Oban Star-Racers (2006): Season 1, Episode 4 - In Like Flint - full transcript

It's 2082. Ten thousand years have passed since the last great race on the remote planet of Oban. Now the time has come for the pilots of the galaxy to compete in a new race, and Earth is more than ready with its spectacular Whizzing Arrow star-racer. Built and maintained by racing legend Don Wei's team of engineers and mechanics, the Whizzing Arrow has become the Earth's only hope against annihilation by the greatest foe the world has ever seen--the menacing Crog Imperium.

-I knew this race
would be tough,

but I didn't expect
anything like this.

I crashed in the first
race, and the preselections

left us without a pilot.

Or so I thought.

-No, Jordan, we can
still win this race.

-It was a miracle
we won the rematch.

But our performance
didn't convince

Don Wei, the Earth team manager.

Now, I don't know what the deal
is between Don Wei and Molly,

but they seem to have a
real communication problem.


-Mr. President, we have made
it through the first round

of the preselections.

But it was sheer luck.

The irresponsible gamble
of a reckless a girl.


-It's a painful
decision to make,

but without Rick we
have no other choice

but to withdraw from
the competition.

-That's impossible.

-Mr. President, she's
just a young girl.

She's not a pilot.

I cannot condone this.

-You should know
that withdrawing

from the competition
at this stage

could bring about the total
destruction of the Earth

Coalition, the end for more
than 16 billion people.

-You never explained that the
situation was so desperate.

-That's classified information.

I told you what
you needed to know

when you needed to know it.

Today I can tell you this.

The outcome of the
great race of Oban

will radically transform
the balance of power

within our galaxy.


-Therefore you must lead
the team as far as possible.

Is that clear?

-[SIGH] Molly.


Up early, I see.

Where is your teammate hiding?

-You mean Molly?

I have no idea.

She just ran off.

-She must be found immediately.


-We have a race to
prepare for, do we not?


Are you serious?

Thank you very much.

Here, I'll find her right away.

-Another grenadine milk, pronto!

-Maybe you should stop.

You know what they say.

Don't drink milk and drive.

-Listen, pal.

I already got a father.



Look who's here.

Our little Eva.

How are you, honey?

Welcome to the Stern
Boarding School, my dear.



-You must promise me
to be a good girl, Eva.

Daddy's too busy to
take care of you now.

Surely you can understand.


-Come along now.

-Please don't leave
me, too, Daddy.

-Hey, Groor.

At least no one can say you
lack courage. [LAUGHS] I mean,

after being humiliated
by those kids. [LAUGHS]

Any other racer would have
hidden in a very deep hole.


-If ever I dig a very deep hole,
it will be for your carcass.



-You know why I'm here.

-Uh, you've come
to congratulate me?

-Guess again.

-Well, you could
have won, you know.

You didn't have to give
me that 30 second lead.

-Groor has never lost a race.

He is a fighter, a
champion among champions.

You have robbed
Groor of his victory.

-That's real funny.

That's what my father said.

You two should meet.


-Defend yourself or
kiss your life goodbye.

-Defend yourself, you big jerk.


-Excuse me.

Excuse me, please.



So, Mr. Groor is a
sore loser, is that it?



Not good.

Are you all right?


Is that really you?

-Come on, Jordan.

Get up.

We've got to go now.

-Is that the best you can do?





-Prince Aikka!

-Ah, well.

I guess my job's done.

-Out of my way, Nurasian.

This is not your fight.

-But it is now,
as you have chosen

a lesser creature to fight with.

-You are half Groor's size.

And soon I will
reduce you to nothing.

-Half the size, but
twice the speed.


Will you concede defeat?



-Thank you, very much.

-The pleasure was all mine.

-OK, show's over, Molly.

Let's go back.

I don't want to hang out forever
with the lapdog of the Crogs.


-The Nurasians are
no one's lapdog.


-Cut it out.


-Prince Aikka, wait!

Jordan, have you gone
off the deep end?

-All right, maybe I was a
little rough on his highness.

He'll get over it.

-Prince Aikka just
saved your skinny neck.

-Well, no one asked him to.


-At least Don Wei will be happy.

-What are you talking about?

-He wants you to be the
pilot of the Arrow II.


That's not funny, Jordan.

-It's the truth.

He told me to find you.

-That's impossible.

I'm so angry with him.

Come on!

We're gonna miss the race!


You are late.

Very late, Molly.

You were so eager
to race before.

Have you changed your mind?

-No, sir.

What made you change yours?

-That, young lady, is
none of your concern.

-Sir, please excuse Molly.

It's been a rough morning.

She's not quite herself today.

-Jordan, there are times to
talk and times to be silent.

Guess which one this is.

-Both of you get in the
Arrow II immediately!

-Tell me, Molly, do you get
along well with your dad?


What about my dad?

-I just hope your
relationship with him

is better than you and Don Wei.

-My father is a great man.

He adores me.


I get it.

The little princess
looking for her--

-Buckle up!


-This is insane.


-We continue the second
round of preselections

with the Earth team.


-And now, the one you've
all been waiting for.


-The champion of Alwas,
our beloved planet.

-The great, the powerful.

-The mighty Flint.


-Accompanied by his
faithful companion, Marcel.




-This is gonna be easy.


-This race will
include a special rule.

-It's the trap circuit rule.

-Here's a love
letter from Marcel.

-No way!

Get a load of this!


-Hey, where did the
little guy go to, huh?

To bed?

-Marcel, we need more heat!


Feast my little darlings.

Eat as much as you like.

-You know, Jordan, I'm starting
to get the hang of this.

-That remains to be seen.

-Any idea what this
trap circuit rule is?


-Give it a good tug.


-Dead ahead, Molly.



-We'll get her next time around.

-Hey, why did it stop?

-How about this one?

-Yeah, yeah, yeah.

That's a good one.



-Oh, drat.



Listen to me.

The race is fixed.


No kidding.

-Your only chance is to run
your adversary off the track.



-My babies!

How could you?

-This is not going to work.


-Jordan, hold your fire.

-Are you nuts?

Damage control, hull below 60%.


What are you doing?

-You'd better quit while
you still can, little one.

You don't stand a single chance
against the mighty Flint.

-You're mighty, all right.

A mighty cheat.

All the traps are
against us and not you.

You should be ashamed.

-It's not my fault if I'm lucky.

Besides, with my
amazing natural talent

I could fly through these
traps with my eyes closed.

-OK, champ.

This one's all yours.

I'll close my eyes.

-Just watch me and learn.

-Flint has lost his mind.

We must stop it.

-Man, this guy's crazy.

-Ah ha!

What did I tell you?

Never underestimate
the mighty Flint.

-Not bad.

I guess you're just plain lucky.

-Plain lucky, you say?

Watch this!


Stop it quickly!


-That's the wrong technique.

-I know what I'm doing.

It's my job.

-Who says it's your--

-I laugh at this track.



-Give me that.

We must increase the pace.



-No one can beat
the mighty Flint.

I'm invincible.







It can't be!




What now?


-The restoration of the great
Alwas empire will be delayed.

-It was a worthy attempt.

-And we can still
get a good deal

selling the ship for scrap.


-I apologize for not
being at my best, sir.

-And sorry about the
scratches on the Arrow II.

-Never mind.

It was a great race.


-Why don't you two
take the evening off?

You deserve it.

-Who the heck was that guy?

Don Wei's friendly clone?

-That was Don Wei, alright.

Back to his old self again.




Good to have you back, Rick.