Nyukhach (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

Meet The Sniffer. Blessed by his extraordinary sense of smell. It is thanks to it that your plane will make it today to its final destination rather than explode in the air. His logic is solid - the smell of acetone peroxide plasticized in celluloid, used by a terrorist, is not to be confused with anything. The Sniffer's talent helps prevent major catastrophes, but this extraordinary man doesn't stop there. He helps his friend Victor, an SBI employee, solve crimes. This time the duo will have to find out who killed the owner of a large construction company, along with the main suspect in the investigation.

Fresh press?

Yes, why not?

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.

This one is fresh...

How can I help you?

Take me to the captain. It's urgent.

That's impossible.
The crew is preparing fortakeoff.

How can I help you?

There is a terrorist
with a bomb onboard.

It is quite possible
that we will all be gone

long before
the crew is ready for takeoff.

I need to speak to the captain.

One moment.

I'm listening.

There is a man
with a plastered arm in 32C.

But under his bandage is
plastid instead of cast.

The detonator
is in one of the fixing units.

How do you know this information?

The smell of acetone peroxide
plasticized in celluloid

can't be confused with anything else.

Are you trying to say
that you smelled this?

Correct. Just like the scent of
the fact that 35-40 minutes ago

you had sex with this pretty lady.

In the cockpit. Twice.

One moment.

Creator Artyom Litvinenko

Kirill Kyaro

Ivan Oganesyan

...said Premier Minister.

Maria Anikanova

A terrorist with three
kilograms of TNT was

arrested this morning
at the airport in Dusseldorf.

The operation was successful thanks to
the local police force. In other news...

Thanks to the local police force.

Make up Lyudmila Semashko
Vitaly Skopeledis

Costumes Elena Rukavishnikova

Sound by Sergey Stepansky

Music by Nikita Moiseev

Casting manager Elena Prilipko

Production Designer
Evgeniya Lisetskaya

Camera operator Andrey Lisetsky

Editing by Vladimir Zapryagalov

Executive producer Andrey Rizvanyuk

Produced by Viktor Mirsky

Written by Artyom Litvinenko
Andrey Babik

Directed by Artyom Litvinenko



Give me your hand.

Give me your hand. Come on!

Come on. Do it!


-Where are you?

What does it matter? Speak.

I've been calling you
for half an hour now.

Why can't you just pick up your phone?

What do you need this time?

School called.

They found drugs on your son.
You have to go there. Now.

What drugs?

I don't know what kind of drugs!

You indulge his recklessness all
the time and this is the result!

I'm on my way.

Go ahead! Take a look at
what your boy is up to!

He is yours as well, you know.

How dare you?

I'm working like a dog

alone with a child!

By the way, this child is fifteen.
Whatever. I'll see you in school.

Yeah, writing.

Oh, Viktor!
I have to see the evidence.

What do you have?

The deceased is indeed
Kuzmenkov Lev Valer'evitch.

-The Financial CEO of Zhylcenter.
-I get it. So?

We checked his phone. 27
unanswered calls to Livashov.

This Livashov screwed over his FCEO.

Why wouldn't he do
pull-ups when he was a kid?

He wasn't letting go
off his gun either.

He could've told us something.

He was our only lead.

The Customs Office confirmed Livashov

didn't use his passport
to leave the country.

Do you think he's stupid enough
to use his own passport?

With the cash he's carrying?

We're doing useless work here.

He's probably relaxing
on some seashore right now.

With some chick.


I see.

They found Livashov.

He's dead.

Good day!
I am Alex's father. What happened?

It's an emergency.

Your son and three of his schoolmates

were smoking marijuana
behind the garages.

We found this
when we searched Alexander.

Someone has been supplying drugs
to our school for quite a while.

It is now clear who that is.

Alex, is this your bag?

Where are the other three?

They are in the classroom
having chemistry.

They will get punished as well.

I have to see them. This
bag doesn't belong to Alex.

Dad, this is my baggie.

He finally confessed!

Where are you going?

To the chemistry classroom.
This is not his bag.

Show me your hands!
I said show me your hands!

