Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Episode #2.2 - full transcript

Young man! Come with me.


Produced by Pronto Film

Idea by Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

Nina Gogayeva, Marina Anikanova

Agne Grudite, Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Alla Samoylenko

Artwork by
Alexandra Drobot, Petr Vyzhikovski

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Director of Photography
Graham R. Frake

Line Producer
Sergey Lysyaniy, Tatyana Ditkovskaya

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


The killed man is not
the deceased Chernyshova's brother.

Her real brother died two years ago.

But he lived at Chernyshova's place.

Might be her boyfriend.
And one more thing.

The tattoos.

Both Shevtsov and Chernyshova's
boyfriend have identical ones.

Only the blood group is different.

Any return on fingerprints request?


Two ghosts with the same tattoos
looking like those made in the army.

We have to make a request
to the military.

Got it.

Please hold still.

You must always have this with you.

You might have an arrhythmia attack
up to the heart failure.

For this not to happen,

you'll have to immediately inject
this medicine intravenously.


We need you. Urgently.

I've just left the hospital.

I see the target. Ready to strike.

No, I'm going home.

I sent a car for you.

The target is covered.
Strike impossible.


Unfortunately, we have to take your car.

And why is it so?

You haven't been repaying
your loan for four months.

You don't work anywhere officially.
I have to pass the matter to the court.

Well then, I don't know... arrange
a repayment holiday for me.

Unfortunately, it is impossible.

What if I really ask you for it?

Maybe we'll come up with something?

I can hold your case,
but only for three days.

Not more.

I called Tamara Ivanovna immediately,
and she called the police.

-Does anyone else know what happened?

Tamara Ivanovna ordered
not to tell anyone.

So that there is no panic.

Where are the CCTV records?

In the server room.


But you need a password
to enter the system.

Do you know it?

No. Only the head guard
knew the password.

-And he...

Can you enter the system
without a password?

Well... I'll try.

Show the server room to our employee.

Of course. Follow me.

write down the director's testimony.

Please come in.

I'm done.

He's very quick today.

What do you say?

The murderer had a moustache.

False moustache.

There is a smell of make-up glue.

That's all for now.

False moustache,
no one heard the shots...

This means
that the pistol had a silencer.

Doesn't look like a psycho
who started shooting out of the blue.

But there are servers

that are impossible to hack.

You can hack everything.

Will you mind looking?

I turned off the autofocus
and I don't remember where it was.

I am a computer guy.

Well, Gena?

Wait a bit.
I'm selecting the right patch.

Hack, you hacker.


Will you mind leaving us?

Not at all.



What's he taking from the table?

A jar of red caviar.

He took it from the shelf
in the front store.

Okay, Gena. Rewind.



I can't see the face.

Look for him
in the front store.

Here he is.


Now slowly.

He knew about the cameras.

The murderer either worked here...

Or came beforehand to study
the location of the cameras.

We can't take the servers
without a court order.

-Can you copy that?
-I need an hour and a half.

-Do you have anything to copy to?
-You bet.

The murderer had a strange
smell on him. Strawberry.

-What do you mean?
-I can't explain.

But it's not the strawberry
sold in the supermarket.

Maksim, make me a list of all
who resigned from the supermarket

during the last six months.

Have you ever eaten fat-free cheese?

-What kind of cheese?


-What kind of cheese is that?
-You'll try it.


My wife made me go on a diet

and fried a whole bowl
of cheesecakes.

A whole bowl of disgusting cheesecakes

made of fat-free cheese.

And nothing more.


Stop, what are you doing?

He's a vegetable.
He doesn't care.



Stand up!

You see,
he doesn't remember anything.

Just plain vegetable.

Walk out!

No coffee today?

-Are the findings ready?

As you can see,
I'm just done with the autopsy.

Haven't had the time.

You have to hurry up.
I'm waiting for the report.

What do I have to do?

Just enter the cell. He might react.

-Are you sure?
-Not really.

The patient was transferred
to our place a week ago.

I didn't have the time to study him.

You can refuse,
but then it'll be much harder for me.

I'll do it.

Do you know this person?

Do you recognize this person?

Are you pretending?

I know.

He's got a chiv!

I'll kill you!

