Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 29 - Episode #2.29 - full transcript

Ping Jing returns to the capital. His father is excited to hear news from the northern frontier.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 29]

His Majesty is here!

Greetings, Your Majesty!

Congratulatory greetings!

Long live!

Congratulatory greetings!

Long live!

One more congratulatory greeting!

Long live!

Subject, please all rise.

His Majesty...

The way the former emperor made his last wishes

shows how he trusted Elder Prince.

Of course, he trusted him.

But more of it was because he wanted to protect him.


Royal father actually doesn't know much about political matters.

The former emperor didn't really intend for him to assist the governance of the state.

He just pretended to move ahead in order to hide the intention to retreat.

He just wanted to give Royal Father an untouchable position as an entrusted old subject.

Could it be with Elder Prince's position, it's still not enough?

Royal Father is old and had numerous achievements. Because older brother is gone from the government,

even the former emperor started to feel uneasy.

Uneasy about what?

I should make preparations and find time to go back to the capital.

You just checked Gannan earlier and then went to Ningzhou and Feishan.

You are meeting with the different camp leaders nonstop. You really think you are made of iron?

I will be gone for at least 4 months in this trip back to the capital. If I don't prepare things properly, how can I be at ease?

I understand the principles. But isn't the northern border

always been very peaceful?

Don't you feel that it's abnormally too quiet?

Very little details are easily overlooked.

Not only must the different camps be more vigilant.

There are also a lot of areas that our Ganzhou Camp must widen their eyes about.

I am not as sensitive as you.

But as long as you will tell me what I should take note of, I surely will not be negligent.

What? You're not coming back with me to Jinling?

You still have a family in Jinling.

But for me, there is already nothing.

Sometimes, when I dream of it, I don't even know what I am still longing for.

Honestly, for you to have been able to endure the hard life here in the military camp,

really changed a lot of people's view about you.

But Yuanqi, you already don't need to prove anything to yourself or to anyone.

No matter if you are coming with me or not, I hope you can think about it well.


My old manor in Jinling or the border cities beyond the pass,

which is really the home that I should return to,

I indeed must give it thought.


Anru, did anything happen, that's why,

the Empress Dowager wanted to see me immediately?

I didn't ask. I also don't know.
[Xun Anru, the niece of Senior Grand Secretary Xun Baishui]

It's also good that you didn't ask.

Anru, you are the Empress Dowager's favorite among our Xun clan.

Now that she asked you to live for a little while here in the palace,

did she already teach you some rules?

Yes, uncle.

I am at ease about you.

But from now on, you must remember to always put the Empress Dowager first.

Thank you for uncle's teachings. I surely will abide them.

Elder Prince!

Elder Prince!

Elder Prince...

A message from the northern border.

Is Second Young Master coming back?


Is Second Young Master coming back?

The new emperor has ascended to the throne. He indeed must find time to come back

to greet His Majesty.

When His Majesty came today to visit me,

he happily said that Xiao Pingjing from the House of Chang Lin will be coming back to the capital soon.

Don't older brother know about this news?

Of course, I know.

When the Ministry of War received the letter, they already relayed it to the cabinet.

Didn't you tell me that once Xiao PIngzhang dies,

the House of Chang Lin will have lost half of its power?

If we're not going to take advantage of this situation now,

are you going to wait for Xiao Pingjing's wings to grow?

I initially had several ideas

to slowly decrease the power and fame of the House of Chang Lin.

But when the former emperor made his last will, things got complicated.

My initial plans are not appropriate anymore.

Xiao Tingsheng had rarely got involved in politics before.

You are the head of the cabinet for more than ten years.

In political matters, will you be defeated by a Prince of Chang Lin?

It's not that, Your Lady Highness.

Based on Elder Prince's status,

if you want to touch him, it can only be thru His Majesty's royal decree, right?

But my Great Liang puts benevolence and filial piety first.

