Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #2.1 - full transcript

Victor brings the Sniffer to hospital: he was seriously wounded, bleeding, his heart stops. The doctors are fighting for his life. For three days earlier in a vacant lot behind the garages are two decapitated bodies. This are the investigator and a thief, who collaborated with the justice system. The Sniffer and Viktor Lebedev begin an investigation.

-He's got no pulse.

He isn't breathing.

You can't go in here.

A gunshot injury
in the left part of the chest.

Significant blood loss.

Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by
Alexandra Drobot, Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Already getting your things?

Yes, well...

It was a pleasure working with you.
Good luck at the new place.

Take those.

A gift from the guys,
and I don't eat them.

Me neither, you know.

Still... I'll take them.

You've come to visit the general?


Your name?

Colonel Lebedev is my name.

I can't find you here
for some reason.

What is it about?

It's a personal visit.

Lebedev, I didn't ask for you.

Here's a present for you
from Nikolay Ivanovich.

Who's that?

Our medical examiner.

Ah. Thanks.

So this is why you came?

No. I wanted to find out

when the replacement arrives
for Nikolay Ivanovich.

You'll get a replacement.

Highest category
medical examiner I.A.

Nordin will soon get on
with his duties.

Any more questions?

Now go, Vitya. Back to work.

What else?

General, you've got a new secretary.


-What about Svetlana?

Svetlana left.
Maternity leave.

Was it your work?

Just kidding. She got married.

May I go?

You may.

Go away, you bitch.

Let go, bitch.

You call me a bitch
one more time...

I'll break your arm.







Where is the colonel?

I'll give it to him.

They were shot, and then their heads
were cut off with a metal object.

Who's the killer?

A man, 30 to 35 years of age,
a non-smoker, athletic build.

He put their heads in a plastic bag
and took it with him.

So he took it with him?

The killer cut the heads off
with this sheet.

That's a briefcase
belonging to one of the victims.

Latex paint, sand,

and a smell of some documents
or papers.

Something like this.

So we have two bodies.

First they were shot at...
that's for the forensics.

And then they were beheaded.

-Was there any money in the briefcase?

It doesn't look like robbery.

Maybe valuable documents...

And they cut off the heads
so that the victims were not identified.

we've found this on the victim.

Kostitsky Leonid Petrovich,
senior investigator.

Yes, it's not too logical
to behead the corpse

so that it is not identified
and leave his ID in his pocket.

Have you found any documents
on the second one?


-Maybe a ritual killing?
-Doesn't look like it.


There's the 47th police station
behind the garages,

go find out if they saw
or heard something.


Hello. Colonel Lebedev, I presume.


Medical examiner Irina Nordin.

Pleased to meet you.

Sorry I'm late. Traffic jams.

Maybe we should start work?

Yes, of course.

Anatoliy Borisovich!


Tell medical examiner Irina Nordin
what we're working on here.

Yes, sir. Here you go.

As I understand,
the work is done for today, right?


The second body is identified.

Shilov Petr Valeriyevich,

born in 1980, twice convicted
for theft and robbery.

Left prison eight months ago.

So what were a senior investigator
and a petty thief doing together

on a waste lot behind the garages?

Here. That's his workplace.

-Is it Kostitsky's safe?

We'll have to open it.


Borisov! Borisov!

Yes, sir.

Take a spare key
and unlock the safe.

Got it.

-Has Svetlana been informed?
-Not yet.

Find that filth.

When did Kostitsky leave work

I returned from the meeting
at about 4 PM,

and he wasn't there.

And there is CCTV,
everything is in there.

Nothing here.

I see it.

-Do we watch 1416?

Twenty-first century, damn it.

At least, it's reliable.

Stop. Rewind.


Nothing to be surprised about.

Investigator Kostitsky was performing
investigative actions with Shilov

to pretrial immunity agreement.

It's the American way,
this immunity agreement.

-May I go?

Very interesting.
What's this agreement about?

According to the case.

And what was
the basis of the agreement?

I don't know the details.

Eight pages are missing here.

That can't be.


I'll deal with it.

If you need something, just ask.

Sorry, I've got things to do.

He lied.

Yesterday he opened the safe
and thumbed through the case.

Please sign here and here.

