Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 30 - Episode #2.30 - full transcript

Empress Dowager takes on Ting Sheng in the Imperial Court. Ping Jing heads back to the northern frontier.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 30]

Royal Father.

Uncle Yuan.

Second Young Master, you come home once in a long while,

yet after only staying for a short while, you have to go to court and bid farewell.

Anyway I can't have any other expression

on this old face of mine.

Shouldn't it be the way for us as generals?

We stay apart longer than we gather. Don't mind him. Let's go.

Come with me to court.

General Huaihua, you are leaving so soon?


I attend court today is to bid farewell to Your Majesty.

I'm leaving the capital tomorrow.

I don't know much about military affairs,

since Royal Uncle has dispatched you back to Ganzhou, he must have his reasons.

I won't force you to stay.

It's the responsibility of Chang Lin Army to guard the northern border for you, My Majesty.

Grand Prince, this is the decision made by the Cabinet based on His Majesty's intentions.

Do you think if it's alright?

Your Majesty,

The Armed Escort at Wei Mountain and Cuifeng have been guarding the capital for many years.

As for me, I don't see any mistakes made by them.

May I know why you want to change the entire Armed Escort completely?

Royal Uncle,

do you disagree?

Your Majesty.

Old Prince, there were many instances in the history of Great Liang

for new emperors to change the old name of Armed Escort.

Even if His Majesty has this thought suddenly,

it's not that a serious matter for you to refute.

Based on the suggestion given by the Cabinet,

it is to change all military officers with senior ranks, redistribute all military residences, reorganise all soldiers.

This is different from changing the old name.

Grand Prince, after His Majesty ascends the throne,

he has been listening and obeying your instructions.

Now he is only trying to emulate what the previous emperors had done,

it is merely to build up a small army of Armed Escort.

This should be the sole decision of the Emperor,

I really don't understand

what is it that you are unhappy about?

Her Majesty, they have began to discuss that matter. Will you be going in directly?

No, I want to go in from the back.

I have to listen in to what they said to know what's happening.


Your Majesty, Armed Escort of the Imperial Family takes orders directly from you.

I wasn't disagreeing to anything.

It is not that simple to abolish the old camps and rebuild a new army,

there are a total of seventy thousand soldiers in both camps at Wei Mountain and Cuifeng.

Even if sixth-ranking army officials of are to be changed,

half of the military families will be affected.

The corresponding matters,

labour and logistics needed to be done is quite major.


Grand Prince, be rest assured.

Currently it's all peaceful in the Imperial court, the country is strong,

His Majesty is the ruler.

Moreover, there are loyal ministers assisting him.

Ministry of Revenue, Ministry of War, Ministry of Personnel are in agreement with this.

What is it that you are worried about?

Your Majesty, I have no issue with you having the intention of rebuilding Armed Escort.

The reason why I disagree

is that I don't why it has to be done in a haste.

Your Majesty, you have not reach adulthood yet, and is just beginning to learn to manage state affairs-

So what if His Majesty has not reached adulthood?

- Queen Mother.
- My greetings to you, Dowager Empress.

Our greetings to you, Empress Dowager.

Old Prince, you have over 200 thousand soldiers in all of your camps combined in the northern border.

All soldiers and food supplies were given to you every time you requested for it.

Why did the Imperial Court say anything against it?

Even if His Majesty's power and prestige is beneath you,

he is still the ruler of the country.

Does he have to live according to what you say just because he is young?

Queen Mother, it's not something serious.

Empress Dowager, you should live in luxury in the Palace,

the matter we are discussing today has nothing to do with the Imperial Harem.

Empress Dowager, please don't add in any suggestions.

Moreover, His Majesty attends to the affairs of the state in Chaoyang Hall.

If members of the Imperial Harem are allowed in here, I'm afraid it's not appropriate.

What Imperial Harem, what interference,

you don't have to pin such labels on me.

I've entered the Palace for many years,

even the late Emperor didn't not rebuke me for any inappropriate actions.


Now that you are the one in charge,

everything that my son and I have done are wrong in your eyes. Can't I even say something?

Queen Mother.

Empress Dowager,

Old Prince is just following the order of the late emperor

to assist His Majesty and help oversee matters.

His intentions are not like what you said.

Empress Dowager, please go back.

His Majesty is caught in a dilemma.

