Nona et ses filles (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - 3 - full transcript


i saw the light

After that I didn't close my eyes anymore.

When Nona woke up in the morning, she was initially surprised

what I'm looking for at her bed.

So I told her everything.

And you?

Look at me calmly and say:

"Okay, then I'll make coffee first."

So I asked her if I could take a shower.

And she answers, a little embarrassed:

"Just over there on the left."

Then she smiled at me.

After a while she got up and...

she was gone.

(loose drumming)

♪ Badadab-bab-babab.

♪ Baaaa-dadada.

(cheerful music)

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(excited whisper)

What's that whispering about?

Is this a plot?

Mom who is the father?

You ask that for free. I won't tell.

(go:) Mama!

Yes, I sleep with a man.

And by the way, he's my age.

But I won't say who it is.

You have to tell him! - There's still so much to do.

Especially since he's not the father. - Do you see?

She's not telling the truth.

Please mom who is it?

Is there another one? - What business is it of yours?

did you cheat on him Say it. It is important to us.

Yes I have.

With a woman.

(George is startled and laughs.)

I'm out girls.

How can you not go crazy yourself?

(sounds of terror)

Mom, why do you say he's not the father?


Was a DNA test done?

And with what? a hair?

You guessed it.

And he's negative.

Roger that?

So, what's on?

Oh nothing.



What are you doing there?

And what does your midwife do in the shower?

Paou stayed here. - And why?

Because that calms me down.

Oh, you don't want us here, but him?

I find that unfair.

(Door opens.) Good morning!

It's all ok.

You can turn around again, I'm wearing something.

(impish music)

Excuse me.

"Dear Diary,

this week has been as colorful as a rainbow."

"I hated a man and then loved him again."

"It's André Breton, my supervisor."

"Or, rather, ex-doctoral supervisor."

"Because actually he dumped me."

(soft music)

"The modern age, today."

"His words resonated with me all week,

and tonight at 7:07 p.m. while peeling my orange...

I suddenly had a brilliant idea."

(soft piano music)

"I can neither tell you nor write

But you wouldn't care anyway."

"You know how it is with things like this:

If you talk about it too much, you end up never doing it."

"Just this much: At the moment I'm calling it 'The Miracle Nona'."

(satisfied sigh)

(moving music)

No results.


(knock) Yes?

Miss Debruche,

the young pregnant woman "Everyone has relationship stress",

I urgently want to reschedule her appointment.


Should I check the calendar? - Yes please do that.

(Door is closed.)

Mr Merchant! Mr Merchant!

Sind Sie Antoine Marchand? - Yes.

May I call you Antoine? - According to me.

Excellent! I'll get straight to the point.

Don't worry, I don't want anything from you, but I need you.

Ok... what a pity. I mean you need me, how?

You're Professor Dumont's assistant in genetics.

Yes, that's right. - I have a new topic for my doctoral thesis.

And I think you can help me.

Ah ...

It will definitely interest you. It's an isolated case.

I had 20 minutes.

Give them to me!

Alright, come on. Which professor are you with?

Professor Breton. But now I'm doing my PhD in biology.

I had Prof. Girard before, but he's dead.

Good day, monsieur! - Hi!

I wanted to check on Madame Elisabeth.

Hello Rafia. - Hi!

Is the miracle okay?

Uh, what miracle? - The baby.

I was there when you did the echo.

As you know, I work late on Thursdays.

I hope you didn't tell anyone.

No one!

You must be wrong, monsieur.

Elizabeth has a health problem.

There is a foreign body in her stomach.

I saw the baby.

It's a miracle.

I won't say anything, but help Joan of Arc.

Jeanne D'Arc?

Ja, Joan of Arc, meine Nichte.

She and her husband have been trying for three years to no avail.

You are so sad.

Yes, but I can't do anything for Joan of Arc.

(mysterious music)

But you're right, I'm expecting a baby.

But that's no wonder.

I mean, that's why I can't do magic.

Try it. Once only.

(Music really soft.)

I ask you.

Fine, but only once, yes? Promised?

Elisabeth left us a strange message.

Pfff... very vague.

That she won't come back immediately and needs a break.

