Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - Episode #1.8 - full transcript

The Sniffer receives a package. In it he finds a pen and a note: «Save her». What's peculiar about this package is that the paper and the box have no smells. The pen, however, smells like horse stables and cheap cosmetics. In a couple of hours Victor and The Sniffer hear about the murder of a young hippodrome employee. They find yet another note at the murder scene. The Sniffer gets pulled into a twisted game, the rules of which remain unclear. Unfortunately, there's no time for theories. The Sniffer has to beat his opponent in time as the life of the woman he loves hangs in the balance.

Yes, hello.

I have a package for you.

I'm not expecting any packages.

Your address is clearly indicated.

Good day.

-What package?

It doesn't say from who it is.

My job is to deliver it.

You have a peculiar house.
I almost got lost looking for it.

-Thank you.

What the...?


Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Cinematography by Andrej Lisetsky

Editing by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirsky

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


"Save her".

Weird message.

No smell, no ink, no nothing.

I don't get it.

Everything has a smell.
Even this shitty piece of paper

is supposed to have a paper smell!

Who do you save?

Did you smell anything on the pen?

In fact, I did.

The smell belongs to a 25-30
year old woman, dyed blond.

I also smelled stables and cash.

A spoiled horse-riding brat?

Don't think so. I smelled glycerin.

Obviously, she uses
middle-line cosmetics.

Circus academy? Hippodrome? Zoo?

We're just guessing here.

Let's check the reports.

This is bullshit.

And what if it's a joke? A prank?

This is no prank.

A cashier's body was found at the
Hippodrome some 30 minutes ago...

Our cleaning lady comes in
every afternoon.

She sets the VIP lounge. She found Olya.

What was the cashier
doing in the VIP lounge?

She liked to watch people ride.
I didn't mind.

It was during lunch.

Did anyone else enter the VIP lounge?

Nope. I followed your instructions.

Tamara, the police are here.

Let's roll.

Nothing. No traces.

Nothing at all?

Have you met her before?


Strange. A random victim.

Has anyone threatened you lately?


There's only one thing we know,
someone wants to play with you.


That poor girl. She struggled so
vehemently, she really wanted to live.

A shame, a real shame.

Who are you? Why did you kill her?

She died because of you.
You could have saved her.

I'm disappointed in you.

Well, let's see if you can save him.

Who? Who is he?

Goddamn it.

What the hell is this?


It's impossible.


How does he pull it off?

Male. About 50 years old. Grey hair.

Car oil mixed with gasoline, the mix
is widely used for two-cycle engines.

Rotten wood. And...

Cyclotella planctonia.

What is that?

Algae. It's found in many
salt water lakes, ponds.

Don't motorboats run
on two-cycle engines?

Smells like BBQ. A BBQ place.

There's a BBQ place
next to the boathouse.

It says "he's somewhere near"?


There we go! A BBQ place.
5 kilometers from here.

Let's go!

We're late.

What the hell is going
on here? Who are you?

It's not him.

Colonel Lebedev, SBI. Tell me,
is anyone else working here?

No, just me.

And has there been a customer
with gray hair,

about your age?

Young people. Drinking beer.

Nobody comes here anymore.

Clear. Thank you.

Wrong address.

-Maybe you need Stepanich?
-Who's Stepanich?

From the dock.

He's got gray hair.



Have a look.


Why is he killing these people?

What does he want?

Maybe it's one of the people
you put away?

We could work that angle.

Why does he kill them when he wants me?

- Poor bastard.

All he had was that dog.

He was really glad to chat
to a stranger but his eyes really lit up

when I started strangling him.

Why didn't you stop me?

Why are you helping me kill them?

You're a psycho!

I'm tired.

You're turning out to be
one big disappointment.

You'll have your shot. Tomorrow.

Who are you? What do you want from me?

Goddamn it.

He's a psycho, a real psycho.
He needs to be stopped.

But we're always too late.

What was the time of death?

About two hours ago,
maybe two and a half.

So he was dead when
we left the hippodrome.

