Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 6 - Playful Like Paradice - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

-With my brilliant
track record, I

was the ideal pilot to
lead the Earth team.

We got off to a good start,
but at the last moment,

I hit a snag.

I thought I could shake off
my injuries, like before.

But this time, it was different.

Now, it's up to Molly to
drive our team to victory.

Good luck, little mouse.

You're gonna need it.



Is anyone there?

-You pilot a beautiful
craft, my darling.




-Young lady, it's time you
and I had a little talk.


But how's Rick?

-Rick's away for now.

-He's away?

Can I--

-The best thing that
you can do for Rick

is to be worthy of the
place he's given you.

-I'm, I'm taking his place?

-I hope you realize that I never
trusted you to pilot the Arrow,

you have shown skill,
but you have also

repeatedly refused to
do as you were told.

-But I can explain!

-This is no way to win a
competition, young lady.

You must stay in line from
now on, or I promise you,

this will be the end of racing.

Both for you, and for us.


-Always Mr. Cheerful.

-He's such a-- Whatever.

I guess winning is not enough.

-Uh, listen.

About yesterday.

I was so happy to see Rick,
I know I let you down.

Are you angry with me?

-Yeah, I'm angry.

-Well are you?

-Relax, I'm kidding.


-You mean Rick just left during
the night, without any warning?

Jordan, do you
know where he went?

-Well you heard Do Wei.

He doesn't want us
to look for him.

-Oh poor Rick.

-Molly, don't worry.

I'm sure Rick will bounce back.

Rick is Rick.

We can't do anything
for him, anyway.

Don't forget, he's
the champ, you know?



Today is your lucky day.

Mr. Jordan, your name has been
chosen from all the competitors

on Alwas to inaugurate Para-Dice
City, our new video arcade.

-Is this a joke?

-And here is your
personal VIP pass.

-Huh, really?

For once I've won something?

Come on, Molly.

It's time we had a little fun.

-I'm not so sure.

-Para-Dice City, here we come!


Right into my trap.

Humans are so predictable.

Meow, meow, meow.


-Just slip your card
in, and the fun begins.

-Right here?


Wow, this is great!

-What is this thing?

-Come on, let's check it out!


-They call this an arcade?

-Whatever it is,
I don't like it.

-Hang on.

It's lighting up.

-Welcome, humans.

I'm Para-Dice.

And you're not.


I guess this is it.


Let 'er rip.


-Koji, what's going on?



-Can you beat my
super-high score?

I sincerely doubt it.

-What the?


Hey, there's one
like the Arrow II.

You can take the pilot's
seat, I'll handle the guns.

-I don't--

-Come on.

-If you insist.

-Everything looks fine.

-What on Earth?

-I can see that you
don't want to play.

-Jordan, look out!

Here they come!

-No sweat.

I was born with a
gamepad in my hands.

-This looks very bad.

-Take that, alien scum!


What's going on?

Uh oh.

It's a virus.

A really big one.

-All right.

Great game!

-Yeah, this is just
like the real thing.


-Oh, wow.

Is this the end boss?

-What's this?

-It's gonna blow!



-Jordan, help me out of here.

I can't shake 'em.

Do something!

-You do something!

There's hundreds.

My hands are numb.

-Oh man!

-Game over.

See ya next time?

-Ah. we got murdered.


Good thing it wasn't for real.

-Koji, how's the Arrow?

-I guess we're lucky
I was able to shut off

that hacker at the last moment.

We still have one reactor.

-The pit's on fire!

-Just in time for clean up.

You missed all the fun.

-The left engine.

-Molly, you don't think that--

-Don't go there, Jordan.

It's only a coincidence.


Your team is so disappointing.

They got the lowest score, ever.


Over there!


-I must say, your security
system is pathetic.


-A 12 year old can crack it.


I should know, I'll
be 12 next week.

-If I find that cat, I'll
take all nine of it's lives!

-How is she getting in?

This computer is not even
connected to the network.

-Hey, there's my drill.

I was wondering where I left it.


-A short-range H-F connection.

Well of course.

