Nona et ses filles (2021–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - 9 - full transcript


(Baby cries.)

At that age, babies want to be held.

I think he's hungry. Finished.

I already gave him the bottle.

He gets them every three hours, says the doctor.

Sam likes the stretcher.

(Manu and Gaby:) Sam?

Yes, that's his name. An idea of ​​Monsieur Breton.

Do you mind?

(slow music with drum rhythm)

(Wordless chant begins.)

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(Music really.)

(Sam screams.)

You have quite a lot of books.

What are they up to?

You try to calm him down.

You should let her cry. - You don't do that anymore.

Babies don't do it on purpose.

Should I? - No thank you.

I put on my black turtleneck, she liked that best.

She thought black suits me.

(Baby cries.)

(Clarinet plays theme tune.)

(Mournful piano music begins.)

(Clarinet playing fades.)

(quietly:) Thank you.

(Melancholy piano music)

(Music gets quieter.)

Bon voyage, madam.

Someone has to clear the apartment.

Why are you saying that now and why me?

I beg your pardon?

Why are you asking me about it.

Well, I do not know.

It's your responsibility now.

Gaby and George not?

Yes, but I didn't think of that.

I'm tired of always being responsible for everything.

Yes, I understand the train of thought.

Caution. Danger.

don't hurt yourself - And George?

George... - What will become of her now?

And where should she live?

I mean she can live with me for now

but I don't know if she'll be comfortable with it.


So, Sam, I'll keep that to myself for now.

As a father I am responsible.

How do you want to do that?

I will hire someone

I have to improvise.

I wasn't prepared for that.

I hope he doesn't freeze. - I'll warm him up.

Well, what's your baby's name?

Sam Perrier Breton.

With the surname, the first name had to be short.

Nice to meet you, Sam.

This is definitely not a good moment

but I need to talk to you about work.

What's up?

The team has appointed me as deputy leader,

as a temporary solution until we find someone.

Great, I like that.

Nona would have wanted it the same way.

I do not know.

I just wanted to tell you. - Thanks.

We will definitely continue.

Yes of course.

Well then, you two.


I've been wearing the same panties for three days.

Oh, you Armster.

Just because you don't want me to go home.

I can never change clothes.

This had catastrophic hygienic consequences.

Then I'll buy you new panties.

And a chest of drawers for that too. - Yes.

Hey, attention, have you seen the photographer?

Oh, we already know that one.

And it's all because of me, I'm such an idiot.

Please stop blaming yourself for everything.

That's even more annoying.

I was offered 5,000 for an exclusive story.

Only 5,000? You can ask for 50,000.

Sure, you know your stuff.

(off:) I haven't been to Rue Poulet since Mama died.

I occupy the sofa with my stuffed animal

in Professor Bretons Wohnzimmer in der Rue Émile Zola.

We made arrangements.

Unlike him, I don't sleep through the night.

The professor is apparently deaf. He never hears Sam scream.

Manu thinks that's completely normal, men never hear anything like that.

(Sam screams.)

What is it, my little darling?

Come here.

Yes, you don't have to cry.

Sch ...

(Sam keeps screaming.)

No no.


(quiet splashing of water)

Yes, give it here In the mouth.

(He continues talking incomprehensibly, Gaby laughs.)

(The mobile phone bell)

Oh no.

Hi? (baby cry)

Gabrielle, can you come please? It's urgent.

Please come immediately, we can't go any further.

See you soon.

(Sam screams.)

What does he have?

I dont know.

The diaper is fresh, he doesn't want the bottle either.

Better call an ambulance or take him to the hospital.

No, Gaby and Manu know what to do.

Yes, Manu? Now get into the hooves.

Yes, but hurry up.

She's coming.

(quiet snoring)

Maybe he just has a stomach ache.

I need to talk to you about Monsieur Breton.

It's clear that he's not suitable as a father.

Shh! Don't say that in front of Sam. - Why not?

Hey, your dad is a total loser.

