Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - The Missing American - full transcript

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No. I am not giving up the case.

Over twenty million stolen! This
case is under my supervision.

We'll see.

When did those sons of bitches
have the time?

If we don't find our "mailman"
before nine,

the Chief will find out.
And you know what that will mean...

Are the photo's real?

Very... Find anything yet?

It's clean. Not a single print.


So are we giving up the case then?

The case...
If only it were just the case...

Best outcome,
they'll send me to some county office,

worst, fire me.

And then there's the wife.

I know a guy. His methods
are... unorthodox, but effective.

And it's going to cost you.
Even more than you think.

Call him.

Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko
Vitaly Skopeledis

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


Hello. ...Do you know what time it is?

What time?

You must have lost your mind!

Waking me up in the middle of the night
with offers of small change for my work?

Double it. 50 percent in advance
no matter the result.

I will need everyone that touched
anything. Send me the address.

-Hello. Are you the client?

I am.

My advance, please.

I will have to settle
the entire account

when it's done.

My advance is in the left pocket
of your jacket.

And thank you
for having it in large bills.

Come on already.

Shall we get down to business?


"Topaz" powder. Used for
gathering fingerprint samples.

Made in 89.

Not stored in accordance
with procedure.


Is he alright in the head?

Pavel Ivanych, have patience.

Who sleeps here... Apart from you?

My wife. What' s going...

No one else?


-Is that her closet?
-What the hell is your problem?

What are you trying to pull here?

Woman of 35, a dyed blond who
smokes apple flavored cigarettes,

wears this bra, sleeps in this bed
and also happens to be your wife,

put the envelope with those
photographs on your table last night.


It can't be... Why would she?

That I cannot tell you. Spousal
infidelities are not my specialty.

At any rate I sympathize...

Now, let's settle our account
before you start splitting belongings...

Fedya! All the documents are signed.

Isn't that your department? Resolve the
issue, there's no time for graciousness.

Who the hell cares?
Find a way to persuade him.

We start demolition next week.

One down.

Do you want tea?

No, thank you.

How is school?



Okay, why?

No. Nothing.

I was cleaning up yesterday

and I found something.



Alex. You're not going anywhere
until you pass a drug test.

You are out of your mind.
Where's the bag?

Alex, you are going through
withdrawal! You need help.

You can't handle this on your own.
I've found a very good clinic for you...

Where is the bag?

I flushed that poison down the toilet.

What have you done? It wasn't mine.

Not yours? I want that test, now!

You are the one that needs help.



I am listening, comrade General.

But Comrade General I'm on...

Understood. I'll be there.

Hi Dad!


I'm, like, sorry and everything.

How's school?


Want to bowl?

No. I have a problem.

What kind of problem?

I smashed my laptop.
If mom finds out, well you know.

I need six hundred clams.

-Six hundred what?

I'll buy you a laptop. But I need
to speak to your mother first.

What's mom got to do with it?
I'll just get the exact same laptop!

No, Alex. I'm not giving you the money.

I'll buy you a laptop but only
after speaking to your mother.

Mom this, mom that!
Can't you do something yourself?

It's not even money to you!
You rent the entire alley.

It's not about the money.

Thank you daddy! I always knew
I could count on you. Enjoy!



What have we got?

Boring stuff. Another murder.

Nothing compared
to the Prosecutor cheating on his wife.

I was working all night while others...

Quiet! One-one.
Shall we get down to business?

The deceased, a Butnik
Boris Eduardovich, born in 65,

Chairman of RUSUKRBANK.
Time of death: 10.09

Have you determined
where the shots came from?

The killer is a forty year old male.

Doesn't smoke though he
works at a tobacco factory

that manufactures cheap cigarettes.


Uzbek tobacco acidized with glycerin.

Imported tobacco is used
on the more expensive brands.

That one is acidized with the so-called
sauces-aromatized spirit solution.

Disgusting stuff, by the way.

Anything else?

There is the distinct smell
of paraffin. It's weird.

-I don't understand.


Is that everything?

Yes. I have to go now.

By the way, your new friend
was ovulating yesterday

so you might just become a father.


Hey, snitch!

-Are you deaf or something?
-Piss off.


I wonder, do you show up late
to your investigations as well?

Is this what you called me for?

Not it's not.

Our son is a junkie.

He needs help.

You are blowing things out
of proportion, as usual.

Oh yeah?

Well I found a bag full of drugs.

You are underestimating the situation,
as usual.

-What bag?
-Like this!

He needs to rehab.

I will speak to him first.
We need to understand...

What is there to understand?
What more do you want?

I found a clinic,
all you have to do is front the bill.

I'm going to speak to Alex first.
Something isn't right.

Your whole life isn't right.

Why is it that every time I ask you
for something I end up regretting it?

There is one thing that
I don't regret though.

That fifteen years ago
I made the right choice.

And now I'm also going
to take care of it myself.

You're such a...

