Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Episode #2.19 - full transcript

Guru uses the fire to further his plan. The empress agrees to sacrifice thousands of commoners in order to save her son.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 19]



- Hurry up!
- Okay!

The water is on its way!

Quick, put it out with water!

His Highness the Crown Prince...

Hurry up!

Hurry, hurry!

Hurry up!

Your Highness! Your Highness!

Your Highness, please put these on first!

Your Highness! Your Highness!

Go and continue to get water!

Hurry! Where is the water?

Quick, put the fire out!

Water, hurry!

Hurry and keep up!

Step aside!

Your Highness, are you injured?

I am not injured.


Hurry and go.

- Move faster!
- Yes!

Investigate it well.


Big Brother Xun, what happened?

It is not clear. It could be an accident.

Thankfully, it was discovered in time. The fire was not big, and there were no fatalities.

How is the Crown Prince?

He is in the Empress' Xipei Hall.

It is middle of the night. How did you get in?

The previous Emperor gave this to my royal father, so he could enter the palace without being ordered.

But he has never used this before.

The Crown Prince must have had a big scare. I will pay him a visit.

Visit the Crown Prince?

Do you know why the Grand Prince has never used this badge?

The grace of the previous Emperor is indeed a paramount honor, but it is only just an honor.

Things like that where you can enter the palace without being called for, no need for permission, and enter whenever you want,

cannot be really used!

I am not using it anytime I wish.

An incident has occurred inside the palace, how can Chang Lin Manor not care?

If your older brother were here, he would certainly not take such a risk.

While no one has yet spotted you, get out!

If you are worried about the Crown Prince, request a visit tomorrow. Go quickly!

Hurry, leave!


Hurry up!

How could something like this happen in the Eastern Palace?

Come now, explain yourselves to me!

Replying to Your Highness, we currently are strictly investigating it. We still have no conclusion.

Most likely it was a careless mistake of a sleepy palace maid.

Sleepy and careless?


Your Highness.

Execute everyone who was on duty tonight.

Your Highness, I fear that we should still punish according to the degree of their crime.

The Eastern Palace encountered danger. The person behind this cannot be spared!

Go out and carry out my instructions!

After it is done, there is no need to inform the Crown Prince.


Respectful greetings to His Majesty.


Come closer. Come over to speak.

Yes, Your Majesty.

Have you visited Yuanshi?

Yes. His Highness is brave. He received a shock yesterday night.

This morning when I visited him, he has almost recovered.

That's good.


What's the matter?

The Eastern Palace is responsible for the Crown Prince's safety.

But there were two shifts that night, with thirty-seven people in total.

To execute them all, is it not too extreme?

Execute them all?

Was it the Empress?

Her Highness the Empress is anxious over the Crown Prince. She did it in anger, it is understandable.

Yes, I know, I will send someone to restrain the Empress.

Customers, please come in.

The Eastern Palace needs time for repairs.

For his safety, His Highness the Crown Prince

should temporarily lodge in Taiqing Palace.

I trust your arrangements.

Let him transfer to Taiqing Palace then.

Your Highness, His Majesty sent a verbal decree that for all the servants in the Eastern Palace last night,

may Your Highness allow first the Officer of the Inner Palace to assess their crimes and punish them according to our law.

His Majesty has always left me alone in managing the inner palace.

Why is he is interfering now?

Who is speaking loosely to the Emperor?

Your servant will find out.

No need.

It was I who asked mercy from His Majesty.


I think that His Highness the Crown Prince has quite a gentle temperament.

I am sure that His Highness will not like Your Highness getting angry like this on his behalf.

- Excuse me, Your Highness, High Priest Puyang seeks an audience.
- I hear you.


Your Highness, if you have no further instructions, I will take my leave.

Your Highness, something terrible is happening.

High Priest has always been composed. What is wrong with you today?

I have successively seen abnormalities in the stars and sky,

but I did not dare make any conclusions because they concern grave matters.

Today, after being guided by Baishen, I already confirmed it to be true.

What matter have you confirmed to be true?

The Crown Prince has a great difficulty.


Your Highnesss, think about it carefully. The security of the Eastern Palace is very tight.

But last night, a fire still accidentally broke out. That is a premonition for a huge disaster.

The brightness of the purple star has been being suppressed by the general star for quite a long time.