You'll be released on parole
in several weeks.

What about my cassation appeal?

Unfortunately, it was rejected.

Therefore, the court decision
on dissolution of your marriage

with Ms. Voskresenskaya Tatyana
Aleksandrovna remains valid.

And how can they dissolve my marriage
without me?

I did not agree to that!

According to para. two
of Article 19 in the Family Code,

the dissolution of marriage
is performed upon request

of one of the spouses regardless
of the consent of the second spouse,

if he or she is sentenced to
imprisonment for more than three years.


Maybe it's for the better for you.

What do you mean?

I found her.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart!

Half a year ago, Chernyshova Marina
Viktorovna born in 1976 was killed

next to her apartment. The
case was given to Kostitsky.

The killer was detained.

It was some V.A. Komarov,
twice convicted for theft and robbery.

What's the motive for murder?

Komarov was robbing
Chernyshova's apartment,

and she suddenly came back home.

The victim's neighbor identified
Komarov, and he was detained.

But at the face-to-face,
she suddenly refused from her testimony,

and the case fell apart.

They let Komarov go

due to the lack of evidence,
and Kostitsky was reprimanded.

And what about Shilov?

Two weeks ago,
Shilov was detained for theft.

And Shilov claimed
he had some very important information

about Chernyshova's murder case.

That night,

he and Komarov were robbing
Chernyshova's apartment together.

In exchange for milder sentence,

he agreed
to testify against Komarov.

Why were Kostitsky and Shilov
at that waste lot?

Why were their heads cut off?

What are the results
of witnesses' questioning?


even people at the police station nearby
did not hear or see anything.

There's a railroad close by,

probably the train was passing through
and drowned the shots and screams.

Komarov is the main suspect,
post him as wanted.

And question again all witnesses
to Komarova's murder case,

especially that neighbor
with bad memory.

Yes. Has she come?

-I'll be right there.

-Have you seen the papers?

This is a well-publicized case.

We need the result,
and as soon as possible.

You're so pale.
Maybe you'll have a piece?

I don't want to.

I almost forgot!

Here are your magazines.

Thank you.

What about that man of yours,
has he come yet?

I don't want to talk about it.

I can't talk about it.

Let's go, I'll walk you back.

Svetlana, has anyone
threatened your husband?

No. At least,
I don't know anything about it.

-Maybe some conflicts at work?
-Only with his boss.

And what was the conflict about?

Lyonya was climbing
the career ladder fast,

and the boss didn't like that.

He poked his nose everywhere,
reviewed his cases,

reprimanded him all the time.

He was afraid that Lyonya would crack
some high-profile crime

and take his place.

Are you renovating?

How do you know?

I smell latex paint.

Yes, we are.

We were.

Just got the apartment.

Excuse me.

I am so sorry.

Go to your mommy!

My kitties!

Mom will feed you.

Mom loves you.


Who's there?

Please open, it's the police.


Good evening.

Tamara Stepanovna,

tell me if anyone came to you
about that case.

No. What happened?

Then maybe you said something
to someone.


Am I an idiot or what?

That's an interesting lamp.

-Probably an expensive one.
-Yes. So what?

And the cat food is not cheap

You shouldn't have spilled it.

What are you doing?

It's so slippery.

Someone might slip.

Tamara Stepanovna,

I am very sorry,
but I can't take risks.

Is everything ready for the arrival
of head expert from the bureau?

-Do you have cats here?

Not anymore.

-Oh, fuck!

No cats?
Everything smells like them here!

-It's the bathroom...
-Are you kidding me?

Are you...


Well, let's start.


Here's why the old lady
changed her testimony.

Has the cause of death been established?

At first glance, the cause of death
is cerebrocranial injury

due to the back of the head's
impact against the floor.

What about the second one?

The victim had a rare disease

causing hemorrhagic vasculitis,
i.e. vessels breakage.

So what?

There are almost visible hemorrhages
on the nose's mucous membrane

and the lower lip.

Somebody pressed hard on her nose
and mouth, and she choked.

She also didn't fall down
all by herself.

On the outer part of the ankle,
the victim has a small bruise,

most probably from a foot's impact.

Therefore, the murderer wanted
to frame it as an accident.

