Nona et ses filles (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - 2 - full transcript


(calm guitar music)

I didn't want to talk to her.

I don't even talk to her anymore.

That just upsets me.

The others were drunk.

"Did you see that with the ultrasound yourself?" I asked.

"Yes," they protested and even swore.

I found that almost disgusting.

But I would have liked to have been there.

Although that scares me.

(mysterious music)

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(heart sounds from the ultrasound machine)

(mysterious music)

(opening and closing the door)

(mysterious music)

Thats a wonder.

(drum music)

(cheerful warbled melody)

(Music fades away.)

(Door opens.)

Say it's two in the morning.

We didn't know what to do with her. - What's wrong with her?

She fainted, she's not the youngest anymore.

Good, but... are you ready?

Night Mom. - Sleep well.

Good night. - Night, sweetheart.

Bye, darling. - Come on.

Bye. - (whispers:) And be quiet.

You're coming soon, yes?

I might sleep with my sisters.

How so? - I will let you know.

Dad, is Nona having a baby?

(laughs:) No, that's no longer possible, my darling.

Grandmas don't have babies.

That's why they have little grandchildren like you, the babies of their children.

You won't get any more yourself. Do you understand? - Mmm.

Girl, it's not looking good.

You will have to take care of your mother - all three.

Take care of mom?

She will hardly allow that, you know her.

Wait, let him finish for now.

For anything medical, I know what to do.

But you are responsible for everything else.

be there for them

Above all, no stress.

She should feel completely at ease.

And then there is something else.

Gaby, Manu, George, you know how much I love you.

Yes, as if you were my own flesh and blood.

Oh. The slip, the red one. - Are you our father?

What, no, really.

But I helped bring you into the world.

(Relieved sighs) Who came first?

Hm... Manu, I think.

Ah... - I knew it.

Your mother's pregnancy borders on a miracle

but she is very real.

I don't want you to tell anyone.

We don't want your mother to go to a carnival attraction

or a guinea pig will, right?

no - So ...

do you take the bed box - Sure, I'll do it.

I don't like sleeping on it. - My boys love the bed.

Here. - Oh yes. Thanks.

Sleep well.

Good night. - Yes you also.

"Dear diary, my sisters are sleeping here tonight."

"I hear them laughing, that's nice."


"That's one thing with the baby. We have to take care of mom,

without her noticing, so she doesn't get offended."

"Somehow I understand her."

"I don't want to be in her place."

"Scientifically this is a sensation, but for you?"

"I would be shocked."

"Well, children are just not my thing."

"I don't have maternal instincts."

Well, that's going to be something, huh?

(soft music)

However, you say it.

(Door bell)

(storm bells)

Who is this?

(ringing again)

Good morning

Ah, which one of you is Elisabeth Perrier?

This is me.

Aha, well, then I would need your signature, please.

Here and there.

This is for you.


Then we would like to inform you

that the owner of this apartment

has filed an eviction notice against you,

because you have not yet responded to his termination.

Your landlord has already registered personal use since 2018.

You have to leave the apartment.

You will find out until which date. Goodbye.


Oh... what should we do now?

No idea.

Why are you impersonating mom? - That was spontaneous.

And why did you sign? - Because he asked me.

You don't sign anything just like that - never!

What are you doing here?

Oh nothing.

(door creaks)

We have to tell mom. - Are you crazy?

But not in her condition! - Then what do we do?

What are you talking about? - Nothing important.

We have to think first. We're not doing anything yet.

(toilet flushing, squeaking of the door)

(barefoot steps)

(casual-playful music)

have you slept here

On the old sofa?

No, we just got here.

We wanted to see how you're doing.

where did you get the dress from - We got them quickly.


(casual music)

You can save yourself the fibbing.

I'm fine, I don't need any guardian angels.

Besides, I already have one. - You look super pretty.

(laughs:) Yes, I made an effort too.

Today they come from the town hall.

If things go well, we'll get a bigger budget.

It depends. Then I have to go too.

make a wish - Us you too.

Truffe said not to try hard. - And now?

(Catch a breath)

(Nona sighs.)

(Child noise from outside)

I lie down again.

I've never seen her like this before.

That's why we won't say anything about the apartment.

I might have the solution for the apartment. - Which flat?

Oh nothing. Then I have to go to practice.

I have to go home too.

Let us know if anything happens.

