Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

The Sniffer's son, Alex, is in trouble. He's been apprehended at a murder scene with a gun in his hands and a bag of marihuana. The detective in charge of the case seems to be involved in foul play. This time the stakes are higher - should The Sniffer fail at solving the crime, his son's very life would be in peril.

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I don't understand
why I can't see my son?

Lady, relax. I keep telling you,
it's against the rules.

Your son is being interrogated.

What do you mean "interrogated"?

Who is interrogating him?

A detective.

You will be notified once
the interrogation is over.

Do something. I can't deal
with that moron anymore.

-Get a grip, Yulia.

What do you mean by "get a grip"?

What does that mean?

I am asking you to do something, please.

-Hi Yulia.

We are going to straighten
this out. Just calm down.

Let's go.

I've made some inquiries: Detective
Sinelnikov is working Alex's case.

I don't have any direct contact to him.

The man is brash but firm.

Well respected in the department,
not your average cop.

So let me do the talking.

All you have to do is not get
involved so we don't blow this thing.


Come in!

Good day. Take a seat.

To what do I owe the pleasure?
No need. I already know.

Is that your deputy?

No, this is the father of the suspect.
A close friend of mine.

Let's speak as colleagues.

I am listening.

I want to know the details of the case.

Today, at fifteen thirty, the body
of Micheev Roman Andreevich,

AKA Mikhey, was found
on Krutinskiy Lane 8.

Mikhey was a drug dealer, tried twice
for possession with intent to sell.

Next to the body
was your son with a gun in his hand.

The ballistics report
hadn't come back yet but,

judging by the angle
of the body and the bullet wound,

it is safe to assume
that the gun is the murder weapon.

We have also seized over 600 grams
of marijuana from your son's person.

The evidence is quite compelling and
we are currently looking for a motive.

-What is Alex saying?

So far he's said nothing.

I have to see him.

Today or tomorrow
your son is going to testify.

That's why, judging by the
severity of the crime committed,

it's in the case's best interests
that the suspect remains in isolation.

The only one permitted
to contact him is a lawyer.

I understand.

Thank you for shedding
light on the case.


You are 45, you smoke too much,

you are single.
You don't have children and you won't.

You love your bees more
that you love people

and I strongly doubt that you will
be unbiased in solving my son's case.

My son is innocent and I will prove it.

How do you know about my bee garden?

So you are that famous...
the Sniffer.


Well if you find anything new,
you are welcome.

I'm heading to the apartment.
What was the address?

You are freaking out.

I'll get them to reassign
the case to me tomorrow.

What have you achieved?
You had to piss off the detective.

Now he will try to get
Alex to testify sooner.

Then I need to get to that
goddamn apartment. Are you with me?

What you are planning to do is illegal.
I'm going to take

the case tomorrow and then...


Go to hell.

How is he?

Only a lawyer can see him.

I'm going to get the case
reassigned to me tomorrow.


-I'll hire a lawyer.
-No, thank you.

I'll resolve this myself. You...

Yulia, wait!

You're wasting your breath.

Idea by Artem Litvinenko

Kirill Kjaro

Ivan Oganesian

Maria Anikanova

Nina Gogaeva

Nikolay Chindyaykin

Make-up by Ludmilla Semashko

Wardrobe by Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergei Stepanski

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting by Elena Prilipko

Artwork by Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Filming by Andrey Lisetskiy

Cinematography by Vladimir Zapriagalov

Executive Producer Andrei Rizvanyuk

Producer Viktor Mirski

Screenplay by Artem Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artem Litvinenko


I had no idea you carry
around an Amateur Burglar Kit.

You should see my Amateur Shakedown Kit.

Paper tape.

Made out of white paper.

Attached with silicate glue.

Precisely the kind
issued to police officers.

Apply steam and it comes right off.

This is not silicate glue.

Dispersion of polyvinyl
acetate in water. Or simply PVA.

Well the main thing is that
it comes off when steamed.

From this moment on,
we are outside the law.



This is Ivan Fedetovich Zotov.

Neighbor of the recently
murdered Mikheev...

That's strange. Alex was on the floor.
He really did have a gun.

Our friend the detective.
Two medics and,

judging by the smell of the powder
used to gather fingerprint samples,

a criminologist.
I'm missing something.

Another one!
A man, 35-37 years old.

He had a gun.

So one unknown with a gun...

Did the gun fire?

I can't tell.

But it's a different gun.
Not the one Alex had.

Could it be the killer?

Not necessarily.

It could have been another cop.

I need to examine the entire group.