Queen Mother.

Since every matter in the Imperial Court has to follow according to Old Prince,

then you bring all ministers to Chang Lin Manor and conduct the session there.

Why do you need His Majesty to be here?

- Empress Dowager, what do you mean by this?

Every minister has the right to voice out their opinion during the court session.

What are you trying to do in front of His Majesty?

Empress Dowager.

My royal child, see this.

General Huaihua is so aggressive, how can he be called an official of Great Liang?

Your Majesty, Pingjing has behaved offensively. He shouldn't have bickered with Empress Dowager in the Imperial Court.

Since Empress Dowager is here, I'm afraid it's no longer appropriate to hold the court session.

Please allow me to take my leave.

We take our leave.

Royal Uncle.

We take our leave.

Late Emperor.

Later Emperor.

Old Prince, why must you be like this?

I can leave first.

Please don't make things difficult for His Majesty.

- Queen Mother.
- Late Emperor.

- Queen Mother.
- Late Emperor.

Queen Mother.

Late Emperor.

Senior Grand Secretary.

Senior Grand Secretary, this Xiao Pingjing is quite impulsive.

Once he's agitated, he can't rein himself in.

If Heir to Chang Lin is still around,

I'm sure things would not turn out like this.

Royal Father.

Elder Prince.

These words by Her Lady Highness Empress Dowager

is indeed saddening.

But Elder Prince's health is more important. Why put importance to it?

As the holder of great military power in the northern borders, I know that I should avoid getting involved.

Regarding the Jin Army, the Patrol Guards, and the two Yulin Armies,

and any matters involving the armies guarding the capital, unless His Majesty asked me about it,

I never really get involve.

When Emperor Wujing was alive, I was like that.

During the former emperor's government, I was also like that.

But now, I really cannot help myself and answered back.

Elder Prince, it is different now.

You were decreed to assist the new emperor's governance. You should give your advice.

The Jin Army guards the inner palace while the Yulin Army guards the surrounding of the palace.

They all can only be mobilized by the emperor. They only listen to the emperor's decree.

If the new emperor really have such an intention,

whether to remove them or reestablish them,

are actions that a new emperor should do to show his might.

Why must I be against it?

I do understand

that inciting such conflicts out of nowhere was not really for His Majesty.

It is just to...

target the House of Chang Lin.

Actually, His Majesty does not really have a stand about this.

If Elder Prince will not allow it, this matter

will just naturally pass.

Brother Xun,

it is exactly because they were targeting Royal Father, that's why the argument today was a bit embarrassing.

Could it be that when the Elder Prince of Chang Lin said in front of all the ministers

that you are still not of legal age, you still did not get what he meant?

What is wrong with those words?

I also commonly say it.

Yuanshi, you have a kind temperament so you will not overthink.

But ask your uncle, the whole court, who were not able to understand the meaning of the Elder Prince of Chang Lin?

When he said that you are still not of legal age,

he was pointing that you are a young ruler and has no right to make decisions!

If such words are repeatedly said, people will start to accept it.

Then won't the Elder Prince of Chang Lin being decreed to assist governance become being decreed to lead the governance?

Imperial Mother, your words are too evil. I do not believe it.


I am a woman of the inner palace.

My knowledge is not broad. It is fine if you will not believe it.

But time will show a person's heart.

I also want to believe that I have thought things wrongly.

Recalling what happened in the imperial court, I really am not ease to leave Royal Father.

I have seen a lot in my life. I surely will find a way to handle it.

You do not need to mind.

At the northern borders, if anything happens, discuss it with General Wei more.

If older brother is still alive...

When you pass Langya Mountain along the way, remember to visit your Sister-in-law and nephew.

And greet Old Master

in my behalf.

Royal Father,

do you want me to write Sister-in-law a letter to ask her to come back?

You have only seen my nephew once.

You must be missing him.

Ce'er...I indeed miss him.

His Majesty is still young so his temperament is still unstable.

Governing is such a complex matter.

And you are in the far northern borders.

I am already an old man.

Putting the two of them in Langya Mountain, they will be safe there.

I am rather at ease with it.

Royal Father, I really do not want to tire Royal Father into walking me out.

Let us just separate here.


From now on, do not wear

this silver lock anymore.

Royal Father.

In this past year,

I thought about a lot of things.

