Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 31 - Episode #2.31 - full transcript

Ping Jing has to prove himself at the frontier. Ping Jing and Lin Xi are surprised when their paths cross again.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 31]

I am General Xiao Pingjing of Huaihua. Greetings, Prince Kang.

I have long admired the mighty name of the Elder Prince of Chang Lin.[Qian Lingshou, the Great Commander of the Great Yu Royal Army]

The previous of Heir of Changlin was also a famous personality

in my Great Yu.

But I am ignorant and inexperienced. I have never heard of

the name Xiao Pingjing! For important matters like border peace,

can't your kingdom send someone that can make decisions?!

Thanks to my father's trust, I have already inherited the military seal of the Chang Lin Army.

I will make decisions for all matters concerning the borders.

Looks like despite a lifetime of brilliance by Elder Prince Chang Lin,

he will really have no successors.

I am not interested in your kingdom's political matters.

Let us go back to business!

While my Great Liang is still in national mourning,

General unreasonably invaded my borders, killed, burned, and looted.

I think General should abandon such dishonest acts.


Since time immemorial, the victor is the king and the loser is the bandit.

There are no morals to talk about. Moreover,

how can a kid like you understand it?

Where are my people?!


Uncle! I got caught by the enemies!

I have insulted the mighty name of our Great Yu!

The men of my Royal Army

can only die in glory and not live in dishonor!

The Great Liang will surely perish! The Heaven will help us!


I know that after this Qian Lingshou took command,

the borders will surely not stay peaceful.

But never thought that his intentions to kill and conquer is that strong.

It was really a waste that his nephew refused to talk.

His acts have already told us his intentions.

But he never said anything.

Could it be that he still has some battle plans?

He is telling us his resoluteness.

Resoluteness? Just by killing his own nephew?

Based on the character that this person showed us today, we can be sure

that we will have a battle with him.

Dong Qing and Lu Zhao.


Follow me to Great Yu tomorrow.

- Second Young Master!
- General!

- Secong Young Master, you cannot go!
- General!

- Pingjing, you cannot go!
- I will not agree with it!

General, think about it well!

Everyone, don't panic. Let me explain it slowly.

Going across the border to Great Yu, no matter how you explain it, I will not approve of it.

Although General Wei was a bit irritable, his words are right.

Our Chang Lin Army has lost Elder Young Prince.

If anything still happens to you, who among us will still be able to face Elder Prince?

Our Chang Lin Army has 180,000 men.

We constantly are being attacked by Great Yu,

causing each battalion the need to replenish their men every 2 years.

The northern border line that we guard

starts from Tong-an, Feishan, Ningzhou, Meiling, Moshan, until Ganzhou.

That's 9 border cities, 10 plus little counties.

All of them have been attacked by Great Yu.

How does it feel to be in continuous fighting

and constantly changing lives,

everyone should know it better than me. Am I right?

Prince Kang Qian Lingshuo of Great Yu has already gotten the Grand Commander position of the Royal Army.

The battle between the 2 kingdoms in inevitable.

Upto what degree is his war preparations,

to what location will he point his sword, we still don't know them.

Under such situations, we can only make our defense stronger,

but this is not the best strategy to protect our kingdom's land.

Qian Lingshuo will surely not let the chance that our state is still in mourning.

We generals of the different camp also know that clearly.

But you can just let our scouting spies handle the scouting of the movements of Great Yu.

There's no need for you to personally go.

That is right. You do not need to personally go.

We still will use the scout spies.

But without a clear order, the information that will sent us might not be what we want.

If I do not personally go there to check, it will be hard for me to make the next arrangements.

Moreover, I have also trained in martial arts for so many years,

if I really encounter any danger,

I still will be able to escape.

Do not be this nervous. The heavy responsibility of the northern borders has always been taken up by my older brother.

It is my turn now.


Let us agree on a return date. If Second Young Master do not return as agreed,

we all must inform Elder Prince in the capital.

