North & South (2004): Season 1, Episode 3 - Episode #1.3 - full transcript

Deeply hurt at the refusal of his marriage proposal, Thornton and Margaret's relationship becomes more tense and difficult. Just in time, Frederick comes home to visit his dying mother. Thornton mistakes him for Margaret's lover. As Margaret realizes that she might have been mistaken in her harsh and hasty criticism of Thornton, she has to sadly observe his opinion of her altering. Shortly after the death of her mother, Margaret's friend Bessy also dies.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
No more tangled.

And what to do with something so great as this?

Please Bessy. I wore when I was a kid.

There can wear them anywhere.

Good. I keep, just this once.

Just look at them.

Where is Nicholas?

Oh, it was destroyed as went on strike.

It was a union man, you know?

Even thought to have a chance this time.

They all returned to work?

They lost their courage by violence.

Nonsense. What they thought they were, threw stones at a woman?

I'm sure it was not much.

- What was... - It was enough.

Dad, this is so angry with people which destroyed strike, he ...

I would not know where he is.

I have not never seen, Margaret.

I'm afraid of what it could do.

At least I moved again machines.

- And the Irish? - Remained.

They ate very well. I sent Father Patrick.

Apparently he managed to calm them down.

I have to send him home. There are workers who want to return.

Wear properly if we keep Ireland.

By the way,

I was right, Mom.

Ms. Hale not want me.

Nobody wants me.

Nobody loves me, but you.

A mother's love is strong and keep forever.

Love a girl is like a thread of smoke. It changes every breeze.

I know that is not good enough for her.

Yet think of it more than ever. I hate her.

I tried to avoid when we thought that can make you happy.

I would give my life to be this.

Who is she, dare you reject?


Not good, John. Your luck is with me.

- And if you do not hate her, I do. - He does not love me. Is enough.

What can you do for me, it is to no longer mentions the name ever.

- We will not talk at all about it. - Very good.

All I want is that she and her family be swept back to the place they came from.

How nice of Mr. Thornton.

The most beautiful fruit that I saw. Best in the country, most likely.

And a handwritten note.

It was always very civilized.

But I would have thought and he would have taken time.

He had so many problems ...

I send you greetings, my dear.

Margaret, you must visit Marlborough Mills

ask Ms. Thornton

and to thank Mr. Thornton for this wonderful gift.

I'm sure a letter There will be enough mother.

I saw on Thornton Street today.

There seemed to his mind.

- Seriously? - It seemed very distracted this morning.

I think I was visiting nearby. It was very close.

- Margaret? - Excuse me.

You thought it might be something between him and your face?

God, no. Of course not.

I mean ... it possible from him.

But from Margaret's not possible. There never liked him, poor fellow.

Oh, I hope not to have hope.

You are hiding? You have guts.

- Does not relinquish. - Not?

- You strike destroyed! - There was no point.

What have you thought? Almost a woman you murdered?

- A woman! - Thornton was hidden by her ...

We put against the law! That's the iron rule!

I was right. I have succeed, but I ...

you acting like mindless animals Just as they thought that we would wear.

You want to hide from the police?

They think I'm one of the thugs.

I am a man of his word, a trade unionist. People trust me!

With the strike not play. How has ended, eh?

His wife and children have suffered fpame your ... Not yours!

I gave my word and I kept!

Doman, disgusted me.

You are pathetic.

Could you be born a king's fortune, and all have given it the bar.

You came into this world to confuse us - ... all your families' union ...

Shut up!

I tell the police where you are.

I'll tell them where you are!

- I'll turn you, John Boucher! - Stop!


Thornton. Congratulations.

To quell the strike. Everything returned to normal?

Business is more complicated. It will take a while.

- Ah! You know Latimer, of course. - Of course.

Ah! Margaret! Here.

Look here. What luck! The most beautiful girls in Milton.

Remember Latimers, Margaret?

My banker, a very important man, in fact, it is Ann,

recently came home from Sweden, I think.

Where are you going, dear?

- Nowhere. - You can have your secrets.

Young women must have secrets. It is not that one of the joys of life?

I would have no way of knowing. A good day.

What's the point of spending a fortune on education

If you must give a avrere and wedding when they return?

Good day, Miss Hale. Bell.

- Sorry, honey. - Mr. Bell.

We are grateful for friendship shown to my father.

It feels a little lonely here ...

But it would be better to see my my job and not be so facetious?

You're right, my dear, and immediately cease.

But I have a request.

I would like to think that if you need help, I'll get that call vati.

I give you my word, sir. Bell. You will be the first.

Father. You're back early.