A few months ago, there were suggestions of a possible collapse of both gold and land--

Don't say these cryptic words.

What does Baishen say? Just tell me directly!

The Imperial bloodline will soon get severed. I fear that His Highness the Crown Prince's life is in danger.


You dare to curse the Crown Prince like that?

You think that because you are the respected High Priest, I will not dare to kill you?

Please calm your anger, Your Highness, let me finish.

Since I am able to see and understand astrological patterns,

it then proves that the heavens have intentions of showing mercy.

Intentions of showing mercy?

You mean to tell me....

Crown Prince is cursed, but there is a cure?

Precisely. The disaster of His Highness was forced to happen by the general star.

It is against the law of the heavens, so there will naturally be a survival door left open.

Where is the survival door?

I can perform sorcery

to beg for Baishen to provide blessings, and transfer the ominous fortune of Crown Prince to somebody else.

Let other people bear it for him.


But what?

But the life of the Crown Prince is as important as the world.

If we are to evaluate it based on the value of the life of an ordinary citizen,

we will at least need a thousand people.

What really is Puyang Ying plotting?

Your Highness clearly knows that

if His Majesty learns about the method of overcoming disaster that I told you about earlier,

I fear that by tomorrow, I'll get dragged out of the imperial city,

and undergo the fire punishment for the crime of being an evil monster.

I risked danger to my life to inform you about it,

yet Your Highness is being this hesitant.

Could it be that Your Highness does not trust me?

The High Priest is able to understand the will of the heavens. You have never been wrong.

Of course, I am willing to trust you.

It is just that...

It is just that what?

It is just like what you have said, His Majesty...

will not believe it. Not only him,

even my own older brother of the Xun Family...

If His Majesty loses the Crown Prince, he still has a Second and a Third Prince.

But what about you, Your Highness?

It is hard to do this matter covertly. I have thought about it for your sake.

The trip of His Majesty to Wei Mountain to fast

is the best opportunity.

Your Highness, if we miss out on this good opportunity,

we will never have any other chance.

My son...

My son...

Your Highness, there is not much time. May Your Highness immediately make a decision.

Can I set an altar for Crown Prince to reverse his ominous fate?

Young Prince, lately, if you are not practicing martial arts all day,

you secretly go out of the manor alone.

You haven't got yourself involved in something, right?

Uncle Tai.

Right now, I am still not qualified to get involved in any matter.

I just...

have not made a decision yet.

What decision?

Decided on whose side

I am standing with in the future.

I know that my choices are not that many.

But even if I do become someone else's pawn,

I hope that this person that will play me is reliable.

I do not want to give my future

into the hands of an insane person.

After several on-site investigations, I think Chixia Town is the best location.

It has more than a thousand population, and their main source of income is through selling stone carvings.

The town was built on the side of a mountain, so it is quite sealed off. It is easy to enforce control over it.

More importantly, it is quite near Jinling City.

However, Master, even if the whole plan will progress successfully,

it will still eventually get connected you.

I fear that it will be hard for you then to openly stay here in Jinling City anymore.

So what?

We both came here to Jinling

not to seek a bright future.

Is it not to let our enemies

taste the sufferings we went through before?


If not because Little Sister came to chat with me,

I will already get sick from boredom.

It is rare to see Second Young Master being able to quiet down like this.

That is right. He said that

it is not really his intention to always bring his father trouble.

He just cannot help but to commit some mistakes.

If he will not try to understand how his older brother does things,

he might not be able to provide any help to the family in the future. That's why he is currently diligently studying for it.

I have always thought that Second Young Master loved the carefree ways of Jianghu,

and has no interest in government management.

If he has no interest, no one can force him.

But if he has one, his older brother will surely be happy.

Where could Pingzhang and Royal Father be now?

Calculating their travel, they should have reached Yuanzhou by now.

Next, they will be parting ways.

So you can hear us. Why did you not say so earlier?

Do you know basic etiquette, or not?

I have been reading books here since earlier. It was you two who came here.


you were not really expressing your admiration towards me to Sister-in-law, so what is there that I cannot hear?

You must not be disrespectful, or else I will hit you.


She really is mad?

I am just joking. You never minded it before?

I'm saying the truth! I used to joke with her like this. She never minded it before.

Are you stupid?

What is wrong with things today?

Young Prince.

If the Young Prince wants to know anything,

why not just directly ask me?

