Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Le retour d'Ulysse - full transcript

Free men,

I present your new king

who has acquired the throne
by his bravery alone.

Let all free men
swear their loyalty.

Son of glorious
and lamented Ulysses,

you'll be worthy of your father

and with Spartan help
you'll make Ithaca

strong and loyal to her allies.

May your reign be long...

Ulysses' weapons are sacred.

No one has the right to touch them.

I'm king. Put down that bow.

You say you're king
but words don't make you so.

Go away, beggar,

before the new king
punishes you.

I thought the only king
of Ithaca was Ulysses.

- Ulysses is dead.
- How do you know?

Do you fear a beggar

who seeks justice
for Ulysses?

Who are you, stranger?

I'm not a stranger.

You call yourself king -

can you string Ulysses' bow?

My king.

Greet your father.

Ulysses has finally returned.

Glory to our father.

Stand up.

Ulysses, my friend.

We hoped so much
for your return.

You thought me dead

and were ready to take hold
of my kingdom.

We came to Ithaca

to save your family's life.

Did you need your whole fleet
and your army

to get rid of a few barbarians?

We had to stop the chaos.

And loot my kingdom.

You're wrong about my intentions.

But if we're not welcome,

we'll leave
whenever you want.


You were my brother-in-arms.

I saved your life
at Troy.

I thought you were dead.

And that gave you the right
to take my place?

Welcome, my king.

What are you doing?

Removing the flag
of lands with no king.

Leave it.

It recalls bad memories.

Even dire stories
should be remembered.

At your orders, sire.

Who are you?

I'm Homer.

The new scribe.
I'm from Smyrna.

"The new scribe"?

Yes, my king.

I have so many memories
that should be written down.

I'll tell you how

I sailed the sea
after Troy,

how I visited the world,

met monsters and heroes,

how my thoughts

turned to Penelope every night.

I'll see your mother.

I must be presentable.

Wash me.

Did you see me fight?

You fought well.

I was proud of you.

You remembered
Achilles' death.

It was you?

Cut my beard.

Do you regret
that you're not king?

I was ready.

Don't be in a hurry.

There's much time ahead of you.

Blood flows, that's its nature.

Let it flow.

Keep going.

Your neck -

I didn't want you to show it
too often.

I feared you'd make
an angry goddess jealous

of this small part of you
that's so perfect.

You're not Ulysses.

The years haven't taken away
your beauty.

Ulysses used words
better than you do.

No words

could describe what I feel
seeing you so beautiful and so close.

I dreamed of you so much.

There is something
in your voice,

your tone.

It's me.

Why should I believe you?

Because in your heart
you know it's me.


I didn't understand
why you left me alone

with these dogs.

But I never believed you were dead.

I thought only of you.

In every storm
I had only one idea...


and seeing you again.

Poseidon's waves took me
to the ends of the Earth.

The farther I was,
the more I saw your face.

I was very afraid.

Me too, I was afraid, very afraid.

I saw my men massacred
the first time we found land.

My ships were smashed
on rocks as tall as the sky

or the waves covered them.

They called my name.

I could do nothing!

I saw them die,
one after the other,

devoured by monsters,
ravaged by disease,

struck by the anger of Zeus.

Without Athena,
I wouldn't be here.

It's over now.

You're here safe and sound.

There's no more danger.

"No more danger."

Is this how you greet a friend?

A king.

But above all a friend.

I don't know what I missed more,
you or war.

Forget war.

It doesn't deserve
to be missed.

You're the luckiest
of men, Mentor.

You stayed with my wife
for 20 years.

Tell me about her.

She was very strong.

Many men wanted to take your place,
and not just on the throne.

And you?

You stayed with her
and never...?

I was here to protect your throne,

not to steal your wife.

I know what I owe you.

Without you,
they wouldn't be alive.

I was a good guard dog.

- The only one who remained loyal.
- Always.

You did stay loyal.

Set the suitors free.

They betrayed you, Ulysses.

Tried to kill your family,
steal your kingdom.

They shed blood.

Have they alone
betrayed me in 20 years?

Should they pay for all
who forgot me?


I prayed to the gods so much

to let me live
for this day.

I'll pray tomorrow

for them to keep you
near me a long time.

We leave tomorrow.

- You give up?
- We're done here.

You fear Ulysses?

No, I don't fear Ulysses,

but we'll get nothing from Ithaca.

Yes, we will.

- There's vengeance.
- Vengeance for what?

I was king a few days.
It's enough.

We'll go home with nothing

when power is in our grasp?

What's your plan?
You failed.

Blood must flow.

What'll you do?
Without Leodes, you're powerless.

I'll stop at nothing
to avenge Leodes.

So, are you with me
or will you flee like cowards?

You want to kill Ulysses
and Telemachus.

If we succeed,

who'll be king?

I only care about avenging Leodes.

The kingdom's yours.

After the sacrifices you made
to become king,

you'd give me the throne?

I'll take land and slaves.

You'll be my subject?

If Telemachus
drowns in blood,

I'd even be your slave.

We'll live in peace.

Ithaca will live in peace.

Thanks to us, this war
will finally end.

I'll never be a princess,

I'll make you queen.

Your father will oppose it.

He has nothing to say about it.

I love you and I'll marry you.

But he hates Trojans.

When you're my wife, there'll be
no more Trojans or Greeks.

He'll understand.

Did I scare you?

I'm never scared of you.

Let's be happy together.

Ulysses can bring
only misfortune.

Don't say that,
you don't know him.

I saw him at Troy.

The war is distant now.