No wonder, he's much too old for something like that.

But don't worry, we'll find a solution.

That's what you say - we can't do that.

You're right.

But what are you calling me? I don't know anything about babies.

Out of solidarity. Because we are sisters.

This is our block and leg.

All three of us are in the same boat.

He fell asleep. I put him back down.


Sh, sh, sh.

(quiet snoring)

(remote follow-up horn)

Then let's plan. I could next week Friday and Saturday.

Unfortunately I can only do Monday.

Monday only? - Yes.

Well, then I'll come on Wednesday and Thursday.

Who will then take over Tuesday and Sunday?

Na Professor Breton.

All three of us still have lives.

An own.

You have family and counseling center, you patients and your type,

me about my doctorate. - I don't have a guy.

Of course you have one. Don't you have to deny - No not at all.

There's no other way.

Monsieur Breton must also participate.

We can not Do more.


STI, chlamydia, chlamydia.

I just found out. We must inform the others.

Manu, the mayor is coming because of the balance sheet.

We already had the appointment, but that with Nona and stuff...

We forgot. - Never mind.

We'll probably be able to answer one or two more questions.

We haven't done anything since your last visit.

The donation rooms are not set up.

She gets something else from me.

Yes? - Yes. Can you help me a little longer?

Come on. - Okay.


I have to tell you something else.

(Casual Jazz Music)

(Sam cries, soothing noises.)

(Music ends.)

How tall he is. Or you?

Now how do you deal with the... gender?

He should choose that for himself when he is older.

You are incredible.

Well, tell me, you might have a family.

Tell me, how is it at the new university?

It's awesome there.

I have accommodation. - Ah.

I get paid, walk through the Jardin de Luxembourg every day.

i have a lab - Really?

I'm the oldest on campus, but otherwise it's great.

Du, George...

I also... met someone.



yes a man

Ha! Great. What's his name?

Uh... Luc.

You know him from university? - No no.

It's the cliché.

He works in a bar.

And... how is it, sex with a man?

Luc, that's also the name of a porn star.

stop it now, okay?

You really need to sleep with a man.

Oh yes? I do not know.

I'm quite happy with Sam. We are inseparable.

Well then.

I invite you, that's the minimum.

no - Do not bother.

i am rich now

All right, then everyone pays for the other.

(quiet babble of voices in the background)

She comes.

(shop bell)

Good day. - Hi.

Miss Pierrier.

I've often thought of you and your mother.

She was a grande dame. - Many Thanks.

I would say she is... our lady of hearts

or the dear lady and good soul of our quarter.

So I would like to name a place after her

or a street. These ones?

Where is the counseling center? What do you make of it?

That would be an honor for us.

And I think that would be good for your child too.

How's the little one? - Great.

That is beautiful.

Madame Noyer, since your last visit here and your subsidies

a lot happened here.

You need some imagination - I'll show you.

After you.

(Children's voices in the background)

Paou, may I introduce? Victoria, my biological daughter.

Hello, I'm Gabrielle's husband.

We're not married, don't listen.

Well, but as good as.

And the little one?

Is that actually my uncle?

Yes, because he is your mother's brother.

Well, half brother, because we don't have the same father.

You don't say that anymore nowadays.

Aha. And then who are you to him?

Well, I would have to be his brother-in-law then.

And for Ava?

For Ava, he's her...

Step grandfather

Yes, exactly.

Should be right. Not that easy to find your way around.

We'll make it.

May I? - Yes, please.

Hey Ava.

listen carefully

For you, I'm papaou.

Dad is in there, but so is grandpa.

And I bring the babies into the world.

Yes, exactly.

She got that.

(squeaking in the background)


I know how difficult it is for you

but should I start in her room?

No, Antoine. Mama's room comes last.

Just don't break it!

We had them when we were children, Mama was very attached to them.

(calm piano music)

(off:) Antoine? I'll tell you something weird now.

Yes what?

I was always afraid that she would die.

