Odysseus (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - La vengeance d'Orion - full transcript

How is he?

The wound reopened.

He's been delirious.

I don't want this marriage.

Your father knows best.

- The Pheacians are strong.
- I love Clea.

- Refuse a princess's hand?
- She can marry another prince.

She's perfect for you.

More beautiful than Aphrodite.

How do you know?

Your father says so in his dreams.

- He's delirious. It's nonsense.
- No.

He speaks of her often.

He says no one is more beautiful,

sweeter, or more graceful.

It seems she's the only one
who could bring him peace.

They're ready
to return Ulysses' gifts.

It's all I have of my father.

Ulysses took everything.

My father was at Troy.

When he came home,

his spoils were not enough.

So he went to Ithaca.

He promised us... a kingdom.

He sent me to Sparta
to become a perfect warrior.


My skin is as hard as bark.

At each blow,
I said: "Be tough.

"Make him
proud of you when he returns."

He never did.

I should've killed Ulysses
when I saw him.

Him and Telemachus.

They called me son and brother,

with his blood on their hands.

Just a few days ago
this place was lively.

Slaves worked here.

Now there's no one.

It stinks of death.


I don't know if one day
I'll be as old or wise as you.

You never dreamed of being a hero
covered in glory?

I just wanted to be a man.

A just man.

To save lives,
you can't be like me.

Don't be mad at yourself.
The gods didn't want to punish you.

These women were widows.
Was that their crime?

They were Trojan.

Damn this war.

Damn the men who fought it
and the gods who caused it!

The gods punished those men.

Be glad you weren't there.


If Ulysses weren't your son,
my king and my friend,

I would've killed him myself.


How did she die?

In my arms, smiling.

Wait. Don't leave me alone.

- I'm thirsty.
- Here.

This is enough for a few days.

Then Telemachus will come for me?

Ulysses decided he'll marry
the princess of Pheacia.

He'll refuse.
We'll leave together.

He didn't say no.

You lie.

You lie!

You lie! You lie!


If you want to live, forget him.

Leave this island
while you still can.

You're praying to Apollo?

Artemis didn't answer
our prayers.

Do you pray
for Ulysses' recovery?

I pray for the dead.

Not the living.

They'll manage.

Can you forgive him?

I don't have to.

Being king isn't about feelings.

Nor being queen.

Not him.


not him.


By what miracle?

- Follow me.
- Leave me.

- I told you to leave me.
- Clea is at my home.

You brought her here?

If not she would've gone
to the palace to see you.

Mentor told me
you're going to marry a princess.

Is it true?

It's what my father wants,
but I won't marry her.

All's ready
for our trip to Cythera.

We leave tomorrow.

You must go.
You're not safe here.

Wait for me, prince!

I'll help you.

Crows belong to Apollo.

If they fly calling
and come from there, beware.


What's she doing here?
What's going on?

Take her to the beach.






Are you already dead?

Show yourself!

Come out of your palace!

I'm not yet dead.

We refuse your gifts.

You won't buy peace by trampling
on our fathers' memory.

Your fathers were punished
for their crimes.

Pay the price
for the blood you shed.


Your fathers were warriors.

They were at Troy with me.

They fought bravely.

But you are nothing!

And you,

your father wasn't
false and sneaky.

He would've fought his enemy,
not tricked him.

Today we vow...

that you'll pay for your crimes
with blood.

The gods are our witnesses.

Put them out!

Brainless asses.

They'll be gone soon.

Like their fathers,
they'll stop at nothing.

You stood up to them.

I'm proud of your courage.

Telemachus can't leave with you.

The kingdom is threatened.

He promised.

Leave us.

His father is in danger.

His duty is to be at his side.

He's prince of Ithaca.

His destiny is the throne

and becoming king.

The world isn't big enough
to hide you 2 from Ulysses.

He'll find you and punish you.

Telemachus will protect me.
He always has.

I promised to watch over you.

I'll do all I can to keep you alive,
whether you like it or not.

Why go and provoke Ulysses?

You gave him a chance
to trap you!

Duels have rules.
You should know this.

I know it better than you.

War isn't won by provoking.

It's organized.

Palamedes is right.

We were humiliated.

By provoking Ulysses,

he got the gods' blessing.

I did what none of you
ever dared.

Don't call me a coward.

Orion, stop!

Do you want revenge
or to kill your fellows?

Anger doesn't win wars.

We'll kill Ulysses and his family.

- No tricks will stop us.
- Very well.

Menelaus is aware of your fight.

It'll avenge your fathers' honor,

But Sparta's king
can offer you more.

What's his offer?

A ship waits for you at Kastos.
Go back to Sparta.

Tell Menelaus to be ready.

Pheacia is close.
They'll protect us from the north.

We'll be able to face
any threats from the east...

or south.

Even Sparta?

Especially Sparta.

The marriage with Nausicaa
will bring stability.

Telemachus isn't sure.

Give him a little time.

Why does he hesitate?

He has no reason.

