
- They're armed warriors.

I tried to resist at first,

but I'm just a soothsayer,
what could I do?

You say they have Penelope

and Telemachus?

But they wouldn't dare kill them.

They won't hesitate.

How could they take over
my kingdom?

Let me go back.

- I'll find allies.
- No!


your people waits for you.

Go to the palace.

But don't tell anyone
I'm here.

You'll go

where I tell you to.

You'll be my eyes and ears.

- You understand?
- Yes.

And if you talk,
I'll cut out your tongue.

Ulysses, look.

The Spartan fleet.




No. That's Ithaca's history,
all the laws.

There's no more Ithaca history.

I'm Ithaca now.

Don't touch them!

You dog!

Let it go, Mentor.

Get out of there, quick.

Goodbye, my queen.

I've decided to hang you.

You're a warrior,

kill us by blood,

don't dishonor me.

I'll humiliate Ulysses' family,

I'll defile you.

One last favor.

Do what you will to me,

but grant my son a worthy death.

I beg you.

Go on, hang them, let's be done.


Pride blinded you,

Ithaca needs a real king,

not a barbarian.

Thank you.

What did you want me to do?

I could do nothing,
I had to seek help.

You left me alone.

I could've died like dog.
You fled like a coward.

Leodes, would you

prefer me to die
than to save you?

Is that it?

I would die for you.

We've come to restore order
and justice in Ithaca.


The time of chaos
and tyranny is over.

Under the protection of Sparta,

Ithaca will find peace
and prosperity again.

Under his protection or his law?


- You're not happy to see me?
- I am, my prince.


What did they do to you?

The dogs.

As of today,
you're no longer a slave.

The only bracelets you'll wear
are those I'll give you.

I'm to prepare a room
for the queen of Sparta.

Which one should I give her?

Helen is here?

She came with Menelaus.


Because of her,
our soldiers died at Troy.

She tore me
from Ulysses' arms.

It's because of her
that Troy burned.

She loved Paris.

You don't hate her?

She didn't kill my husband.

You lost all and you defend her?

I don't defend her.

But I understand her.

You think love
gave her the right?

I don't think anything.

Do you love Mentor?

For Helen, prepare the room
next to Menelaus'.

That room is small
for a queen.

Helen is a king's wife,

but for me,
she's not a queen.

Menelaus is at the palace
with Queen Helen.

And Queen Penelope has nothing.

I saw your son with the king too.

Menelaus brought peace.

He saved your family.

Are you under Spartan rule?

No, my king.

You forgot me,

like all of them.

No, Ulysses.

Not her.

The Queen of Sparta!

Since laws of hospitality
require it,

I welcome you.

Did you prepare a room?

Take care of her.

Come with me.

Will you leave us?

The king doesn't want you left alone.

Where would I go?

How incredible to see you again.

It all comes back to me.

Your daughter?

I held you in my arms
when you were born.

You were 10 when I last saw you.

You don't remember me?

Clea forgot Troy.

It was a wonderful city.

We were 20,
and your mother was a princess.

- We were so happy.
- We used to be.

We paid dearly for it.

The Greeks would've attacked anyway.

- You know that, right?
- Maybe.

But they destroyed the city
to get you back.

I loved your cousin Paris

I didn't know this love
would bring disaster.

- I swear.
- Today, you're still a queen.

I'm a slave.

You must leave now.

King Menelaus wouldn't like
you being with Helen.




I admired your country.

Right at the center of the world.

The world interests you?

You suspect me?

Go on, sit down.
Don't be afraid.

What did Leocritus offer you
to help us?

What are you insinuating?

Penelope is my cousin,
Ulysses, like my brother.

Tell me what he offered you.

Only half the harvest,
wine, wool, flocks...

- "Only"?
- Yes, only.

I saved your life.

At the cost of our independence.

Only force can guarantee
independence, Telemachus.

If you help me become king,

I'll let your fleet drop anchor

in the port of Ithaca.

You want to be king?

It's your father's throne.

You don't believe he's dead?

I'm surprised
you'd take his place so fast.

What if he found out his brother
in arms traded for his throne?

Ah, Telemachus.

You're your father's son.

Scheming is like breathing for you.


Will you make me king?

I have to think it over.

And Ithaca would be free?

Sounds like a fair deal.

I came to see
if you need anything.

No, you came to show me
how beautiful you are,

while I...

He makes me pay
for his humiliation.

How can he?

He wants my body to show
my wrongdoing so I won't forget.

Do you think of those who

died to get you back?

- I was 20.
- They died at 20.

I didn't know I would
cause the gods' anger.

The gods didn't punish you,

it was men's vengeance.

Don't look at me as an enemy.

I was free, I loved.

