Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Télémaque affronte Ulysse - 1re partie - full transcript

Do the gods really speak to you?

They use me to send messages.

Did they speak of me?

No. They don't speak directly.

They send me signs
that I must translate.

What do these signs say?

They spoke of chaos
and darkness.

They said the law
will be tramped in our families

and the city's foundations.

I knew it.

The blood of my blood.

Sons no longer respect
their fathers.

And do fathers
respect their sons?

Sorry to wake you.

It's delicious to be awoken
this way.

Let me enjoy you.

Every morning,
I'll watch you wake up.

And every morning,
I'll say I'm happy.

- You'll get tired of it.
- No, never.

I'll love you more every day.

Will you love me
as Ulysses loved Penelope?

I'm not worthy of such love.

Thank you for hosting us.

Our ship is waiting.

Thank you, Alcinoos.

I need to speak to her.

Help Telemachus, Nausicaa.
A king's task is heavy.

It isolates him.

I'll do all I can to help him.
You can trust me.

I've always trusted you.

Don't forget I'm
Ithaca's future queen.

Don't hesitate to call on me
if needed.

Thanks to you, we fear nothing.

Give me your blessing.

I hope we can be as wise as you.

You rule with reason.

Stay, Nausicaa.
Wait for your mother.

You're on the right path,

I have confidence in your uprightness
and your sense of justice.

I'll care for her like a daughter.

Thank you.

May the gods be with you.

May they not abandon us.

The Pheacians leave,
but their army may return.

Behind you!

Menelaus's guard dog.

What were you plotting?

Why come to my island?

Your island?

Enjoy it while it's still yours.

If you kill him, we won't
discover Menelaus's plan.

Where is Menelaus?
Why did he raise an army?

Ask him when he gets here,
or ask Orion.


Orion with whom
you made a truce?

He says he's your brother
and plots against me?

He's using Orion as a scapegoat

just to divide us.

Listen to your heart.
You know who lies.

Orion is sincere and wants peace,
like me.

When is his vow of allegiance?



Let him come.

Is this what you learn
in Sparta,

putting poison in men's hearts?

Your father
doesn't need me for that.

You came to pray to Apollo?

Why pray to a god
who doesn't answer me?

- Perhaps to soothe your soul.
- What are you talking about?

I know that anger has won you over

and fogs your mind.

Should I control my anger
when it's justified?

It's eating you up.

I should've been mad

when you made me join
Menelaus against my will.

I didn't want this war.

We had to honor our alliances.

You sent me away for 20 years.

And today Telemachus
wants to take my throne.

I should've listened to you then.

Believe me,
I've had time to regret it.

Don't do the same with your son.
Listen to him. Trust him.

He's plotting against me.

You're his father.
He loves you.

How would he love a father
who didn't see him grow up?

Telemachus doesn't know me.

He fears me.

Your worst enemy is in you,

Pray to Apollo

to bring you peace.

- Must you go to the palace?
- I promised Telemachus.

He doesn't keep his promises.
Why keep yours?

I owe it to him.
But I'll be back soon.

I promise.

- You don't trust me?
- I don't trust Ulysses.

- Hate has rotted his soul.
- I go for Telemachus.


I'll be back. Don't worry.

You're all I have, Clea.

We'll go far away

and be free and happy.

You're like a god.

That's what you told my father.

But he was dirty.

He looked totally lost,
a little crazy.

You're luminous.

You're very different.

How can a warrior
have a son so gentle?

I'm not gentle.

I don't lack authority or power.

There's no shame in gentleness.
Why can't you accept it?

I want Orion to deserve
Ulysses' trust.

Why do you doubt Orion?

He's like a brother.
You should trust a brother.

He's not the one I don't trust.



Why didn't you stay
at my wedding?

Clea needed me.
She has no one.

I'm glad.
You treat well those who serve you.

She doesn't serve me. I love her.

I hope one day she'll love me.

You knew Palamedes
was plotting with Menelaus?

Yes, I knew.

Menelaus will invade,
and you didn't warn me?

Palamedes tried to get us
to help Menelaus.

I refused, and we sent him away.

- I thought he was in Sparta.
- He waited for the army here.

War is near.
Ithaca needs all its men.

I learned warfare in Sparta.

I know their tricks
and ways of fighting.

I'll fight alongside you...


- You'll tell Ulysses?
- Yes, I'll tell him.

I'll fight with you
so Ithaca can stay free.

Zeus, god of gods,

accept my offering
in friendship for Ithaca,

forgive the crimes committed,

and forget hatred and bitterness.


I ask you
to make me a son of Ithaca

and accept my vow
of allegiance and loyalty.

Loyalty to whom?

To the king of Ithaca

or the king of Sparta?

So end those
who defy the king of Ithaca.

Why did you kill Orion?
It was murder!

It was necessary.

To kill an unarmed man
who came for peace?

- He got what he deserved.
- He was like a brother.

Your brother was my enemy.

I'm king.
I know what I need to do.

A king respects vows
and the assembly of free men,

he cares for his people,
he hears advice.

Otherwise... he's a tyrant!

Who do you think you are?

I'm your son.

If you were my son,
you'd agree with me,

you'd be with me, behind me!

You're no longer my son.

- Don't abandon him, he's alone.
- He wants to be.

You judge me too?

I'd like to understand.

