Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 7 - Traître comme Toros - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

NARRATOR ONE: Rick's return
didn't save the Earth Team.

NARRATOR TWO: His injuries from
the crash in the first race

were much worse than we thought.

NARRATOR ONE: Rick Thunderbolt,
Champion Star Racer Pilot,

will never fly again.

NARRATOR TWO: Young Molly is
back in the driver's seat.

NARRATOR ONE: The good news is--

won her fourth race.

NARRATOR ONE: The bad news is--

NARRATOR TWO: With all the
extra work she's giving us,

we'll never see the
light of day again.


-Good morning, my friend.

You're not at the
preselection ceremony.

-Racing has lost its
appeal for me lately.

-What can I offer you?

Zard carries only the
very best, machinery,

imports, local goods.


Zard's got everything you need.

-Take a look at this part.

It came off my
former star racer.

-Sorry, my friend.

Spare parts are
not Zard's thing.

-An explosion did
this to my ship.

Some local explosives.

Your pals in the
zuke sent me here.

They told me explosives
are Zard's thing

because you make them.


-Come back here, scrub.

-The six remaining pilots
please step forward.

-Here's our big moment.

Shake a leg, Molly.

-Piolts only.

Please return to your seat.

-Guess I'll be watching with
Don Wei, real thrilling.

Go on.

It's OK.


-Why do pilots have all the fun?

-96 teams were called to
Alwas, and now only 6 remain.

It's a miracle we've
made it this far.



Ah, ah, ah.



The Avatar.

-Well, we're certainly
not in Kansas anymore.

-Congratulations proud pilots.

Toros, Colonel of
the Crog Imperium,

Rush, from Planet Byrus.


-The special envoy of
Planet Adalou, Super Racer.

-Nice outfit.

-Aikka, Prince of Nurasia.

-Prince Aikka.


-The representative of the
Earth Coalition, Molly.

And Spirit, Ambassador
of the Phils.

-(GASPS) That, that face.

-Oh, no, it cannot be him.

-Now, you shall all race in
turns against each other.

Each victory will earn
the winner one point.

At the end of six
races, the three pilots

with the highest
score shall be deemed

worthy to go to the grand
finales on the Planet Oba.

-I think I can do it, Dad.

But I need you to
believe in me down there.

-Race like the wind,
champions, towards Oba

and towards the ultimate prize.

-Eh, eh, eh, why did
I accept that deal?

I knew that there
would be trouble.

Eh, eh.


Eh, uh.

-I think now is a good time to
ease your conscience, scrub.

Tell me.

-Ah, don't hurt me please.

I'll tell you everything.

I know who did this.


-Who did it?

Was it the Crogs?

Are they planning
another attack?

How much did you sell them?

Tell me now.

-I'll tell you.

I can even lead you there.

But please, don't hurt me.

Please don't.


Ah, uh.

-Then start walking.



ALL: Oooh.

-The winner of the first race
of the final playoffs is Spirit.


Prince Aikka.

-Looks like your
boyfriend took a beating.

Not that he didn't deserve it.

-Don't go there, Jordan.

We still have to do
better than the Prince.

-That shouldn't
be too hard to do.

The guy rides a bug.


-This Prince is a grade A loser.

Why does she care
so much about him?

-And now it's the Earth Team.

-Challenged by Colonel Toros.

-Molly, look. it's
a Crog trident.

That's what they used when
they attacked the Earth.

-I remember.

They showed us the picture
at the boarding school.

-Listen up.


-Both of you.

We're entering these
playoffs with a clean slate.

I know Toros is tough.

But that doesn't mean we can't
pull off a surprise victory.


-You've both shown your
ability to beat the odds.

-We won't let you down, sir.

-I heard Toros has
never been beaten.

Do you seriously believe
they have a chance?

-If I don't believe
in them, no one will.

With Rick gone, we must make do.

-Try the other pedal, Molly.

He's gaining on us.

-Jordan, would
you like to drive?

Come on, faster.

