Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Episode #2.18 - full transcript

Ping Zhang tries to show Tuoba the truth about what happened at the banquet. Guru and Master Xun discuss a long-term plan.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 18]

You didn't sleep well last night because you were worried about Pingjing.

When I leave, go inside and rest for a while.

Once I have sent Royal Father to the palace, I still have to visit Tuoba Yu at the medicine hall to speak with him.

It will be afternoon before I return.

Didn't you say that no matter what the truth is,

no one really took it to heart?

Why must you still go to speak with someone from Northern Yan?

There are people who care.

But at the same time, there are people who don't care.

Reasons are the same throughout the world. I believe that at this time,

In Northern Yan, there will still be people

who will want the truth regardless of everything else.

"Ji Feng Medical Hall".

Is anyone there?

Is anyone left alive? We're doctors from Ji Feng Hall!

Is there anyone alive?

Is there anyone?

We're doctors from Ji Feng Hall!

Is there anyone?

Is there anyone?

Senior Grand Secretary, I really don't know how we must handle this matter.

We can only wait for His Majesty's wise decision.

- Grand Prince.
- Grand Prince.


Grand Prince.

Why hasn't the heir of Chang Lin come today?

Why did he not come?

Heir of Chang Lin, I do not think this is a good idea.

At most, after two hours, I will return him to you.

- But...
- We are from Chang Lin Manor in the capital,

are you afraid we will flee?

Heir of Chang Lin, look at what you are saying.

- Big Brother.
- Come out with me for a while.


[Funeral Banner for Imperial Prince Hui of Northern Yan]

Grand Prince, what did you just say?

I said that the death of Imperial Prince Hui was not an accident.

Princess Chonghua used the opportunity of having a duel

to assassinate him.

What basis do you have for that?

My son is the defendant of this case.

I believe his insight and assessment.

Your Majesty, it is not that I want to argue with the Grand Prince.

I think that it is exactly because Second Young Master of Chang Lin

was the other party in the duel,

that is why his son's words cannot serve as evidence.

A prince sent by Northern Yan to negotiate for peace died in our Imperial court.

In the past, it would have become a troublesome matter that is hard to resolve.

Thankfully, their kingdom is in turmoil

and Your Majesty has intentions to protect him.

The court has made a lot of concessions on behalf of the Second Prince of Chang Lin,

to smooth things over.

Since we already have a resolution,

why then does the Grand Prince not follow,

but instead is making things worse?

The Hanhai sword technique, Prince Tuoba, uses a sword, does it not?

Prince Tuoba, watch carefully.

Prince Tuoba, whether you want to believe it or not,

this is the real truth.

Your Majesty.

Yesterday, I had a detailed discussion with Pingzhang about this matter.

In the present Northern Yan kingdom, not only is the power of the rebel army very strong,

their imperial court is also separated into two parties.

The death of Prince Hui

should naturally incite a huge uproar in their imperial court.

But if we concede and compensate now,

this may smooth things over in the short term,

but in accepting blame for the Prince's death,

will give Northern Yan an advantage

to stabilize their government situation.

But Grand Prince, Princess Chonghua will not admit to this.

Just because we will write in our state letter that we are passing all the blame to her,

would the Emperor of Northern Yan accept such a conclusion?

Correct. At this time in Northern Yan, there will be people who will believe

and people who do not believe, and both parties will be at odds.

Princess Chonghua is a noble lady of Northern Yan.

To say she assassinated Imperial Prince Hui,

will it not seem far-fetched?

How does the Grand Prince know

that there will be some in Northern Yan's court who would believe?

Because it is the truth.

Pingjing said she murdered him,

then it is really the truth.

- Your Majesty...
- No need to say more.

I already have made my decision.

Imperial Brother, please remain. Everyone else may leave.

We, your subjects, take our leave.

Our House of Chang Lin has never been afraid to fight, but also do not thirst for fights.

My little brother was unwilling to bear the responsibility for the crime, not because he was passing the blame,

but because he does not want the truth to get muddled, and let other people benefit from this.

I remember that Imperial Prince Hui once said

that the stability of the borders and the citizens living a prosperous and contented life

were the foundations that he wanted his country to be built upon.

Now that he is gone,

I do not know if there will still be anyone willing to fulfill

such a grand ambition for him.

Are you able to be certain

that Chonghua did this intentionally?


Will your country's records

accuse her too?


But His Majesty of Northern Yan might not believe, so I do not know.

No matter what others do, I, Tuoba Yu, Third Prince of Hanhai,

will not let His Highness Imperial Prince Hui's death go in vain.

I understand Pingzhang's meaning.

With Prince Hui's assassination, his enemy has won in his kingdom.

No matter if I take the hard or soft approach,

these people have no intention of carrying on the peace negotiations.

If that is the case, why should we first relent?

The country's records can be adjusted as you have suggested, my Imperial Brother.

But the rest, I am not willing to do.

Your Majesty, your old subject has not even made the request.

Imperial Brother,

how you think, what you want to do,

I have already guessed.

But have you not considered your age,

when you returned from Ganzhou the last time?

I will never let you go to war again.

The situation on the northern borders has changed. I am going there this time

just to reorganize the military formations. There is no risk at all.

Do not worry, Your Majesty, this is just as a precaution.

In a short time, it is unlikely Northern Yan will retaliate.