M-14. Now it's clear why
there were signs of paraffin.

-Excuse me, what?

We managed to identify the
bullet taken out of Gutniks body.


It's a M14, an American Rifle pulled
back from active military use in 64'.

The remaining ones were sent to third
world countries. As Humanitarian Aid.

So what?

The rifle is very old. Now we know
where the smell of paraffin came from.

How so?

The magazines
in these rifles must be bloated,

they use paraffin to grease
the bullets to avoid them from jamming.

Now about this factory.

Uzbek tobacco is used in two factories.

Ulyanovskaya and Bobrino.

Could the killer have come from afar?

Negative, the tobacco smelled fresh.

That leaves Bobrino.

But there are almost
three thousand people working there.

Is there anything else?
I'm in a bit of a hurry.

Say "hi"
to Tatiana Aleksandrovna for me.

I knew it.

Come in!


Your favorite.

Thank you very much. Too bad
I'm on a diet since yesterday.

You had coffee with these exact
same chocolates thirty minutes ago.

Thank you. Take a seat.

Let's start the treatment.
Let's have a look.


Much better actually.
You are making a speedy recovery.

-Of course.

Indian shionaki inhalations.

I've figured out your secret.

-Did you lose something?

But I clearly remember
putting them in the cabinet.

What are "they"?

Packets with the alprostradin.

And you use these expensive drugs
to treat nose infections?

No, they are for my father.
He has surgery right now

and he really needs it.

When do you remember
placing the packets here?

This morning.

A woman of about forty- forty five,
non-smoker, works with medicine.

One of yours.

Who are you?

This woman came into your office
and stole two packs of the drug.

And not just them.

Apparently this isn't the first time.

I would have never though
Natalia Andreevna

was capable of something like that.

You are too trusting.

And people take advantage of it.

I can't blame them.


Nothing. It's time for my inhalations.

But how can this be, Fyodor Stepanovich?

I've already transported
all the equipment,

prepared the building to be torn down.

We are calling everything off.
Get rid of the documents.

-You have two days to return the money.
-Fyodor Stapanovich!

That's the limit. Two days.

Fyodor Stapanovich!

The number you have dialed
is unavailable.


Meluzov, Fyodor Stepanovich.
Born in 1965.

Deputy to the Prefect
of the Southern District.

-Who found the body?
-The Factory Director.

-Has he been questioned?
-No, an ambulance took him to the ER.

I wonder what the deputy
prefect was doing here?


There are two new smells.

-Of what?
-Wax and Diascia's.

Diascia's? What are those?

A bush that is in bloom throughout
the entire year. Tiny little flowers.

-Anything else?
-No, that's it.

Small flowers... Who would he get
them for? Could he be married?

He is not.
No girlfriend either by the way.

You see how aggressive a man gets when
he isn't leading a healthy sexual life?


Alright, sonny. This is the deal.

You have been asked to
hold on to some product.

Where is the product?

The bones responsible are yours.

Now listen very carefully.

You have two days

to bring me four thousand.

And I'm not interested in any
more fairy tales about your mother.

If you don't bring it,
you'll owe us a vig.





-I have something important for you.
-What is it?

I wanted to offer you to start your day
with a hot cup of rich Italian coffee.

I don't drink coffee from dispensers,
so sorry but no.

I have work to get to.
I presume you do too.

Colonel, sir. I have information
concerning Merluzov.


It's fantastic that you
have information on Merluzov.

Want some coffee?
It's good Italian coffee. Take it.

Thank you.

Let's go.

We've studied the documents
taken from his office.

Merluzov was overseeing
the distribution of property and land.

He also dealt with construction.

Yes, there is such a profession,
creating land.

The factory where Merluzov
was murdered had been pushed

to bankruptcy
and was going to be demolished.

Who was going to get
the land from the factory?

A certain company called "Sophocles".

-And it is overseen by RUSUKRBANK.

Specifically by Gutnik,
the man murdered yesterday.

The plot thickens. Has Merluzov's
daughter been called in?

She's already here.

Who could have wanted your father dead?

I can't even imagine. Daddy was always...

Did he have enemies?

I don't know. Dad was such
a kind man... empathetic.

What was the relationship

between your father
and Eduard Borisovich Gutnik?

They were...

childhood friends.

They spent all the holidays together,

they went fishing,

to the sauna, hunting.

Always the three of them.


You boys celebrating something today?

No. It's always like this.

Nice house.

Is the Defense Ministry building it?

I don't know.

Almost on the premises of the base.

Whoever could have permitted this?

I don't know.

You have a bird's eye
view of the entire base. Is that HQ?

-I don't know.
-What do you mean?

I mean yes. HQ...


Thank you, but I'm not on the job.

Well, we are in service,

so it's fine.

For the guardians of our Motherland!

I'll admit

your call caught me off guard.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

A Mr. Gutnik, Boris Eduardovich,
born in 1965,

was shot to death with
a sniper rifle yesterday morning.

