Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 20 - Episode #2.20 - full transcript

As the virus spreads, the medical clinic is overrun. Guru makes final preparations and then leaves the capital.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 20]

I'm going. I'll leave the money here.

Ok. Go slowly, come again.

You won't catch me!

Elder sister, wake up!

Wake up! What's the matter, elder sister?

Please help me take her to the medical hall.

Come, I'll carry her

Slowly, be careful!

Be careful!

Hurry up.

Your Majesty, I did not understand your instructions.

His Majesty is currently in Wei Mountain. My imperial decree

is naturally the highest one here in the capital now.

You still do not understand?

Your subject did not mean that.

Governor Li is a disciple of our Xun family.

These years, I have not troubled you.

Are you not willing to help with this small matter?

Do you still want a future?

Your subject does not dare! Your subject does not dare!

Thank you, sir

How is she?

Another has arrived.

Adding the people that have consulted us for the past 2 days, this is not normal.

We are the only medical clinic here in Chixia Town. We won't be able to handle all of these.

You think...

We must not delay it anymore. Immediately report this to the capital governor.


Be on your way, quicky.

[Capital Governor's Manor]

Please enter.

I know already. I will handle this according to law.

Go back.


Captain Wu.

What is your command, sir?

Take care.

When will I get better?

Mister Du
Dr Zhang

It has been a while since we last met

I have accepted a new disciple lately, so I rarely go out.

May I ask if Miss Lin is in?

She's here.

Please bring them in


How are you, Miss Lin?

Dr Zhang, what brings you here? Is anything wrong?

Our town recently had a sudden increase in febrile illness.

It happened so suddenly. It's unlike the usual epidemics.

Miss, you know I am shorthanded in my small clinic

I would like to request a few doctors from Ji Feng Hall to go over

A lot of cases happening at the same time?

Have you reported it to the capital governor?

We have reported it according to protocol

They were medical emergencies and there were so many cases.

Looks like we must not take this matter lately.

Lady, take care.

Second Prince

Sister Ying, how are you? Is Miss Lin in?

It's really such bad timing. Lady has went out for a consult.

She will not be back for at least 2-3 days.

The last time I delivered snacks. She said she was too busy and didn't talk to me

This time, she has left

She isn't avoiding me, is she?

Second Young Master indeed has status, but it is not really that high.

Our lady is busy. Why would she avoid you?

Sister Ying, have I offended you?

Let me consider carefully before I reply.

Please do me a favour, Sister Ying, and let her know I've stopped by

As they say, you tend to be lenient to people who give you gifts. I know what to do.

Dr Lin, another person has gotten ill

Come. Okay. Okay.

Miss! In the town's courier station, there were 10 people who got sick at the same time.

Over ten?
Yes, what should we do?

Father, get up!

Father, talk to me!

Father, get up, let's go home!

Father, hurry, get up!

Quick, take him to the clinic.


- Be careful.
- Slowly.

Dr Zhang, it has been two days since you reported this

The guards' response should not be this slow.

We should send someone to chase them


Based on lord's orders, I have already blocked off the roads from Chixia town to here.

I also have blocked off the back mountain path to here.

I'm sure that no one would be able to enter or exit the town.

Good, go back quickly.

Remember, you must do this yourself.

Do not let anyone else know.


Be careful

Shop Manager, where is Miss Lin?

In the back

Miss Lin... Miss Lin

The road towards the main city got blocked off by the officials. We are unable to get out.

How are we going to go to the capital to look for the capital governor?

What about the mountain path at the back towards the capital?

- It was also blocked.
- It was also blocked?

Come, let's go take a look

Come, let's go

The Chixia Town has already been sealed off for 7 days.

The time has arrived. Things should start to move in the palace.

I understand.

Disciple, I remember you once said to me

you were willing to sacrifice your life for your Master

That you will never back down.

Do you still remember?

For my sincerity, Baishen can be my witness. It is very true.

It is enough that I know it.