Ah, you want me to play her nurse? - You live here.

What does that have to do with it? I also have a life, I study.

And goodbye.

I'm sorry, I have to go - my patients. See you later.

I'll clear up then. - Put the dishes in the machine.

If there were.

(Great Music)

Hello Marc, how are you? This is Gabrielle Perrier.

I know it's been a long time, but can I take you to dinner?

I wanted to ask you a small favor.


Good morning Are you Nona? - Yes.

My name is Markus Paounoff.

But feel free to call me Paou. I'll be your midwife then.

dr Truffle sent me.

Paou, I don't need you. goodbye

He warned me that you would send me away

but this is non-negotiable.

Otherwise I should call the obstetric emergency service.

He's daring, this truffle. (door banging)

Have you lived in this apartment for a long time? - Yes.

She is very beautiful. - Mmm.

Even with a tiled stove. That doesn't happen often anymore, does it?

Yes, luckily I had it when I came here in 1976.

There was no heating.


And today?

So what are you doing here, huh?

So you're already in the seventh month?

That's crazy. You can't see it at all.

The baby is probably on your back, way back.

No, please, I don't want to hear it.

Now that's nothing offensive.

Not at all. It's a miracle.

For real. A pure wonder of nature.

Following program: I come here every day.

Blood pressure, urine test and blood count if necessary.

Almost like competitive athletes. - And when is it going?

Right now.

140 to 90, Nona, that's not good at all.

No things to do.

I'm serious. - How does that work?

If your blood pressure drops, we can talk about it.

And the counseling center? How am I supposed to do that?

I hope you like sushi? - Yes gladly.

Why did your sister sign it?

Ah... there.

How old is your aunt? - 70

Kicking out an old granny just before winter isn't nice.

My mother is still fit. - It's about your mother?

Yes. - Once you've signed, she has to move out there too.

I thought you had a solution.

Can't you think of something? - What are you thinking?

Well, you always have tricks like that.

How could she prevent that?

First you don't get in touch anymore, and then you want my insider tip?

Yes, that's how it works.

I would really like to help you too

but I can't do anything about that either.

You're in the shit.

You can fight it and stall it out for a few months, that's all.

There's no solution, your mother is thrown out.

Unless ...


(church bells)

(phone ringing)

Hi? - "I was taken hostage."

What? - I'm being held in the apartment.

What? - Listen, honey.

I need you to do me a favor, please. Only for today.


Why do you always say "what"?

It's unbearable.

But I don't understand what you're saying.

You will, please come to me.

Was that the intellectual or the sexologist?

The housewife and mother.

(Losing Music)

Hallo, Mr. Costas? - "Ja?"

Gabriel Perrier, I am the son of Elizabeth Perrier,

Your tenant on RuePolifier, it's about your termination.

"For three years I've wanted the apartment back,

and your mother refuses to communicate."

"She's taking my apartment hostage."

You can't throw our mother out on the street in winter.

You can't just evict tenants over the age of 65.

So she doesn't have to move out, she's protected by law.

"I'm also protected by law, I'm 80 years old

and have a legal right to personal use."

"This is the exception to the rule. There is also owner protection."

But where do you live at the moment?

"I lived abroad and now I want to go back to Paris."

The gynecologist is Rosi, the nurse Murath,

the obstetrician's name is... Lucien. - No, Fabien.

True, but well, Fabien, Lucien sounds similar.

No apology. So what else?

There's still the cleaning man, whose name is Rafia.

Then the two doctors in the consultation hour,

dr Pivot and Dr. utain.

I still have to change that.

You seem too stuffy. - Many Thanks. Nice of you.

Not the ring, mom. - That wouldn't be believable.

So ...

At ... - Zeig wrong.

Much better, beautiful of course.

(relaxed guitar music)

(Smooth orchestral music joins in.)

(Music fades away.)

Elizabeth Perrier. Delighted, Elisabeth Perrier.


Can I help?

Uh, no. Although - yes, yes.

I'm Emmanuelle, daughter of Elisabeth Perrier.

I'm standing in for her today at her appointment with the mayor.

What? How does that happen?

Are you Rosie? - Yes ...

Nice to meet you, she told me a lot about you.

But I need Elisabeth here today.

I understand that, but today I'm Elisabeth.

You can't just replace them, it's not enough to be pretty.

Here we go.