That very same night in Meluzov,
Fyodor Stepanovich,

also born in 65',
was killed under similar circumstances.

Fedya too?

Do you know these men?

May he rest in peace.

-So you know them?
-Of course I do.

We went to school together.
We met up from time to time.

Time to time? What about saunas
on Saturdays? And hunting?

You are not...

suspecting me are you?

I'm at the base all day.

I have an alibi, witnesses.

I don't think you are the killer.

I think you are
a potential victim.

I also think that you know something.

You are wasting your time.
I know nothing about any of that.

I ask you to excuse me now.

I need to get to the ministry.

The sentry
will lead you off the premises.

Call me when you are being murdered.

I will, Viktor Alekseevich,
definitely do that.

I want that snoop out
of here in five minutes.


Anyone asks,
I'm not at the base!

Understood, comrade General.

Damn it.



Where is it coming from?

Damn it.

He's in that building.

Here's the list, colonel.

Thank you.


It's the same killer
but there are no scents.

Now that's how you really
earn expensive cars.

The killer threw away the napkin.
Lots of scents.

I need to get to the lab.

There might be casings
in one of the bags.

Any news?

Some. The scents of the napkin
include unsaturated polyester

with an ortho phthalic acid
styrene foundation.

Do you know what that is?

Of course, I know. What is it?

Polyester tar mixed with powder,
any powder like granite or marble.

That's how you get artificial stone.

-Great. So what?
- Nothing really.

If that was the only scent.

You are cultivating
my inferiority complex.

On the napkin discarded by the killer,
I also found two soils.


and clay loam.


Soddy-podzol is surface soil.

But clay loam soil
is deeper underground.

When do you think soils mesh?

When you're digging a hole?

A hole about two meters deep.

The clay loam had traces of fertilizer.
Add the artificial granite.

-A fresh grave?
- That's my conclusion.

Then I guess we hit
the Bobrino cemetery.

What do you have?

We haven't found the casings,
by the way.

Guess it was my mistake, then.


Did you call me?

I did. Come on in.

I was only supposed to pass them on
but she just threw them away.


I don't know what to do.

Promise me that you will never again
smoke, try, take, carry,

or even touch drugs.

I promise. Now what?

I'm calling Viktor.

Dad, you don't know these people.
Don't get anyone else involved.

We need to just give them the money.
And forget about it.

You are scared right now.

Please believe me.

Fine. Tomorrow evening
we will go and pay your debt.

Maybe I should go on my own?

No, Alex. We are going together.

Fine, if that's how it has to be.

-You want more tea?
-No, thank you.

Then get dressed, I'll take you home.

-How's mom?
-Okay. Crazy.


Oh come on, like you care.

Get in the car, I need
to wake up early tomorrow.

Here are the latest burials.

Not a single marble statue.

No one places statues on fresh graves.

It takes some time

to order and manufacture them.

Then you still need
to install a fence.

Are there other fresh graves?

We only have one cemetery.

Apart from recent burials
next to loved ones, none.

Have there been
any such burials in the past...


-Over the past week?
-The past week?

There were. Do you want me to show you?

There is a factory close by.

The air is so polluted
that people just keel over.

Here it is.

Last week the mother was buried next
to the daughter. May she rest in peace.


No, it was a stroke.

She became paralyzed after
the death of her daughter.

There was nothing
the husband could do.

Sinitsina Olga.

Sinitsina Taisia.

And here's our wax.


So what's the story here again?

The daughter was killed
two years ago in a hunting accident.

The mother had a stroke the next day.

-Who killed the daughter?
-Who knows?

Some bigwigs.

There are hunting grounds nearby,
lots of those come to hunt...

Anything else?

What more is there?

First the daughter, then the mother.
That's the story.

That's all I know.

Could you give us
the address of this Sinitsin?

Sure, why not? He lives in the dorms

off the tobacco factory.

Shouldn't we wait for the SWAT team?

Don't fret. I am the SWAT team.

It's him.



Take off the safety.

But I can't shoot!

Goddamn it.

Damn it.

What is going on here?

Everything is fine. Lock your door.

What is it with me?

It's your turn.

I'm still under the impression
that I killed a man.

Well, first of all,

to kill you need
to take your gun off safety.


Never lower your weapon.

You were right about Sinitsin.
He worked at the tobacco factory.

Before that he fought in Afghanistan.
As a sniper in the commando squad.

Why didn't he contact the police?

He did. But the whole thing was stomped
out. They didn't even open a case file.

After his wife died,
I guess Sinitsin went off the deep end.

Starting seeking vigilante justice.

That General is a real piece of crap.

He is going to testify about everything.

The construction job,
the murder of Sinitsin's daughter.

And that's all.

By the way,

the pregnancy test
came back negative.

So three-two.

What is it now?


Are you at the house?
Wait for me, I'm on my way.

What's wrong?

Alex has been arrested.
He is being charged with murder.