What does she have?

She's gone to Guyana. And visit the local centers.

In Guyana? - Yes, and the journey was long.

But why didn't she tell us?

I don't know that. But she's pretty much done.

The main thing is that she's there to toast when we have the subsidies.

Is she coming back? - I wouldn't be sure.

But I'm still here.

But you never stay long. You work, don't you?

No, I only take care of my sons.

How many sons do you have? - With the twins it's five.

(whistle, laughter)

Us you? Do you have children too?

no We don't want one, my wife and I.

Do you know my mother's boyfriend?

I didn't even know she had one.

I thought maybe he'd been here before to pick her up.

Now that you say it, yes, that's right.

Such a tall white-haired man, with an intense look, almost unbearable.

He was here often.

What's his name? - No idea.

Do I understand this in the right manner?

The genetic test was negative, but she only slept with this one man?

Exactly. - What did they take?

A hair sample. - Then it'll be all right.

So it must be genetic. - That's awesome!

Can you meet this woman? - No.

But I know her well. - Who is it?

I can't tell, it's top secret.

And how shall we investigate the case

if we never see the subject?

I'll tell you when you introduce me to the professor.

He's in China until the end of the month. - Oh...

I mean, what's your hurry? - Well, a little.

I'm sorry, but then it probably won't work.

Can't you help me?

Uh... I can do some research if you want, but...

Yes I want to.

Well, that will take time, I mean, I'm still working.

They work? - Mmm.

I have to make a living from something. - Oh, I'm stupid!

No no ...

But that's no problem, I'll pay you.

Would you do that? - What do you charge for it?

As much as I earn I would say.

I'm a security officer.

Or, to put it another way, night watchman, in a museum.

Great, done!

For real? - Of course.

Now you work for me!

Please. If you are sure?


Marcus? Margus.

Mar-, no.


No no. No, it really isn't.

In general, this vision I had there was really horrifying.

He sat naked in the bath like a child.

I almost have a guilty conscience.

And how come?

Well, I opened the door.

I heard the shower was running.

Mhm ...

So I subconsciously wanted it.

What exactly?

I wanted to know what mom's midwife looks like naked.

Did you say midwife?

Well, I mean... Paou.


Not you.

Yes, yes, I think I wanted him...


I wanted to neuter him.


That's it for today.

(Dreamy Music)

"I'm staying with my mother again today, darling."

"She's not well, I have to take care of her."

"Until then."

(soft music)



(Phone rings, thoughtful music.)

"Emmanuelle Ronsard, Messages after the beep, please."

And the ones from the court?

Do you think they'll be back?

If they don't see us, then they won't come either.

I'll keep my fingers crossed for us. I just don't want to leave here.

(Performance Music)

Are you with us for the first time? - Yes but ...

I already have the blood test.

Ah great.


So, you are in the second month.

You still have time.

(Girl:) Okay.

(Rosi:) Do you know who the father is?

Uh... yeah, that's my friend.

Is your relationship going well?

Well, we've been together for six months or so now.

He's my first... my first real friend.

Do you love him?

Um...I don't know. Hard to say.

Do you always know if you're in love?

No not always.

You're right, it's not that easy.

(mobile phone vibration)

So, here's what we do...


Excuse me a moment.

Do you already have an appointment with the psychologist?

No, but I don't want to keep it anyway.

You should talk to her about it first

then we will explain the abortion to you.

Do you know if that hurts a lot?

I can't take the boys. - And I have to go to Singapore.

I forgot. Sorry!

I beg you, just for a few days.

It's been weeks now!

Yes, you're gone, gone, like we don't exist.

And this text message: "I don't have time, my mother needs me."

Are you kidding me? - Not so loud.


What's up, huh? Out with it!

I do not know.

I feel empty and useless.

I think I have to do something just for myself.

But you're doing all this for your mother.

Yes, yes, but... this is different.

Manu ...

Your mother is a monster, you know that.

And she eats us all up.

I think we're just done, we can't take it anymore.

Maybe yes ...

Let's travel, just go away, just the two of us.

One week Thalasso cure. How about it?


It will be okay.