-Where are the syringes?

He only smoked a little.

Well great!
So you are indulging him again?

That's enough!

Your son is smoking drugs
and you don't even care!

He doesn't just smoke them,
he deals drugs as well.

I should've seen this coming!


You have no right to go in there.

-I will have to call the police.
-I'm sure you will.

Is this your backpack?

I know it's yours.

This is your schoolyard drug dealer.

And now you may call the police.

And by the way, this is not real
marijuana. This is low quality garbage.

He rented this apartment five days
ago and was supposed to move out today.

When did the owner find the corpse?

At about 12.
We received the call at 12.07.

-Did you touch anything?
-Of course not!

Ok. Thank you. What have you got?

Everything is clean.
Not a single fingerprint.

Death occurred approximately
12 hours ago.

There are no signs of a struggle.

No fingers, no evidence of a crime...

From this moment on I forbid you to give
money to Alex without letting me know.

Ok, I'll be reporting to you in writing.

I'm going back to work now
and you are taking Alex home.

And we will have a chat in the evening!

How long have you been smoking?

A couple of weeks, yeah?


You embarrassed me. Now everyone
is going to think I am a snitch.

Don't you dare ever interfere
in my affairs again!

You have your own life and I have mine.


I'm listening.

Well hello there, you legendary man!


How was the trip?

I hope
they didn't recruit you?

If they were to recruit me
I would inform you first!

It was a private trip.
It's my good right!

Did something happen?

Family stuff.


Yeah. Alex.
Let's get to the point.

Is this the Officer?


Hello Mr. Officer!

-Hello Mr...

Hello Mr. Expert.

25-26 years old. You live
in a residential neighborhood.

You like pickles, a day before yesterday
you drank. Moonshine. Double fining.


You may go now Officer.
Thanks for the lookout.

Is that it?

Yes, that's it.


Livashov Petr Vasil'evich. Born 1969.

The CEO of a construction company

Gone missing 5 days ago along
with an investors' money.

The sum is impressive.
2 million Euros.

It's digoxin.


He was killed. Someone poured
digoxin into his coffee.

The killer is a man
of around forty-five or fifty.

He is trying to quit smoking, wears
a nicotine patch on his right arm.



There were large bank notes
of 500 Euros in Livashov's bag.

These banks notes

can only be from one printing house
in Berlin, "Bundesdruckerei".

They use paint with aluminum
hydroxide for these bank notes

and silk threads for the paper
to make it more durable.

Now I understand
why they crunch so nicely!

What is dioxin?

It's digoxin. It is a cardio medicine.

It lowers intracardiac
pressure and reduces heart rate.

But if you take too much of it,

like one tenth of a gram,
it causes heart failure.

Medicine becomes the poison.

That's not everything. Our killer visits
the speleological chamber regularly.

He was there yesterday or a day before.

What is a speleological chamber?

It is a room made of sea
salt. It cleans bronchi.

Oh yeah, he is trying to quit smoking.
Is this all?

Want some tea?

Here? No, thanks.

So what's up with Alex?

He smoked weed at school.

This is just a phase. Back at our
time we drank port wine to be cool.

-I didn't drink port.
-You never drank port?

Especially while on duty.

For God's sake! I hate these brutes.

So you have nothing to do
with the theft of the money

from the construction company

That's right.

Have you transferred
the money to these accounts?

It's probable.

We've been posting
hundreds of transaction every day.

I can't keep track of all of them.

Is this your signature?

It's is.

What do you have to say for yourself?

I did what I was asked by my boss,

Since when is that considered a crime?

Where were you last night
from 1 till 4 am?

From 7pm till 6 am this morning
I was enjoying myself at a club.

4 girls can confirm I was with them.

You seem healthy.

I guess you don't smoke?

Why? Have you found cigarette
butts at the murder scene?

Not this brand, I hope.
Have one.

You're free to go.

For now.

Have a nice day.

For God's sake!

What is it now?


There are more than 50
speleological chambers in Moscow.

Turns out
it is quite a fancy thing to do.

It's made out of salt from Red, Black,
Dead and who knows what other seas.