But for hemorrhagic vasculitis,
I would have thought the same.

Can you say anything
about the murderer?


Then somebody killed a witness
who had changed her testimony

just at the moment
when I was going to question her.

There is positive dynamics.
I think you can see her today.

Won't she get those...?

I don't think so. It's her birthday,
favorable psychological setting...

Let's try.

Or you'll forever stay a trigger
for her fears.

When treating
post-traumatic syndrome,

you have to fight fire with fire,
so to speak.

Has she had a visitor?

A friend. What about it?

Why pour a whole flask of cheap perfume
on herself?


Purging regime turned on.

Good morning.


Already working? Good for you.

I am compensating
for yesterday's late arrival.

There is nothing better
than to start a day

from a cup
of fragrant Italian coffee.

Thank you.

it's not the most pleasant place for it.

Do you know more pleasant places?

Casa del Cafe, for example.

Or at my place at least.

At your place?
That's a bold proposal.

Then I'll pick you up at eight?

Get your hand off me.

Get your hand off, or I'll break it.

When will the findings be ready?

-In an hour.
-I'll be waiting.

You forgot your coffee.

-Good morning.
-Good morning.

What is it about, colonel?

Just because.

It's so good when the management cares
about the subordinates.

Thank you.


Chernyshova's brother arrived.

I'll be right up.

Did your sister have conflicts
with her neighbor?

The whole house had.

Because of those stinky cats.

Why do you ask me
about that old cat-crazy woman?

When did you last see Kostitsky?

At the face-to-face,
when they let that bastard Komarov go.

Have you seen this man?


You're free to go. Goodbye.


First department, hello.



What was this cup doing
in the autopsy room?

Oh, I know.

It met our new medical examiner,
Irina Nordin.

She is 29 to 30 years old, a non-smoker,
not married, no children or boyfriend...

So the odds are growing
in your favor, cup.

there is some important information.

When I saw those two men
in the newspapers,

the ones who had their heads cut off,
I called immediately.

They were walking around here together,
searching for something,

looking inside the cars.

Were they walking for a long time?

About three hours or so.

-The one in the sportswear,
what's his name...


He couldn't remember the spot.

Which spot?

I don't know.

Has the investigator asked you
about something?

Of course.

-What about?
-About cars.

How long they are kept,
when they are sent for melting.

And when do you send them
for melting?

It depends. The press sometimes works
and sometimes doesn't.

Some cars don't even stay here
for a month,

some stay for several years.
I said the same to the investigator.

What else did the investigator
ask you about?

About April 5.

Who was on duty then
and what they saw.

I checked in the log, it was my shift.

Nothing happened, just regular shift.

Okay. April 5.

The day when they let Komarov go.

He picked up the trail, eh?

Excuse me,
are your reporters late?

Which reporters?

The ones that always go with you.

Let's go, faster.

-Faster, faster!

Where did they come from?

Over there.

-You can't go in there.
-I can. I am a journalist.

-I can start, everyone's ready, right?

Right now, you are going to find out
all the details of the accident

from the direct witness
of the events who found the body.

Do I speak to the camera?

No, look at me and talk to me.

The old bastard.

Everyone wants to get
their five minutes of fame.

Nothing like that
has happened here before.


The body has been identified.

This is Komarov Vasiliy Andreyevich.
Our main suspect.

Well, a former suspect now.

I found the missing pages
from the case in an album.

I read this Shilov's testimony.

I'll make you a cup of tea.

What's there?

"I, Shilov Pyotr Valeryevich,
born in 1980,

am ready to state the following:

On April 5, this year, I was to pick up
my liberated friend Komarov

from the detention facility.

However, Komarov did not leave
the building alone,

but instead, with the police captain
who I do not know.

Having suspected something strange,
I decided to follow this car.

The captain dragged Komarov

out of the car
and led him into the waste lot.

I hid behind the body of an old car.

I did not risk leaving my cover
until the dawn came.

I can state the following:

I saw the abovementioned police captain
in the 47th police station".

Where he stayed himself
due to a petty case.


Nothing. Classic novels
would do you good, you know.

The 47th police station is the one
near the garages

where they killed Kostitsky
and Shilov.

Why did Kostitsky bring Shilov
to the garages?