(Kecke Music)

We'll figure it out, I promise you.

(mysterious music)

(muffled:) Do you see him?

The sleeping bag is blue and green.

Oh, here.

All right, I've got him!

give it to me - Here.

So, I thought we'd put the bed here for you.

Of course, the armchair has to go.

And maybe the screen can hang there. - OK.

Then everyone is a little to themselves. Agreed?

Clear. So far I agree with everything here.

Aren't you homesick?

no I also just got dumped.

What? You don't leave her.

To be honest, that suits me very well.

You are a jewel! - She probably prefers costume jewellery.


(mysterious music)

It starts again.

(fairytale music)

That's really incredible.

May I? - Yes.

I'll listen to you again, right away.

(Device beeps.)

Now it's gone.


Damn! - It's like it's talking to us.

Why don't you bring it back? - I can't control it.

Is that painful? - Maybe it'll come back.

Shit! Shit!


When it comes to irrational things, only the irrational helps.

(babble of voices, muffled party music, traffic noise)

(dull traffic noise)

Oh ...

they split up

Yes, that's right.

What's his name?


(Mumbling:) One, four, two, 18...


(mysterious music)

Can you see it? He's still there.

You carry it within you.

(moving music)

You are expecting a child.

Ah ...

Yes, rejoice!

And he is the father of her child.

(moving music)

I see something else here.

A phantom... No.

A chimera.

(mysterious music)

I still don't really understand

why you two came here.

If everything is going well so far and you really want the child,

if you continue to desire each other and have sex regularly,

then what brings you to me?

We would like to prevent.


Do you mean birth?

Yes, exactly. - Yes.

Sometimes there is a crisis afterwards, and therefore ...

we prefer to get advice beforehand.

Uh... good.

In addition, you should...

be the best

You have a super good reputation.

You are not just anyone.

I heard you the other day, yes, on the radio.

That was great.

(Kecke Music)

(cheeky piano music)

(message tone)

"I would like to see you one last time."

"Please come to the Bulthaup tonight."

"I beg you!"

Excuse me, you have to go, we're closing.

Understand. I'll be right there

(cheeky piano music)

There needs to be some salt

but not too much, last time I really overdid it.

Nobody could eat that, really bad.

(Music really.)

Where have you been?

I was out for a walk. With my bodyguard.



(quietly:) Man, she's annoying.

Oh no, Markus Paounoff, don't do that!

We're already doing that.

Please call me Paou.

So, Markus Paou, how is it living with mom?

Good so far.

And the folding bed is more comfortable than I thought.

No, the cot.

That's another whim of hers.

Men always have to lie at her feet.

You know, your mother is very worried.

make an effort

but what happens to her is indescribable.

Well, indescribable... She's pregnant.

Yes. In your age! What does that do to the hormones?

I don't know how many you still have and which ones.

As a man, I don't know that either.

There are women who never go through menopause at all.

I forgot the onion. - But that's rare.

You have to have these first... - Shit, yes, these are for frying.

Such a dumb thing.

can i now

I cooked the spaghetti.

Why doesn't Manu eat with us?

Emmanuel probably didn't want that.

She feels bad about her sons.

your Achilles heel. - Yes, but why?

She takes very good care of her, doesn't she?

Sometimes you feel differently than it suits you.

I have anger in my stomach. I don't know where that came from either.

What? Is this a joke? - No!

Sometimes I want to kill the whole world.

And I took on that anger

from some other person that I don't know about.

And you, Mark?

Do you also carry something from someone else?

I do not know.

I've never asked myself that.

Someone put something on me too.

I don't know who this child is from.

And sometimes I wonder

whether I slept with a ghost or ghost.

(impish music)

I put a secret spice in it. Do you like it?

(babble of children's voices)

Is it cumin? - You all right, guys?

Come on, come here too!

Are we playing a video game? - No, no video will be played.

Who is that. - Manu and her sons?

Please take off your jackets. Hey, didn't you hear?

(She snorts.)

That will not do!

What do you want? Watch video or play video?

(babble of children's voices)

(Music and babble of voices fade away.)

Emmanuel is on a business trip.

Now I'm back at home with the boys all day and...

this is killing me.