We couldn't have made it in time.

We only have one lead,
the delivery service.

Normally I pick up my morning
deliveries at 8, then I deliver.

I'm here to pick up my evening
packages, they are yet to be delivered.

Can't help you with
the sender's name and address.

Do you still have the receipt?

Of course. Do you want to have a look?

Very much so, yes.

There you go.

And where's the sender's address?

-On a stud.
-And where's the stud?

At the depot.

And what's this address?

That's the receiver's point address.

But it's here.

Then we received the package here.

There's no way I can remember.

The packages all look the same, I don't
know what's inside every one of them.

Most clients show up in the morning,
they all look the same to me.

Yes, but only one guy handed
you the package at 7:25.

Nope. They received it
at the depot at 7:25

and who knows when I registered it.

I wonder if everybody here
is as dumb as him.

Oh, here!

No address, but there's a phone.

Probably a fake.

It's ringing!


There have been 11 people
recently released from prison.

4 of them have alibis.
We are running the rest.

Have you checked the phone number?

He always uses a new one and
the number disappears after each call.

He calls from crowded areas.

The criminal is smart, shrewd
and extremely dangerous.

He has only made phone calls thus far
but who knows what he's thinking?

You will be under our protection
from this moment on. 24 hours.

We will take your son and...


Yulia to a safe place.

Any more loved ones
you'd like to mention?



So there is no smell on the notes.
But there is something on the pen.

So each of the victims
held the pen before death.

And then they handed it
over to the killer.

I'm worried about something else.

The notes don't have a smell. Nothing.

Is that possible?

It is not.
Everything has a smell.

Where are you going?

With you.

To my house? Out of the question.

Out orders are to have you
in our sights at all times.

I will leave you a photo.

Park the car.

Good morning. Where are you going?

I'm here.

Courier for you.

I'll be down in a minute.


This psycho sent me another package.

Woman, 30-35, nonsmoker.

Has the scent of propylene
glycol, monocloramide.


Propylene glycol

is used in cosmetology
and as antifreeze

for freezing cameras.

A beauty parlor
or cold storage facility?

Wait. Monochloramide is
a strong antiperspirant.

Used in foot deodorants manufacturing.

And now connect the dots.

So that's what they use for keeping
the storage guys' shoes

nice and clean?

It can also be an ice skating rink.

-Skate rentals.

Can you imagine how many feet
go through ice skates day in, day out?

They need to use a freshener!

But, what confuses me is this scent.

-Which smell?

A thorny plant used for
smoking pipes manufacturing.

Doesn't connect with the ice rink,

nor with the beauty parlor.

Wait a second.

Got it. There's an ice rink
at the EAST MALL.

There's a tobacco shop
right next to it

called "Sherlock".

Elementary, my dear Watson!

If no one's dead, we're here in time.

I have men everywhere. Exits are
covered. There's no way he can escape.

But there's no one at the rentals.

No one's here yet.
They open in 30 minutes.

43-year-old Oksana Grishenko
is on duty today.

Did you have breakfast?

They have nice pizzas here.

I know you're not a big pizza fan,
but trust me, the view is worth it.

Did you let her know what's going on?


The woman who works
at the ice skate rentals.

Of course not! She could've
gotten scared and stayed at home!

No worries, my men are everywhere.

Something's not right.

Sit down, don't draw
attention to yourself.

She's here. Everybody get ready.



Maybe I could inconspicuously
have a look at her?

You'll scare him off.
He knows what you look like.

Get ready.

Here you are.

-How old is the killer?
-I don't know.

I don't know anything.

-Here you go.
-Thank you.

Something is wrong.

How is he going
to kill her with witnesses?

If only I knew.


Is the pizza any good?

You disappoint me to no end.

You are primitive. Why would you
assume it's an ice skating rink?

Your nose failed you again.

Everyone stay alert.
The suspect is here.

Look for people talking on their phones.

Where are you?

Close to her.

Why are you killing them
if it's me you want?

You are killing them.

And right now she will die
because of you.

Wait. I know your secret.