(moving, relaxed music)

For two years we have seven times more students

in the reconnaissance sessions. - "For two years

we have seven times as many students in the reconnaissance lessons."


"And here we welcome mainly women and men

with contagious venereal diseases."

Here we welcome mainly women and men

with transmissible sexually transmitted diseases.

And there are counseling sessions on contraception here.

But we also advise on contraception.

The doctors do this on a voluntary basis.

Per week - with volunteer doctors.

We are often told about your great work here.

How long have you been doing this? - Over 30 years.

30 years. - At what age did you start?

Oh, Mist!

I was young, very, very young.

I got my high school diploma at 16 and then college for...

political science. That was my thing.

At the Hénard were you? - "It was not me!"

Which promotion?

Then I'll show you the ultrasound room.

You'll see, that's kind of amazing, emotionally.

What are you talking about? manu!

"Caution! Duck your head!"

Get back upstairs immediately.

(nervous music)

"Go back upstairs now!"

(tense music)


Hello? Ah!

So, and here we do our echographs.

(Smooth Orchestral Music)

nona? It's all ok?


What are they up to? Ah!

(Calm orchestral music with harp)

"Slight personality disorder, but otherwise without ..."

do you think about your mother - Well, she's 70 already.

is she like you

(Relaxed strumming piano music)

In a way. - Then she must be very beautiful.

(piano music)

(whispers:) We should then... - Mhm.

(Woman in the background:) Definitely. I'll call you then.

Then I thank you, Elizabeth.

You told us a lot about your team and your work.

And about your neighborhood that you are committed to.

Thanks for the honest words.

I don't like to cheat.

I've always had a thing for women and their struggle.

I myself have always been free and independent.

So are the women here.

Yes, I'm sure. I admire your work.

Well then, goodbye, Madame Perrier.

Thanks for your visit. - I have to thank.

You were brilliant.

For real? - And how?

Do you really think so? - Yes!

Do you think they'll increase the budget?

I don't know, but bravo, you were great.

Thanks. (Rosie laughs.)

(piano music)


"Betty, my life has no meaning without you. Call me!"

"Elisabeth Perrier, I'm beside myself, call me back."


"Elisabeth, I deserve an explanation."

"We have to talk or I'll wait outside your house all night."


"Elisabeth, I don't earn anything, I just want to talk to you."

"I suffer." (Door opens violently.)

Mummy! Worked. Rosi says I'm awesome.

Ever heard of privacy?


I just wanted to say it went great.

You can probably knock first!

I know how it went, I overheard.

Surely it can't be true!

(slamming the door)

So! Get rid of it.


Once again? - No.

You really can't lose. It's 5:2.

Alright. One more round.

Next time I'll share. - How so?

I don't know, just like that.

A great hand. - Clear. As always.

(both laugh) Such a surprise.

So... how is such a birth?

(Soft piano music in the background)

The madness. - It hurts too, I think.

Yes, but the moment is so special, incomparable.

And if you had the choice

whether you carry it out and get it or someone else?

What? I do not understand the question.

Would you be willing not to bring it into the world yourself? - What?

No, I do not know. I can still have children.

Just it. Suppose you could make children differently today.

With an artificial womb.

would you choose it

The idea of ​​something entering me

or get out of me is not possible. - Why?

This is barbaric.

I would probably opt for external birth.


Uterus and child are related to each other.

Children need their mother's body.

But there are also some who can't get away from their mother.

For surrogate mothers, for example.

That's something else, I find it perverse.

Hute's only about money, that's perverted.

You know when it eventually becomes equality

comes between man and woman, then through that. - Through which?

Because it is possible to have a child differently. - Dreadful.

Well, you have to take losses to gain.


I'll go then. She sleeps.

I'll be back tomorrow morning.

Good night. - Sleep well.

They also.

(door opening and closing)

(soft piano sounds)

no, right away

Not now.

I just hit a bomb.

That was the midwife. - But he's sexy.

What? No, he is competent.

I think so, but he's also very...

Anything new about the apartment? - Hmm? Oh that.

There's probably no way out, mom will be thrown out. - When?

this winter? It's over and done with.

This is just unreal.

And what do I do now?

I also have to go out when mom moves out.

Maybe... - And my doctoral thesis.

Yes, that's right.

No panic. We'll find a solution.

Yes. Yes, exactly.

