Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 8 - Agile Like Aikka - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

Against all odds,

the Earth Team has
reached the second half

of the pre-selections.

-Congratulations, proud pilots.

first race of the playoffs,

we had a tough
pick, Colonel Toros.

We showed signs of
progress, but now we've

entered a whole new league.

I believe Molly and Jordan have
finally reached their limit.


-I hope your team fares better
than it did against the Crogs.

A second loss would put us in
a very difficult situation.

-I'm absolutely confident
our new strategy

will pull us through.


The ultimate prize must not fall
into the wrong hands, Don Wei.

-You've made that very
clear, Mr. President.

We will win this race, sir.

At all costs.

-Eva, get it together.

You know you can't give up now.

Just show your father
who you really are.


Prince Aikka?




-Target practice?

Maybe you should stand closer.

-My next adversary is you.


Prince Aikka.



-Prince, wait.

We were bound to race each
other sooner or later.

-I have received orders
from the Nourasian court.

In fact, direct
orders from my father.

After the start of the
race, I am to eliminate you.


-You can't do that.

It's against the rules.

-The rules forbid me to
intentionally take your life.

Short of that, I am
free to use any means

at my disposal to stop you.

-So you're going to use
me for target practice?

-G'dar, my mount, was
hurt during the last race.

We can no longer
take any chances

against your laser cannons.


-I was looking
forward to our race.

At least with you, I
didn't expect a battle.

-This is not the way of
the Nourasian Knights.

We have always been
a peaceful people.

I am truly sorry.


-You expect me to believe this
Nourasian Knights nonsense?

-Pardon me.

-If you're so concerned
about my cannons,

we could have a clean race.

-A clean race?


No weapons.

A race for speed.

Unless you're afraid to
find out which one of us

is really the best pilot.



You speak like a true Nourasian.

I like your offer, though I may
risk banishment from my court.

If you can convince your
team to hold its fire,

I promise not to use my arrows.

-Oh, really?

I mean, excellent.

Prince, prepare yourself
to lose with honor.

-I am always prepared to
lose with honor, Molly.

You should be prepared
to do the same.


You'll never guess who we're
racing against today, Molly.

-Prince Aikka.

-Well, yeah.

How did you know?

-I just made a deal
with the Prince.

No weapons allowed.

-W-- what?

-It'll be a clean
race for speed,

and no one will get hurt.

-It's a good thing I got
a book in the turret.

-Out of the question.

We must win this race, Molly.

-Sir, the Arrow II is
fast, but not strong.

In order to win, we must--

-Trust the Nourasians?


Don't you see?

They need this victory
as much as we do.

-But we can trust Aikka.

-You will neutralize
the Prince's

mount early in the race.

That's an order.

The Arrow II has been
newly equipped for the job.

-Trust me.

The pleasure will be all mine.

-This is exactly what the
Prince has been ordered to do.

-What did you say?

-We don't want to fight him.

His magic arrows
are very powerful.


-The heavy duty cannons
are set, Mr. Wei.

-That's a job well
done, gentlemen.

You can go to bed now.

If he's as good as you say,
then we must strike first.

-Partner, you must
be really dreaming

if you think your sweet
prince will keep his promise.

-If you can't trust
the Nourasians,

at least you could trust me.

-I did trust you
during the last race.

I won't make the
same mistake twice.

-You'll regret this!



And so will I.

-Excuse me.

Have you seen this
symbol before?

It had something to do with
the crash on my star-racer.

I'm asking everyone.


I didn't think you would.


-This is-- this is the place.



-What is this place, some
kind of twisted bad dream?

-Go away please.


Let me live.

-I've come here to
talk to you, old man.

-I did exactly as you asked.


The Earth racer.

I put the explosives inside,
just as you commanded.


You did what?

Tell me.

Who commanded you?

-You're not my master.

-Who is your master?

Who ordered you to do this?


-The Timeless One.



-Who is The Timeless One?