Then we can determine whether
it was the killer or another cop.

Diacetylmorphine was stored here.

A lot of it.
Three kilograms, at least.

That's some serious stuff.

A perfect motive for a murder.

And a good reason to take
the case from the cops.

Three kilos ain't no joke.

Breaking and entering can be
beneficial for the triumph of justice.

Congrats. Our first breaking
and entering was a success.

If forensics say
that it was Alex's gun that fired...

That means he's the killer.

Don't jump to conclusions.

Where did Alex get a gun?

I have no idea who my son is.
His hobbies, friends,

the music he listens to,

whether or not he has a girlfriend...

It's all my fault.

Being in your son's life is not the same
as being a good father, believe me.

Mine, for example,
would get so drunk that...

I wished he weren't there at all.

Go rest up.

I'll speak to the general
in the morning and take over the case.

-Call me as soon as you do.
-I will.

And when they came out,

the one with the briefcase glued
the police tape back to the door.

Then they hung around in front of
the building, talking about something,

and left.

What were they driving?

The one with the briefcase
got into a green car.

And the second one,
a red one.

Did you notice the make of the cars?

They were foreign cars.

Yes-yes. Two foreign cars.

One green, one red.

Everything's clean, colonel.

Go to the patrol car.
I'll lock up myself.

Detective, what about them?

They are drowning me over here.

Don't worry Mr. Zotov.
We will take care of that.

I want you to try

to remember
if there was anything strange...

There was!

The one with the briefcase
kept sniffing things...

Like a dog.


Why didn't you say
so from the beginning?

Are these the men you saw?

It's them.

Was this one sniffing?

No. It was this one.

-You're not mixing anything up?
-I'm telling you.

It was him, detective.

Hello, Sveta. I wanted to ask you,
do you like films?

-As an art, yes.
-But as a trip to the movies?

Tell me, do you invite
all your women that way?

No, you're the first.

And I hope the last.

Alright. I'll think about it.

I've also been meaning to tell you...

I still can't get over
how beautiful your eyes are.

Still looking for my eyes
in all the wrong places.

You obviously have some severe issues.

With your eyesight, that is.

Is he in?

Yes. And he is dying to see you.

Sveta, stop flirting.

Lebedev, in my office.

What's the status on the ATM case?

We are looking for them.
We need to figure out how he disables

the cameras and the tracking device.

So you're looking then?

Where were you yesterday between
seven and ten in the evening?


Between seven and ten
I was at the pub, having a beer.

I have witnesses.

I was watching the game in a pub.

There was no game yesterday.

Then I was simply having a beer.
The witnesses are the same, naturally.

The neighbor saw you
entering Mikhey's apartment.


Without a warrant or permission.

And I have to find out like this.


I don't want to hear it!

Is the uniform tight on you?
You want to play double-o-seven?

I'm reporting about the successful
execution of operation "Hostage",

and I get this shit thrown
in my face in return.

Three kilograms of heroin are involved.

Lebedev! Forget about the case!

You can forget it ever existed.

After the crap you've pulled...

we will never get this case

even if there was a ton of heroin.

And one last thing: I forbid you
to further stick your nose into this.


I forbid you to stick
your nose into this.

That's an order.

Can I go?

You can.

We shouldn't have rushed it.

I never asked you to follow me!

Actually you did,
but that's beside the point.

-We have to decide what to do.
-I don't know!

How am I going to
examine the group now?!

I'll think of something.
Give me a couple of days.

A couple of days?
And I just sit here and wait?

In this house?

My son is in jail and I don't know
what's happening to him in there.

Alex is fine.

He was interrogated twice
but he said nothing.

-How do you know?
-I know.

Vitja, I'm losing it here.

I'll try to resolve
this as fast as I can.

I'm sorry.


I understand.

What do I do with this... condom?

Throw it away.

Thank god, finally!
I'm losing my mind here!

So how is he?

You haven't seen him?

You refuse?

I don't give a shit about your advance!

Shove it up your ass!

Son of a bitch!



Are you going to open
your high-tech elevator?

Or should I ask first?

Elevator, please open up.

It opened.

Great. Phenazepam overdose.

How did you manage to get here?

Look at Mr. Know-it-all!

Our resident genius.

You need to get some sleep.

Only you sleep while
your son is in jail.

You don't care about anyone.

You didn't back then. And you don't now.

I'm going to Alex.


What happened?

The lawyer refused to represent Alex.

I'll get you some water.

Come in.


Hello hello!

So you decided to turn yourself in?
Confess and repent?

And where is your accomplice?
Couldn't make it?

