Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Ulysse est vivant - full transcript

Ulysses is crazy

to be with another woman.


He's far away,
in the arms of another.

I'm his wife.

- In my arms, you'll forget him.
- Never!

- He forgot you for Calypso.
- She bewitched him.


- Nothing happened.
- I'm sure.

What will your son say

when he finds out
a man was in his mother's arms?

My dear Leodes,
what does the law say?

"No one can share the queen's bed
or have her body

"except the king."

The famous king of Ithaca.

But where is he?


No, it's not Ulysses.

Be quiet!

You are unworthy
to be queen, my queen.

You don't decide.

In the king's absence,

only the assembly
of free men can dethrone me.

How admirable.

Still holding your head high.

Take him away.

What will you do to him?

That's for the free men
to decide.

Usually, it's death.

Until the assembly meets,

you cannot leave your room.

It's yours now.
Sit down.

I don't want bad luck for you.

Can Ulysses stop me?

Don't talk about Ulysses like that.

Why do you always defend him?

Not only was he
the handsomest

but the best of the Greeks.

Yes, there was Achilles, but...

Ulysses was the best.

I understand Penelope.

To me, you're the only king.

The throne is nothing
if I lose you.

- What do you want?
- You owe me something.

You're eager.

I just seek my due.

Eurynome, you'll be free.
But I'm not king yet.

The free men will soon
make me king of Ithaca.

You'll be free and have your land.

I promised you.

You have my word.

'Till then, here,

take this

as sign of my good faith.

All right, now go!

Another of your tricks?

You should kiss me
instead of complaining.

We're getting rid of
Ulysses' family with no bloodshed.

The queen will be legally dethroned

and Ithaca will be ours.

"Ours" or yours?

We had an agreement.

When she was queen.

Now any of us
claim the throne.

Must I always repeat
the same things?

My ancestors are noble.

I'm the richest, oldest,
and fought alongside Ulysses.

I'm his rightful successor.

Let's kill Ulysses' family now!

And divide this island.

We must have unity.

20 kings for a single throne?

More bloodshed?

I will share
Ulysses' lands and slaves with you.

All with Leocritus,
the rightful king.

Leocritus, sole king of Ithaca!

All with Leocritus!


Let me in.

No one can see the queen.

Leocritus' orders.

Oros, I've known you a long time,
don't make me kill you.

They found him in your room?

You believe it too?

Answer me!

He said Ulysses
had another woman.

He also reminded me
that I'm a woman.

You think I could
cheat on Ulysses?


Keeping his memory alive
20 years?

You think I would've
disgraced my name?

- How did Leocritus find out?
- I don't know.

Someone betrayed me.

Someone who's so close to me,

who knows my every movement.

Pray to the gods
that it isn't she.

You told Leocritus.

You want to destroy her?

I'm not afraid of you.

I can defend myself.

She didn't betray Ulysses.

He tried everything.

But Penelope
stayed faithful.

She'll never love another.

Open your eyes, Mentor.

She'll never love you.

Leocritus promised
to free Clea and me.

Do you hear me?

He said I would be free.

You don't know how much
a slave wants freedom.

I trusted you.

I trusted the queen.

I forbid you.

Don't you look at me like that.

You doubt me?

I'm telling only the truth.

If you believe me,
the free men will too.

They'll ask why
Eukaristos was in your room.

I'll say that you
invited him to talk about Ulysses.

And Ulysses?

What will you say to him?


For always...

He's the hero.

And I defend his throne
day after day for 20 years.

I'll talk to your father
as I talk to you.

I'll tell him I wait

and I love him like the first day

and despite his affairs
with other women,

I've remained faithful.

Put it back!

You can't use it.

You can't even
string the bow.

I know.

Only your father can do it.

They'd believe Ulysses is back

with just an arrow,
that's all.


If there's a sign
that Ulysses is here,

no one will accuse
my mother.


But you won't kill
all the suitors with one arrow.

You'd only gain death.

Come on.

Someone must have betrayed me
and told Leocritus.

Someone close,

whom I never suspected.

Someone whom I trusted

Why did you tell Leocritus?

You knew I'd be ruined.

Forgive me.

Do you hate me?


I had no choice.

Don't we always
have a choice?

You're a queen, I'm a slave.

As you reminded me.

I thought you liked me.

Leocritus offered me freedom.

I didn't sleep with Eukaristos.