Do not know if Royal Father is well right now.

For you.

Gold-wired soft armor? This is a precious treasure.

This gift is too precious. Tingsheng cannot accept it.

What is the use of you saying that to me? That is a gift by Feiliu to Tingsheng.

Tell that to Feiliu.

Elder Prince, it is time to take your medicine.

It is time to take my medicine.

Just leave that there. I will just clean it up later.

I am really old.

The older the matter is,

the more I cannot help to recall them. Maybe because I will be seeing them soon.

Elder Prince.

Look at how scared you got.

I am just expressing some sentiments.


Pingzhang has left. The former emperor has also left.

Even if it is just for Pingjing, I have to endure a few more days.

Come in.

- Second Young Master. - Doctor Du.

You need anything?

Is Second Young Master planning to personally go to Great Yu?

Looks like the people here in the military camp

has already treated you as one of us.

General Xiao Lu was carrying a lot of Great Yu clothing earlier.

And he asked me to prepare these medicines, so I was able to guess it.

These are to prevent the symptoms of cold and flu, while these are to lessen the symptoms of being unaccustomed to their climate.

I also prepared some antidotes and medicines for external injuries. Hope you will not be able to use them.

Thank you, Doctor Du.

A few days ago, I received news

that our Miss...

Miss has crossed Ningzhou and continued north.

If she did not change her travel direction, she probably is also inside Great Yu now.

You are saying that Lin Xi is in Great Yu?

Are you sure?

Miss does not frequently write us letter, so I am just guessing.

Second Young Master and Miss seemed to have some kind of fate between you two.

You were able to accidentally bump into each other.

Maybe this time, you two will also meet again.

I am entrusting Ganzhou Military Camp to all of you then.

Second Young Master, take care.

I have found these much. You think they are enough?


What do you think of this shop? This is not bad?

Very good.

- It is not bad, right?
- I will look around first.

Customer, are you staying with us? What room do you want?

Not adjacent to a street. Not adjacent to the central hall. No windows.


[Shangzi Room]

How much did you buy from that stocks last time?

[Shangzi Room]

I am Xi Kai from Jidu. Greetings, General.

Please sit.

Thank you, General.

Yi Shui already reported the general situation here in Great Yu.

We were waiting for you to learn about the movements in Jidu. Why did Prince Kang come here to Pancheng (Pan City)?

He probably wants to hasten achieving military merits to block the mouth of those people doubting him.

People doubting him?

- But he mainly must be targeting Prince Yang Yuan Ying.
- You can say so.

Also, there are news that the soldiers of Jidu's several camps are coming here to Pan City.

Qian Lingshuo and this Yuan Ying are completely hostile against each other already, am I right?

Other than still being courteous on the outside, the fight between the two of them

can be said to be an irreconcilable one.

Pan City is the largest city in the southern side of Great Yu.

It has always been the military camp of the Royal Army.

Adding the fact that several armies are gathering here recently,

looks like, we must stay here in Pan City for a few more days.

But half of Pan City are military residents. I think it wiill be hard to do that.

We surely will find a way.

I just left the capital and these nonsense imperial reports

are already being submitted to His Majesty!

Prince, please calm down. This is inevitable.

The Yuan group has always been unhappy about you getting the command of the Royal Army.

Yuan Ying, since I was able to steal the grand commander position of the Royal Army from you,

I then will not allow you to have a chance for a comeback.

Yuan Ying is a very cunning man. He is good in conniving with political ministers.

Prince, you only left for 2 months, but he already was able to cause such an influence.

I think that we must not neglect this matter.

What influence?

Didn't he just connive with some people to nag by the side of His Majesty?

Saying that I am tyrannical and a war freak, that it is against the heavenly principles, am I right?

This time, I will make them see

if His Majesty will still say that I am tyrannical and a war freak

once I return with the Royal Army victorious in conquering the lands around us.


