North & South (2004): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

Maria Hale's health ceases and her daughter Margaret decides to contact her brother Frederick - who had to leave England years earlier due to a wrongful court decision. The mill workers in Milton go on strike. In order to get his orders done in time, Thornton hires Irish workers. The angry strikers hear of this and in an attempt to threaten Thornton they hurt Margaret. Overwhelmed by Margaret's openly apparent readiness to save him from the strikers, Thornton decides to propose to her.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
You may need here!

Beware comes Majesty. You can smell when not tormented.

- You there! The car is being repaired? - Yes.

Then use it, for there are many who wants to be in your place.

- The child is ill. Send her home. - I can not afford.

The child can work.

Do you have any children at home?

Yes you can bring in an hour nothing happens.

Thank you.

An hour to be, otherwise you lose the job.

How do you think is better, Mom.

You know how this works factory almost as good as me.

You wonder what I'm missing in May than the country life.

Edith, in Milton you can not feel how the seasons change around you

but I know that I finally left winter behind us

and I can resume my daily walks.

I do not know why I blame myself.

Let's do what we say. If it's not good, we pay.

- They will be 5%. Did you have given? - No, but I would have told them directly.

I told them not to come pay day then to drive them and challenge them.

- Accused me of encouraging a riot? - Do not you look into yarn?

You play our way of our living.

You have done better with the workers? I would not deliberately misled. A good day.

This is our doctor's address.

I should not even come to your You could send a servant.

Stay long in this horrible climate.

I'm surprised you have not needed yet the doctor.

I needed it.

I came because I personally I wanted to alarm my father.

It's just a precaution in case he needed.

Mother is very depressed.

Seriously? We do not have that here.

But Mr. Donaldson will do everything possible.

Sorry to have bothered you.

You did not bother.

But you, you're not industry directly concerned,

You may have heard that preparing an uprising.

Not only here, but a riot Milton will affect the whole.

What if the rebels win?

They want higher wages?

So they say.

But the truth is ...

... But there some men, raise themselves to be masters

while others will always seek to pull them down.

This is the country we live in, Miss Hale,

and you can not do anything about it.

I need three here!

Hello, Miss Margaret! Have you visited the dragon?

- Hi, Jenny. How's your mother? - A little better, Miss.

- Do you like to work here? - You like? To like to work?

It's the same everywhere. I mean, it's better to Hamper.

There does not earn more than 4 shillings.

I gain 5.10 but my father asks him for almost everyone.

On what you spend, if you could?

Food and and food. Very much, plates full.

A revolt to join?

I'm not saying that to be one. Unless it.

Your mother gave me the name a doctor.

- Are you sick? - Not. No, just as a precaution.

Your mother always accuses me I know nothing of Milton.

I doubt he would be talking gossip.

Do not tell me no secret.

He was a man who verify this. It's something new.

They became experts at telling others their working conditions.

- Mind if I say the truth? - Certainly not.

I will not apologize to anyone for salaries.

I pay for Marlborough Mills to work.

It's obvious why he wants to see.

But how they spend their money?

That's not my job.

My duty is that factory work.

If you neglect it then, all workers will no longer have an income.

But your moral duty?

If she sees her job and does nothing as to shut factory

Why do not my job leisure.

Here in the North, we place great value on independence.

But surely interest you.

I'm her employer.

No father or brother as to how I want it to do.

Sorry to disappoint you, Miss Hale.

I would like to play the role of master authoritarian

but I'll answer questions the so honest as I ask.

Now, please excuse me, I have some urgent business.

While he was here,

we oversaw a eagle protecting their nest.

As I had thought her son!

And you thought.

If you might be interested should gonna get some stylish clothes.

Thank you! If you want to know, are last year!

You have no chance. Walk a lot of girls after him.

Welcome, all my wishes better.

I must say that if I had a son I would not stay heap on him like she does.

I will not have children, so there will be no such problems.

Bessy, really bad?

I spray in the lungs. No matter how I coughed disappears.