I thought you're better than this.

You're pathetic with your bad bluff.

You don't want to stop me,
that's why she will die.



Out of the way.

-Who are you?
-The electrician.

-Someone knocked me down.

-How the hell should I know? Untie me.
-I will. Were you wearing a uniform?

-Which color? The uniform I mean?

Yellow. My hands are numb.

Where were you headed?

To "Elvira". There's something
wrong with their solarium.

What the hell is "Elvira"?

A beauty parlor.

Of course it wasn't ice skating!
A beauty parlor!

-Untie him. Which floor?

We're late.


Hey, man!

I'll find you, asshole.

Mark my words.

I'll find you and beat the living
shit out of you.

You hear me?

I'll get you!

Everything is fine.

Keep moving along.

Maybe we are dealing with some kind
of a substance that erases smells?

Do we have any clues?

Not really.

Just a sketch.

His appearance has obviously been
altered but perhaps you could try...

What about the other suspects?

We ran the other recently released
criminals but they all have alibis.

Not a single thread.

And people are dying.

I can't do this anymore.

I want off the case.

I don't want
to do this at all anymore.

Wait. This is what he wants,
to break you, make you feel guilty.

He won't stop, you know?

How do you know?

He's crazy. His logic is hard to crack.

But one thing I do know,
serial killers don't just stop.

Only with your help can
we hope to catch him.

I'm tired. I'm sorry.

Zinc ricinoleate?

Time to give him a call.

Do it.


Yes, hello. Is everything okay?

- What do you mean?

-Are you going to call me every hour?
- No,

if you give us visual contact.

I'm not letting you in the house. Ever.

And please, don't bother
me at least until morning.

He hung up on me again.


Got it. Be there soon.

Let the game begin.

Good morning.
Here's your visual contact.

40 minutes ago.
We didn't open it without you.

I see you're well rested.

-Where is the package?
-At the General's.

Good morning.


The usual.

No smells.

There are now.

Zink recinoleate!


Nothing yet.

Save her.

I'll get back to this.

8-9 year old girl.

Takes gymnastics courses

next to a sawmill or a woodwork.

There is also the smell of fir trees.

A sport school in the country?


Okay, I've got something.

A sport school in Shukino
close to a sawmill.

Hold on. We rushed to conclusion before.

The mall, the pipes weren't there.


The smell of the smoking pipes
was there to throw us off.

We need to wait a second.

What do you mean
the pipes weren't there?

That psycho puts smells that have
nothing to do with the victim

to confuse us.
Remember the BBQ?

How will you know which smell is fake?

Give me 15 seconds.

What did you spray it with?

Two Methilzinco propanol.

Alright then.

So the smell of the fir trees
was added later

so you need to look for a school

in the city close to a sawmill.


Pigment printer ink...
that's it for now.

What is that for?

The killer uses a certain chemical
on the paper based on Zink recinoleate.

It eliminates smells.

This is a vaporizer filled with stuff
that destroys that chemical.

The first smells are
already coming to light.

In some time we could be lucky
enough to have the author as well.

I found the school.

Surround the building, all eyes
on the exits. No one gets out.

Follow me.



Straighten out. Good.

Who are you?


We made it.

We made it.

Everything is clear, Colonel.
No strangers in the school.

-Pack up.
-Yes, sir.

You need to send all the children home
or have a teacher watch them.

What about our classes?

Consider this a holiday.

Why hasn't he called?

It's the courier.

What courier?

The killer is the courier
from Global Express.

That's where he gets the pens from :
people sign their packages.

Then he takes them.

It's the courier.

You're a genius.

Holy shit.

Watch the entrances.

Gena, suspect is making contact.

Alright. Keep him on the line.

Do you like my place? A little messy,

sure but you came unannounced.

You are hiding from me.

Badly by the way,
I know who you are.

I was going to invite you over.
I even have a surprise for you.

What surprise?

You came a little earlier.
Perhaps it's for the best.

What surprise?

Find it.

Keep him on the line, I'm searching.