I imagined walking ahead of her.

I thought

that would be easier and not so bad for anyone.

I wouldn't be a big loss, nothing can hold me.

I don't have a Luc.

And now I'm an orphan too.

I shouldn't have told you that, sorry.

You don't have to be sorry.

(calm piano music)

I think you are very lucky.

I mean with your family.

What you experienced with her, all the intense moments,

they stay forever.

Nobody can take these years away from you, they are in you.

And do you think there are many people

who have had something of their mother for 40 years?

But I'm afraid I won't survive this.

(soft piano music)

I think we need to be more precise and emphasize in the second paragraph

how badly we need to perform suction abortions here.

We have to think of something else.

We have to formulate that more clearly.

I'll change it again.

We have ...

not talked about it but I think...

we both know, right?

You should be her successor.

How you banged that with the mayor

I was completely overwhelmed.

No, that would be unfair.

Well, Nona said quite often

if we want to make a difference for women,

then we need to support each other.

Even. - Just like before"?

You're better qualified, you know better,

know all the teams.

And you, what are you doing now?

Well I will...

develop my own projects

picking up where my mother left off.

And do something for women who cannot have children.

I mean if you agree

and that's okay with you.

Yes, but full time? - Yes.

yes full time

(Melancholy piano music)


Take a look at this. Our Italy vacation.

The faces.

Yes, and the hats.

Chic glasses.

Do you know that dad is Italian? - That was a one night stand.

(Manu and George:) With a pretty panty in red.

(soft piano music)

Is that him?

Maybe. - Wait ...

I would find it good. I keep that.

That's Jacqueline.

Jacqueline Belle. What a name.

Here's another one too.

Well, then they were really very close friends.


Do you think they were together?

We won't find out anymore.

They were soul mates.

They go well together.

Oh, a photo of Mama in Chinatown.

She looks great.

And here we are all on it.

But somehow that makes me sad.

(soft piano music)

I have something important to tell you girls.

What then? - I made an important decision.

Yes and? Tell me.

I will take a break. Then I can take care of Sam.

And I'm moving in with Monsieur Breton.

I don't like his neighborhood, but ... it's better that way.

Does he want that too?

Yes, he suggested it to me.

that I live with him. Not the time out.

I decided that on my own.

Once Sam goes to daycare, I'll finish my dissertation.

But Mom certainly didn't want you to become a housewife and mother.

I don't intend to either, what nonsense are you talking about?

Would you prefer Sam to be raised by a dad that old?

and from us when we have time?

I want something else for him.

And I feel good when I have him with me.

I'm making little progress.

And I don't want to leave Monsieur Breton alone.

You don't know how much he suffers.

(street noise, babble of voices)

This is the last. - OK.

So thats it.

(Soft street noise from outside, otherwise silence)

Let's go.

(Melancholy piano music)

(street noise, babble of voices)

(calm jazz music)

Here we go.


Farewell, Chicken Street.

(calm jazz music)

(Music really.)

Nice to have you back, Gabrielle Perrier.

You have published a new book:

"Honesty in the Love Relationship".

It almost seems to me that you have undergone an evolution

and now be more optimistic about love. Is that so?

It may be. My husband says that too.

(She plays single chords.)


I need lessons again.


I'm going to make something delicious for Sam to eat now.

You're still playing with your dice.

Or if you want, you can also make a phone call. Here.

(Short chime)

(Sam babbles.)

George? Now he has one of my books.

No no no.

Not the books.

Leave him alone.

This edition of Plutarch is so weak in the annotations...

Please. - Come on, Sam. massacre it

Crumple up nicely. you see

Today we have Pasta alla Bolognese.


(off:) Our flat share works quite well.

Each of us has our habits.

(gentle piano playing)

Manu and Emmanuel celebrated a porcelain wedding.

20 years seems totally utopian to me.

But it has touched me.

After 20 years you definitely love each other differently. Better.