I'll kill you!

Excuse me for this incident.

I wouldn't have imagined...

But now, with your help,
we'll be able to prove he's capable

and to appeal against the decision.

You should enhance security measures,

or the next time,

this will be pulled out from your eye!

What's the matter with you?

Zoom in.

Go on.


He takes him to the store room.

And now, pay attention to the time.

It's 3:36 PM. And now...

4:52 PM. More than an hour is gone.


What about the rest?


The second case.

It's all the same.

They find the merchandise,

take her to the store room...

And hop...
An hour of the recording is gone.

Are those the same guards
in the third case?

Let's look.

Yes. They are the same.

And the same scheme.

Store room.

And again no recording.

Okay, rewind now.


Before that, we had three guards,
and all three are dead.

And here, we have four.

Zoom in to the fourth one.

That's the one to tell us
what was happening in the missing hours!

How do you feel?

What happened to me?

An arrhythmia attack.

It's a good thing
you had this medicine with you.

If only I knew it would end this way...

You're not to blame here.

Do I have to stay here long?

An hour at least.

The rhythm is stable now,
but you shouldn't take risks.

Have a rest.

And what?

Two weeks ago,
he came to the supermarket's HR

and asked to dismiss him
without dismissal pay,

upon agreement of the parties.

On the same day,
he took documents and disappeared.

-Have you announced the search?
-Yes, but nothing found yet.

-Did you find those?
-No, but we will. Gena?

We can see on the video that all of them
were using discount cards.

They have names on them
and we know the time of purchase.

But all information is stored
on the supermarket's server.

Tomorrow, we'll get a permit
to process the database and...

We'll establish their addresses.

Gena. We need this today.

Got it, General.

What about expert assessment data?

Leaving out the details...

Leaving out the details,
I'll cut to the gist.

There were three shots,
each injury was mortal.

The guard who had resigned

is the main suspect.
Get back to work.


Stay here for a minute.


What are you having
with medical examiner Nordin?

Nothing, General.


Strange. Go. Get back to work.

As a rule, maniacs are cruel, cynical

and, most importantly, smart.


With extraordinary analytical abilities.

For example, you could have made
an outstanding maniac.

As far as I know,

many psychiatrists
communicating with crazies

become just like them with time.

I hope it's not happening to you?


Yes. Hello.

Eight o'clock would be better.

Okay, at seven.

No, I won't be late.

Confirm the cancellation.

Nothing changes.

Sorry, traffic jams.

Will you order anything?

No, thanks, I am not hungry.

How do you feel?

Already better.

How's Alex?

Tomorrow is his first class
with the private teacher.



You used to make bank transfers.

And now,
you brought the money in person.

What kind of private teacher?

Are you really interested?


A native speaker. An American.

Anything new at work?

Everything's good.

Both at work and in private life.

-How about you?
-What do you mean?

At work.

-Everything's good as well.

Sorry, I have to run.

And each time, after a meeting with him,

I feel as if
I've been turned inside out.

This meeting was no exception.

Have you tried
changing your attitude towards him?

-And did you manage?


Do you still have feelings for him?

I'm done.

Let us thank Yulia
for the work she's done.

Let us greet Svetlana.

I remember well
that I did not take that paste.

I don't know how it appeared in my bag.

I use a different one.

At the exit from the store,
the metal detectors signaled a problem.

And the guards came up
and asked for a check.

And he takes a memory stick
from my backpack.

Now you go and prove
that you didn't take it.

They took me to the store room,
started drawing up a protocol,

they wanted to call the police.
I started crying.

I never stole anything in my life.
Such a shame.

What could I do?
They would have called the police.

Who'd want to deal with the police?
I'd confess something else then.

And I gave them all the money I had.

Money, everything I had.

And I told my husband I lost the money.

-Do you want some water?
-No, thanks, I...

Can I go?

Yes, of course.

Thank you, goodbye.

Colonel, we found him.

Where were you yesterday,
between 9 and 11 AM?

At home. I was sleeping.

And then,
I woke up and watched TV.

Who can confirm that?

Probably no one. I live alone.

You think I killed the guys?

What were your relationships
with the victims?

Normal working relationships.

Any conflicts at work?