What do you think?
From what sea was that salt?

I guess from the Laptev Sea.

Laptev Sea? Are you kidding me?

No, are you kidding me?
I'm almost dying from my allergies

and you are calling me to ask
idiotic questions.

Is it that serious?

I'm not going to leave my house for the
next three days. It's quarantine time.

100 grand.

Not enough.

What? We had a deal!

You killed Livashov. It wasn't the deal.

Besides I was interrogated today.

If they find out
I'm an accomplice to murder.

-Who interrogated you?
-Some guy from SBR.

He's digging for answers.
He pulled the documents.

I'm in trouble.

I want half.

What for?

I did all the work.

For my silence.

I don't have it with me.

Bring it tomorrow.

Don't call me. They've probably
bugged my phone. I'll find you.


No tricks.
I'm not planning to go to prison alone

for 100 grand.

Good morning sufferer! How is your nose?

-Just great!
- I found a good doctor.

In 20 minutes
I will be at your place.

I'm not going anywhere.

You already have an appointment.
She is waiting for us.

It's a She?

Yes, she is a great specialist.

Listen, I've seen so many
of these "specialists" already.

Well she will take a look and say:
"You have an allergic rhinitis",

will then prescribe me Oxymetazoline.
But it does not help!

Stop yelling! You will be thankful
afterwards, even though you never are.

I will be at yours in 20 minutes. Bye!

I hate private practices.

What is so bad about them?


Doctors here are just like
the ones in normal practices.

They know nothing about medicine,
just smile nicer and rip you off.

And why am I wasting my time here?

You need some fresh air.

And if you are not going to like it
here, just put her on your black list.

-Does she have a PhD?
-She has a PhD.

-Oh God!
-Keep cool, we are here.




Should've detained him.

Ok, I'm on my way!

Ok, see you.

Yes! Come in!

Come on!


So you are the unique patient?

And you are the unique doctor?

We'll see about that. Take a seat.


Well-well, allergic rhinitis.

Great. So just prescribe me
Oxymetazoline and I'm out of here.

Thank you, doctor! Finally
I know what's wrong with me.

You have a very pronounced hypotrophy
of the olfactory epithelium, caused,

by the way, by Oxymetazoline.


You also have frequent exacerbations
of chronic allergic rhinitis

as well as...

you keep on putting round items
in your nasal passage.

Is it a pan or a pencil?

You are not older than thirty-six.
You live alone, no kids, no pets.

You wear an expensive perfume,
go to the swimming pool

with high contents of chlorine,

you like strong coffee
and you eat round things

all the time.
What are those? Round candies?

So it's true
what they say about you?

Since when do you have this?

What does it matter?

What are you allergic to?



Feline pheromone?


Are you into organic chemistry?

A little bit. My father
has a PhD in chemistry.

Sit down.

What is this?

It's the big secret.

Not for me.

Kalanchoe, ten percent alcohol
propolis, fexofenadine and...


And something unfamiliar...
It is some tropical plant...

So it actually is possible
to keep secrets from you.

Inhale for ten minutes. And no cheating.

It is impossible to keep
anything secret from me.

He was shot in the back from
a two to three meter distance.

There was nothing interesting in his
car, but in the pocket of his blazer...

-Thank you.
-We found this.

Makarov pistol.

I can't help but wonder, why does
an office clerk carry a gun around?

-You are feeling better I see.
-Yes, thank you.

I would like to examine you whenever
the strong symptoms are gone.

I would like to know
how your nose functions.

Do you want to write a book about it?

Why not? You've got an
extraordinary sense of smell.

Only sense of smell?

Yes, for now.

I'll see you on Monday.
Make an appointment at the reception.


Even though I usually don't
do this, still, thank you.

I can't believe my ears.

What have you got?

A corpse. A man got shot. And
there is no evidence of a crime.

Ok, I'm coming.

No! Don't wrap up the corpse yet.

Is he on the way?

This is the same killer.

The most interesting fact is that
Bulavin also held that money bag,

the one that the killer took.

These Euros again...

It is a paintball bag, judging
by a smell of titanium Dioxide.