After the Young Prince got trained by Marquis Mozi, his martial arts skills have greatly improved.

You have been observing my people for quite a long time, yet they never noticed you.

How did you know that I am here?

I know the art of forecasting.

Stop mystifying yourself. Those tricks you learned from the Western Regions

may be able to fool others, but not me.

You must be thirsty.

I want to treat the Young Prince to some tea.

The Young Prince keeps wavering.

It is actually making me a bit worried.

You really think that the House of Chang Lin

can provide you an opportunity to attain your dreams?

If I do have such thoughts,

what can you do?

Counting the days since the Grand Prince and his heir left the capital,

they probably should reach Yuanzhou by now.



After Yuanzhou, I will be parting ways with Royal Father.

I ordered that we stay here for half a day

not because we are already parting ways.

There is a place here in Yuanzhou that I want to take you to see.

The House of Laiyang has declined to this measly state. The Young Prince is left alone, without anyone to rely on.

If you are going to look for the root of everything, it is because of the case of your father.

Does the Young Prince really not bear any grudge against Xiao Pingzhang's father?

The High Priest's tongue is like a sharp blade.

Whenever you speak, you are able to pierce through people's hearts.

Too bad I am not a housewife like my mother.

Just listening and believing, allowing you to manipulate her.

Looking at my current circumstances,

to say that I do not have any hatred, that would be a lie.

But to insist that Prince of Chang Lin is the killer of my father just because

he was tasked to handle my father's case before,

do you not feel that it is quite forced?

Young Prince, you are mistaken.

The father of Xiao Pingzhang that I am referring to

is not Prince of Chang Lin.

Lu Yuan, we've come to visit you.

This is...


The pouch given to you by Langya Court

could not have given you many of the details, am I right?


Yuanzhou is his ancestral province. He always said that he wanted to get buried here.

Although I followed his request, you know that

I cannot make him a memorial tablet.

According to what I know, Royal Father was his closest friend.

No...not only that.

Do you remember what I told you?

The story about how I was adopted by the previous Emperor?

Of course I remember.

Royal Father's birth was also associated with being the son of a traitor.

Back then, an important man needed a few children to learn a sword skill,

to duel with the (champion of ) Northern Yan.

Royal Father was fortunate to be chosen.

After you achieved merits,

you got adopted by the previous Emperor.

Does this story...

also have to do with him?

Back then, there were over a hundred children in prison associated with traitors.

The gentleman only required three children.

Your father was the oldest.

Lu Yuan, you are the eldest, you must look after them.

Do not worry, Sir, I will look after them.

The three of us entered the royal palace of the previous Emperor.

Later, we entered the military together.

That year, the Chang Lin Army went to war

on the battlefield at the northern border.

We three brothers climbed icy paths and slept on snow together,

spurred horses and killed the enemies.

We saved each other's lives many times.

I could not even count.

In terms of achievements in the Chang Lin Army, your father

is not at all inferior to me.

Then when did he...

start to change?

The Chang Lin Army's Left Flank Grand General,

Lu Yuan.

The previous Emperor honored him by giving him the title of Marquis.

The military matters of Gan and Mian provinces and of eleven regions were all managed by him.

And the lands granted to your father

were coincidentally within these eleven districts.

You mean to say...

the two of them..?

In Great Liang, military and political matters must be separated.

If not for this great general's cooperation and participation,

how could your father commit such a grave crime?

Honor, splendor, wealth, status, and power,

would commonly cause people to forget their initial intentions.

I remember the words of that gentleman before he left.

"No matter how high or important a status you achieve in the future,

you must never lose your way."

Pingzhang, do you understand this philosophy?

Because it doesn't have any limit.

Correct, greed is never satisfied.

No matter how much one has gained, one feels one deserves more.

I frequently remind myself

not to bear any anger and hatred, just because the previous Emperor was strict.

And I must not be unrestrained just because His Majesty is generous.

All this time,

I admit

I have held onto the gentleman's words.


I...I never thought my closest brother

unknowingly, step by step,

has slowly fallen down into such a deep abyss.

But he regretted it.

He was not an evil person, right?

A moment of greed and weakness

erased his ten years of contribution in battle.

But the last limits of a human's conscience and morality

are not that easy to erase.

At the crucial point, it was he who acted

when Prince Laiyang was about to silence the seventeen witnesses.

