Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Le Mariage de Télémaque - full transcript

Orion will be next.

We heard shouting,
but no one dared go in.

Who did this?

They say that he was trading
with Orion's men.

So some said that was
betraying Ulysses.

You mean someone on our side
killed them?

- Where's my father?
- Don't go in.

You must care for
your brother now.

- I'll kill them!
- Then you'll get killed.

I'm not king,

but I'll defend you and your brother.

I promise.

Come on.

Praying to your god?

Not my god,
the god of Ithaca and the Greeks.


He's also the god of warriors.
He brings blood.

The people pray to Artemis
when suffering.

She knows the pain
of dead shepherds,

separated families...

the innocent who pay
for leaders' conflicts.

I pray to Apollo
to bring us reason.

I'm only a woman.

He doesn't hear me.

Perhaps he'll listen
to a prince.

Telemachus abandoned you.

You could be mine.


Were you at the massacre?

You may have been present
at my father's death.

Did Telemachus kill my father?

He took wine and slaves.

He got what he deserved.

I knew him more than you.
He was cruel.

Don't come closer.

Go on, do it.

You'd die for Telemachus?

You love him that much?

Let me go!

Tie her up.

If we don't stop them,
there'll be mayhem.

We can't stop revenge.

So they'll all kill each other?

- What's your idea?
- Make peace and negotiate.


No more enemies, no more war.

There'll always be someone
to seek revenge.

You need to agree.

And bring peace to Ithaca.

Since when do women
get involved in politics?

The queen obeys her king.

We're not cowards.

We'll face Orion.

It's not cowardly to want peace.

Take the guards

and get rid of Orion
before Alcinoos arrives.

Be careful. The gods
sent me terrible dreams.

Not the gods.
They have nothing to do with it.

I've said yes to everything
you've asked.

And today Ithaca is dying.

You challenge us?

- You want to die?
- I'm not armed.

I came to talk.

Maybe he's here to offer
to kill Ulysses himself.

I want to propose a truce.

That's why you came?

Ithaca must not perish.

How many will you kill?

How many of you
will die? Why?

Ulysses must fight.
Only his death can end my grief.

Your "grief"?

You hardly remember your father.

You had to make a mask
to remember him.

He was a great warrior.
His blood flows in my veins.

He was a pig,

who was always drunk,

raped slaves,
and killed the innocent.

His brief reign plunged Ithaca
into chaos.

You lie.

I owe him revenge.

We owe our fathers nothing.

You speak well.
But you're loyal to Ulysses.

I disapprove of his decisions.

I don't have to bear his flaws.

I'm not him.

You think you're free?

My duty is to end the war.

If the war continues,

you'll die, Orion.

You'll be dead
before you've even lived.

All for the memory
of a man who abandoned you

and you don't even know.

I have nothing.

If I'm free of my vow,
what do you suggest I do?

Say I betrayed my promise?

Travel and be always a stranger?

Stay in Ithaca.

- To do what?
- Make a life for yourself.

I'll help you.

It's a brother's job.

Come with me.

I thought you were gone.

I jumped into the sea.
I couldn't leave without you.

Did they hurt you?

I'm treated like a slave.

You're not a slave.

I was crazy enough to believe that,
and that you'd marry me.

What's she got that I don't?

She's the Princess of Pheacia.
It's an alliance.

Ithaca will love you,
but you won't love anyone.

You made peace behind my back?

I don't want a bloodbath.

Ithaca's suffered enough.

You plot with the enemy
in secret?

Orion isn't an enemy.

Welcome him as you did before.

You want to teach me
how to rule?

Without Orion,
Mentor would still be alive.

They were treacherous.

I call you father,
but Mentor also earned this name.

I know.

But it's Laertes, your father,

who taught me that one
must resist impulses

and sometimes accept
the unacceptable.

The Pheacians
made war with Ithaca.

Yet I'm to marry their princess?

I hear your argument.

I'm also tired
of all these massacres.

Alcinoos, king of Pheacia,
is coming with his daughter.

I want the war to be over
when they get here.

You'll answer for Orion.

If he betrays us again,

I'll hold you alone responsible.

I'll answer for him.


After 20 days at sea,

Poseidon released his anger
on us again.

An incredible storm.

Huge waves.

They swallowed all my men.

They threw me on the shore
of an island.

I was exhausted, filthy,
without strength.

I walked in the forest

And suddenly, I saw her.

"Admiring Ulysses,

"Nausicaa of the white arms
said to her maidens:

" 'He looks like a god
of the heavenly fields.' "


You seem to miss her, sire.

Just write down my story.

And add your poetry.

The rest is my business.

This truce is dangerous.

It's trap by Ulysses.

I could say the same of you.

I want you to have
your rights and revenge.

You must use the wedding
for a surprise attack,

while Ulysses and his guards
are drunk.

Why do you want
to shed their blood?