-He's coming.

Coming now.

-Who's coming?

Tell me now.


Hey, relax, old man.

What's wrong with you?

I just want to talk with you.


The Timeless One.

I don't get it.

What is this madness?

There goes all my evidence.

-Another one?

-Yeah, sure.

now it's the Earth Team

against Prince
Aikka of Nourasia.


-Go, Prince Aikka.

-Avenge us.

Beat the Earth Team.

-Go, go.

Beat the Earth Team.


please listen to me.

If you hit the prince,
you'll hurt him.

And if you miss him,
he'll probably hurt us.

Is that really what you want?


I'm just following orders,
Molly, like you should be.

need to do this, Jordan.

We can win this race
without using weapons.

We're partners, remember.

-Sorry, but I took the sucker
punch in the last race.

Crogs, one.

Earth Team, zero.

I'm sticking to the plan.


-I'm tired of this frog prince.

He's going down.

I bet you, sir.

We can't do this.

-We can do this and we will.

Concentrate on the race, Molly.

And take him out early.


-Molly, if you only knew
how the future of our planet

hangs by a thread.

We cannot afford another defeat.



-Good night, sweet prince.

The sandman's coming.






-Molly, what are you doing?

You're leaving us
totally unprotected.

Hey, what's--

-Jordan, he's not gonna shoot.

You locked me in here.

Are you nuts?

Molly, let me out of here.

-Molly, what on
earth are you doing?

I intend to win

this race the honorable way.

Cockpit transmission off.

-(ANGRILY) Molly.

-Don Wei who was once my
father would understand.

I'm sure he'd understand.

-Quickly, G'dar.

The Earth princess
is on our tail.

-Prince Aikka, use your
bow as you were ordered.

-Nice move, princess.

-Nice move, Prince.

-Somebody get me out of here!

-Any progress?

-Not yet, sir.

The closing of the turret
is an emergency command.

-There's no outside
override, sir.


-What can see be thinking?

-Sorry, Prince.

I guess I'm just
too fast for you.



-He's gaining on her.

What about the turret?

-We're in the security system.

-Try to open the
turret doors while I

shut down Molly's access.

-Molly, could you keep your eyes
on the road and off the Prince?

-Don't worry, Prince.

I'm right behind you.

we're getting you out of there.

You know what you have to do.

-Oh, boy.

Do I!

-They've almost reached
the finish line.

Are you sure you
want to do this, sir?

-We're going to win
this race my way.

And we'll teach this mutineer
a lesson she'll never forget.


-I knew we'd win.


Jordan, stop it!






-I thought humans had honor, but
now I can see they have none.

-But I can explain. [COUGHING]

Prince Aikka, come back!



Why did you have
to ruin everything?

-You trusted the Prince
more than me, partner.

-You idiot!

-Hey, don't push me.

-I trusted you, and
you let me down.


All you had to do
was follow orders.


-I hope you're
pleased with yourself.

Where do you think
you're going, young lady?

Didn't your father
teach you any manners?

-No, he didn't.

I'm going to my room,
and I'm never coming out.

-Do you think I'm going to
let you off that easily?

Today was a sure win.

We lost because you
didn't stick to the plan.

Come back here, young lady.

Do you hear me?

-Sir, calm down.

You know, Molly really
wanted to win that race.

-So you're against
me too, are you?

Is that it?

-Sir, of course not.

-Do any of you have any
idea just how serious

my responsibilities are?

Well, do you?

I didn't think so.

-You know this symbol?

You've probably never seen
it, don't want to help,

got better things to do.

You can just forget about it.

-I've never seen it before.

I'm sorry, Rick.

-What do you want from me, Don?

-I just came down to say hello.

What's wrong with that?

Why do you think
I want something?

-Because the Earth Team just
lost two races in a row.

And because I know
you only too well.


I'll have what my
friend's having.

-Two oldfish sodas coming up.

There you go, fellas.


-Well, bottoms up.