Yes ... some students meeting canceled

and I turned around waiting Mr lesson forward. Thornton,

to discover that he

It is very busy read tonight.

It took several days.

Perhaps Mr. Thornton will schedule lessons when things will calm down.

Of course. Of course.

Maybe I write a ticket to the encouragement, hoping that will come later.


- Are you expecting a letter? - Not.


Dad, I need to tell you something. I wrote to Frederick.

I know I should not.

Because your mother. And ... do you think you come quickly?

Please tell me we did thing, Dad.

Was it Frederick's danger so high? Oh, yes, my dear.

I'm afraid.

The government must take heavy

against those which are in opposition with his authority, in the sea,

where Captain expect more help so far from home.

It's still a bounty on the head of Frederick.

We can send the letter back. When ... When you sent?

A few days ago. But surely it was a long time ago.

Marines will not spend unnecessarily.

They send ships to hunt guilty.

Even if it's long antamplat as if was worth antamplat yesterday.

And nothing but blood ...

it will clear.

But Fred is innocent.

- Sure there's justice. Must.. - No.

If I had not written.

Suppose I encouraged Frederick to appear before a court martial?

- That would kill my mom, sure. - No, you did well.

Do you think with your heart. You were courageous for the sake of your mother.

I am glad that you told me,

because I do not think I would have left.

Dear Edith,

I do not know how to begin.

There are so many things I want to talk to you ...

... But I can find the words.

I came to talk with Be ...

Oh, Miss.

You stayed with her?

I'm sure it went quiet.

Look at her face, Nicholas. Not seen little pain.


He should not bow.

It makes no sense. Is not that the way the natural course of things.

Are you sure he's not sick yet? It has happened before.

No, Nicholas. Died.



... How am I gonna take to get back?

My poor Bess.

He lived a dog's life.

Hard work and illness. He had a moment of joy.

She may not have had ... life too easy

but it will be better in the afterlife.

I'm not saying do not believe in your God

but I do not think he wanted the world to be.

Patrons life they lead,

and we live in the shadow remains.

He gave the world

and new strength and wisdom discover goodness

and beauty in others ...

I do not think he gave more to some and less to others,

and it is His desire?

It is our duty to make peace with others. It's a shame that thinking in terms of ...

war and tension.

I know you're hurting,

and I know they are cruel and greedy owners,

but it would be better if people good faith on both sides

stand to share their ideas

how to do God's will, all to live in peace and harmony.

Do not you think a man that ...

Thornton might be open to new ideas?


Brought Irish, who led despair and crushed the strike.

Even Hamper would be expected but Thornton could not.

Just when we expected to be strong,

to catch people like Boucher and those who have betrayed us,

He does? It says he's the victim Do not complain.

They will not find work. It's punishment enough, he says.

- I thought you'd have more guts. - Mr. Thornton was right.

I know you're angry at Boucher

but you must see that everything It looks more like revenge.

My poor Bess.

He said that this strike It will bring the end.

And this because weak people like Boucher.

Not all are as strong as you, Nicholas.

To take long strike.

People in the same sector must be united.

If not... They can choose different ways and decisions.

- Horses and decisions? - Yes.

We can around it. Nobody will talk to him ...

You speak of tyranny employers, Nicholas.

Do not worry, Mr. Hale.

I forgot who died and how much your daughter loved

I'm just saying that. It is a union ...

It's like being in a war.

And with war crimes wine.

But it is a greater crime to do nothing.

Be careful.

Right now it looks good mistress, Miss Margaret?

He did some manual work and read the mail.

More letters from Aunt Shaw, It invites Great Exhibition.

Oh, I'd like to go.

Do not worry, I know I should.

But you should go, Margaret. It sounds interesting.

With bears and elephants

and exotic people and inventions worldwide.

I can go to London.

Not while ...

Not until you feel better.

Yes but...

If you go, you can come tell me

and maybe bring me something from there.

- It would be something to think about. - I'll think about it.

You wrote to Frederick, eh?

Now that I think ...

I fear the coming of ...

In case it's caught.

In all these years

He stayed away and safely.

There is a risk, but we take care.

If we were in Helstone, the world would know who he is.

People would be remembered.

Here there's no one to care for us so that we do observe.

I guess sometimes it's an advantage to be and more lonely and friendless.

I am glad that Miss Margaret wrote. I thought I'd do that.

- And Dixon will keep the door like a dragon. - They have great trouble to pass me.

I guess it's true that we invited people the empire,

even if some of the exhibits They are a bit exotic.

I find it wonderful. Like everyone It is here for us to see.