- Miss.
- Auntie.

Is miss worrying when this rain will stop?

That is right. It has been raining for several days, sometimes weak, sometimes strong.

For rain like this, even if it stops,

the mountain paths are still soft and fragile. It will be hard to travel on them.

In my opinion, why don't you just be at ease and stay here in my house for several days.

By then, I will look for some old hunters and ask around.

It is better if I am able to find a tour guide

that will take you into the mountain. Only then will I be at ease.

That is troubling you too much.

What trouble? If not because you came to treat my husband,

I will be pulling grasses around his tomb now.

[Horse Shop]

- What do you think?
- Not bad.

I guarantee that it is a good wine. Help me promote it.

Okay. No problem.

- Shop owner!
- Master Hu!

- Have you prepared the wines.
- They have been prepared. Over there.

Come, transfer them to our cart.

Perfect. You should let them try it too.


Sir Hu, try this.

Not bad. Where is it from?

That desert man just delivered it.

- Brother.
- Desert man?

How come I've never seen you coming before?

Before, our brew would be all snatched up by the Northern Yan folks.

If it weren't for the war happening there, we wouldn't be here.

You two, come and try it.

Let me.

Come now.

Then you can go to Great Liang.

The people at Great Liang are such dandies.

They can't drink this kind of strong brew.

Is there more?

Would you like to come with me then?

- Let's go. We're off first.
- You two go ahead.

This way.

Manager, do you have this in the whole stem?

Oh, clove? We only use the fruit of the clove to make medicine.

Why would you need a whole stem for?

Cloves are grown here so I wanted to see what the whole stem looked like.

When the herbs are harvested for us, it's already in fruits.

If you want to see the whole stem, you would need to go search for it yourself on the deep mountain of Sheshan, west of the city.

Alright. Thank you.

- Take it well.
- Thank you.

Take care. Miss, what would you like to buy?

Do you have these cloves in whole stems?

I don't have that.

Second Young Master. Where is this place?

It looks like a newly built Baishen temple from last couple of years.

Great Yu now has Baishen followers too?

Yes. I thought Great Yu people were so ferocious and blood-thirsty that they don't believe in anything.

Look at what you're saying. Great Yu common people are very much alike to ours.

It's just that the worship and enshrining is a custom.

Second Young Master is correct. We are all just mortals living.

Who dares to really not be in awe of the heavenly ways?

Second Young Master, what's wrong?

I think I imagined it.


- Second Young Master, you're finally back!
- Did you see Hu Song?

Any news from him?

He is just a guard of Prince Kang. He is not well updated on the military happenings.

He only knows that since Qin Ling Shuo came from the capital,

he only stayed at the Pan city's commander mansion for a few days before going directly to the army camp.

Personally conducting the military drills and keeping it very strict.

This is the map he made.

According to Hu Song, Prince Kang's camp

is about here.

It'd be great if I can sneak in and take a look.

Though we've got Hu Song in there, the camp is heavily guarded.

There's no way to sneak by them.

How about if we don't go through the checkpoint?

Not going through the checkpoint?

Look here. Mt. Sheshan.

Second master.

We've found enough news in this trip.

Do we have to take more risk?

I know what I am doing.

You don't need to worry too much.

Dong Qing. Make a trip out and find out about something for me.



Aunty come in.

-I made some porridge.
-Thank you Aunty.

You're still going to Sheshan tomorrow?

Don't worry. I go out to pick herbs often.

Compared to many places, Sheshan isn't much.

Then you have to remember what I said. Don't go too deep in.

There is a large military camp after the main peak.

There is no road.

Thank you for reminding me Aunty.

Sorry to trouble you, Elder.

Is there a pathway up the mountain?

You can get up.

No. Uncle is there another road?

There's no road.

-There's no road? Then how are we suppose to get up?
-Climb it.

What you mean by that Uncle?