I'm paying for all women.

O Zeus, God of gods.

And you, Poseidon,

god of the seas.

You who reign alone
over storm and shipwreck,

we pray you
for Ulysses' salvation.

For 20 years, his wife Penelope

has waited for him
with honorable virtue,

his son and his people

hope in vain for his return.

Is he still alive?

O Poseidon,

protect Ulysses wherever he is.

And if he meets misfortune,

let him enter the underworld

and receive the honor
he deserves.

Whatever's happened to Ulysses,

a new king
must rule the island.

Here is an offering
so you may guide

the new king in his duties.

O God of gods,

come help

valiant Leocritus.


He steals my kingdom
right under my nose!

I should've killed them at the agora.

Shh! They would've massacred you.

He can't give away
the throne like that.

The law can stop it.

Telemachus can't do it alone,
he needs help.

Excuse me,

but how can Telemachus stand up
to Menelaus?

A warrior can win the throne
in single combat.

But Telemachus is too young,

he's not trained.

He escaped battle once.

Go get
your best entrails.

We'll ask the gods.

Why didn't you follow me?

You were a brave warrior
and ally.

You're a bad warrior.

You're cowardly and weak.

- I'm king.
- In Menelaus' pocket?

When Menelaus leaves
I'll be sole master of Ithaca

and I won't save
him who sowed hatred,

who wanted to kill
Ulysses' family.

He deserves death.

What do you want, idiot?

I was looking for you.

At times I hear
the departed.

I compare what they say
to the gods' messages.

I read in the entrails
that the gods are with Telemachus.

They'll help him in combat.

Telemachus will win.

What combat?

You know
he's not a warrior yet.

A warrior could help him.

A great warrior,

who'd be there

but not there
and watch over him.

Speak clearly.

You must never lose hope
of seeing those you've lost.

Tell Telemachus
he must fight for the throne.

You can't sleep?

Menelaus betrayed me.

- He promised you the throne?
- He implied it.

And you believed him?

You played into his hands.

You want to be king? Be king.


He named Leocritus.

The law lets you overthrow
the king and gain the throne.

You want power?

Then fight.

- Fight Leocritus?
- A final combat.

The gods are with you.

You'll have help.

Kill Leocritus.


What are you waiting for?

Sit down.

Take your throne, king.

- Are you scared?
- Me, scared?

Of what? A dead man?

Of course not.
I want to obey the law.

I'll take the throne
when I'm officially king.

Ah, Leocritus!

You're the same as at Troy.

Respect the laws,
worship the gods.

But the king makes the laws.

And the law's nothing
against force.

You're hurting me.

I'll send soldiers to Ithaca
to protect the ports.

Who knows,
someone could invade.

You need protection.


Are you annoyed?

Come on, Leocritus.

You know a king's nothing
without an army.

Before you divide
the kingdom between you,

make sure it belongs to you.

You can't do this.

What are you doing here?

The palace is mine now.

Let him speak.

He's the son of Ulysses,
prince of Ithaca.

He has rights.

I, prince of Ithaca,

I demand to fight the king.

By law, the winner
will rule Ithaca.

You got out of your first combat,
but you're persisting.

Since you know the law so well,

you know I can send a substitute?

- I'll fight whomever you want.
- Very well.

Careful, Penelope!

The goddess sees you.

So why does she do nothing?

I've prayed 20 years,

why don't you tell me
where Ulysses is?

You mustn't doubt.

I mustn't doubt?

Menelaus' ships are here,

my son will fight for the throne.

That wasn't in my prayers.

Where is Ulysses?

You're afraid to tell me
he's dead?

He'll come back.

If Ulysses is dead,

tell me...

so I can stop
fighting for nothing.


Give me a sign.

If you appear,
Leocritus will give up the throne.

My son must fight.

Leodes almost killed him.

Telemachus can't fight him.

Are you saying my son
isn't able to fight?

No, Ulysses,
that's not what I mean.

He's still young,
he's never been to war.

I wasn't even 20
when I fought at Troy.

For 20 years,
I imagined him 1,000 times.

What he was like,
what kind of child.

Was he weak,

was he clever,
strong like Ajax?

You weren't here
to teach him the art of war.

He's a warrior's son.

Yes, my king.

He was brave enough
to defy Leocritus.

He fought the suitors

at his mother's side.

He protected my kingdom.

My blood flows in his veins.

Should I ask the entrails?

He doesn't need it.

He'll fight alone.

He fights well,
be proud of him, my queen.

Think of Achilles,
remember his death.

Where is Ulysses' bow?

What did you do with it,

I didn't touch it.

Free men,

I present your new king,

who earned the throne

by his bravery alone.

Let all the free men

swear an oath of loyalty.

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