The car was impressive.

I must say, I did not ever think

how strong he is and what money taken out of cotton.

Maybe we should get to cotton.

I fear that you have more energy than you, Maxwell.

We do not need heavy machinery to make money in London.

You do not have to suffer Nordic climate. Right, Miss Hale?

Heaven expert opinion.

That's how it is. The air is not so clean in Milton.

Margaret always thought for her, Henry.

Everyone's here to see wonderful machine.

Technologically, we are the envy of everyone.

If there was a mechanism to allow us to live all together

We all enjoy great benefits in the industry.

But that will be for future generations.

We bring marmosets in Mozambique

but we can not stop man behave as always.

- Do you think we can put an end to strikes? - Not in this life.

But with time and patience, We try to ease the bitterness.

Ms. Hale knows how much Milton had fallen people.

As new owners trying to provide work to all employees

I do not know...

As Mr. Thornton can say that, as it would not know.

I thought once you know enough but I was wrong.

Ms. Hale! What a joy to see you.

You finally came to London. Mother agreed that John came,

and Ms. Latimer, of course, I really like.

It looks like the view he's more sensitive than me.

Henry. Do you know Mr. Thornton?

Mr. Thornton. Just in Milton.

My brother is interested bet on cotton.

I'm not sure I'm the person most able to talk with.

I can not bet.

I have to go. Enjoy machinery as an exhibit at the zoo.

I must live with it every day. I have to go back to Milton.

Send them my greetings Hale family.

You must tell what effect London the Miss Hale.

Do not you think, Thornton?

Is not that Miss Hale looks good?


Tell your mom that I'll come home soon, with more to tell.

Ooh! John is so inflexible.

Who was it? Someone who should know?

Poor Thornton. I brought him here to obtain funding for Marlborough Mills.

He came across many questions.

The idealists who believe that only Londoners beat his fingers to make a fortune.

I would have thought that a manufacturer would appreciate such an exhibition.

No, you're wrong. I often heard my father talking.

He's very interested in the world. Seriously. I know it is.

Ms. sorry he made you wait Ms. Thornton.

Can you come?

My daughter Margaret ...

Soon to die.

I would like to take care of it.

My sister...

travels very often.

Margaret has no female to help her.

I'm sure your daughter take own decisions.

I will not be able to do to change their minds.

Already made decisions.

I'm surprised he's not here, you feel so bad.

I made her go.

I would like to get better ... but ...

I want to be a friend to Margaret.

I'm afraid it's not in my nature to shew affection ... even when I have.

But I can promise you that if Ms. Hale I will ask for help,

or if you hear his ... he did something I'm sorry ...

But Margaret never does anything wrong.

... I console her as my daughter.

I promise.

I thank God Bless to promise

to be good ...

my baby.

I must not go, Dixon.

He wanted to leave.

He was happy for you perhaps the last time I saw her happy.

Who comes to visit at this hour?

- I'll call him the master. - No, I go.

Do not bother.

Mr. Hale is?

Frederick. Fred ...



- Mom? - Still alive.

- Very sick, but alive. - Thank God.

- Father... - I expected, is not it?

I knew you'd come, but I got no letter. I ... I traveled.

- But you knew you'd come. - Of course.

I hoped it would be so soon.

Margaret? I heard the door?

My boy.

You came home.

- Miss Hale? - Mr. Thornton.

I came to your father's book and bring your mother fruit

Thank you.

Oh, thank you, Mary. Please take them to the kitchen.

Please excuse me. I thought I'd be still welcome here, despite ...

to what antamplat between us. As a guest of your father, even.

Indeed. You ... you are welcome, but ...

- I am sorry. You already have company. - Not. Even we do not.

There's nobody here.

- Goodbye, Mr. Hale. - Mr. Thornton, please.

Mom is sick. All is not as it seems.

Please believe me I do not want to be rude

and you are very welcome.

Who was it? The merchant who came just now?

Mr. Thornton. E manufacturer.

The merchant, manufacturer, are all the same.

What was thought when you brought dad in the company of such people?

Mr. Thornton is ...

It's a gentleman, Fred, and wore very nice to us.

I am sorry.

What right critic I?

I have neglected you and your mother so many years.

I'm sorry I did not how to thank those who was nice to you,

and to know that my life and yours They are so divided

Maybe by a try by court martial.

Or if you could come to Spain.

You know, I have a good position there. And,...


And to whom did I write? Dolores?

I would have liked to know each. You would like her. You, my father and mother.

Tell me about it. We can talk about beautiful things.

Fred ...

Just not dead ...

- Oh... - Margaret ...