It is a dye for the paintballs.

So the dead guy liked to play paintball?

Can I wrap him up now?


Is this his car?



Step off!

Take him.

This isn't Bulavin's bag.
He came here without it.

Whose bag is it then?

It belongs to the killer.

Why did he give Bulavin
a bag full of money?

A bag that he grabbed right after.

I think I'm starting to understand.

He gave the bag up,
then killed the guy.

Bulavin knew who killed Livashov so he
blackmailed him and demanded the money.

The killer brought the money in a bag,
gave it to Bulavin,

and then shot him in the back.

-You didn't tell me everything?

This paintball club
where the killer goes to

is in an abandoned cardboard factory.

How did you figure this out?

There are about 20 smells,
and one of them is gum.

What kind of gum?

Gluten. It is one of the
components of cardboard glue.

And they add it to cheap ketchup
for hamburgers.

How can you eat this crap?


ten percent alcohol propolis,



Indian trumpet.

It is impossible
to keep anything secret from me.


I found the paintball club. It is in
the old factory, just like you said.

Well, good for you.

Rich boys who miss

dangerous adventures play here
regularly shooting each other up.

Well, good for them.

Rich boys train every day.

Every Friday is battle day.

All members take part,
they are divided into two groups.

Fridays are to be taken very seriously.

Today is Friday.

You and me are taking part
in this charade at 7 p.m. tonight.

I'm not playing any games.

This is the only chance we'll have to
get them all. In one day at one place.

I'm supposed to be resting.

You can find a man
with a nicotine patch without me.

The patch itself is not enough.

What if it fell off or is covered?
Or maybe he just won't show up at all.

Fine. But I'm warning you,

I'm not going to be playing games
and running around the field.

You don't need to.
You just have to point out the killer.

I will deal with the rest.

I'll be at yours at 6 p.m.


Alex, you home?

Little brat.

For God's sake!

- Where are you?

I'll be out in two minutes.

-Sorry, I fell asleep.
-You sleep during the daytime?

Daytime sleep is very useful. Let's go?

Let's go.
The plan is simple.

The new ones are going to be
introduced to all of the club members.

We shake their hands. You sniff.

Then you tell me
who the killer is.

How many are they?



That's right.

Ok. Lets go.

You are late for the handshake.

Everyone is changing already.

Hurry up. The game starts in 15 minutes.

Locker rooms
are straight ahead and right.

Locker rooms?

Yes. You are with "Buffalos",
and you, with "Tigers".

These are the keys to the
lockers. Uniforms are inside.

You will get the guns
before approaching the field.

Good luck!

And what are we going to do?

We have to play the game.
There is no other way.

Daytime sleep is very useful.

We are in two different teams.

Yeah. You sniff your team players,
I look for a guy with a patch.

We'll meet before the battle starts.

-I can't shoot.
-You won't have to.

We will get him
before the game.

Just show me the killer.

Ok. I'll see you on the field.

"Tigers" , get out on the field!

-And where's the other team?
-They're already there.

Where are the "Buffalos"?

They are going out on the field.

Wrong way. Go to the field,
everyone is there already.

You are still here?
Hurry up and get to the field!

Where are the "Buffalos"?

Everyone is out there already! Hurry up!

For God's sake!

Put on the mask!

Hide, you dumb ass!

For God's sake!

This is him! He flees!

Hurry up, he is trying to flee!

-Are you ok?
-Yes. He's got a gun.

Why did you kill them? Speak!

Go to hell!

I'm just going to kill you during
the arrest in a couple of seconds.

That will make things easier for all.

One! Why did you poison Livashov? Two!

I got him a diplomatic passport.
He promised me 500 grand!

And they decided to screw me over.
I didn't want that. It's his own fault.

And what about the one on the promenade?

He was a negotiator.

When he realized I killed Livashov
he started blackmailing me.

I offered him 100 grand,
but he wanted half of everything.

Well this was a beautiful confession.

500-euro bills.

You ok?

Can't breathe. Got either
a contused lung or heart.

He got a couple of small hematomas
around the heart. Nothing serious.