Let's be mature about this.
We are not in kindergarten.

Mature? How about I haul you in
to keep your son company?

Or is that what you came here for?

What were you doing there?
Cleaning up your son's mess?

My son is innocent.

I've been on the job for thirty years

and I've yet to see
a father admit his son's guilt.

Did you find the heroin?

What heroin?

There was a bag containing
three kilos of heroin

that vanished after the murder.
Where did it go?

It's obvious. The real killer
took the dope and framed Sasha.

Give me a chance to examine
the group that was on the scene.


Well, sniff... I hate that word.

To what end?

There was another man
with a gun at the scene.

It could be someone
from the response unit.

But I think it's the real killer.

Please let me examine the team.

I'll find the real killer, I promise.

Are you certain?


I'll think about it.

There will be a meeting tomorrow.

I will present
your point of view to the higher-ups.

Thank you for your understanding.

I'll be waiting for your call.

All the best.

Crazy broad.


Goddamn it!



She is a damn lunatic.

Listen I need to ask you for a favor.

I need you to find out who was
on the scene of the Mikhey murder.


No earlier?

Fine. I'll be waiting.

What the hell?

What do you want?

What do I talk at?

Speak, I can hear you.

We need to talk about something.


Is your son in the slammer?

One minute.

Come in.

Hello, buddy boy.

I'm listening.

Sashka sends his best.
We were inside together.

Let's assume.

I know a guy

who knows
who took Mikhey out.

You have money and you don't
look like the stingy type.

I'll give you the address.

I'm not asking for a lot:
a thousand dollars.

Wait here.

It's not all there, buddy boy.

The silver cup in your pocket costs
approximately one hundred dollars.

So it's all there.


Give me the address.

Oh yeah.

Here you go.

Nine hundred and fifty thousand rubles
in two days...

Planning to share your success story?

Listen, you virtual wizard!

I can stick you in a room
for ten long years,

and it won't be comfortable.

And there won't be a computer
there either. Get the picture?

One second.

I'm giving you 24 hours
to mull it over, yeah?

I'm here.


I'm on my way!

He suffered a light concussion.

The skull is intact and the nose is
not broken. But he lost a lot of blood.

We had to seal the nose.

Will that affect the...

I don't know. We had no other choice.

He needs rest. No stresses,
physical or psychological.

It's in here.

How are you doing?

I'm nice and dandy, can't you tell?

We identified your guest.
Good thing you took the picture.

Your morning visitor
is none other than Nail.

As in?

Gvozditskij Fyodor
Ignatievich, born in 1960.

Con man, two stints in prison,

was involved in a case
along with Mikhey last year.

The same.

I'm heading over to his for tea and
sandwiches. No warrants or witnesses.

He'll tell me who sent him, trust me.

-I'm coming with you.

You wouldn't appreciate the kind
of sandwiches I intend to bring along.

I'll get back to you
as soon as I have something.


Don't hang your head.

Looks like someone beat me to the punch?

Eh, Nail?


Easy, boys! I'm one of you.

My badge is in the inside
pocket of my jacket...



It's still sore but
the blood has stopped.

That's good.

Can I go?

Ten days in bed at least.

Get well. See you tomorrow.

Goddamn it.

Didn't I warn you,
lieutenant colonel Lebedev?

You did, General.

And did you listen?

Are you a Private Eye now?

I don't mind.

Slip a resignation letter
under my door and to hell with you!

Nothing to say?

Listen very carefully, Lebedev.
I'm not babysitting you anymore.

You are taking a break from duty
for two weeks. Without pay.

-Turn in your badge and gun.
-Yes, sir!

Quit with the farce. Hand them
in according to regulation.

If you stay in town
or try to meddle in the case again,

I'll boot you out of the Bureau.
Without chance of appeal.


Can I go?


Goddamn artist.

I don't have any good news either.

Ballistics has confirmed that the murder
weapon is the gun Alex was found with.

Goddamn it.

What about the heroin?

Are you sure it disappeared
after the murder?

Maybe it has nothing to do
with Mikhey's murder.

I'm not sure of anything anymore.

So what do we have?


I'm on forced vacation without a weapon,
you are in the hospital without a nose.

And I'm about to have the information

about the first cops
on the scene of Mikhey's murder.

Which is now useless
since you can't smell.

Hey, Kolya.

I'm writing it down.

Is that it?

Are you sure?

Thank you.

Sinelnikov was never at the crime scene.

What do you mean?

What about his smell
in Mikhey's apartment?

A different detective
was at the crime scene.