Ulysses came to bring
peace to Ithaca.

Trust him.

Who's there?

Come. Approach.

Your face is familiar.

Do I know you?

My name is Eurynome.

Oh, yes.

- You're my wife's slave.
- I am.

Mentor said
you were close to Penelope.

You helped her a great deal?

I only served my queen.

You're Trojan?


Were you there during the siege?


Fortunately for you,
you escaped the nightmare.

Ulysses has only
Mentor and his son.

They'll be armed.

Not during the loyalty oath
to the king.

Weapons are forbidden.

You think
they'll let us in?

Ulysses wants peace.
That's why he freed us.

- Don't believe in peace.
- He can't enforce it.

Ulysses stands alone.

Good. We'll follow your orders.

And Leodes will be avenged.

watch over my love with Telemachus.

Spare us from
hatred and vengeance.

Calm the gods' anger at Troy.

The temple is off-limits to slaves.

How dare you speak to the goddess?

What happened to
your bracelet?

She knows
I wasn't born a slave.

Thanks to the goddess I'm free.
Ask her.

Go take spices to the temple.

You, take these amphoras
to the kitchen.

I see great wealth.

Hermes is kind,
he's with you.

He'll give you 2 sons.

Wait, I can't see clearly.

Ah, I see now. He'll give you
3 sons loved by the gods.

All is ready.

Everyone wants to
give thanks for your return.

It's finally time to celebrate.

"Everyone," you said?

Oh, you must forgive,
my king.

Forgive, yes.

But not forget.

You took off her bracelet?

Clea is free now.

She'll be my wife.

Don't rush.

There's time
to choose a wife.

A Greek princess, for example.

I love Clea.

- I'll marry her.
- A Trojan? Your father'll say no.

You'll help me convince him.

You think it's so easy to do so?

Get ready.

Stop dreaming, Clea.

I'm not dreaming.

He told Penelope of our marriage.

You won't marry him.

Don't be sad.

- I'm lucid.
- We just need Ulysses' blessing.

He'll never accept it.

You don't know him.

And you?

He killed your father.

Your father and brother.

I know that.

You don't hate him?

How can you forgive him?

I don't forgive him,
but I don't hate him.

You defend yourself,

But you can't
beat me yet.

Soon I'll beat you.

Become a man,

have children,
and then we'll see.

I've found the woman I'll marry.


Who is she?

Her name is Clea.

You saw her at the palace.

The Trojan girl?

I won't allow
Trojan blood

to defile my lineage.

Let's go.


Your weapons.

Ulysses, my husband and king,

I'm devoted and faithful to you
during your reign.


my father and king,

I'm devoted and faithful to you
during your reign.

Ulysses, my king,
I'm devoted and faithful to you

during your reign.

Ulysses, our king,

we're devoted and faithful to you
during your reign.

Whatever may have happened
in the past,

I've decided to forgive
those who repent.

I allow you to swear loyalty.

Who says we want to swear loyalty?

You won't be our king.


Clean everything.

Did you hear the queen?

Who are you?

It's all right.

It's all right.

You're at home.

And I'm here.

Open it.

- I don't need your pardon.
- Who says I'll pardon you?

Come out.

Why become a traitor?

Tell me.

You think I'm the only one?

Those who betrayed you
are very close to you.

What do you mean?

You've grown naive.

But in your house,

in your bed,
your death was wished for.


You really don't know?

Penelope had a man

in her room,

and Telemachus invited him.

Thanks to your loyal slaves...

Why did you kill him?


His words were poison
pouring into your heart.

Don't listen to traitors.
Trust those who love you.

Prepare a pyre.

- I'm honored by your visit.
- Stop groveling.

If I'm here,
it's to hear the truth.

I've never lied to you.

You didn't tell me
Ithaca changed.

What do you mean?

I left these people 20 years ago.
They're the same, they smile,

but I don't recognize them.
- You've got your family again.

What more do you want?

I don't recognize anyone.

Time affected them.
You weren't here.

You can't
make up 20 years, Ulysses.

- The gods took my life from me.
- No.

They brought you back
to your own.

They're not mine, Thyoscos.

I don't understand them.

I don't know anything.

You'll learn to recognize them.

You think so?

- What was your life in Troy like?
- Troy is long dead.

I was the king's niece.

I lived in the palace.

I had married Cleitos,
a prince of the blood.

War came and it was all over.

- Did you love this Cleitos?
- Yes.

We loved each other.

How did he die?

Please talk about something else.

And leave the dead alone.

Every morning, I stood here
and watched the sea.

I imagined your return,

but you didn't come.

I felt myself aging.

I was sad to age far from you.

I told myself:

"When he walks by me,
he won't recognize me."

You're the same.

Beautiful as ever.

As beautiful as the women
you loved on your voyage?

I loved only you.

And Calypso?

She was nothing.

She relied on spells,
she knew I didn't love her.

And the others?

There weren't any others.

I spoke only of you

to those I met
during my travels.

I told them about your beauty,


and loyalty.

I remember a storyteller

I saw on the coast of Pheacia

a year ago.


He mocked me because
I had only your name on my lips.

And you?


Did you dream of other men?

You never let
a hand stroke your skin?

You never heard
an avowal of love?

I waited for you.

Even with Eukaristos?
I heard his sad story.

I received him
to hear him tell of you.

But he died
after being in your arms.

I'll find out, Penelope.


Who was loyal
and who betrayed me.

Who kept me in their heart
and who forgot me.

I'll learn each person's actions.

And I'll punish traitors
and liars.

Subtitles: Eclair Group