It has been just how many days? And you already want to touch the old subject entrusted by the former emperor?

Your Lady Highness, think about His Majesty's reputation.

Your Lady Highness.

After you leave the mountains,

where are you going? How long will you be away? You didn't tell me clearly.

How can I be not worried?

Honestly speaking,

Since young, I've always wanted to follow in the footsteps of Shennong, (T/N: God Farmer in Chinese mythology who compiled a book on medicinal plants)

I wish to travel to all countries and try all types of medicinal plants,

to compile a detailed and practical medicinal dictionary.

I know it's impossible to complete this even if I devoted my entire life to it.

Since I can't confine myself to the house and obey my husband,

then why should I be burden to others?

I know you are a girl with ambition.

Someone like Pingjing who is

natural and unrestrained, who is the most compatible for you.

It's pity that circumstances have changed. Both of you

have misunderstanding.

Now that he's taking on the burden of Chang Lin Manor.

I also don't know what I should say at this point of time.

The gains and losses are already final.

No need to force it anymore.

I have a duty as a doctor that I must fulfill.

It is hard to say when I will be back. Hope Sister can take good care of yourself.

Take good care of yourself.

Sister, do not walk me out anymore.

[Ji Feng Hall]

Pingjing before will also not come home for several years,

but I never saw you like this.

I also do not why but I kept feeling that this year is a bit different.

It seems to be longer than before.

It is already different now.

He is already the Huaihua General.

He must first report to the Ministry of War.

I fear that it will be night time before he will be back home.

I know already.

It is fine already. Get up now.

Pingjing, get up.

If we get this sad when we meet,

it is not what your older brother Pingzhang would want to see.

Is it not you wanted to be alone

that is why you came here? So what are you afraid of?

Are the people downstairs your confidants?

I have been here in the borders for a year.

I more or less was able to find some loyal subordinates.

Just with a few followers,

you are not really satisfied already, right?

After not seeing for more than a year,

Royal Father, your hair has all gone white.


You are like this since you were little.

Whenever you face a problem that you cannot bear,

you will look for a place to hide. So how was it?

After hiding for a year, have you thought about it clearly?

I just feel that

I clearly know that I was just venting my anger to her

but I am unable to face Lin Xi.

I also assumed that Royal Father and Sister-in-law

would not want to see me.

Stupid child!

That one was teaching you a lesson in behalf of your older brother.

Go now.

Too slow!

It seems like

that after we separated last time, you were not lazy.

There are people born to have a good life.

Born to have a father and older brother who would risk their lives to pave the way for him.

For a person like me who only has myself to take care of myself,

how can I still have time to be lazy?

Going back to it,

do you feel that Xiao Pingjing just plainly have a good fate?

It is a good decision that you came here to the border military camp to train.

But since time immemorial, other than having good luck, a famous general must have talents.

Is a year's time still not enough for you to realize

your difference with Xiao Pingjing?

No matter how many people are by his side, His Majesty will surely feel some fear

since he just ascended to the throne. When you enter the palace tomorrow,

try your best to accompany him longer.


I especially brought something for him from Ganzhou.

His Majesty is close to you since he was little. That is really not a bad thing.

But now, times are different.

Now, you two are a ruler and a subject.

When you interact with him, you must take not of proper behavior.

Older brother has already lectured that to me before.

I understand.

Tell me about the situation in the northern borders.

I just knew that Royal Father will ask me that.

That's why before coming back, I reorganized the defense in the northern borders.

Royal Father, please wait.

Uncle, what you said is right.

I indeed am not as talented as Xiao Pingjing.

Maybe the heaven has destined me to just become an ordinary person.

These so many years of unable to accept one's indifference

is just me trying to fool myself.


That is not what I meant.

There are a lot of aspects where you are better than the Second Young Master of Chang Lin.

Why must you compare your shortcomings with the best traits of others?

You were already able to get everything that you can get from the northern border.

The future you want surely cannot be found in this border military camp.