Today in the morning a young lady went up through here.

She said she wanted to get some herbs.

Don't tell me your not as worthy as a young lady.


Thank you Uncle.

-Thank you Uncle.
-Thank you Uncle.

How did you know I was here?

I didn't know.

What a coincidence then.

Actually in this past year,

I've always seem to hear news about you.

When I went up to Mt. Lanya,

my sister-in-law told me you are going around the world picking herbs.

But I couldn't help because of military duty.

Later when I decided to come to Pan City, Doctor Du said you are probably in Great Yu.

I think I saw you in town the other day.

But Great Yu is large place after all.

I thought it was an illusion.

But later I had Dong Qing go and find out about you from the inns.

And there is a inn keeper who really remembered your appearnace.

Earlier down the mountain, I saw a hunter.

You don't really want to see me again, right?

I keep thinking of what happened a year ago.

Thinking about how easy going and happy things were for us.

But it's different now.

But no matter what,

I have to bring you back.

Come with me.

This battle ready look isn't something you see often.

From the look of it, Great Yu and us will have a battle for sure.

War between the two nations is unavoidable.

If you continue to stay here, it will become very unsafe.

Are you here to scout before the battle?

Once I've confirmed Prince Kang's decision, I've reached my goal.

Don't you plan on stopping him?

If he won't instigate war, I would be at peace.

But from the look of it, I fear only war can stop war.

You changed a lot in the past year.

You aren't the first person to say that.

I know.

You don't want to disappoint Grand Prince and Prince Heir.

So you have used Prince Heir's ways to carry yourself.

In this past year,

I finally realized why Big Brother and Father never smiled easily.

To carry the fate of the entire country on your shoulders. That truly makes one unable to be joyful.


But after seeing you today,

I felt like I returned to a year ago.

There's someone here.

General this is...

This is Miss Lin Xi

Miss Lin Xi.

So you are the Miss Lin Xi from Ji Feng Hall.

-How do you know about me?
-Of course we do! Our general-

Our general's camp has a Dr. Du who is also from Ji Feng Hall.

- How did your observation go?
- Pretty much done.

This plus the east camp, we calculated.

They can support 200 thousand troops plus food provisions.


From their food preparation and the incessant coming of more troops,

they are southbound for sure. This war is inevitable.

That Qin Ling Shuo will come attacking for sure.

But I don't think the food provisions will last a month.

It's a good thing General came so we can make put some measures in place ahead of time.

-Move! Hurry up and move!


Who is it? Is it Prince Kang?

You don't know how to read?

Ruan? Ruan Ying?

Imperial army's past commander, Ruan Ying?

It was him that Prince Heir was --


Don't worry.

I know what place this is. I won't start anything.

There's no military seal in Ruan Ying's hand anymore.

Why is he coming to the commander's mansion in Pan City?

Even Ruan Ying has come.

What we have to face isn't as simple as we think it is.

Let's go.

Ruan Ying leaps out too?

General, I'm afraid there are unexpected risks.

It might also be a good chance.

Second Master, what do you mean?

Hu Song is still in the city. Contact him.

I will go to the imperial army camp tomorrow.


Ruan Ying is here?

Yes, Lord Ruan says he will rest in Pan City for the day.

And he will come meet you tomorrow here at the main camp.


Since he's here, I'll meet him.

Second Master, please wait.

After we leave, Dong Qing will escort you out of the city.

Follow the official road and go southbound and wait for me at the closest carriage house.

-If after 3 days...
-There is no if.

No matter how many days,

I will wait to leave with you.


The hills and forests here all look alike.

There are not even a decent path.

Wherever we go, I would feel that it is my first time.

That's right, the locals all know the situation here in the mountain, so no one would dare enter them.

Hence, most are wild hills that no one has walked on.

The hardship is fine. What I fear more is if we are unable to find any paths.

Hu Song!

General of Huaihua.