At least not to get to be too old and ugly!

- And that was antamplat at Marlborough Mills? - Not. Not.

I think it happened when I was younger.

I did not know these things then. I worked very hard.

When my dad found out he moved, Thornton immediately.

- He loves you much, does not it? - Yes.

Dads with daughters. Mothers of boys.

So maybe we should be tough the old Thornton!

Maybe your mother would have to foast as if she had a boy.

Even he has ... a boy.

I have a brother.

- Why did not you say? - Because not really talk about it.

Come on, I think it's a beautiful story.

I cried when Fred left home. So mother.

But he wanted desperately to go to sea

and Dad thought it would be better for him.

He left hopeful ...

But that was before sailing with a captain.

He was a monster.

Once they set sail, He did what he wanted.

I beat kids and almost killed him to.

- They could not do anything? - Have tried.

Frederick and a few have faced. Some wanted to kill him.

Eventually they put the Captain

and yet few officers in a boat and they let into the sea.

Marines have called this rebellion.

But Frederick had little choice.

He was appointed as head of uprising and called a traitor.

Finally Marina sent a list of rebels

Fred and his name is among them.

I almost killed my parents.

It was in South America for several years.

Now living in Spain in Cadiz.

Spain! How romantic!

Sometimes I think I will see him.

If he could have said As happened really,

as he defended others against that madman,

I am sure that the law would be put right.

Some of the sailors were caught.

They argued the case. Captain Reid was just crazy.

But anyway they were hanged.

No, Frederick is safe in Spain.

If she comes home you be sentenced to death, I'm sure.

I guess it's like a consolation

knowing he was so brave to those sailors weaker defend them.

Yeah that's how it is.

Yes I confess that better would have been a coward

if it meant mother to see him once.

Ready preparations?

If a party to do, to do it right.

Do not feel sorry for invitations, right?

No no. Spend as needed.

Maybe it will be the last party we give as much time.

And who's on the list?

Slicksonii course. Fosterii.

Brownii refuse, but still we have to invite them.

Hales will come, I guess?

There are probably aware The great advantage

that he could have Miss. Hale If introduced into society.

That will not influence.

How well it looks like you understand them these Hale, John!

They are not so different from other people I know?

He seems a worthy man.

Who believe that traders They are simple people.

It is a delicate woman, Her sad air!

As for the girl, cam has some airs.

Not rich, nor will they be.

She is not good at anything. He can not play the piano.

And how many are missing to reach them at your level?

I understand that Ms. Hale I can not bear it, John.

If you've let alone maybe we see them and I would like qualities.

I could not do that again.

It would be better to try even Miss Hale boards to mother.


You have not attached to it, it is not like that?

What are you thinking about, He will not ever accept.

Because once I laughed in the face this thought! I'm sure.

I would not ever want.

It has a good opinion of it to want you.

I would like to know, You will find someone better?

Believe me both, I have no interest for Miss Hale.

Mr. Hale is my friend. It is just his face.

I would like to do both an effort to make friends with her.

I do not know what to talk about it so much. I'm full.

And to talk about? How about talking about the strike?

Now, now listen!

Those working at Hamper

He was told not to expect to arrange things!

- But Slickson? - Thornton will tell us Friday!

- So what do you suggest? - Strike!

I thought so.

Now's the time.

We will stop all machines at the end of Friday, October minutes before!

And no one, no one will give way again!

And if Slickson an offer, only to do factory work?

We continue with the strike.

Remember, if everyone refused to work

we will be mighty!

- How you think will withstand heads? - A week at most two.

What if I labor in Ireland?

Thornton will do so. Better dead than to do what we say.

Him down!

And no it will not take salaries Irish!

Listen! Not!

No violence!

Employers expect to behave like animals.

A show them that we can think of.

We do not lose our heads.

The only enemies strike you yourselves!

Now we must get this strike well!

Not that 5 years ago, where half of us They have returned to work before the others.


- It understands? - Yes.

That's it. We're together. Friday night stay!


E productive workforce?