Slowly, I also start to be open-minded.

His Majesty has already grown up.

You also naturally is not a child anymore.

Pingjing, starting today,

I believe that any decision that you make,

no matter if it is regarding the Chang Lin Army

or about your heart,

every decision that you will make from now on

should not be because of your older brother's expectations

or my obsessions, but because right now,

you already have such decision and are willing to assume responsibility for it.

[Ji Feng Hall]
Take care.

There is a Ji Feng Hall here. The capital also has one.

You were in the borders for too long. So ignorant.

In our Great Liang, the Ji Feng Hall is the top civilian medical clinic.

Langzhou is a prefecture. How can it not have one? I heard that they are even opening clinics in Northern Yan.

- Lu Zhao.
- Yes, General.

I will pass by Langya Mountain tomorrow. No need to follow me.

- Just wait for me in Langzhou.
- Okay.

Old Master.

Pingjing has already come up the mountain.

He surely will not stay for long this time.

He was just making a detour. After 2 to 3 days, he will continue north.

In this ordinary mortal world, when the wind starts, it just won't abate.

This child cannot see through what is in front of him.

Has Old Master seen through it?

If I am able to do that,

I would have been enlightened and had levitated to Nirvana.

Although our Langya Court is just an observer, we are able to continuously watch the affections in this world for generations.

It is also an interesting hobby here in the mortal world.

The thing that has been continuous for generations,

other than worldly affections,

there is also imperial power,

wild ambitions, evil wind and sinster rain.

Call me Second Uncle. Second Uncle.

Do not wake him up.

Oh, right.

Little Sister Lin Xi said that she wants to travel the world

and look for all kinds of medicinal herbs

then make a new medicinal encyclopedia.

She has left the mountain long ago.

At this time, do not know where she is already.


are you doing fine?

For the past days,

when I sleep at night,

I would always dream of your brother.

Especially whenever I saw this child,

I would miss him more.

When older brother was still around,

I was used to relying on him.

Since he left,

I would be worried all the time.

Afraid that the borders is not peaceful.

Afraid that Royal Father is getting old.

Afraid that I was not able to do something right,

and disappoint older brother's hopes.

Although I am not intelligent,

I can say that I know your older brother very well.

Can I say some words to you in his behalf?

Sister-in-law, please say them.

Your older brother did all that he can to save you

not because of anything else, but just because he is your older brother.

You two have such deep brotherly relationship.

He hopes that you can live well

and not to become a second him,

a second Xiao Pingzhang.

Grand Prince, hurry and drink the medicine while it's hot.

I have one.

Didn't you say that you were going to leave that matter for His Majesty to practice on?

Why are you still attached to it?

My Chang Lin Prince Manor.

My Chang Lin Prince Manor has never once!

Thought of grasping an armed force in the capital.

Even if it's just thin army power.

Fixing it old and fixing it new. What difference is it to me?

The core of the matter is that Yulin Army guards

the main gate of the capital. It cannot be misused by someone!

Look at you. Didn't we agree you wouldn't get angry?

Then was it something wrong with the final approval made by His Majesty on the construction?

Buidling the camp, arranging the groups and training. They are all details.

There are those I can trust in the Ministry of War.

Their arrangements are mostly on target and I don't need to worry.

Then what exactly are you worried about here?

The Imperial Yulin Army only heeds to the sacred command.

It sounds like only a line.

But that line is not so simple.

It comes from generations of generous nurturing.

That which was passed from son to son, that one word of 'loyalty' carved in the heart.

Now, those old army families with loyalty carved on their hearts have mostly scattered.

Newly reruited troops, no matter how hard they train, in a short amount of time,

can they actually embrace His Majesty in their hearts?

Yes, these new troops are the hardest to vouch for.

And easiest to be manipulated by others.

The commoners that are newly enrolled into the army.

Though they are Imperial Yulin armymen by name,

they are no different than ordinary farm troops.

Layer after layer of generals. It would be considered great if they can recognize their high commander.

To them, His Majesty is --

Truly too indistinct.

But those sitting atop the gold in the imperial capital.

How do they comprehend this logic?

I hear you've already assumed the Chang Lin Army Command.

Yes. Royal Father has already announced to all the Chang Lin army camps that I've succeeded as commander.

The bustling city is vast.

Everyone desires something different and values things differently.