-Why don't you abandon
the race right now?

I won't tell anyone.

I mean, that would be
so much easier for me.

-Yeah, sure.

Anything else?


That'll be all.

-Get her!


Meow, meow, meow.



-Everyone to their post.

We have less than an
hour til race time.

-Yes, sir!

-Do you two know
something about this?

-A game arcade!

Your indiscretion almost
cost us our last star-racer.

Have you already
forgotten my promise?

-But sir, I--

-I apologize, sir.

Won't happen again.

-If you have understood your
error, then get ready to race.

-It was my fault we went
to that stupid arcade.

Thanks for taking
the heat, Molly.

I owe you one.

-Hey, forget it.

What are partners for?


-Today we continue to the
fourth round of Pre-Selections

with the Earth Team.

-That ship looks awful.

-Sir, beauty's more
than just paint.

She flies.


-Racing the Little Prodigy,
from the planet Weta, Para-Dice!



Takes a lot of courage
to fly a wreck like that.

But don't expect me to
go easy on you, big girl.

-My name is Molly.

And this is not longer one
of your games, Para-Dice.

This is for real.

-You will never learn.

I'll never let you get
the Ultimate Prize.


-The Ultimate Prize?

-Today's race will include
another special rule.

Arena race.


-Oh great.

This is going to be so much fun.


-What's going on?

-We have visual now.

-Molly, can you hear me?

Do you copy?

-What is this place?

-I guess it's our arena.

-Ready or not, here I come!

You didn't hide very well.

Fly little missile.

Fly, fly away!


-Come on, Jordi.

Come on.

-Missile's closing in.

I can't hold them off.

-We lost her.


Dead ahead.

-Another arena?

-Jordan, this looks
really familiar.


This race is not a--

-She can't hear you, sire.

The communications
are scrambled.

-Then how can I
give her my orders?

-There you are!



-You're hopeless
at hide-and-seek.

-We're back where we started.

-Where did those mice go?


-Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

-This place is one big maze.

What now?

-If this place is a maze, there
must be a way out of here.

-Got any bright ideas?

-Why don't we go out
the way we came in?

-Ah, ah, ah ah.

Where are they?



There they are.

Turn, little cannon!


Turn, turn, turn!


-Molly, you've got to
make a choice, and hurry!

-I'm trying, but they
all look the same.

-The repairs!

Are they still holding?

-For the moment, yes.

But ask me again
in five minutes.


-Just give up, Molly.

I want the Ultimate Prize very,
very, very, very, very badly.

-What are you talking about?

All you talk is nonsense.

-Don't play innocent with me!

You know very well that
the Ultimate Prize gives

the winner any wish, any dream.

-It can't be.

-I could have any wish?

Any dream?

-You have a wish,
don't you, Molly?


-Game's over, Molly!

Looks like you lost, again.


-I'll buy us some time
to find a way out, Molly.

Just get me in as
close as you can.

-OK Jordan.

Just keep us out of the lake.

-Meow, meow.


-Somebody hit that cat!



-Repairs aren't holding!

The left reactor's out!


Eject now!

That's an order!

-You know she can't
hear you, sir.


-That water!

We hit that pipe!

That's where we entered.

-Molly, what are you doing?

Head for the water!

-I'm sure it's here.

-The Ultimate Prize is mine!




Mine, mine, mine!

-We have a winner!

It's-- The Earth Team!



-They really did it!

-They're just so great!

-And now we have to do the
repairs all over again.

-What else would we do?

We're mechanics.

-We did it, partner.

-I guess so.

-Mr. President, I need to
know about the Ultimate Prize.

You have sent us here
to fight for the Earth.

We're fighting.

But I cannot continue
to risk my crew

unless you answer my question.

-You'll find certain truths
are better left unknown.

But since you insist, switch to
the secure channel immediately.


-Is it true about
the Ultimate Prize?

Does it really give you
any wish, any dream?

-I guess you'll just have to win
the Great Race of Oban to know.



-What's this all about?

-You shouldn't underestimate
your own daughter.

You're in for a big surprise.