Then to go to Croxley ... read the boy's Smithers.

It's really skillful. Work more.

But slowly. No ... I do not think a too high to reach with education.

But his parents hope, if he get help

It could have a decent education.

Miss Dixon?

What a surprise to see you here!

Maybe you're not Miss Dixon now.

I'm still Miss Dixon for you, Young Leonards.

For my opportunities and I had to think not.

And you. The same habits? What are you looking for just here in Milton?

Helstone not really a place The future, is not it?

Incidentally, this is where the money is.

I have a special bride.

He works for one of those big houses. Hm.

Anyway, what are you doing way up here, Miss Dixon?

Hale still working for?

There was a scandal that had boy touch with them?

My sister's family visit.

Good luck, then.

Sure I'll see, eh?

Oh, Dixon. You think you know Frederick?

That story made a splash. He appeared in all the newspapers.

And yet it's a great reward.

Surely we do not want to places for nose around.

Frederick must leave.

Before the funeral. Have you talked to dad arrangements?

Said Mr. Bell will arrange everything.

Mr. Bell.

Of course. He will help.

But Frederick will have to go before he comes.

No more one knows he's here.

I would have liked to meet this Leonards.

I do not see why I have to go forward funeral.

I have a good feeling, I could I appear in court.

No, you have to go, Fred.

If I could find witnesses to defend myself,

I can prove that monster Reid's captain.

Do you think the court martial He may be right.

Fred never tried to defend himself.

How could I do that now?

I can not make a pamphlet, even if would anyone bother to read it.

How about a lawyer?

I know an honorable lawyer. And cunning.

I am sure he would agree if ... if we please.

Mr. Henry Lennox, Dad. You remember him.

Do what you want. Write to Henry if needed, but do not you Frederick in England.

Henry Lennox. There's Edith's brother?

- Yes. - I think that's fine.

I would describe details about the crew and the ship.

You have to go tomorrow night train. Henry you can meet in London

and embark from there.

A few more minutes. I do not know if we'll see.

- Who was? - Mr. Thornton.

What is this man frowned.

I think it's a person dezagradabila, otherwise.

As with all people, something they antamplat to become so gloomy, Fred.

Do not judge too bad.

- I'll write soon. - Hale?

You, is not it? I've found that you recognize.

- Not Hale. Get out! - What happens then?


- Where did you hide? - Get out!


You must leave now, Fred. Get out!

Get out!

- Go. - The Lord be with you, Margaret.


If we were in church Helstone,

it was full ... friends mom.

What am I doing? Miss Hale and her father?

I'm fine. Do not worry, There are many people who care for them.

- If I can do something ... - It took care of everything.

Not even went so great.

Aunt traveled to Italy, Unfortunately.

It surprises me that Lennox has not occurred yet.

Henry Lennox. Very close family E lawyer.

I hear he's interested.

But I assure you that you know if It needs your help.

- Mr. Thornton? - Yes?

Mason, is not it? How are you?

Sorry to bother you sir, but I speak as a local magistrate ...

This person was found the station two days ago.

He died in hospital this morning.

Not around here.

Try it now identify.

Find out who killed him.

- I thought that you find here at this time. - You always find me.

- Please. Sit down. - Thank you.

You do not work because of the strike?

Not because I wanted to work.

You tried to work the old factory? Hamper known to be good. I would get back.

Yes now are new rules and we are not allowed to pay union.

It is a fund if we can strike give one shilling a day to those in need.

They think that if we allow this will no longer be strikes.

We do not ask employers to sponsor a strike. Not so candid.

Yes where it is a crime to give of their own Our wages earned on merit?

- Earn a wage, is not it, sir. Hale? - Yes. Yeah that's how it is.

People who will not pay you and how to spend it.


- No, they ... certainly not. - All unions have this rule?

Remember that Boucher said that the syndicate are tyrants?

Sometimes union a man must force

for them to see what's best for him.

- Boucher was always a fool. - He hurt union?

He had justice on our side until he began to break the law.

It was better to leave it alone? It did no good union.

And you sick.

- Margaret. - It write a review. I like.

Does not understand. The union is a great power.

The union is our only strength.

Better not to talk about it. I can not be angry at Boucher.

- And that was not all. - Not?

Oh yes. First stirs up a quarrel, and then hides.

Thornton leaves him alone, and he turns around and does what?

It led to Hamper beg working

even if it means not to pay union fees.

To be honest with Hamper, it does not He listened to Boucher. L banished.

They said he cried like a baby.

- I found it in the canal next to Ashley. - Channel?