And you know, definitely if mama didn't tell us

then she has a plan. - Mmm.

You're right, she would never let me down.

you know what, you two? We occupy the apartment.

Hm? Yes. no What does this mean?

I mean we all move in here and occupy the apartment.

It's easy to get rid of a pregnant 70-year-old.

But the four of us as a family, that's different.

(soft piano sounds)

Yes you are right. - This is genius.

We do that.

The more we are, the better.

Before they kick out a student. - Nearing graduation.

The midwife is also moving in?

(Diary:) "And already we all lived Rue Poulet."

"My room was stormed."

"I guess I have to sleep in the middle like I used to - the worst place."

"I just always get the short end of the stick."

"Manu leaves the house every morning

to take care of her boys."

Good morning! I bought croissants.

"I do not get it."

"Either she's totally symbiotic or controlling."

"Both of these scare me."

"Ihr Mann, Emmanuel, ist sauer. No comment."

"I don't know how Mama's doing with it,

that we all live here now."

"Wouldn't that be too much for her?"

"As far as I'm concerned, not really. I'm rather reserved."

Here a man for you. Hi! - Give it to me!

That goes in here too. - I'll pack it...

No! Stop it!

(Diary:) "Paou is really great."

"He spends every day with her and leaves at night."

"Gaby is blown away."

"A man with us - that's never happened before. And the man is a professional."

"When he draws Mom's blood, he doesn't tremble at all."

"He does that all the time. Poor mom."

"I wonder, have I become invisible?"

"I don't hear anything from André Breton."

"I'll speak to him tomorrow."

Artificial insemination has been around for 2,000 years!

(Easy guitar music)

"Soon I'll have a little brother or sister."

"Hard to believe."

"It's really awesome, isn't it?"

Then please hand them all over here.

Yes, thanks.

Thanks. (door squeak)

See you tomorrow. Many Thanks.

Dance. - Mr. Breton?

I get the impression you're avoiding me.

They don't reply to my emails. Is it because of the doctoral thesis?

Mademoiselle Perrier, please excuse me

I was very busy.

I will no longer be your supervisor either.

What? - It's not about the topic.

But you can't do that. Not now.

Is it your feelings?

I do not understand.

Well, because you do feel something for me.

That's why you were waiting for me in the café the other day. - No.

I'm worried about you, your degree.

I feel for you as for all students.

First you are so nice and will be my supervisor.

Why do they do that? You are like a father to me.

Oh no. - adoptive father.

Sorry, we are at the end of the academic year.

Change the subject.

Don't get stuck in the Iron Age,

come back to today, to the modern age.

I wish you the best of luck on your further journey.

Oh ...


"André, I miss you too much."

"André, this is getting to be too much for me."

"Please don't text me anymore."

"No more messages."

(broadcast tone)


(quietly:) Who can that be? - I'll check.

Yes? What is?

It's all ok. You do not have to worry.

I only come because I was called by Nona.

I did not know that.

Oh no!

Excuse me.

I have to apologize. For the late disturbance.

How embarrassing! - What?

The obstetrician saw me naked.


very funny


Tell me, it's really a miracle, isn't it?

We've said that often enough, it's not a wonder of the world.

mom is pregnant Finished.

she had sex No artificial insemination at 70.

Your eggs were not frozen either. - Your yes?

nonsense, why? - But who did she sleep with?

George, have you seen anyone come and go?

No, I live here, but I'm hardly there.

I rarely see mom. - Clear.

What if it was an immaculate conception like Mary?

Mama's not a virgin.

So there is also a Joseph.

Just not a Joseph, a father, a progenitor.

Joseph could not father, something was wrong with him.

and what are we doing now? - Ask us who did it.

So what is that?

What are you seeing?

Something like a light or a flash.

Ah, then nothing came of it.

But it was there. - What do you mean?

I mean the light.

There was a red light on my stomach.

It came all of a sudden, for the second time.

I wanted to film it but as soon as I try it disappears.

And everything starts to tremble.

Do you believe me?


I'm staying with you tonight.

Many Thanks.

That's very nice of you.

Take that chair over there.

(quietly:) He's a cannon, that guy, really.

Shh! - Anyway, he's very good.

But also sexy.

Gaby, stop now, please. That's enough. Good night.

shall we do our ritual? - No.

Who are you?

(Soft, warbled melody)

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