-His cruising speed is
much greater than yours.

You'll have to catch
him on the curves.


Get it together, Molly.

You can't let Don Wei down.

-All systems are normal.

She's doing
surprisingly well, sir.

-It's early, Koji.

This is a Crog, Molly.

Stay alert, and keep clear
of the trident's blades.

-Hang on, we're
going for a roll.

-Roll it.

Woo hoo.

Well done, partner.

-Well done yourself, partner.

Keep your eyes open back there.

-He's back.


-I've got a bad feeling
about this trident.


He's coming right at us.

-It's too early to over
take him now, Molly.

Let him pass for now, or
he'll ram the arrow too.

-I'll try, sir.

It's not working.

I can't shake him.

Or maybe, uh, I can put
some distance between us.

-Molly, what are you doing?

-She's engaged the hyper-drive.

-Uh, this girl will
be the death of me.

Molly, you're out of
the range of his blade.

Disengage now.


Molly, watch out.

-I can't disengage.

It's too soon.



Hey, I'm in heaven?

-What's their fuel like?

-Low but not critical.

They're OK for a
few more seconds.

They're safe from the Crog now.

He's way behind.

-Hyper-drive disengaged, sir.


Well, well, well,
I must say that I

wasn't expecting
you to fare so well.

-Did you hear that, Jordan?

A complement from Don Wei.

We lived to hear it.


-Keep up your present pace
and watch your tank levels.

The race is far from over.

-Ha, ha.

I'd love to see the look
on that Crog's face.


-Are you finished
playing, humans?


-It's been amusing
watching you struggle

with your pathetic ship.

But now I'm bored.

-Well, don't let us keep you.





-That's not--




-No one can resist the
strength of the Crogs.

Earth and the rest of
the galaxy must learn.

Once I have claimed the
ultimate prize, all shall kneel.

-Molly, Jordan, can you hear me?

Molly, Jordan, do you copy?



-Nuh, uh, uh.

You tricked us, Toros.

You, you Crog.

We'll have our revenge.

You'll see.

You'll pay for this.

-Can it be fixed?

-Well, now we have two
ships for the price of one.

One things certain, you can
kiss the hyper-drive goodbye.

It's totally shot.

-Vehicles can
always be repaired.

It's them I'm worried about.

-I've worried about them
since the beginning.

They were showing
signs of progress,

but now, now they've
clearly reached their limit.

-If only we'd known
more about the trident,

we could have stopped them.

-You did your best.


Our best wasn't
good enough, was it?

-Every champion must
experience the agony of defeat

at least once in their
professional career.

Toros was just too powerful.

End of story.

-Well, that was a
nice thing to say.

-He didn't mean a
word of it as usual.


-Great stunt you
pulled out there.

Want to sit down
and talk about it?

-What do you think?




-I didn't know the
Nurasian pit was so close.



Easy, no one's going
to hurt you, big fella.

You had a rotten day too, huh?



-Prince, keep your guard up.

No wonder Spirit surprised you.

-He yah.

-He yah.

-He yah.



What are you doing here?

This is not the moment.

-I thought you
might like to talk

since we both lost the race.

-This is clearly a lie.

Any opponent would
rejoice at our defeat.

She is a spy, and we
shall deal with her

as one deals with spies.

-Look at me.

Do I look like a spy to you?

-I'll handle this.



-Molly, wait.

-Uh, uh, uh.



Ah, why did you save me from
Groor only to deal with me now?

-Deal with you?

Oh, you mean this?

This is for practice.

I apologize for the
rough reception.


-Nurasians are well known
for their hospitality.


It has been an unfortunate day.


For both of us.

-Prince Aikka?

Prince Aikka.

-I must be getting back.

My fencing master is
a bit of a nuisance.

But he means well.

-I know the feeling.

-Put today's race behind you.

We'll do better tomorrow.






Ah, oh, oh.

No, Master.

No, please.

I said nothing.

I promise you.

Oh, oh, nooooo.