You may believe you've done all your utmost.

But to another's eyes, it may not be so.

Your words are right.

I also understand that peace in capital has always been an illusion only.

The human heart can be sly and hidden arrows are hard to evade. No one knows what is happening at the moment.

The eternal is in an instant and all things become false.

Your father already lived his life on the back of the army horse.

If you haven't the ambition to fight, why not just let it go?

Tower Master, you've observe the world from past to now and surely you have seen the city for what it is.

But not all who are living amid it can, and to the ordinary people,

no matter how things change and change,

nothing compares to having three warm meals and a safe family.

My father has taught me before. Chang Lin's responsibility is to them, and not to the capital.

But you've said to me often in the past that you wanted to be a man of the martial world.

You wanted to go with the flow and live a free life.

Pingjing was able to garner a period of free life.

That's due to my birth in a prince manor, with the guardianship of my royal brother.

I cannot regard that as a given right.

To hear you talk so solemnly, I find it hard to adjust to.

Come. Have some tea.


We've finally dismantled Weishan and Cuifeng, those two camps.

The East Lake Yulin has been newly erected which was a major feat.

That child, Feizhan -- though he is arrogant and wild,

to have him command the forbidden army is something we can rest completely assured upon.

So if we nitpick about things,

though we can't dare to say we are completely free of worries,

until His Majesty has complete control of the royal court,

the situation in the capital can be stable for the time being.

But what about that Xiao Pingjing in the northern border?

He is not just a third-ranking Huaihua General anymore.

He is the high commander of Chang Lin army as well.

Shouldn't we put some sort of defense on that?

Compared to how it was when the Chang Lin heir was alive,

this Chang Lin second master, in terms of prestige,

he is surely lacking by a lot.

And there is no battle raging in the northern border either.

If he wants to make an appearance across the sky, that won't be so easily done.

So we don't need to worry about him for now.

It's all thanks to your thorough consideration on behalf of His Majesty.

if it's stable, then that's all we need.

Your skills have truly improved by a lot from your training at the border this last year.


It might be because I am more focused than before.

You've really decided you will leave tomorrow?


Royal Father --

He really doesn't want me to bring Ce'er back?

To think father is all alone in Jinling at his age,

with no offsprings tending to him, I do feel guilty.

But since he clearly banned you from returning, I'm sure he's got his reason.

We better heed to it.

Brother Nine?

What is it? For me?

This is a farewell present Tower Master sends you.

He says it will be a small assistance to your securing of the northern border.

You are permitted to open once you've arrived at Ganzhou army camp.

So mysterious still?

Elder General Wei.

You must never.

Elder General Wei. Have you been well?

Pretty well.

Since second master, no, I think I should now --

You've served my royal father for decades so you are an elder to me no matter how you see it.

You needn't change your address to me that you're used to.

I already received the announcement from the capital.

Grand Prince already passed the military command to you, so you are like the heir before, as our deputy commander of Chang Lin Army.

How can I just address you recklessly?

Thank you, General Wei and thank you to all your support.

Pingjing will do his utmost and all with the hope of not shaming my brother's reputation.

Just that -- whether it's the Chang Lin Heir title,

or the deputy commander title of the norther border. To me, those are always my brother's only.

May you all be magnanimous with me and call me by the old title.


Elder General, after you.

- How is the northern border faring against a war?
- It's still stable.

But a few days ago, a band of some three hundred troops from the Great Yu's imperial army

launched a sudden raid on our Monan post by the border.

Our army provisions and food grains were robbed. Our army force returned the siege.

And we captured alive a deputy captain from their force.

That is a sixth-ranking imperial general. That is not a low rank. Have you interrogated him?

I have. He said nothing of use.

You needn't worry too much. You have toiled on the journey here, and you should rest early.

Thank you for your care.

Please bring me the army report to go over first.


Pingjing, you don't get to return easily.

Why didn't you stay longer with Uncle?

Royal Father is elderly. I also wish to accompany him longer.

Regrettably, since old days, one could not achieve filial piety and devotion to the country at the same time.

Furthermore, rushing to the northern border is following my father's wish.

Is Grand Prince faring well in his health?

He seems alright. It's just that he's assisting with managing court affairs.

So he must have numerous worries each day and that's hard to not worry about.

You've just returned so you needn't read it all.

I just want to get the gist for now.