I will never know

For this I developed an unconditional love for a child,

that's not mine

It is said that love alone is not enough for education.

Sam, I can work it out, I promise.

What a task.

I'm pretty jittery.

(Piano play ends.)


(He starts playing again.)

(off:) An old man, a baby and me.

Three age groups under one roof.

A new form of family?



If he's 20 years old, then I'm...

That's why I'm still here.

(Radio:) "The most important thing in a relationship is

that you can see each other..."

(off:) Monday 23 September.

The first seven women are coming today.

A big day for the counseling center.

I'm proud that I made it.

From now on I will write down what happens every day.

All new IVF and PMA protocols, results, observations.

We are witnessing something that has never happened before.

You have to hold it in the present

for the future.

That's history.

(Lively music)

(many:) One, two...


(Laughing, Babble)

It doesn't even go out.

For fate!

(Easy music, cheers)

On your 45th

Gaby, George, Mom, I have another birthday present for you.

This gift is a movie.

That's it.


"I'm Elisabeth Perrier, but everyone calls me Nona."

"Born am 2. June 1951."

"I am 70 years old and your grandmother."

"I live in Paris, in the 18th arrondissement

in der Rue Poulet."

"Since 1976."

(Child:) "I'm going upstairs." - "No, I'm sleeping there."

"No, I sleep upstairs, I always sleep there."

"Exactly! You always sleep upstairs."

"That's unfair." - "Then I'll just go upstairs."

"Come down immediately. I'll sleep there."

"The phone is ringing. Hello?" - "Wait, where's my doll?"

"I can hardly hear you."

"Ah, there's my stuffed animal. We want to sleep now."

"Yes, good. I understand."

"Bye." - "Who was that?"

"The kindergarten teacher's wife. Because of the teapot."

"I play that." - "Okay, you play the teapot."

"Do you want to eat? Then I'll cook for you."

"No, we should sleep."

"I'll be right back."

"Stay here."

"I want to tell you something, Arthur."

"Don't listen to your parents. Or your friends."

"You want to quit school? Don't go anymore."

(emotional song)

"The high school diploma isn't that important."

"What matters is that you are free and happy."

"And if you feel it makes you happy,

filming all day, please do that."

"Because you don't experience anything special,

when you never dare to step out of line."

(Soulful music: "Donna Donna" by Joan Baez)

♪ Laugh and laugh
the whole day through

♪ and half the summer's night.

♪ Woman, Woman, Woman, Woman.

♪ Woman, Woman, Woman, Do.

♪ Woman, Woman, Woman, Woman.

♪ Woman, Woman, Woman, Do.

♪ "Stop complaining",
said the farmer.

♪ "Who told you a calf to be?"

♪ "Why don't you
have wings to fly with,

♪ like the swallows,
so proud and free?"

♪ How the winds are laughing.

♪ They laugh with all their might.

♪ Laugh and laugh
the whole day through ...

(Woman:) "Yes, yes, yes, there it is!"

"One more thing."

"Du hast es geschafft, Nona!"

"Thanks, without you..."

"Hello, from the Kleine."

"I think I'll call her Gaby or Gabrielle."

"What pretty babies."

"I'm talking about a place I didn't choose."

"My gender."

"I'm a woman and I love being a woman."

"So. Don't be afraid, dare to do something."

"Love each other and have children."

"Have great dreams. And then..."

(quiet:) "I just wrote something down here."

"You always have to address everyone: go your own way."

"Live as you wish. Be completely free."

"Don't try to be perfect because you don't have to be."

"I like that."

"And neither will you."

"No one is."

♪ They laugh with all their might.

"Shall we? I'm a woman and I love being a woman."

"Together:" (yells:) "I'm a woman!"

"And love being a woman."

"Got it?"

"It's your turn." - "Together with you."

"Okay wait." - "Well. I'm a woman."

(both:) "I'm a woman!"

"And love being a woman."

♪ Woman, Woman, Woman, Do.

(Music ends slowly.)

(wake up music)

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