What is it? What am I supposed to find?

The same thing as with everyone.

You're looking in all the wrong places.

Come on.

Come on. Come on.

It's looking right at you.

Found it?

Found it!




So, what are you waiting for? Open it.

Save her.


I see you like my surprise.

I'll kill you. Don't you touch her!

Simmer down now. Don't get so upset.

Your friend already knows where I am.

Come visit me.


Or else she dies.

Where is he?

Where we just were.

Back at the school.

Sector 1, secure.

Sector 2, shadow.

Sector 2, elaborate.

We had a shadow,

it's gone now.

Sector 3?

Target missing.

Sector 4?

Sector 4, I see the hostage.

Her legs. No target.

Is the witness alive?


I see the shadow of the
target next to the hostage.


It's a micro headphone.
With it we will be able to hear you.

It's sterile.


She's alive.

He has her in the gym.

Say something.

One, two, three.

Now me.

One, two,

everything will be fine,

three, four.

He is next to her.

Your goal is to lure him
a couple of meters forward.

Got it.

Just a couple of meters and he's ours.


And whatever happens,

stay in the line of fire
of the snipers.

Stay in the line of fire of the snipers.

God be with you.

Everything will be okay.

He's leaving my sector.

I see him in sector 2.

Stop, what are you doing?

He is in sector 3,


Stop goddamn it.


The valiant knight

saving the woman of his dreams.

How touching.

What about me?

We both craved
this meeting for so long.

You wanted me
-here I am.

Let her go.

Don't rush things,
she'll go soon enough.

Target in on the border of Sector 3,

close to the line of fire.

Listen to me, we see you.
Take two steps back.

You sure picked a weird
spot for this. Why a gym?

Why not an abandoned factory,
a dark forest at midnight?

Those are the perfect
places for psychos like you.

You're wrong,
I'm not a psycho.

You aren't? Then who are you?
You kill people.

I am not a psycho
and they are not people.

They aren't? Who then?

Damaged goods.


Rust. Fungus.

If you don't rip out weeds
or scrape rust off,

everything will perish.

Fungus? And you tell me
you're not a psycho.

Listen, there are less
and less normal people around.

Before everything was controlled
by natural selection.

And everything was in balance.

Then civilization came along

and now all kinds
of genetic garbage can survive.

Genetic mutation is destroying mankind.

Genetic waste is spreading like fungus.

And fungus needs to be cleaned off.

You can consider me
an evolutionary doctor.

Or a gardener.

But not a psycho.

Eyes on target, wrist and gun.

Kill not a go.


Everything is good, we see him.

Two more steps and we'll have him.

So the girl at the hippodrome,
the old man in the boat,

the woman in the solarium
were fungi?

What about the little girl?

Yes, yes! That little girl
has Charcot syndrome.

You stopping me only pushed her
death back some 10 to 15 years.

She will die a horrible death

but before that she will have time
to get pregnant and spawn more trash.

Like her and all the rest.

Eyes on hand and shoulder of target,
kill probability 40%.

Not enough, I need at least 80.

You think I like killing people?
No, god no!

But someone has to do a job
that needs to be done.

Target out of kill zone.

Damn, should have taken the shot.

We lost him.

Piss him off, lure him back.

For the past ten years you've
been spending your evenings alone.

You haven't had a woman in a while

and frankly I don't think
you ever had one in your life.

Evolutionary Doctor? You're a loser!
A tiny, issue-ridden loser.

What if you're the fungus?
Have you thought of that?


I have perfect genes.

Eyes on target.

30, 40, 50...

-Lost him.

Damn it.

You are the fungus!

Damaged goods!
A genetic freak!

Your nose is an abomination,
nature's mistake.

And I'll make it right.

Give me your hand, right now!

He has something in his hand.

Attention all units...

Begin the assault.

This is the detonator. If you let go,
everything blows up.

So don't you even think of following me.

You stray further
than 15 meters of her, boom.

You have a minute and a half.
Just enough time to say goodbye.

It's a dud.

I'll be right back.