Find a chance

to return to Jinling.

Is uncle telling me to return to the capital really because you are concerned about my future

or you have some plot towards Jinling that you need to use me?

You asked me before

how Donghai plans to benefit.

I said then that you are not qualified to know.

Actually, up to now, you still do not have it.

But compared to before, you are more able now and can start moving.

A new emperor has ascended the throne in the capital, so there are abundance of opportunities.

Do you still plan to continue hiding here in the border city

and become a subordinate under the Huaihua General?

I will return to Jinling sooner or later.

It is just that I cannot return in such a quiet manner.

Before Xiao Pingjing left, he said that

the movements here in the northern borders are not normal.

You also said before that he is a naturally born genius.

Since he has such prediction, then he surely cannot be wrong.

The larger are the waves here in the borders,

the more chance I will have.

While I still am not able to see the real situation clearly, I will not leave.

Okay. Let us wait and see then.

Wait and see?

You also want to stay here?

The situation in northern borders is as such. Royal Father, do you have anything you want to ask?

Sit. Sit.


Our Great Liang lost a ruler. It is more or less a good opportunity for others.

Let us not talk about Northern Yan anymore. It cannot even take care of itself.

But the Great Yu being this quiet, not even scouting us,

it find it very weird.

It is indeed abnormal. I also tried my best to know the reason behind it.

The most important reason might be because they are currently having an internal strife.

Internal strife?

One year ago, Great Yu attempted to replay the Curved Blade in the Third Month,

but they failed. Although they retreated on time and only lost 30,000 men,

but the commander Yuan Ying still got relieved because of it.

When I just returned from Ganzhou, I receive a still unconfirmed news.

The Kang Prince of Great Yu Qian Lingshuo

has already gotten the position as the Grand Commander of the Royal Army.

Kang Prince Qian Lingshuo?


I understand now.

Since it is him, then you cannot stay long

in your return to the capital. Am I right?

Qian Lingshuo is a combative person and as a newly appointed commander, he surely will try to establish his might.

Fastest will be in half a year's time, latest will be in a year, there surely will be changes in the northern borders.

I wanted to take the opportunity while the fires of war has not yet been ignited

to come back and visit Royal Father.

Your Majesty, what I reported earlier

are the discussions made by the cabinet today.

The related documents have also been submitted.

We are just waiting for your approval and have your seal put on it.


Informing Your Majesty, Huaihua General Xiao Pingjing has entered the palace to greet you.

He is currently waiting outside your palace.

Uncle, you have worked hard. I will immediately put my seal on the cabinet's decision.

Call for Huaihua General to come in!

Calling for Huaihua General to come inside the palace!


I will take my leave then.

Your Majesty.

I, Huaihua General Xiao Pingjing, greets Your Majesty.


Thank you, Your Majesty.

Brother Pingjing, you are finally back.

Your Majesty is already the ruler of the kingdom.

I fear that you cannot call me that way anymore.

Now, there is always someone nagging me

about the proper rites and bearing of a ruler. I am already annoyed by it.

Even you are here to lecture me?!

The spring weather in the imperial garden is just right. Do you want me to accompany you for a walk?

That is exactly what I wanted.

Your Majesty.

- Let's go...
- Your Majesty.

Senior Grand Secretary.

Minister Qi.

Come. Come.

Senior Grand Secretary, you look problematic.

Do you have any problems lately?

There is really none. It is just that I saw Huaihua General when I went to the place today to see His Majesty,

I just remembered an old matter.

Old matter?

In the past, Xiao Pingzhang used the imperial seal given to them by Emperor Wujing

to mobilize the Yulin Army.

To tell you the truth, when he was able to mobilize such a huge army around the capital,

a lot of ministers were really surprised.

But the former emperor did not mind it.

That thing happened long time ago. I am sure that no one now is talking about it

and no one really remembers it.

What Senior Grand Secretary means is...

We already have a new emperor.