His heart still bleeds.

For a Trojan?

It's a royal union.

He must simply obey his king.

Respecting a king's authority
is one thing,

trusting a father is another.

Telemachus barely knows you.

You're still a stranger.

- Will you speak to him?
- No.

You alone can show your son
who he is in your eyes.

That's what I did with you,
but you were gone so long.

You forgot your father's eyes.

We waited for you.

I wondered where you were.

I'd gone hunting.

Antinoos' son
came to challenge Ulysses.

We could have used you.

I told you I went hunting.

What did you bring back?

What'd you bring back from the hunt?


I came back empty-handed.

Mentor the great hunter
caught nothing.

Did Telemachus...

tell you about the marriage?

Why does he resist it?

Is it because of Clea's death?

How should I know?


- Do something for me.
- Yes, queen.

- You know Mentor?
- Yes.

I want you to follow him everywhere.

If he leaves the palace?
There are guards.


Go out if you have to.
Be discreet.

He's a hunter.

He's always alert.

You can't leave with Clea,

You don't have the right!

- Telemachus!
- Leave me alone.




And now?

they'll want to avenge Mentor.

We've hurt them enough.
They'll have no pity.

Is that what you did with me?

Oh, no.

With you, it wasn't necessary.

Menelaus had filled you
with Spartan rage.


When Antinoos put you
under his protection,

Menelaus placed
a lot of hope in you.

He made sure your education



If you like.
I'd say "perfect."

After your father's murder,

all he had to do was send me here
near you.

He knew you would avenge
his honor.


Your father was king of Ithaca.
You can be too.

- My father was king?
- Just a few days.

If he'd accepted Menelaus' help,
he'd still be.

More blood.

Aristes left him no chance.

They came to kill.

I'll kill the dogs who did this,

every last one of them.

- He wouldn't want this.
- Blood needs blood.

I beg you, don't seek revenge.

I have no choice.

The ship leaves tomorrow evening.

She's dead.
She should've been.

I order you to watch her.

Don't leave her.
Tell me everything she does.

Not a word.

If you tell anyone,
you'll be sorry.

At your orders, queen.

A blood vow to Apollo
commits you for life.

I know what I'm doing.

I don't know this look.

I don't know what it sees

or what makes it so hard.

I don't like it.

I don't like it either.

I didn't choose it.

They did.

Orion! Run!

I'm not afraid.

I can join my father.

But you...

you're afraid.

We'll leave soon.

Wait a bit longer. He'll come.

He won't come.

I used to think you cast a spell

to get my son's heart.

But looking at you,

I see there's no magic.

He loves you.

Leave Ithaca,
go far away from Telemachus.

He's forgotten you, you know.

- He sent me.
- You're lying.

He'll marry Nausicaa
and become king after Ulysses.

You don't belong here.

Get the best price you can.

Apollo, forgive me.

I killed calmly, through pride

and anger.

Like Achilles.

He can't blame these qualities.

In the future, don't let rage
decide for you.

Don't overstep the limits
that the gods have set.

What limits?

Anger and excess

that push men to crime.

Apollo reminds us that order
and moderation must rule.

I'll remember.

You're my father.

I owe you respect, but war
taught me other laws.

Not the ones I taught you.

- They kept me alive.
- They consumed you.


We must be united
when Orion seeks revenge.

He'll ask Sparta for help.

The Pheacia alliance
protects us from Menelaus.

Once you're married,

he won't be able to hurt us.

I'll do what I must, father.

I did what you asked.

She's leaving.

Noemon will go with her
to see she gets there safely.

Your people'd be lost without you.

I stayed!

I'll stay and rule,

even if the gods
keep on abusing us.

Look at Ithaca's new color, blood.

What do you think of:

"When Charybdis absorbs the wave,

"the sea opens noisily.

"The waves break with a roar
around the rock,

"and in the depths of the abyss,
the earth reveals..."

Magnificent, Homer!

But the part...


I don't like to be disturbed.

Someone for you.

Come forward!

Come on.

What do you want?


I was in your pastures, sire.

They're totally empty.

Not a single sheep or shepherd.

There was only one man.

He said his name was Orion.

He gave me this for you.

He said:

"Tell Ulysses
I'll make his people blind,

"so they can't see their king."

Try to hold your tongue
if you don't want to go blind.

It's not good to sow fear.


half of my companions
disappeared into the sea.

Go on, Homer.

Let's continue.

There's no honor
in killing shepherds.

But I did it for Aristes
and our fathers.

Ulysses' shepherds
won't dare go out.

His flocks are ours.

We'll destroy his people,
land, and life.

You'll do this all alone?
Just a few of you against a people?

You need an army to help you.

Our messengers left for Pheacia.

News of your wedding will spread

even faster
than news of the siege of Troy.

All Greece will celebrate.

No enemy can win.

- Ithaca has enemies?
- No.

No one will defy us.

To Telemachus' wedding.

To your wedding, my son.

Subtitles: Eclair Group