She has not returned for so many days, where did she leave to work?

It's the Ci Xia village. When Miss goes to work, it's normal she might not be back for over ten days.

She wouldn't be held back by any trouble, would she?

If there is a problem, she'll send someone to notify us.

Since there is no news up to now, it means that the illness is controllable.

Once she has finished her work, she will return.

Second Prince, do not worry.

Ci Xia village


Reporting to Respected Sect Leader.


The soldiers blocking off the roads of Chixia Town are starting to show symptoms.

And Xiao Pingjing has just rushed over

Why would he go?

Lin Xi is at Ci Xia Village.

That is a coincidence.

Were the xuanchi already delivered?

They were already all delivered to the Mystical Cave to be fed and cared for.

May Respected Sect Leader not worry. I will ensure that your treatment is not hindered.

Very good

We're finally back.

We did not really get any rest in this trip of ours.

You totally could have not exhausted yourself like this.

The earlier we are able to return, the faster I can resolve the capital matters.

- I can then replace father in the northern borders sooner.
- Yes.

Sir, if you remove the blockade now, the illness will spread.

It is the higher ups decision when to place and remove a blockade.

Brother, withdraw!


Lin Xi!

Are you alright?

I'm fine. You're finally here.

What's happening here?

There was a febrile illness spreading here in Chixia Village that started 7 days ago.

When we were trying to urge the capital governor to do something, the town got sealed off.

Now that it has officially become an epidemic and has spread everywhere,

the officials even removed the barricade and just allowed the citizens to wander and escape.

Hurry and leave with me.

I can't leave! We're dealing with an unknown illness this time and there are not enough medicines.

I can't just leave like this.

- All of you, don't move!
- What's wrong with you?

The initial symptoms of the patients are usually like this.

Hurry and leave here with me!

I am not leaving. I am a doctor.

In such situations, I cannot leave.

Lin Xi!

The capital governor received the news 7 days ago.

The reaction of the officials are not normal.

Hurry and return to the capital to report it and have them send people here.

What about you?

I will be careful.

Hurry and go!

Okay. I won't go to the Medical Bureau.

I will directly go to the cabinet.

Older Brother!

Older Brother, you're back.

You looked like you're in a hurry. What has happened?

7 days ago, an epidemic started in Chixia Town in the west of the capital.

Now, the situation has gotten out of control. Lin Xi suspects that the capital governor had intentions to hide it.

Second Young Master, let go of me.

This is so unruly!

Minister, look. Look at how unruly he is.

What is going on?

Official Li is a government official and this place is a major government office.

What are you trying to do? Don't think that because you are born into a noble family,

and the favorite of His Majesty, you can...

I thought that

Heir of Chang Lin is someone who knows proper decorum.

I also initially thought that

since Minister Xun is in the government for so many years,

you at least know how to assess the importance and urgency of matters, how to put limits between right and wrong.

An epidemic in the imperial city, a town full of infected citizens,

is an information like that something that should be forcefully suppressed?

What does Heir mean by that?

A febrile epidemic has been going on in Chixia Town in the western side of the capital for several days.

Thousands of people are in there waiting to die!

Is Minister Xun going to be like this capital governor

and say that you don't know anything?!

Don't know where Second Young Master got such rumors.

Our office have never received any news.

An epidemic in the western side of the capital?

This is a matter that shouldn't be casually said.

Are you two saying the truth?

His Majesty had to leave the capital.

The capital was entrusted to the cabinet.

Now that the epidemic situation has gone out of control,

Senior Grand Secretary really didn't know about it?!

Master, what is a xuanchi?

Xuanchi is a very rare kind of mystical snake.

It can only be found in the deep ravines around our Yeqin.

I spent 10 years to be able to catch 2 of them.

I know already. Although the frost bone that Master makes is a lethal poison,

if you add xuanchi on it, it will become a medicinal drug. Am I right?

You really are very smart.