Yes. Finally it took days.

E Boucher. They drowned.

There can be Boucher.

He should have had the courage to jump.

Why does Dad colored girl?

Water from cleaning paint materials enter the channel.

Higgins. You knew. You have to go tell his wife.

Now, man. We can not leave here.

I can not.

I cant do this.


I'll go.

No, no ... he loved them all.

And we loved him ...

and I told him horrible moments ago ...

What are we doing?

After a few days, Ms. Boucher followed her husband to heaven,

leaving the six children orphans.

I buried up in the city to fresh air,

Their ordeal ended and now rest in peace.

It's harder for us lagging than for those who go.

Excuse me, Miss.

He seeks a police inspector.

I ... I told him to leave, but I wanted to bother the master.

- Said he wants? - No, Miss.

I coveted master's office, but he wants to see.

Excuse me Mrs. especially at such a time.

It is my duty to ask a few questions.

One man died in the infirmary, as a result of a fall, I guess

after a dispute at the station between the hours of 11:12 at night

on the 26th, Tuesday.

At that time, the beating did not seem too importance.

Doctors thought he had a nasty habit to drink some internal complications.

There will be an investigation.

Witnesses, a shop assistant,

He said the fight started because

impertinentelor a drunkard on a young

a man who walked into the station.

I have reason to believe that women in the state Your are Ms.

I was there.

The witness said that Ms. She was very beautiful.


He has identified the young woman as Miss Hale from Crampton,

whose family attends the shop. You only Miss Hale from Crampton.

Why, I ... do not know.

Inspector, I'd hate to be that person...

very pretty,

I'm sorry to have to repeat but it must be a mistake.

- I was there. - I understand.

Do you have questions for me, Detective?

No, ma'am.

I guarantee it's not your talking about?

I am sorry that...

This man is dead.

But I've never been there.

I do not know why my witness insists that you've been in that station,

then I must see If you have an alibi for that evening.

I hope you do not find me impertinent.

I have to do my part.

- Mr. Thornton! - Ah, Mason. What is new?

- The man I saw in the morgue. - Yes. Leonards, is not it?

A drunk, obviously, but died of violence more likely.

One of the maids mother was engaged to him. It was a blow for her.

- Do you know Miss. Hale, sir? - Yes of course. Why?

Death related Miss Hale, sir.

I have information like that

a gentleman who was walking with Miss Hale station

It was fought with Leonards and because of that he died.

- But the young deny he was there. - Are you sure?

A good day!

Are you sure the man was related to that death caused?

- What night? What time? - Between 11 and 12. 26 Wednesday.


Miss Hale denies she was there?

So ...

See my problem, sir.

I have a witness that's for sure he saw Miss Hale,

even though I told him that denies.

Will there be a judicial inquiry.

Identifications are very strange.

Nobody likes to doubt dne word of respect.

- Deny it was in the station? - 2 times. Very determined.

I said I will have to ask.

I thought that if you family friend ...

Very good.

Do not do anything until you's meeting me again. I will do so.

We can not give her Jane a week off?

It's better off without a scandal than Leonards.

You know what the servants are saying about Margaret.

Outside, after dark a gentleman.

I do not care what they say, mom.

Nor would it be.

You came very late.

They? I'm sorry that I made wait, ma'am.

I had to meet with different people,

otherwise I would have come sooner.

There will be, in the end, no investigation if Leonards.

So there will be investigations in the future?

Look. I have here a decision from Mr. Thornton.

- Mr. Thornton? - Yes.

The judge in this case. It is actually an acquaintance of mine.

I told him about the difficulties.

"There will be no investigation ...

"Too few medical evidence.

"It will go on. ... I take full responsibility. "

Thank you.

Mr. Thornton and i was told ... I was there? In the station?

Yes. Of course.

Sorry I doubted Your word, Mrs.

The witness seemed so sure.

But now it sure was wrong. He hopes not inconvenience you created.


a good evening.

I'll leave now.

It is everything okay, Dixon.

It's done.

It's over.

Tata is waiting in the room.

Mr. Thornton?

- I have to thank you. - Not. There's no need.

I did this for you

Do not take the risk you assume if you're so indiscreet?

Do you have any explanation antamplat for what that night?

- You can imagine what I think. - Mr. Thornton, please ...

I imagine you can believe me.

I know it sounds so strange, night to be with a stranger.

The man was he ...

... The secret belongs to another person and I can not reveal it without hurt him.

Is that you, John? Get up.

I do not want to rush in that gentleman's secrets.

I worry as a friend of your father.

I hope you suspect any passion of mine

For you disappeared.