With his service weapon.

Okay, then what was Sinelnikov
doing in the apartment?

What a fool I've been.

You're not alone.

I came to him to offer my help...
I'm such a cretin.

Where do you think he hides the drugs?
Not at home, that's for sure.

He has that bee garden.
Could they be there?

Let him show us himself.

Time to grab the tiger by the balls.

Where did you say his bee garden was?

The scent was floral honey. Clover.

There is a field nearby.

Relax. Leave it up to a little
good old-fashioned police work.


I need a favor.

-Who is this guy?
-A computer wizard.

Came up with a savvy idea
of skimming money from ATM's.

If this idea gets out, you might
as well scrap every ATM out there.

He got caught and now he works for me.

Burglar costume number one!

Burglar costume number two, that's mine!

-Does it make me look like Tolstoy?
-More like a bum.



Where did you find
these exquisite outfits?

There's this exclusive
boutique on the Birulevo bazaar.

You owe me two hundred rubles,
by the way.

I don't like this.

Do you have a better idea?

This is awesome!

-Why are you yelling?
-Drawing attention.

The vigilant neighbor.

Go for it, Mr. Accomplice.

Here are the bees.

How are we getting inside?

Door or window?

We have tried the door before.


My god!

Andrey Vasilievich,
this is Vera, your neighbor.

Oops. One didn't work.

C'mon Stepanich!

Did she buy it?

Absolutely. The broken
glass really got to her.

She made the call, by the way.

This is Vera, your neighbor.
You are being robbed.

There is a whole gang of them.

Computer wizard indeed.

We do have a small problem.

What is it?

The camera in the house didn't go off.

Finally. I've been waiting.

Thank god you came! It was terrible!

A whole gang! I almost died!

Calm down.
I will get to the bottom of this.

Do you need witnesses? I'm ready!

That can be dangerous.
Go back to the house.

Go back to the house.

There he is.

Look at him panic.

What if the drugs are in the house?

Nope. Apparently not.


I wonder what kind
of honey those bees produce.

Gena, zoom in, will you?

Where is he going now?

Did you record it?

No doubt.

Well, the tiger is in the cage.
Let's finish up.

So what happened? What did they take?

Nothing special.
Don't worry, just a couple of bums.

Probably looking for vodka.

-Did you see where they went?
-There. To the lake.

The lake? How long ago?

About twenty minutes ago.
I'm all alone out here.

They won't be back will they?

Don't worry.

They won't.

What now?

We need to pick up the cameras.
Then I'll call in a team to get him.

Show's over, clowns.

Hands out of your pockets!

What now?

Now I waste you.

Then bury you along with the equipment.

-You are such an asshole.
-It's your own damn fault.

Nail warned you: don't stick your nose
into other people's business.

Anyway, it was nice chatting
with you but I'm late for work.

A nose for a nose.

A cellophane bag filled
with white powder.

Weighs around three kilograms.
Supposedly heroin.

-Sign this.
-I'm not signing anything!

-You will answer for this!
-Of course we will.

I need you to sign.

I'm ready. I long suspected
something of the sort.


This is a good look for you.

When Tatyana Aleksandrovna sees this...

Someone else is going
to see you right now.

You goddamn artists!

Disobeying direct orders,
are we colonel?

Not at all, General. Following orders.
Relaxing in the country.

Your holiday is over.
I want you in my office at 9.

With a full report on my desk.

on your baptism in combat.

But you're still under our supervision.

You don't have a right
without a warrant!

I'm going to complain
to the Head Prosecutor!

Vitia, were you working

without a warrant?

You left it on my desk yesterday!

Signed and approved.

Who's the artist now?

Sinelnikov was on the take
from the dealers.

It was all going smooth until Mikhey
started talking to the wrong people.

So Sinelnikov decided
to take him out of the picture

and earn a little on the side.

He waited until Mikhey received
a new shipment, then killed him.

And Alex?

Sinelnikov planned to pin the murder
on one of Mikhey's guests.

There were many
but Alex turned out to be the first.

But you know
what's the most messed up part?

If it wasn't your son in there,

we would have never
gotten Sinelnikov.


Why did you go to Mikhey without me?
I thought we agreed.

I didn't want to get you involved.

I found the bag that mom hid
and decided to return it.

Alex, Alex.

My baby!

God, you've lost so much weight!

Thank you for everything.

Please forgive me.

It's all in the past now.

Let's go home. Thank you, Vitya!

If I drank

I would get plastered tonight.

I know that's what I'm going to do.

Just don't top it off with a hamburger.