Should we not reestablish the Imperial Family Yulin Army?

As Your Majesty grew older, your arm strength also increased.

But this performance is not that good.

You can then just teach me how to shoot arrows and ride the horses here in the palace every day.

If I stay in the palace, who will guard the borders for you?

Will letting other people go not good?

Of course, you can. But to decide who should go and if this person can do his duty well

is not a simple matter.

The most important thing that you should actually do while in the imperial throne is to learn how to use people, how to choose people.

Will you still enter the palace tomorrow?

If you want to see me, I can come here anytime.


Brother Xun.

I just haven't seen you for a year but you seemed unrecognizable already.

Brother Xun, instead, did not change much.

How long will you be staying this time?

I will be visiting the tomb of the past emperor first and then Royal Father had instructed me a lot of Chang Lin military matters.

I think I will not be able to finish them in 1 to 2 months.

Based on usual mourning practice, it is prohibited to wage a war during these times. The borders need only to defend.

Each camp of Chang Lin has a main commander. Even in Ganzhou, you have an assistant commander.

Why must you hurry to go?

Royal Father is the Commanding General of Chang Lin. I must listen to his dispatch orders.

Brother Xun must still be on duty. It is not convenient for us to talk long.

Let us just meet up and reminisce some other time.

Why does older brother suddenly want to reestablish the capital's Yulin Army Camp?

I just feel that for Your Majesty's long term good,

we must first eliminate the influence of the House of Chang Lin here in the capital.

We must reestablish a Yulin Army that

totally listens to the imperial decree.

This is a very important step.

Since that is the case, it is better to start early.

Can this plan of yours work?

There had been frequent examples of emperors reestablishing their Yulin Army upon taking office.

But it is a frequent example and not usual practice.

Disbanding the old army and recruiting new army personnel is not a minor matter.

His Majesty is young and Elder Prince of Chang Lin was decreed to assist him.

I think that he will not easily agree to it.

Then must my imperial son get his permission first

before he can establish his own Yulin Army?

Your Lady Highness, what is the point of

just saying such straightforward words?

If His Majesty can do whatever he wants,

why then must we still worry here?

Your Lady Highness, what is important now is to think of a way

to let His Majesty personally say it in front of Elder Prince of Chang Lin.

I dreamt of the former emperor last night and he asked me what you have done for the kingdom these past days.

I never ask about government matters,

so I was not able to reply anything. It disappointed him.

I also miss the former emperor a lot.

I also have dreamt of him but not like that.

Then tell me about it.

So that when former emperor asks me next time, I can reply to him.

For the usual political matters, it is the cabinet that usually discusses it and decides on it,

then they submit a report to me and give the House of Chang Lin a copy.

If there are no objections, I will then ask them to bring me my seal and stamp on it.

Was there not one thing that was decided by you on your own?

These are important kingdom matters.

Right now, I still have to listen and think more, try to study it more.

My imperial son, although you are still not governing on your own,

there are still some things that your subjects cannot meddle with.

For example, the Yulin Imperial Army.

It only belongs and listens to the emperor's decree. They will not listen to anyone else. Talking about that,

Imperial Son, when do you plan to reestablish your own Imperial Yulin Army here in the capital?

What did you say?

Royal Father.

I have something to give you when you go to pay your respect to the past emperor tomorrow.

Bring it and report it in front of the tomb of the past emperor.

What item?

Wait here.


I previously promised the past emperor

that it will be the last time I go to the northern border.

Since I sent my son away, the more this heart of mine realized

that there is no permanent thing in life.

I cannot wait anymore.

Royal Father.

Royal Father, the seal of Chang Lin carries a weight as heavy as the Tai Mountain.

I still am not able to bear it now.

Four years ago, your older brother Pingzhang was conferred the title of Assistant Commander of Chang Lin.

I personally gave him this military seal.

While he was in command,

our Chang Lin Army's might never dwindled.