They expect me to refuse the application.

There are many pending orders?

Of course. There are enough and we know that.

The Americans have invaded the market.

Our only opportunity e to produce at lower price and faster.

But the work faster, so it's harder to pay.

How owes us?

The debt to the bank's 400 pence.

People lose patience.

What do we gain only covers the last part.

Why not listen?

They think that if one adds It's all those ignorant resolved.

Do not worry, Mom. It's a young industry. These problems will be solved.

We are not in a position to sell.

You can not bring people in Ireland? So you can get rid of strikers.

So I will. So I will show that I I am the boss and who I can hire.

Yes, I can. And I will, if the strike resist.

It will be problematic and expensive but I will simply quit.

If it will be more expensive

Sorry for dinner this year.

We should do that last year.

No more, no less.

Now mother. Sure we do for Thornton ...

- Excuse me. - Ah, she is Margaret, of course.

Last time I saw you were 8 years old, and run through Helstone your brother.

Mr. Bell! Of course!

How do you do?

I thought it would be a beautiful young lady

but I would not have imagined such a goddess.

Margaret you will not understand humor.

- No offense, honey. - Of course.

I'm glad we finally have visited.

With all this talk of strikes, I thought I consult

if my banker sell or properties.

Certainly not. We're not even sure it will be a revolt, not dad?

I do not know. It seems that patrons and employees can not agree.

In my experience taught I met many workers.

They have some terrible stories

and speak from the heart

and come with arguments about strike that seem very logical.

You know, salaries were reduced 5 years ago and did not return to those salaries.

No, although food price It grows as more and more.

But then our friend Thornton comes to read

and I answer questions

and the other side says so eloquently ...

I do not know what to think.

I'm sure Mr. Thornton makes his his point of view very eloquently.

I am surprised that give a dinner Thorntonii with all the problems.

Thorntonii give dinner in exactly the same day each year.

Neither time nor problems will not stop Ms dinners. Thornton.

It not a setback for no man. That's very true!

Margaret has made friends among workers. Seriously?

Extraordinary girl.

- Did you notice? - We are waiting for you.

Sorry it took so long to respond

when you asked me what color fits better for the child.

I wish to see him.

I'm sure it will look great any clothe.

I have been very busy.

It's funny, Milton workers not working.

The factories are empty for weeks and the streets are empty.

People try to live with what I can.

But all around read despair.

Both workers and employers remain in position.

They will not give either side.

No one knows how long it will last.

Not! My wife! Not!

It can not bear hunger.

We die until we get the 5%!

I hate you! You and all the union!

You said it might take two weeks.

Two weeks, you said.

The last 2 times during this

and children are lying in bed May too hungry to cry.


I said I'd take care of you ...

and I promise from my heart that we win.

You want a man to see starving children

that is not against the union.

You have more compassion a pack of wolves that hungry.

We do as we can.

I feel guilty that I am not hungry,

and helpless in the face to so much suffering.

It's very quiet. The strike was too long.

Do you blame me?

- What do Boucherii? - I left a basket in front of the goal.

It has less courage dad and more mouths to feed.

Patrons will try in every way to make us go back.

How to prevent them from going to work?

We will be persistent.

Where I come from South

if field workers strike, no longer resemble and will not be harvested.

- And? - What happens to farms?

Farmers will be forced to give them up or pay a slariu honest!

Let's say that I can not even if they wanted?

Then they will not have to sell and any salary paid next year.

South do not know anything! I heard that there are people on and without spirit.

But I think we are stupid. But surely many would not wantonly cut in salary.

You are foreign. You would not understand.

Damn Thornton, Slickson, Hamper.

Fuck all.

Is Mr. Thornton bad as the others? It is a fighter, fierce as a bulldog.

It looks better, of course, like a bulldog?

Keep the cuvand like a dog.

He has the courage to fight. That's the best thing about him.

I do not want your trouble, Miss.


No need to shout. You vervii the ground.

- Where is he going? - Golden Dragon.