Based on the records in the secret books from our Yeqin Palace,

if you drink the liquid extract of frost bone, the cold poison will enter your vital energy channels.

Afterwards, you must use the gall bladder of a xuanchi to rebuild your innate foundation.

If an ordinary person use this method to train martial arts,

he can increase the level of his power equivalent to training for 10 years.

Those who are sick and aging

will develop stronger skeletons and increase their life span.

With such a wonderful method, why did Master say that it cannot be spread to the world?

It must be because the raw materials are very hard to find.

Governor Li, this is not a matter

that you can just easily get out off by pretending to be ignorant.

Let me ask you again,

is there really an epidemic happening in the western side of the capital now?

Replying to Minister,

I really do not know if there is an epidemic going on in the western side of the capital.

But I indeed did not receive

any report from the local doctors.

Immediately inform the Minister of Ceremonies to order the Medical Bureau

to immediately rush to Chixia Town, investigate the situation, and report back to the cabinet.



Order the Patrol Guards to increase the city defense.


If what Second Young Master is true,

then the most important thing to do now is to control the situation.

As for the capital governor being negligent or not,

interrogate him once I have investigated this matter.

Now is not yet the time to pursue him for this.

May I ask Heir if you agree with me on this.

What Minister Xun means is...

I think that we should first remove him from position and detain him.

Once we are done handling the urgent capital matters, that is when we will interrogate him.

Fine. But Pingjing is the main complainant.

When Minister Xun does your interrogation, do not forget to call him.

Of course. Once I am able to understand the general situation,

I surely will gather the Minister of Revenue and Minister of Rites for a meeting.

By then, I hope that Heir can attend.

If there are important matters happening in the capital,

our House of Chang Lin will surely not refuse to join in.

What really is going on?

It is time that you say the truth.

I really did not expect that Second Young Master will go there.

I initially thought that this matter can be sealed off without anyone knowing.

But who knew that...

What do you mean?

Did Her Lady Majesty Empress not tell you anything?

Her Lady Majesty?

Older Brother, no matter when the cabinet will make a decision, it is already chaotic in Chixia Town now.

I will order the Chang Lin army remaining here in the capital to close off Chixiia Town again.

By then, you might need to go there again to explain things to everyone.

I am going now.


Respected Sect Leader.

You decide on when you will make your move.

You must not be careless.


Master, I'm done packing our stuff.

A storm will be starting soon. It is time for us to hide for a while.

All of you, get out!

Older brother.

Older brother, what has happened?

Sealing off news. Letting an epidemic spread.

Were you the one who gave these orders to Li Gu?

How did you know?

Did you stop it?

Older brother, an epidemic is a natural calamity.

No matter what happens in Chixia Town,

it is borrowing the power of Baishen to help the Crown Prince overcome his fated disaster.

They must not be cured. You should not stop it and interfere.

Helping the Crown Prince overcome a fated disaster?

High Priest Puyang said that we still have not successfully achieved our aim.

You must not interfere.

If this is stopped midway, the effect might bounce back.

Puyang Ying!

I just knew that it was him!

You did such a stupid thing, my little sister!

The epidemic situation in Chixia Town is horrifying.

Not only can it tie down their human resources and wealth,

it can even make them experience

what purgatory is.

With the capital experiencing such tribulation,

the people here surely will surely feel fear and panic.

By then, even if the government of Great Liang

has great capabilities,

it will be hard for them to redeem the situation.

This epidemic has happened before, so it actually can be prevented.

If not because Respected Sect Leader's methods are very clever,

basing on the usual vigilance of the capital,

we surely would not be able to have achieved the present effects.

How much poisonous blood do we still have?

Two bottles.

You two can casually place it anywhere here in the city.


I know that using the lives of the citizens as an offering to the gods

is against the laws of Great Liang.

But...this concerns the Crown Prince.

I would rather believe it is true.

Anyone who will help ward the disasters away from the Crown Prince, I surely will compensate them.