I made you wait.

Quickly get up. Is Yuan Ying here already?

He has not arrived yet.

Then, we still have time.

I want to hear their conversation. Is that possible?

Let me think of a way.

Okay. Lu Zhao and Xi Kai.

- Here.
- You two wait for me here.

- General, this...
- I will not be doing anything anyway when I go in.

Taking you two will only be a burden for me. Cannot accept it? Endure it.

Let us go.

This way.

Where is Lord Yuan now?

Based on the time that our men has reported us, he should be near the camp's gates.

I know proper etiquette. Since he is here,

it is better to go out and welcome him.

Greetings, Prince Kang.

Lord Yuan.

I am busy with military work. I do not have time to entertain a guest.

May Lord Yuan just be direct with your purpose here.

Prince, why must you be this way while in front of the soldiers?

Is it okay if we talk inside your tent?


Let us go.

What?! You want me to hold back my troop and to not move?

Give up on the plans that I have devised for 2 months?

This is just the suggestion of His Majesty to you.

Lord Yuan, is this really a suggestion by His Majesty

or a slanderous suggestion by you?

Prince, you really think that now is the best time to attack Great Liang?

You have always boast as being a great general.

You even dared to ask such a question?

Now that the Great Liang emperor has died and the young head of the Eastern Palace has ascended the throne.

Xiao Tingsheng refused to leave the capital just to preserve his royal power.

He instead sent a very young second son to guard the borders.

An opportunity like this is so rare.

Just to block my meritorious path,

you actually pretended to not see such a good opportunity?

I have been fighting with the Chang Lin army at the borders for more than 10 years. I can say that I know them very well.

The battle techniques of the Chang Lin army drift and very quick-witted. The coordination between each camp leader is so tacit.

These are all not just due to Xiao Tingsheng.

For so many years, Lord Yuan has never obtained any victory from the Chang Lin Army.

Just to not look too shameful, you actually are describing the enemy as being so powerful.

I admit that Xiao Tingsheng indeed has the capabilities.

But now that the government situation in Great Liang is unstable,

this Elder Prince of Chang Lin do not really have the time to care about border matters.

The eldest son that he meticulously trained has died.

He then hastily sent his second son here to share with any military merits.

If I give up such a good opportunity

just because of your envy,

that is such a joke!

Ancient military texts have already said, "If one completely knows oneself and one's enemies, he surely will win every battle."

This is the first time that Prince will be handling the Royal Army. May I ask if you can say that you know your army well?

As for the enemy, where are their different camps?

Who is the head general of each? Which battle technique is he most good at? All of these,

do you really know them well?

Whether I know them well or not,

how would you know?

I am open-minded.

In my army, I have never fired any of my old generals.

If I want to understand the internal military situation, I just need to ask them.

Listening to others say it and personally having a hold of things is two different situation.

What Lord Yuan means then

is that only you know can completely grasp everything?

Then, that is asking me to return the Grand Commander post of the Royal Army to you,

am I right?

Prince, no matter if you believe it or not,

I came today not to get anything back.

But Prince, mobilizing the whole military strength of the Royal Army to attack Great Liang,

this concern's the kingdom's fate. I cannot just watch and not try to hinder it.

Then Lord Yuan,

try saying what reasons will you use to hinder me?

I can deduce the target that you will choose.

Yes, Monan Camp is indeed the weakest chain of the Chang Lin Army.

It is possible that you can conquer it in one battle or even after several battles.

But so what?

In the end, can you really totally tear open the northern border of Great Liang

so you can directly charge into its center?

If you cannot, then the battle will surely reach a gridlock.

What real benefits then

will these 1 or 2 victories bring to Great Yu?

When you were leading the army,

you were unable to win anything from the Chang Lin Army.

Of course, you would not know how it feels to win

and not know its benefits.

General, it is not good to stay long here. Let us hurry and leave.

Let us go.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