Drink a pint ... to calm down sometimes.

What say is true, but is worried It does not know if he can keep united strikers.

There are many people, not all I am like my father.

Ah, Ms. Thornton!

I hope it's quiet enough for you, sir. Hale.

People have not had all month so it's very quiet

for our party.

I'm sorry your mother is sick.

There's nothing to worry about, I'm sure. It's just a little tired.

I wonder if they would try water bags.

They are the latest fashion filled with water.

Gives a feeling of comfort back.

- You were sick, Miss Thornton? - Oh, no, no. I am very delicate.

I sent last invention to be sure.

The mother does not agree.

Ah, Thornton, good evening.

Slickson, good evening. Henderson. Watson.

Thornton. I took the liberty to invite me alone, knowing your mother's hospitality.

I hope you're not worried about Marlborough Mills? We always suppress the strike.

I have always had confidence in you, but this situation ...

There's nothing to have no solution.

No, of course not. Thornton knows everything in business.

It has all my confidence.

Thornton, you know Miss Latimer?

Thornton, who is that lady?

See, learn habits of Milton, sir. Thornton.

I'm sorry your mother He could not join us.

Thornton must talk to you.

Excuse me.

- You announced to the barracks? - It's done.

- Horsemen army? - Arrangements have been made.

If you find that you want to suspend strike bringing Irish workers ...

I take the risk. You do not have to take.

I will protect myself and those working

for me any kind of violence.

I hope.

Thornton is hardly gallant tonight

if he sat the most beautiful woman Slickson room to talk.

Who can get acquainted? Come with me.

I heard Arnold moves moves to America.

America? Damn it.

That I'd like to do.

Fucking strikers will no longer work.

There is no currently working.

E work. They do not want to work.

Thornton? What do you think?

I think Mr. Bell, He uses his old tricks

playing with words to us, ordinary people.

But it's a serious question.

I do not want to produce another country

but it is logical that others try if I can not make profits here.

What do you think, Miss Hale? Of course not approve strikers.

Not. And yes. It's good to see this issue on both sides.

Mr. Arthur saw you carrying a basket Princeton district last afternoon.

I have a good friend in Princeton. Her name is Bessy Higgins.

Higgins? It's one of the union leaders, Hamper?

Yes. A great worker. He's a dangerous man.

I am surprised, Miss Hale, you have such friends.

- Bessy's my friend. Nicholas is ... - Nicholas? You know the name?

Mr. Higgins was lifted up slightly circumstances.

But speaking from the heart, I'm sure.

If so decided, I wonder accept pity.

Not for him. Cart was to a man who had 8 children and are hungry.

Ah, then he knows what to do. To come to work.

I suspect that this man you're talking about

He works at Marlborough Mills, is not it, Margaret?

You made man, whoever he is, more harm than good taking them basket.

By supporting the strikers, strike will last longer.

That's not kindness.

They will be defeated but will last long. Their pain will be prolonged.

But surely you a hungry baby food

it's just a matter of logic?

Ms. Thornton, I want to congratulate you these magnificent ...

... Table arrangements.

I do not think I've seen such decorations

even the most lavish meetings in Harley Street.

Not all owners are the same, sir. Bell.

You neindreptatesti if you think we are all capable

to do all sorts of things.

Come in. Maria must still be awake.


Who was Dixon?

- Who? - The man who left the house.

- What man? - Dixon.

He was the doctor. Dr. Donaldson.

- Mom? - He did a routine check.

Control routine? Since coming here?


What are you hiding there?

What is this?

Dixon told you, is not it?

- He promised not to tell. - I ordered it.

Dixon said he should not tell you.

What Dixon knows?

It's a maid. I'm your daughter!

Shh. I do not want to hear your father.

No offense Dixon.

Loves me.

Not. I'll try not to get upset.

I keep thinking about Helstone.

I cried all the time and sometimes I wanted to go.

And now not to see him.

That's my punishment.

And Margaret ...

I can not think of Frederick.

No he is not going to see him!