It was also his doing to protect the mission,

he wrote his confession

and sent to me, though he knew what would happen.

A man like Lu Yuan would not have succeeded,

because he was greedy and not ruthless enough.

He was unable to put down that invaluable loyalty to friends.

Loyalty to friends...

He was just like you are now.

He thought he could still turn back.

He could amend what he had done previously.

But truth proves that it harmed him and others in the end.

Lu Yuan was the informant?

Everyone knows that the military being corrupt is a cardinal crime for the previous Emperor.

Especially within the Chang Lin Army?

Who among those involved were not very careful in their actions?

If not because Lu Yuan changed sides and reported them,

how could any hard evidence be found against a legitimate Imperial prince,

like your father, who was eventually sentenced to die?

What happened to him?

He knew he had no way out.

As Xiao Tingsheng was on his way, he committed suicide.

Whenever I made a wrong decision on the battlefield,

it was always your father who would notice it beforehand, and correct it for me.

But when he took a wrong path, I...

I was not able to hold him back in time.

That year, you were only five years old.

Child, go now.

Wife, starting today,

he is now our son.

He made such a huge mistake in the past.

Royal Father, why would you take me in to be the heir of the House of Chang Lin?

You grew up by my side. I know what kind of child you are.

Once upon a time, someone said that the future of Chang Lin Manor

might not be found in the bloodline. have never disappointed me.

I also will never in the future.

Royal Father.

Xiao Tingsheng was the adopted son of the previous Emperor,

yet he is able to have this much power and fame now.

While your father was the son of the previous Empress, the real brother of the Emperor.

If Xiao Tingsheng didn't foil your father's plan,

would the Young Prince and his mother have fallen to this state?

That''s why you should fake your relationship with the people of Chang Lin.

That would be you being clever, if you were to only to heed Xiao Pingzhang in order to manipulate him.

I think that if Prince Laiyang is able to know this in the netherworld, he will be able to rest in peace.



Pingjing, there you are!

- I was looking to spar with you, but I see you're in the middle of something?
- Sister-in-law.

This is a problem left by my older brother. He wanted me to analyze how Royal Father will mobilize the troops,

based on the current situation on the northern border.

Your older brother has been away for almost a month.

Sister-in-law, it is not yet twenty days,

Big Brother will be home soon.

That's true.

You may leave.


Two days ago, did you not make Miss Lin angry? Have you apologized?

I went twice. She was too busy with medical matters and ignored me.

Only twice?

Sister-in-law, I have a lot of homework.

How about I make more snacks?

You deliver them to her for me.

Thank you, Sister-in-law.

You carry on.

It will soon be the ninth year death anniversary of the previous Emperor. Based on usual practice,

I must go to Wei Mountain with my relatives and subjects to fast for a month.

Let the Crown Prince come with me as well.

The Crown Prince received a shock when the fire broke out in the Eastern Palace.

Right now, he keeps having nightmares.

The Imperial Physician said that it might not be good for him to travel far.

If so, then let him remain in the capital.

I have the Imperial Family Yulin Army guarding me at Wei Mountain.

I will ask Feizhan to let the Crown Prince remain.

I will look after the inner palace.

Do not worry, Your Majesty.

As soon as seven successive medical cases are noted in Chixia Town,

they will immediately report it to the capital governor.

Don't worry. High Priest has already thought about that problem.

While the local officials still have the capacity to control things,

he will never let anyone know that something like this is happening in Chixia Town.

[Chixia Town]

Master, all three water sources of Chixia Town

have already been contaminated with the epidemic-causing organism.

In just a few days, medical cases will soon appear.

Xiao Yuanqi is still tailing Wu Liang?

After Master warned them, they especially took notice of it, and said that he didn't.


What do you wish to say?

Master is especially forgiving with this Young Prince.

Xiao Yuanqi is clever and curious.

He has intelligence, and knows how to endure silently.

He is way more dangerous than other people.

I have made some effort with him.

That is because in the future,

he will be the hidden, poisonous thorn in Great Liang's empire.

Disciple, you need not be jealous.

Your master will have to die someday.

But as long as he survives, there will never be peace and quiet

here in Jinling City.

♫ The long, slow song rises like wind flowing through the corridors reaching the imposing, opulent and bright Imperial Hall ♫

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Hoping for the day when we can sincerely join hands in a faraway place without a second thought ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