Did you not say that

you will bear all the heavy responsibilities that were once bore by Pingzhang?

What now?

You cannot dare to accept it?

Pingjing, raise your head and look at me.

I am giving you this military seal because I and your brother

both think that your natural talents and ambitions

are enough for you to bear this duty.

Do you not believe in yourself?

I surely will do my best

to not disappoint you and older brother.

Pingjing, from now on,

you can use this military seal

to summon great men. Even if it is a mountain of blades or a sea of fire,

my men of Chang Lin will surely follow you.

But at the same time, do not forget

that as the bearer of this seal,

having a high position means that you are bearing immense responsibilities.

Every military order that you will make from now on

must not shame the heavy responsibility you have on your shoulders.

Not shame the trust of the soldiers in the borders and the citizens of Great Liang

towards our House of Chang Lin.

I surely will remember

the teachings of Royal Father.

Imperial Family Yulin Army?

How come Your Majesty thought of asking this?

A few days ago, Imperial Mother asked me about it. I felt a bit confused.

What do the past rulers or government say about it?

Since our ancestors started our dynasty,

other than the government of Xianwen, Xianguang, and Zhaogping,

there has always been a separation of the Imperial Family Yulin Military Camp

and the Jin Army, both only serving the Emperor.

But the methods of the different emperors upon ascending to throne are different.

There were some who maintained the past army.

There were some that established a totally new army.

There were some who just changed the banner name.

There were also some who completely changed everything.

Of course, this all depends on the emperor's decision.

There is no definite rule.

So that's the case.

When Imperial Mother asked me, I thought that it was something that one must do after ascending to the throne.

Her Lady Highness must have asked about it

because Emperor Wujing and the former emperor made some adjustments right after they took power.

I said earlier that during the reign of Emperor Zhaoping, there was no Imperial Family Yulin Army.

When Emperor Wujing ascended the throne, he immediately removed the Tuntian Army in the periphery of the capital.

He reestablished the Yulin Army.

When the former emperor ascended the throne,

he divided the Yulin Army in Nan-an into Wei Mountain and Cuifeng.

It then got continued up to now.

For this matter, the cabinet should have

submitted a report to Your Majesty to inquire about your intentions.

But I think that Elder Prince of Chang Lin will not approve of it.

Why then must I still mention it?

Why will not Royal Uncle agree to it?

Your Majesty, a new government should have a new atmosphere.

It is just that Elder Prince of Chang Lin is too old.

He might not like this new scheme.

Also, he has been used to having a Wei Mountain and Cuifeng division.

It is also convenient for him to mobilize them. He will not agree to change them.

Of course, that is also just normal human behavior.

When did Royal Uncle mobilized the Yulin Army?

Could those be just your own assumptions?

Yes. Yes.

I was just randomly making assumptions. May Your Majesty forgive me.

Royal Uncle has informed me that he will be absent these few days due to sickness, so it is not proper to disturb him.

Once he comes to attend the court next time, I will just ask him.

I will abide.

[Chang Lin Manor]

Elder Prince.

Second Young Master has already been back for a month.

Yet you never told him about the condition of your illness.

Even Old Master Li must come at night to secretly check on you.

I fear that this is inappropriate.

This is a chronic illness from my long years of fighting. No need to worry.

Is it not, Brother Li?

Uncle Yuan, listen.

Since PIngjing just got the Chang Lin military seal, he has so many matters to attend to. In a few days, he will be leaving.

You must not say anything to make him unnecessarily suspicious.


I am tired.

Brother Li, thanks.

Uncle Yuan.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Luminous cherry trees, deep-rooted with long and slender frames, still sport magnificent flowers ♫

♫ Unexpected torrential rain and heavy wind, what does it matter? ♫

♫ Between the trees, the moon brightly guards peak after jagged peak ♫

♫ Banners tremble, drums roar, a ribbon of a thousand horsemen ride back up the ridge to settle the score ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