Oh, Margaret, it's so hard!

There, there, now. Shh, shh.


Dear, dear, dear!


There, now, Miss. You should know! Now you worry ahead of time.

Definitely one to tell his master. And then I'm gonna blame everybody.

She does not tell him my father.

- I can take it easy for him. - I think!

I know for some time what you sick.

And although I do not pretend I love her so much as you,

I loved it more than anyone in this world.

Do not forget when I first saw her.

The young Miss Beresford.

Amm I broke a fingernail, I was so nervous ...

... And she bandaged hand with his handkerchief.

And then...

... When he returned from bal ...

... Remembered to come to see how I feel.

He changed the handkerchief for another.

It was the most beautiful thing I had seen ...

... Or that I've seen since.

Miss, you better sit up!

You will need a clear mind in the morning.

I'm sorry I was hard on you, Dixon.

God bless you. I have more strength of mind!

When you get mad, I remember the master Frederick.

It's a good sign.

We go to the factory tomorrow, sir?

There are enough for tonight.

We can not risk bringing Most up to dawn.

Come O'Neil! Come on now!

Oh, are you, Miss.

- Did you see anyone on the street? - Not. It's very strange, right?

- Where is everyone? - I guess we'll find out soon.

Better go inside, miss, and close the door.

Mom will come soon. He said to excuse.

I saw new faces in the factory?

My brother has imported Irish workforce.

They're all together in the large room.

- What are there? - I'm afraid.

The strikers have threatened Do not let work

and we are afraid to let them out.

My mother looking for something to eat and John his calm.

Some women will and pray to get back.

Ah, my mother came.

Excuse me, sorry to bother you at this hour.

Mom ... Fanny said that you some bags of water can borrow them?

I'm sorry, I thought ...



Wine! Wine! They'll kill us all!

- Keep her here behind the house. - How soon can the soldiers come?

- Try to calm down. - Ms. Hale!

Miss Hale, sorry that we have visited in this bad time.

I'm out there somewhere! Come on!

C'mon guys! We'll find them!

It's not good! I have a family to feed!

Out with the Irish!

Oh gosh! I go to the factory door!

Out with the Irish!

Oh no! Boucher E!

Let them shout. Resist minutes.

I'm not afraid. Not Can you relax?

Soldiers will to come to their senses.

Let them come to their senses? How?

Go and speak to them like a man.

Talk to them as if as human beings.

They are mad with hunger. Their children are hungry. I do not know.

Go and save them on the Irish poor.

Mr. Thornton, be careful!

In the name of God, stop! Think about what you do!

He is one and you are more!

Go home. Soldiers are on the way.

Go in peace. You will respond to requests.

- You send the Irish home? - Never!

- Get in there! - They will not hurt a woman.

Sign in or I'll take you!

Are you satisfied?

Kill me if you want it!

- Is she dead? - No, but it looks bad breath.

Where is mother? We need a doctor.

He had to go through strikers. It was only the courage to do.

- Have you seen? - What?

Miss Hale. What antamplat below.

Have you seen Miss Hale hugging patron? Not.

- They saw all the servants? - I had a good view from the window.

My mom is sure to eye on John. That proves it.

Oh, quick, Jane! Heat some water!

There, there ... SRA Hale! Do not worry.

Mother was led by doctor. Will come soon!

I need a doctor. I have to go home.

No, you can not! Mom, good to have you back! Miss Hale ...

- Is it bad? - I'm not ok. I want to go home.

Mm, looks worse than it is.

But you've scared, Miss.

- You better rest here a while. - Do not you know that my mother is unwell.

No need to worry. If you hear this ... I'm gonna go now.

Of course not, Doctor? I think you better leave to do as he says.

I'll go with the carriage, to make sure you arrive safely.

The streets are very noisy.

Very good.

This way!

Mr. Thornton?

Do not worry, sir. We catch the leaders.

You Thornton smiled again. Those thugs strike destroyed.

He did not have to use Irish.

Margaret, are you?

Yes mom. A ... I come quickly.