Then, why did you resign so abruptly?

What happened there?


Why did you resign?

Just... I just found better work.

Better work?
With a 1.5 times smaller salary?

Why did you kill your friends?
Money issues?

I didn't kill anyone.

I did take money.

Then, I got frightened and left.

They attacked someone every day
and chose the most helpless ones.

Women and drunk teenagers.

Someone would have told on them

I didn't kill anyone.

I just took money
and nothing else.

What "else"?


I just said it.

Why were you running away from us?

I got frightened.

Here, please.


It's not him.

You're sure you're not mistaken?

This guy had

cheap soy ravioli for breakfast,
which is a crime in itself.

But he was not in the room
where the guards were killed.

It was another man.

And I am never mistaken.

Well, are we writing a confession now?

I didn't kill anyone.

I didn't kill anyone. Anyone!


Now, you take a pen and a piece
of paper and write in detail

when, how many times and from whom
the money was extorted.

Tomorrow at 9 AM,

you come to me
with a confession and full repentance.

Is it clear?

Who's there?

Now, you tell me everything.

The quicker you do it,
the less you'll suffer.

This is urgent.
The cops came to me today.

Not a phone conversation, Kesha.
Please, come.

I am on shift.

Now, tell me.

She refused to pay
and promised to tell the police.

Kesha entered
and said that she'd pay anyway.

He grabbed her and...


Go on.

Then they... took turns...


And you?

I didn't want to.

Honestly. I was refusing.
I didn't want to, honestly...


What happened?

The killer is the same.

And what's interesting,
there was one more person here.

A video engineer from the supermarket.

Good morning.


Are you tired?

I am hungry.

Sit down.

Wait a sec. I'll wash my hands.


Find me an address
for a gray Audi 100.

License plate K108ME.

He didn't arrive at work,
his cell phone is switched off.

This didn't happen before.

Kesha is a very disciplined
and punctual employee.

-I need his home address.
-Yes, of course.

Young man,
I can't see the date here.

Is this sausage fresh?

Three days as it's not.

Better take this one. It's fresh.
There's even some meat in it.

The video engineer did not come to work.
His cell doesn't answer.

So what?

I am going to his place.
That's the only lead.

Are you planning a yoghurt party?

Am I invited?


I've seen the news.

And what's there?

They showed how these...

were killed.

Serves them right.

Forget about it.

I did and you should.

Do you hear me?

What have you got?

The video engineer is not at home.

What about you?

I know where the killer works.

He's not here.


I need the list
of everyone who works here.

Of course.

Address of the car owner:
143 Fadeyeva Street

Are you ready? I haven't made
the sandwiches yet.

It's okay.

When will you switch to day shifts?
I am afraid of staying alone at night.


Soon, it will all end.

What will end?

Sidorchuk comes back from vacation,
and everything will end.


What about the sandwiches, Misha?

Weren't expecting me, bitch?


With tick marks
next to those who are absent today.

Thank you.



I told my husband I lost the money.

Avdeyeva is one of the women
who had merchandise planted in her bag.

And the address is the same.


The subscriber is busy at the moment.

She cannot take the call.

Say cheese.


Today, you'll enjoy it.

I promise.

I was the first.

I told you:

you mustn't tell anyone anything.

Don't move!

Quiet, quiet...

Don't tell me you not enjoying it.

Should I do something differently? Okay.

Let's do it differently.

Sveta # 2

Katya # 1

Do you confirm that this belongs to you?


I confirm it.

Take him away.

Bastard! Filth!

I hate you!

Katya, cashier



You found a job?

You may phrase it that way.

Now, I won't be able to help you out.


Take it to the cashier.

Why not?



Avdeyeva is not the only victim
of that psycho.

He slipped a mickey
to the girls' drinks,

then raped them and taped it.

Later, he blackmailed some of them
with these videos

and forced them
to have sex with him again.

Cashier Katya, for example.


Ghost people. False names,
forged biographies.

We still cannot establish
who they really are.

We only have one clue.

The tattoos,
which look like military ones.


Is it the unit number?

Military experts claim that such tattoos

were not made in any military unit
or department.

We don't know anything
about these people.

And we'll probably never know.

The target is self-liquidated.