So that he could identify the captain
from the 47th police station.

-But the captain found them earlier.
-Still, why cut their heads off?

Lyonya did not bring anything home
except salary.

We didn't even save up
for furniture.

And this case... It wasn't
to obtain a higher post,

He just wanted to find
the murderer of that woman.

I wish he were like everybody else.

We'll find your husband's murderer,
I promise you.

Why did you bring another type of sand?

-What kind of sand?
-You had a different type of sand.

I remember its smell
from your husband's briefcase perfectly.

I didn't bring anything new,
everything is here as it was.

The sand in the briefcase
spilled from the murderer's hands.

Most probably, it was sand
from the construction site.

So, the murderer
came to the construction site,

then came back to the briefcase...

But why did he go
to the construction site?

-And messed about the sand.
-He was hiding something.

The heads.


the Minister of Interior is going
to visit the 47th police station

upon request of the general.

All the staff shall gather

at the assembly hall
and wear full-dress uniform.

And there, you're going to figure out
the murderer.

Looks like I found it.

Captain Shevtsov here!

What are you doing
on a guarded territory?

Present your IDs!

That's him.

Clear the way!

-He's got no pulse.

He isn't breathing.

You can't go in here.

A gunshot injury
in the left part of the chest.

Significant blood loss.

Heart stop.
Prepare the defibrillator!


One more charge.

Add some more. Charge!

One more charge. Add some more.

It's 6 000 volts already.

Add some more!


The heart has started.
Now, the surgery.


Stitch him up.

Captain Shevtsov,
the 47th police station.

Start federal search for him.

I want to know everything about him.
Everything : parents, school, institute,

army, friends, mistress,
drinking partners,

absolutely everything.


Where is he? I have to see him.

He's in the operation room.

The surgery is in process.

Who are you? Huh?

Why are you ordering me about?

Are you an alpha male or what?

Why are you here and he's there?

Why didn't you protect him?
Tell me: why didn't you...

-How is he?
-Who are you?

I am his wife.

The surgery was successful,
his condition is stable.

The first bullet shot
through his lung.

The second one grazed the pericardium

and got stuck in the rib.

And the heart?

The heart is intact.

Your husband was very lucky.

Thank you, doctor.

Don't tell him that I came.

Here, take it.

Here, colonel.

This is a bullet
extracted from your friend's chest.

And these are the bullets we
extracted from the victims' heads.

The expert assessment showed
that those were also shot

from Makarov service pistol
belonging to captain Shevtsov.

Now, I understand
why he cut those heads off.

So that the bullets were not found.

There is a reply to your request,

Thank you, Anatoliy Borisovich.

Shevtsov Sergey Ilyitch

Death Certificate

So what does this mean?

The real sergeant Shevtsov died
on May 16, 2001

during the taking of Gudermes.

And who are we looking for now?

A ghost.

Who managed to serve up
to police captain under a false name.

Your ticket.

And some money for you to spend.

What about the passport?


So I am out of the game?

You blew cover.

So, we probably won't see
each other again.

To my Marina.

Thank you for avenging for her.

Komarov's case is not the only one.

There are four cases,
exactly the same.

Murder apprehension,

lack of evidence
or unproven corpus delicti.

and they let the defendant go.

Shevtsov takes the defendant.

The latter disappears.

I did everything right.

What about two bodies
in the waste lot?

Right next to the police station?

And what should I have told them?

Good job guys, you recognized me,

it was me who killed Komarov.

Please come to my car,
I'll take you to a quieter place

and kill you there
not from a service weapon. Right?

Would be great with ice, huh?

Missing your job?

Buzz off!

Sorry, I can't take such risks.

Get a stretcher, fast!

We've got a gunshot injury,
possibly a broken spine.

Man, 35 years of age, unconscious.

-Captain Shevtsov.
-Wait a minute!

Tell the police
it's captain Shevtsov.

I need enhanced guard.

I have important information.

It's captain Shevtsov.

No witnesses and no evidence.


What ?

Got it.

The ambulance is taking Shevtsov
to the 12th clinic.


Don't shoot, take him alive!

Drop your gun!

I am keeping him at gunpoint.


He got rid of everything himself.

Both are dead.

Done. Send me a new target.