I can't do this anymore.

The sofa, the bed, the coffee table.

I wish I could ...

yes, burn everything and then run away.

I must be depressed.

Mummy? - Yes, treasure?

are we staying here long?

Until your father comes back. - And you?

Maybe a little longer to help Nona.

Is she sick? does she have cancer

How did you get it? no

She's exhausted, so I'll help her.

And why can't I stay at home?

I'm 17. I don't get it. - Yes I know.

And stop taking us for fools.

Everyone knows she's pregnant. - Will Nona have another child?

Pregnant? What does this mean?

Hm... Alright, come here!

I'll tell you something. Listen carefully.

Yes, it's true, Nona is pregnant.

But that's a secret. Don't tell anyone.

Come on, promise. How's our oath going?

we swear - Okay, we swear.

(all:) We swear. - We swear.

Okay great. And now it's time to sleep, my dears.

Shh! And silence.

Sleep well! - Good night.

I don't want to hear any more.

I turn off the light. - But ...

(whispering:) Great secret. - Yes.

I'm fed up

I always have to sleep in the middle no matter what I draw.

I dreamed again that we were flying out of the apartment.

The bailiffs took everything.

What are we doing?

Think of something. You signed it.

I'll take care of her replacement and you take care of the apartment.

And what do I do? - I do not know ...

Okay ...

The only solution is to find the father.

It's also his responsibility. Should he take mom in with him?

Yes you are right.

By the way, I have good news.

I'm changing the topic of the dissertation and writing about Nona.

I met a little genius at university.

antoine I hired him to find out who the father is.

But... And what do you pay for it with?

Well, let's see.

I can't do it alone, I need a specialist.

Yes, fine, but that costs money.

I didn't officially hire him.

We're not supposed to talk about it.

Did you also with Luc-Paul. - Marc-Luc.

I was only talking about the apartment, not the baby.

That's why I didn't say it's Mama's.

Crazy, right? We're getting a brother or another sister.

(Dreamy Music)

Yes. No matter what it is, it's already uncle or aunt.

Pff ...

Well, that scares me.

Hey! shall we do the ritual?

Oh no, don't!

Come on... for my sake.

All right, go.


Good night.

Good night.

Good night.

Sleep well.

Sleep well.

Sleep well.

And have nice dreams.

Have sweet dreams. - Have sweet dreams.

No nightmares.

No nightmares.

No nightmares.

(at the same time, like ghosts:) Wuh!

(chuckles, satisfied sighs)

(mobile phone vibration)

(Music really.)

"I'm sorry, I can't get any further,

as long as I don't know who it's about."

(message tone)

"But I can't tell you any more."

(mobile phone vibration)

Silence, George!

"Then I won't go on." - Damn!


Yes hello?

Won't you tell anyone if I tell you who it is?

No, I promise. Who is it?

A family member.

"Your aunt?"


"Wait, I'll text you."

(sent tone)

(message tone)

"Elisabeth Perrier, meine Mutter."

(Thoughtful piano music)

(whispering:) Are you sure nobody's there?

One more higher.

yes, there it is

Do you think she's there?

There, see? - Be quiet!

(Thoughtful piano music)



Yes hello?

"Guten Abend, Andre."

Betty, my darling!

"I have to talk to you."

What is?

You know you can tell me anything.

"It's something bad, I'll tell you right away,

something very bad."

What's happening?

tell me please

"Get up."

(Music really.)

"I lied to you."

"There is none other than you."

"Is that what you wanted to tell me?"

"There's something else."

"It probably seems completely crazy to you

and it will make you angry."

"What makes you think so? No. Not at all. Tell me."

"I'm pregnant."

"I beg your pardon?"

"I'm expecting a child, yes."

"There is..."


"And since when?"

"Long time?"

"Yes, for a while."

"It will be born soon."

"But then ..."

"When the time comes soon

then that means yes, I am the father."

"Then I'll soon be a dad."

"No, you're not."

"And that's why I need you now."


André, you have to help me.

I need you to understand all this.

(mysterious music)

(Enchanting music)

I'm here for you.

(traffic noise, moving music, screaming male voices)

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