I know.

Who'll believe me?

Stay in the slave quarters


Birds flew over the palace
3 times from the west.


They always fly from the east
to the sea.

Nature is disturbed today.


All rise.

There is a serious accusation
against our queen.

They say a man was caught
in her arms.

This is a sacrilegious act.

If the witnesses
prove their claim,

I will personally ask you

to dethrone her.

Open the door.

And the queen?

If she's dethroned,
it's your fault.

If she's dethroned,
I'll take her away.

Does the queen
have something to say?

I was faithful to Ulysses.

My honor was not sullied.

When we entered
the queen's room,

we caught her
with Eukaristos,

the storyteller,

in a situation
that was suspicious indeed.

Nothing happened.

You entered her room

without permission?


we'd heard
that the queen was in her room

with a man.

You know the law of Ithaca
as well as I do.

We wanted to check.

There was indeed a man
in her room.

Perhaps he tried to take advantage.


When we went in,

his hand was between her thighs.

Bring the storyteller.

I will ask him myself.

No one will bear witness
for Penelope.

It's the king's dagger!

Ulysses killed him.

Ulysses is back!

My father has returned!

It's you.

You stole the king's dagger.


Get down from there!

Come, Ulysses.

Come defend your wife!

I'm waiting for you!

There's nothing.

No more gods,
no more king,

no more agora!

Nothing but us!


take them to the shrine,
wait for me there.


Where are the queen and her son?


We must keep going.

The shrine is still far.

I need a boat,
right away.

You leave when we need you?

Alone, I can do nothing.

No more ships.

Find one or die.

There's the actors' boat...

I'll take it.

They won't be leaving
anytime soon.

He'll take you to it.

I also need 2 days
of supplies.

Hurry up!

Did you hear?
Get it ready, now!

Come with me.

We must keep going.

Mentor will meet us
at the shrine.

He'll come?

He'll meet us.

Leave me here,
my strength is gone.

The gods have abandoned us.

They're testing us

and we'll resist.

What for?

You want to leave Ithaca
to blood and madness?

Let your people
fall into chaos?


I just want to stop
running and fighting.

I want to breathe.

You want to give up now?

We'll go to the shrine.
With Mentor,

we'll fight.

We have no weapons!

We'll seek help
from Menelaus.

Leave me here.

Take care of your mother
and Ithaca.

I'll never leave you behind.

Where are Telemachus and Penelope?

The queen is a whore!

She betrayed you all.

What are you waiting for?

Kill him!


Let her go!

Bring her here.


If you talk,
she'll live.

Go ahead.

Come with me,
you'll get killed.

Come here.
What are you doing here?

No. Let me go!

Don't go!
You're safe here.

- I must find Telemachus.
- He can't help you.

- Let me go.
- Clea!


Hey, soothsayer!
I need you.

- Tell me my future.
- Now?

Antinous promised me the peninsula.

There are many farms there.
Will I be rich?

Don't worry,
I see you'll be rich.

But I want details.

I'll go get a fish and tell you
everything. Wait for me here.

Wait for me.

Look, we're here!

I knew we'd make it.

The gods finally heard us.

Come on, get up!

No welcome for
Ulysses' family?

Won't you

hail Antinous,
Ithaca's new king?

Without Mentor's help,
I never would've found you.

Leave that throne!

Who will make me?


Your mother?


And I like it here.

No one can bother me.

Not Ulysses,

not the gods.

How do you like
the new Ithaca?

The kingdom of terror.

There's killing,

there's death,

there are also feasts

and fornication.

If you want to live

and be my wife...

Too bitter.

I won't miss you.

Except your breasts.

Go on, lock them up.

I don't need a dog
to put me in a cage.

I can go in alone.

Get me out of here,
you cowards.


Did they pay you well?

I die tomorrow.

Then why?


They were going to kill her.

Do you care for her?


More than for me?

Don't ask me that, queen.


If you care for her more,

you did the right thing.

Oh, no.

I broke my oath.
I betrayed you and Telemachus.

And tomorrow I die.

We'll all die.

I'll be burdened
in the underworld.

I'll intercede for you.

The gods don't forgive traitors.

Cast him out,
like a demon.

You must be strong,

hard as stone.

What do you know about it?

I know, that's all.

Please, Poseidon,

give me a little boat
so I can leave this hell!

Where am I?



My king!

Subtitles: Eclair Group