Is it to help Menelaus?

You want them to die
for Menelaus.

You think it's funny?

You're cowards.
You betray your fathers.

Menelaus doesn't own us.

He won't conquer Ithaca
with our blood.

Tell Menelaus to be ready.

Orion accepted Telemachus' truce.


Take a piece for the gods.

Do you want bad luck
for the wedding?

Am I still beautiful enough
for you to desire me?

Why do you ask that?

My hands are wrinkled already.

And your beard is gray already.

I loved your youth.

Today, I love the traces
that time left on your face.

They bring seriousness
but also gentleness.

The suffering you endured
left no bitterness in you.

I'd like to be like you.

I want to draw
on your strength and patience.

I'd like Telemachus to make
his wife as happy as I am with you.


What is it?

The Pheacian ships are here.

We're coming.


These gifts to the gods
will make a happy marriage.

If it happens.

I can't find Telemachus.

- Have you seen him?
- No.

Find him and bring him back.


- Where is Telemachus?
- He's coming.


I'm glad
to welcome you to my country.

And I'm glad
to see you in Ithaca.

I know you missed your country.

And he missed you very much,

Welcome, my queen.


When I landed in Pheacia,
I was poorer than a beggar.

They fed and cared for me.

Without them,
I never would've made it to Ithaca

to see you again.

Ulysses has become Pheacia's friend
and we're friends of Ithaca.

Our 2 peoples
were made to get along.

The Pheacians

listen to their women.

The queen has spoken in my name.

My throne is vast
and I'd be alone

if she weren't there
to advise me.

We have a lot to learn from you.

Our ships bring you wheat
and 300 heads of livestock.

Plus gold, weapons, and my daughter.

Hey! Prince.

The wedding's here
and you're not ready?

What's she like?

As beautiful as Aphrodite.

Long blond hair, big eyes,

a small mouth...
- You're lying.

Telemachus! Come on.
They're waiting.

Goodbye, friends.

Safe travels.

You can go, you're free.

It's over, they're leaving.

I'm alone now.

I'm alone too.

Want to stay?

I can never replace him.
I'll never be a prince.

I'll never have his power.

He marries today.
We could go to the wedding.

That would only make you suffer.

I want to see her.

Clea! Clea!

He's coming.

Pheacia gives its daughter
to the son of Ithaca.

May this union seal the friendship

between our peoples.

You're young.

But the tests you've faced

have proven your bravery

and valor.

I'm proud to give you my daughter.

Take care of Nausicaa.

Love and respect her
as she deserves.



Keep me near you.

I'll make you happy
and care for you.

You won't regret it.

You'll love me?

Bring wine.

Look what you did!

Touch nothing!

By all the gods.

What's going on?

Nothing, sire.

Help me.

Sesame bread is good luck.

I heard what you did
to bring us peace.

I'm proud of you.

I'm trying to learn.

You left your pride,

heard the voice of reason

and that of your people.

Will you listen to me?

My father consults my mother.

She makes him good.

When you're king,

you'd do well
to listen to this voice.

Even before,
a couple should talk.

You look serious, Thyoscos.

No, my king.

Why aren't you celebrating
like everyone else?

The marriage will be happy,
no doubt.

Tell me what you saw
in the kitchen.

I saw nothing.

Signs don't predict.

- There's a problem?
- No, my queen.

- You seem to be arguing.
- No.

The offerings we made
have pleased the gods.

So the signs are good.

They seem happy together.

I hope it will last,

and they'll be spared
the past hardships of Ithaca.

It's hard to leave your only daughter
on a foreign island,

even if it's an allied kingdom.

I count on you
to keep my daughter happy.

Ithaca isn't as rich as Pheacia,

but it will welcome and love
your daughter.

I count on you.

You were young
when Ulysses came.

I had never seen a man like him.
I thought him a god.

Did you admire him?

I had never met any foreigners.

- And then?
- "Then"?

What happened?

My parents welcomed him

and held a banquet in his honor.

That's when he told us
his adventures.

It was amazing.
No Greek had ever gone that far.

He met heroes and gods,

But he talked most of Ithaca
and the wife he left behind.

Leave us.

What did he say?

He cried describing you.

He said:

"Nothing is sweeter
than family and country."

My daughter.

It's you.
You scared me.

Why are you scared of your king?

Are you hiding something?

Tell me what you saw.

- I'd been drinking like a fish...
- Speak!

Get up and speak!

I'm listening.

I see death, Ulysses.

Whose death?


Already last night,
the sign was bad.

But now,

the gods are more precise.

What do they say?

Death will come from you.

From your blood.

What do you mean?

I can tell you no more,
I promise.

Death will come from you.

From your blood.

if you're hiding something.

I hide nothing, my king.

If you want,
I'll consult the oracles.

My son.

My son's going to kill me?

Subtitles: Eclair Group