I will let his whole family be wealthy and provided for forever.

Little Sister, because of the fire in the Eastern Palace last time,

I have guessed that you will become anxious.

But I never thought that

you would become confused to this level.

Whether we both can get out of this matter unharmed is still hard to say.

I will not go in circles with you anymore. Just tell me honestly.

In this matter, was it only Li Gu

that received orders from you?

Was it or was it not?


Your Lady Majesty, something bad has happened. His Imperial Highness Crown Prince suddenly fainted.

Your Lady Majesty!

Your Lady Majesty!

We all are doctors. I do not need to explain it further.

I have already stayed here for several days.

As long as we use the spring water from the back mountain in cleaning

and you do not touch the wounds of the patients, the chances of contracting the disease are not high.

Everyone, come with me.

Do you still need any help?

You have already helped a lot. Thank you.

Based on orders from the Cabinet,

Puyang Ying and his allies here in Qian Tian Court gathered people and practiced demonic principles.

Immediately arrest them!


The local doctors from Ji Feng Hall

has been in Chixia Town since the start of the epidemic,

so they have quite a detailed understanding

regarding how the symptoms progress, its treatment, its spread,

and the cause of death.

The Medical Bureau is currently checking their past files

to see if there were similar epidemics before.

Why must you check the old files?

Minister, in treating epidemics,

we usually would only find the treatment during the last stages

when there are already a lot of people who died.

If we can find similar experiences from our predecessors,

we can help preserve more lives.

Based on the assessment of the Medical Bureau,

is it possible to control the epidemic in Chixia Town?

Chixia Town is already like this.

What I am afraid of is...


Minister is worried that this epidemic started with Chixia Town,

but it might not be able to end in Chixia Town.

Why? Are there also cases in the capital?

I still haven't confirmed it, but I think it is.

We were able to seal the information about Chixia Town early. There is currently not much people

who knew about the situation in there. But slowly, rumors are spreading.

Once the medical increases and we are unable to control it,

I fear that the whole city being in panic and rushing to leave

will be happening soon.

Right now, the situation is still unclear.

I think that we shouldn't make conclusions first.

This epidemic happened so suddenly. No matter if we are able to control it or not,

we must ready ourselves for the worst outcome.

Minister Xun, His Majesty is still in Wei Mountain.

Immediately make a report and send it to Wei Mountain.

Ask His Majesty to temporarily not return to the capital.



- Doctor!
- Mother!

Mother, wake up.

- Doctor!
- Mother...

- Hurry and help us.
- Hurry and enter.

Let them check how you are doing.

There are also cases in the capital?

Not only the capital, even inside the palace.

They are also like what happened here, several cases suddenly occurring simultaneously.

Lin Xi, are you alright?

If I have made preparations earlier,

this would not have happened.

In the most critical days,

I instead got locked up in here.

It's all my fault... I am a doctor!

Lin Xi,

do not blame yourself first. Although I do not know medicine,

I kept feeling that this epidemic happened in such a strange manner.

Could it be not heaven made?

You also think so? I already felt that something is wrong from the start.

The situation in the capital will most likely get worse.

Let's go. Let's go back to the capital.

Let's go!

Lin Xi!

Was it the Imperial Highness Crown Prince who got sick first here in the Eastern Palace?

Yes. But since the Crown Prince got sick,

there were 3 imperial doctors who took care of him day and night.

Presently, his situation finally stabilized.

A disastrous epidemic...

A disastrous epidemic that we haven't seen for a long time.

Do not know what the capital will look like

once this is all over.

Informing Your Lady Majesty,

the cabinet has already ordered the closure of Qian Tian Court.

But...High Priest Puyang...

has already destroyed the altar and escaped out of the capital.

Doctor! Doctor! Are there any doctors?!

[Ji Feng Hall]

Doctor, hurry and look at him.

Miss, the new prescription you made

is effective in some patients.

But afterwards, they will have frequent relapses.

It is also not very effective for more serious and late stage patients.

