Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 5 - Cruel Like Ceres - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is ...

-Fly, champions, toward
the grand finale of Oban.

Toward the ultimate prize!

Thunderbolt's terrible accident

in the first race was
a shock for everyone.

Now we had no one to pilot
the Arrow II, except for me,

Molly, the team's black sheep.

It was a chance to show Don Wei,
our manager, otherwise known

as my dad, what I was made of.

-It was a great race.

-Don Wei doesn't know that
I'm really his daughter Eva.

But maybe he'll love
me as the pilot Molly.




Rise and shine!

We've got a lot to do today!

-Sorry, mom.

I didn't hear the alarm.

-Ha ha!

-Hey, wait a second!

-Good morning, Koji.

How's my Arrow doing today?

-Well, uh, it's good.

Stan is just finishing
one last little upgrade.


I know it's going
to be a great day.

There she is.

Here's looking at you, kid.



Stan, what have you done
with my rocket seat?

You know the standard
seat's too big for me.


But it's perfect for me.


Uh, you're back?

-Yeah, I'm back.

Those Alwas doctors
have technologies

that far surpass the
ones we have on Earth.

So, I heard you
kept my seat warm.

-It was, nothing.


-Thanks, little mouse.

You'll have to tell
me all about it.

Modesty's for losers.

-Well, actually--


Rick, you're back!

That's so cool.

Boy, we really missed
you around here.

-Easy, Jordan!

No hugging.

Doctor's orders.

-But Rick!

-I guess I'll let
you two catch up.

I need to find someone.


-We're all set, Koji.

-Hey, you!

Why didn't you tell me
Rick was coming back?


-This is not the
moment, young lady.

-It's never the moment, is it?



All right now, Rick.

Let's do a quick check
of the new reactors.


I'm ready.

-Jordan's ready, too!

Start out easy.

Nothing fancy.

-Thrusters are at
80%, balanced at 100%.

All is normal.

-That's excellent.

Go ahead, Rick.

Let her rip.

-You got it.

I have a need for speed.

-Now we're talking.

The star is back!


What's happening to me?

-What's he doing?

Why doesn't he straighten up?

He'll crash.


What's going on?


Is everything OK?

-Oh, yeah!

That was great!

I'm calling it the
Thunderbolt Zigzag.

Everything's fine.

I was just hot dogging a bit.

-That's not like Rick.

He'd never take
that kind of risk.


-Hey, great ride, Rick.

-Hey, thanks a lot, you guys.

It's good to be back.

I'm going up to rest.


Wait up.

-Man, Rick's awesome.

It's sure great to have a real
pro at the controls again.

Molly, come on.

You know what I mean.

I mean, you're good and
all, but this is Rick.


You here?

-What's ha to me?

Stop shaking!




-Who said you could
just walk in here?

I need a little rest.

Can't you understand that?

-Rick, I'm really sorry.

But I heard a noise,
and I just want to--

-There was no noise.

You're disturbing me.

-I must have been mistaken.

-I'll be fine.

I just need some rest.


Do you have a minute?

-What's up?

-I'm kind of worried about Rick.

Did you notice anything odd
when you were riding with him?

-At first I was worried.

But then I thought,
well, hey this is Rick.

Come on, Molly, admit it.

Rick gave us a great
flying lesson today.

-OK, forget it.

-Coming through.

-Hey, Koji?

Do you think it's
normal that Rick

would take chances
like he did today?

-Molly, you wouldn't be
jealous of Rick, would you?

-That's not what I mean.

I'm worried that--

-Molly, let Koji work.

There's little time
before the next race.

-All you ever care
about is the race.

-That's right.

-Nobody listens,
so why do I care?


-Why look, it's my
good friend Molly.

-Satis, you always show
up at the wrong time.

-It's really a question
of perspective, isn't it?


The race is about to start.

You should be getting ready.

Your friends need you.

-They don't need me anymore.

-What's that?

-Nobody cares.

Trust me.

When they're finished
you, it's poof,

like, like you never existed.

-Such dark thoughts for
a girl your age, Molly.

-These are normal thoughts
for a girl my age.

I should know.


We need to talk.

-For the third round
of pre-selection,

I call forth the Earth team!

-The dream team is back!


By popular demand!

ANNOUNCER: And representing
the Mong people, Ceres!

-How could a thing
like that fly?

-Well, normally it shouldn't.

But it uses some unknown
form of planetary magnetism.

I'd stay alert, boys.


Don't let the stick
man scare you.

-I'm all right, Rick.


Your hour of judgement has come!

Something to shake you up a bit.


What was that?


See if you can hold him off!

-Watch me!

Take this, stick man!

-Your attacks are pitiful!


Just like on the test track!

The Thunderbolt Zigzag!

-Not now!


-You must forgive your friends
for not seeing the real you.

If not, then you're simply
putting a price on friendship.

Isn't that true?

-We'll chat later.

I gotta go!


Why continue this conversation
when you already understand?

-Rick, would you stop
playing around with this guy?

He's dangerous!

-He can't hear you, sir.

He's TKO'd.

His nervous system
is completely shot.

-Don't be ridiculous!

He was in perfect
shape this morning.

-How can you imagine,
even for a second,

that you are worthy
of the ultimate prize?




They are all the same.

A few thousand years
of existence, and you

think you are important.

-Rick, what's going on?

-Everything is fine.

I just need to rest.


It's worse than I thought.


Here goes nothin'!




-I'm coming, Rick!


He must have been knocked out.


Not good!

-Little mouse.

What are you doing here?

-I'll take the controls.

Can you work the pedals?

-I think so.

-That's intriguing.

I sense a new spirit.

-Now I've got ya!

-All resistance is futile.

The Mong people are the
last of the ancient people

of the galaxy.

And I am the last of the Mongs.

You are not even
worthy of facing me.

-Then get lost!

-I see that you still
do not understand.

In my great mercy,
I shall immediately

put an end to your
suffering, and offer you

the most beautiful of gifts.

Let me show you the
world of the Mongs.




What happened?

Little mouse.

Wake up, Molly.

Wake up.

Wake up!





-It was nice of you to
drop in, little mouse.

I've always wanted a co-pilot.

-Any time, Rick.



-We're with you, Rick.

-You have a strong
constitution, Rick.

You'll pull through.

But your racing days are over.


No way!

Your accident against Groor
has caused unusual side effects

on your nervous system.

You lose control of your muscles
in moments of violent stress.

-Well, then, you've
got to heal him!

-Even with our
level of technology,

there are some illnesses
that we cannot conquer.

To stay alive, he must never
get into a star racer again.


-That's impossible!

I can't be sick.

-Rick, stop it!

-Don't you understand?

Racing is my whole life!

-Rick, it's--


Just leave me alone.

-Rick, wait!

-Let him go.

He needs time.

We have a lot to
discuss, young lady.

We'll talk tomorrow.

You were very brave today.