By the way, did you already see all these military reports, Yuanqi?

Oh. I've already made notes about the things you told me to pay attention to .

Then what do you suppose King Kang is trying to do?

They are being a nuisance and inciting things at our border.

Could it be that they are trying to get a feel of our Chang Lin defensive force?

But exactly why -- I truly can't figure.

I keep worrying that Great Yu will make a big move soon.

I want to take a look at Moshan tomorrow.


Yes. I'd prefer to go see it personally.

Alright. I will go and make the arrangements right away.

Autumn 10th month, new moon day, dragon hour, north-south of Ning pass, heavenly dog swallowing sun.


What does it say?

If it's strictly confidential, you needn't tell me.

It's nothing I can't tell you.

I just didn't imagine that the old tower master

has actually sent me some useful news after all.

So what does it say?

10th month, in Autumn, on the day of the new moon, at the hour of dragon, in the north and the south of Ning pass.

An abnormal image of the heavenly dog swallowing the sun can be seen.

What does that mean?

It means the old tower master has made the calculation.

That on the first day of October this year, precisely in our northern border, we can see a solar eclipse.

Solar eclipse?

You leave as soon as he's returned?

You sure keep your word.

A solar eclipse is a sign of heaven warning the world.

He can calculate that?

That Langya court master is truly like a celestial being.

Lu Zhao. This type of image in the sky is too rarely seen, so you mustn't speak of it.

Or it will court the soldiers at the northern border to fret.


The sun in the sky suddenly disappears.

Of course it would rile up distress.

Are you tired, Your Majesty? Shall I summon your carriage?

Your Majesty, the high ministers are all awaiting in the court.

If we delay more, we would be late.

I don't want to attend court.

Your Majesty, you are the king of the nation who command the world and protect the citizens.

How can you not desire to attend court?

I just don't understand.

Why would Royal Mother continue to be so petty about rebuilding the East Lake Yulin?

Royal Uncle already let it go and said I could but she's still --

It's really causing me to be upset.

Your Majesty, do you still remember?

What did Late King urge you to do before his last breath?

After I am gone,

you must listen to Royal Uncle's teaching.

Study hard and be diligent.

Abide by the virtues of the an emperor.

That I should listen to Royal Uncle's teaching.

Would Your Majesty prefer to walk or send for the carriage?

I will walk myself.

General, you've traveled the entire Monan line meticulously these last few days.

Is there something wrong?

Since this spring, Great Yu has been developing the land of Xigao state. They've relocated closely to thirty thousand.

The enemy force on the north in Ganzhou is showing signs of increasing troops. According to my suspicion,

Qin Lingshuo aiming after Moshan line.

is most likely.

I didn't understand what the general said earlier.

Marquis, can you explain it to me more?

We don't need to understand it.

Pingjing is the commander. If that's his supposition,

then he must have his reason.

General! General!

Reporting to General. Great Yu has dispatched a messenger awaiting at the office.

Great Yu?

I understand.

Qin Lingshuo is asking for us to return their captives.

Furthermore, he is asking to meet the captain of our force to meet in three days.

To discuss border stability.

Qin Lingshuo wants to meet you?

General, I reckon this is too dangerous.

Great Yu are cunning people. Who is to know what Prince Kang is really thinking.

What do you two elder generals think?

Second Master, Prince Kang did indeed scout the borders recently.

Now he wants to meet you to discuss border stability.

These are all his ideas.

It's hard to think there isn't some trap in there.

May Huaihua General be prudent.

If it's just a single meeting, then it isn't much.

But I fear it's not just a meeting that King Kang is after.

Captains of forces meeting to exchange captives at the border.

Have we had previous cases of that in our Great Liang?

Though not often, we did have it happen before in th past.

However --

If it's done before then I can meet him, though it's risky.

But I do think a meeting with Qin Lingshuo is worthwhile.

He's had endless minor movements lately. I keep suspecting that he is after a bigger aim.

If I meet him once, I would be able to gather more insight into what he is thinking.

Though that is sensible,

a meeting would inevitably contain risks. Should there be a mishap --

Send a letter in response. Our Great Liang has always regarded harmony valuable without intention to slaughter.

For the sake of safeguarding the two nations' peace at the border, I am willing to discuss with King Kang.

In three days, see you at the north side of Monan.

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