One can't understand betrayal,

it must be wiped out.

You're sure Orion was a traitor?

Death will come from my blood.

What did you say?

Thyoscos predicted it.

"Death will come from my blood."

It had to be Orion...

- Otherwise...
- No, not him.

It can't be him.
Sons don't kill their fathers.

Kronos killed Uranos.

He's my son and yours.

Kings have no more sons,

no more friends...

no more wife.

He promised to take me far away.

He said we'd be happy.

I'm sorry.

Ulysses has gone completely crazy.
He doesn't trust anyone.

And he kills everyone I love.

- I understand your sadness.
- No, you don't.

You have no idea what I gave up
for Ulysses' pride.

You don't know
what I've been through.

- If you need anything...
- I'll accept nothing from you.

My queen.

Close the other door.

I see already
that your future is bright.

The gods will know more.

- I didn't come for that.
- Whatever you'd like.

I feel...

very inspired today.

Tell Ulysses you were wrong.

I can't.

This prediction is
poison in his soul.

Free him.

- I have calming potions.
- Tell him you were wrong.

That's better than potions.

I'm sorry,

but I can't
go against the oracles.

You disobey the queen?

I'd rather disobey my queen
than the gods.

"In turn, the suitor leapt
at Ulysses to attack him.

"He drew his sword and wanted
to clear his enemy from the door."

I made a little change here.

"But Telemachus,

"striking him from behind
between the shoulders

"with his bronze spear,

"plunged it
through his chest."


You told me
he was with you that day?


He was with me.
We fought together.

Why have the gods
decided he must kill me?

Maybe the gods
haven't decided yet, Ulysses.

They're like men.
Their ideas change.

Do you miss Pheacia?

Ithaca's my country now.

But you're not happy.

What's going on?

I didn't know his heart was taken.

What do you mean?

Don't spare my feelings.

I met Clea.
He doesn't look at me that way.

She was a slave.

He sees her as a queen.

Let time do its work.
He'll forget her.

I hope so.

Don't scorn their voices.

They're free men,
born here like their fathers.

They built Ithaca
and its palace.

They must obey me.

You're a tyrant, Ulysses.

- You insult me.
- I speak to you as a father.

You try to influence me.

You envy my power.

I gave up power a long time ago.

I just want happiness
and the people's future.

Like the others.

You plot like all the others.


my son...

where are you?

Where are you, gentle
and docile child?

What has twisted your heart

and made it so mistrusting?

- Tell me.
- Betrayal!

First my son's betrayal
and now my father's!

You're not welcome in my palace.

You can get your things.

You're thinking of her?

Don't close your eyes.

Why have your body
if she has your soul?

- What do you want?
- To see you.

You're staying?

Orion left me something.

You left me nothing.

Tell me what you want.

You can't give it to me.

I didn't want to come.

I don't need you.

I don't love you.

I don't love you.

Thanks for coming.

This is our last meeting.

The assembly of free men
is dissolved.

Ulysses, we're here to help you.

I don't need servants
to advise me.

All gatherings
in the agora are now forbidden.

I was watched
by my own son's soldiers.

He trusts no one.

Better he had died
on the walls of Troy

than to diminish
his title of king.

We must respond.

Rebel against your father?

No, against a tyrant.

Hey, you! Get up!

I said get up, Spartan dog!

Look out!

No! No!


You don't belong here.

I'm honoring my grandfather.

You weren't able
to protect him when he was alive.

It's your fault he's dead.

I order you to leave my island.

Stay with him.

You're the only one he listens to.

I promised to follow you.

You promised to obey me.
And I order you to stay.

You alone kneel down before me.

You're prince of Ithaca,

and we want you to be king.

No, I won't be sacrilegious.
A son cannot dethrone his father.

Even if his people ask him to?

Ulysses isn't worthy to rule.

Only you
can bring Ithaca out of chaos.

What do you expect?

That you claim the throne
and challenge him to a duel,

according to law.

Ulysses must die.

He betrayed the truce
you negotiated.

He must die at your hands.

You ask me to kill my father?

You asked for me, sire?

Your voice revived me

when I was half dead
after my shipwreck.

Come closer.


Your hair,

your smile...

Why did I come home?

I should've married you
as your father asked.

You thought only of Penelope.

- You were right.
- No.


I was happy with you.

But here,

Ithaca isn't the same.

Some people envy my travels.

But I curse them.


in memory of us
and past happiness,

bring back Telemachus.

My husband

and your son.

He's no longer my son.

You shouldn't blame him
but be a father.

You treated him like an enemy.

Where did we stop?

When you got to
Circe, the witch.


I feel you.

I feel you coming.

I recognize your breath...

that I've felt so often on me.

Come fight face to face!

I'm not afraid of you!

You took all my companions.

But me,

you never got me!

I'm afraid of nothing!


I can't die.

And if you send my own son

to kill me,

I'll defend myself!

Hades sent you?

What weapon do you choose?

Tell me!

I didn't come to fight.

Menelaus has landed with his army.
It's war.

We must fight together.

I don't believe you!

Please, Ulysses,
listen to your son!

It's for the kingdom!

You're on his side too?

Let's defend ourselves.

You've all betrayed me!

Arrest him.

Arrest him!

That's an order.
I'm your king.

Take him away.

Subtitles: Eclair Group