I need to wash. The streets were very dirty today.

Where is Miss Hale?

He went home.

He went home? Not possible.

Seriously, John, was much better!

I was very scared. What have you thought?

I did the right thing.

Dr. Donaldson was called.

I went after him I just as no one has thought of that.

Thank you. The streets were dangerous. You...

Of course you can not keep a woman where stubborn will not stay.

What young imprudent.

- Jane, do you work? - Miss Fanny, sir ...

I was so scared! I almost fainted!

I thought they'd break the door and they'll kill us all!

- Fanny, do not be ridiculous. - You were not in any danger.

Where are you going?

See if Miss Hale's good.

I sent her in a carriage with Dr. Donaldson. Everything was done right John!

Please do not go.

I heard ... I was somewhat violent Marlborough Mills.

I hope not much damage.

A young woman looks for Miss Margaret.

I told him to go but he's very insistent. Her name is Mary.

Sorry, Miss! I did not know what to do! His Bessy is very sick!

Are you still awake?

- I thought you'd be exhausted. - Why should I be?

Where have you been?

I walked.

Where have you walked?

I promised that I will not go there and there I went.



You know you have to go there tomorrow and you know what will.


You could do something else.

What do you want to say?

I think it forces you honor

especially because it showed that feelings in such a way that everybody can see them.

- Her feelings? - He went before them and saved you.

Or I imagined this?

Think servants have not seen?

It did not become the subject gossip in Milton?

I saved.

But you do not think mom a woman that she could take me.

Do not be naive.

What proof do you need, that acted in a way so shameless?

I'm sure you will get from me.

That's why I did not see today.

May wanted a night to have taken everything.

I need to change Our clothes initials.

Now they have her name, hers and yours.

I know that does not care about me.

But do not be silent. I have to talk to her.

Do not be afraid, John.

He admitted to the world.

I must learn to love.

I think it was hard to overcome pride.

Dear Margaret,

if Uncle would bring you all home you would not have witnessed so much suffering.

As it considers guilty Margaret, certainly not your fault.

Only workers chose to strike and certainly you have done everything possible to help.

Even when I was little always doing the right thing.

I noticed the color of the fruit.

I'm afraid that I was ungrateful yesterday.

- There's nothing to be ungrateful. - I think I do.

- I did what anyone would have done. - Not true.

I was ultimately responsible, I jeopardized.

I would have done the same for anyone else there.

For anyone? So approve this violence?

You think I got what I deserved?

No, of course! But they were desperate.

I'm sure if you have gone to talk to her ...

I forgot. Can you imagine that you are friends.

But if you were reasonable ... I? Want to sppuneti that not reasonable?

If you have spoken to them and have not be sent soldiers against them, I'm sure ...

They got what they deserved.

Miss Hale, I just came to thank you.

I came because ...

I think it's very ... I know I never I've never been in this position.

It's hard to find words.

Miss Hale, my feelings I am very strong.

Please, stop.

Please do not proceed.


Please do not continue this way.

That's not the way he talks a gentleman.

I am aware that in your eyes not a gentleman.

But I think I deserve to know why are so offensive.

I speak as though your duty to save my reputation!

I speak of my feelings because I love you.

I have not thought about reputation.

You think you are rich and my father in some circumstances not too good

... You can have as a possession?

I did not expect anything else one trader!

I want to get married because i love you!

We should, because I have not ever liked

and not to me never pleasers.

Now a talk time about the color of a fruit ...

... And the next moment of love.

How did this happen?

My friend Bessy Higgins He is dying.

And this is all my fault, right?

- I am sorry. - For what?

Because I think my feelings offensive to you?

And because you believe I can not think

than in terms of buying or selling?

Or that I am pleased to send my employees to an early death?

Not! No, of course not.

... I am so sorry that direct.

I do not know ... how to say no.

How to respond when a man You speak as you speak

There are others?

That always happens to you?

I think you disappointed men who gave you heart.

- Please understand, sir. Thornton ... - I understand.