Let me see your latest medical prescriptions.

- Master.
- Master.

Minister, Minister Shou Fu has arrived.

Minister Tang.

- Senior Grand Secretary.
- Minister Tang, you sent someone to tell me that you have progress here.

Senior Grand Secretary, the whole Medical Bureau have searched for several days.

finally discovered the disaster that happened 25 years ago

is really similar to what is happening now

25 years?

Although this matter happened a long time ago, it is still within the same dynasty.

why does no on remember it?

Why has it taken till now to discover this?

The location of the epidemic was very far. It is beyond our border.

But this place was still our vassal state, the capital of Yeqin.

Yelin City?

Yes, it is.

Could it be the plague that led to the destruction of the state of Yeqin

is the one currently here in the capital...

Uncle, I have just heard

this plague has happened before in the past

what were the circumstances then?

Don't tell me, this plague is even worse than before?

It is terrifying.

Even if the imperial physicians do their best,

the spread of the epidemic in the capital is already unavoidable.


So, what should we do now?

You must secure the capital

Before the cabinet and the six ministries gather to discuss things again,

I must go to a place

Where must you go?

Chang Lin Manor

- Put it there.
- The medicine is done.

It's ready

There are no more medicines here.

Here. Slowly.

Bring it over

Let me through


The medicine is here.

Place him here first. Slowly.

Old Hall Master,

in less than a day, there is already panic in the whole capital.

There are both real and false rumors. Don't know what will happen next.

Basing on the situation in Yelin City before,

the government must not hesitate anymore.

Not hesitate in what?

After receiving a report from the cabinet, I have already looked at our old files.

Although I was able to found records on the general situation then,

it is still not as detailed as the one in the Medical Bureau.

Since Heir has already read the old documents,

you surely know the ending of the imperial capital Yelin, right?

If the dire situation of Jinling City is certain,

we cannot let our Great Liang follow the footsteps of Yeqin.

Right now, His Majesty is not around, so the cabinet must step up.

That's why, we must make a decision now.

What Minister Xun means is...

While the situation can still be controlled, immediately seal the city.

But this is the capital.

The imperial family is in here and there are so many citizens living here. Are you able to

make such a decision?

I know clearly the difficulty of making such a decision.

I also know that just a slight mistake

will cause my name to be cursed at for generations.

But Heir of Chang Lin, you surely understand

that if each day we delay this matter, it might lead to bitter regrets.

Since His Majesty has entrusted our cabinet with such important task, I must take up the responsibility.

If I do not stand up, who will?


Outside the city walls of Jinling

is the imperial convoy of His Majesty

and the beautiful territories of my Great Liang.

I already understand Minister Xun's point.

Please go back.

The House of Chang Lin is willing to support minister in your stand in the imperial court.

Thank you, Heir of Chang Lin.

Thank you, Heir of Chang Lin.

It is currently the peak of the plague. It is still hard to control it.

If we are to make a fundamentally important decision for this government,

I think that Jinling should immediately be sealed off today.

Ha? Is that appropriate?

Minister Xun, this is the capital.

The main foundation of the Emperor is in here. This is the most important city of the state. If we seal off the city, communications with outside will get cut off.

If this epidemic continues,

won't the whole city die?

Unusual times call for unusual courage.

Sealing the four gates indeed will lead to worries that the whole city will suffer disaster.

But letting the epidemic spread will endanger the whole kingdom.

What benefit will that bring the citizens from the city that will get saved?

Once the order to seal the city has been given, our House of Chang Lin is willing to abide by it.

Everyone, all of you are the pillars of this government.

We are living from the salaries given to us by His Majesty, so we must loyally serve this government.

Right now, we are in a very emergent situation.

I hope that you all can be models to the citizens.

Once the order to seal the city is given,

if anyone try to escape out of the city and cause disturbances, they will be executed without mercy.



♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Hoping for the day when we can sincerely join hands in a faraway place without a second thought ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