Since it is only to reorganize our military formations as a precaution,

can Pingzhang not go just the same?

The route for the provisions are currently being rebuilt.

This child is way more meticulous than I,

and he is very good at making decisions based on the situation.

It is better he remains in the capital to take care of matters here.

Moreover, as Your Majesty said,

I am no longer young.

Apart from finally entering my grave, this would be my last battlefield.

May Your Majesty grant me permission.

I understand.

Minister Xun.

The High Priest is so urgently in need of news?

I am curious, what has His Majesty

given as conditions to Northern Yan?

The Grand Prince objected to the concessions.

He has insisted that Northern Yan's Princess assassinated Prince Hui.

He asked His Majesty to take a strong stance.

Minister Xun...

did not try to argue?

I did argue a little.

However, I do understand that

the Grand Prince of Chang Lin is correct.

With Prince Hui's death, the political situation in Northern Yan has changed.

We cannot use the same approach of peaceful negotiations.

Regarding the confidence of sizing up the situation in the northern borders,

I fear that no one can be more accurate than the two of them.

The Crown Prince is only eleven years old.

We indeed should give this matter further thought.

Since time immemorial, wanting to topple a military family in a lightning-strike manner,

in the absence of support from the emperor, is a very hard matter to do.

Moreover, His Majesty has affection and trust in Chang Lin Manor.

Looks like you and I must be both patient and persistent in our efforts.

What's the matter?

The Grand Prince holds both great influence and military power.

If we are trying to balance their power because of the long term plan of the Crown Prince's eventual succession,

curbing this is not wrong.

Unfortunately, High Priest...

the defending army on the borders concerns the peace and safety of the kingdom.

When did I ever say that I want them eliminated from their positions?

I only spoke of preparing for the worst.

Minister Xun knows very clearly that

the fights in the imperial court will not be gentle and mild forever.

Who knows, what day, what words said by whomever

or a weak link

will lead to irreconcilable bloodbaths that no one can escape?

Forgive me for being rude.

if MInister Xun does not prepare for the worst

and has no courage to plan for the future,

then everything that you have done against the House of Chang Lin

is merely to make mischief in the Eastern Palace.

Why not just stop now?

I take my leave.

Heir of Chang Lin, the Eastern Palace has just sent a message that the Second Young Master is no longer under arrest.

I was about to send someone with the news,

but I was too late, and you've wasted a trip.

You are very courteous, thank you.


although His Majesty has removed the order,

there will still be some resentment towards you in the court.

When Royal Father and I are not in the capital,

would you prefer to stay in the capital or return to Langya Court?

Why aren't you and Royal Father staying in the capital? You...

Where are you both going?

- Royal Father...
- Save your breath.

These arrangements...are for the best.

Look at it this way,

with the capital, His Majesty and Pingjing...

you will encounter more problems than I will at the border.

If it were someone else, I would worry.

Enough. Let us just go.


You are in the clear, and the matter with Prince Hui is resolved.

Why do you still look in low spirits?

Royal Father is already old.

But just to deal with this sudden crisis,

he must go to the northern borders in a few days.

After the battle at Ganzhou and its southern parts last time,

His Majesty instructed the Ministry of War to rebuild the route of provisions.

Big Brother must travel far as well,

to inspect its progress.

Lin Xi.

If on that day at court, I did not take things so lightly and carelessly,

this situation would be entirely different.

Royal Father and Big Brother

would not have to suffer.

They have left

Then what about you?

Will you return to Langya Mountain?


I will remain in the capital.


Did you not say that Jinling City was too constrained for you?

Perhaps there have been too many things that happened recently

I remembered Big Brother's words.

However much I wish to be a carefree person in the pugilist world,

I am not.


You are not.

Young Prince, why did you go out of the manor alone, and did not even inform me?

You did not even bring anyone with you. How can that be allowed?

Look, the fortunes of people are just like that.

No one really knows what will happen next to one's self.

Young Prince, let us just get back to the manor.

Look, the rain is already falling. Make sure not to catch a cold.


Let us go back.

Uncle Tai,

our house suffered a great change.

The people around, more or less, changed as well.

Only you are the same as before.

Young Prince, how can others compare to me?

Moreover, I saw you grow up.

Let us go.

You may go.

Husband, you did not eat much of your dinner today.

Are you not feeling well?

I am a bit regretful today.

Regretful of what?

Since I allied with Puyang Ying,

I am getting more and more anxious.

This man is totally a crazy person, who does not care about the consequences.

No matter what he says,

I keep feeling that the ending that he really wants

is different from what I want.

Since Husband already said it this way,

then just stop associating with him from now on.

But Her Highness is completely dependent on him right now.

I fear that it will hard to convince her to change her mind.

Master, after verifying the information we got from the Ministry of War, the Grand Prince of Chang Lin and his heir

have already obtained permission from His Majesty to leave the capital in three days.

Based on usual practice, His Majesty is going to Wei Mountain to fast.

All the important people are also leaving. We then will be more relaxed.

But the Heir of Chang Lin will just be supervising the route for the provisions.

He will be returning not long after His Majesty has left.

When he returns,

it will be in time to see this trouble.

Master is blessed with abundant good fortunes. Your wish will surely come true.

Do you know Xiao Pingjing's whereabouts?

I am not clear on this. His whereabouts are hard to track.

It is also difficult to spy on Chang Lin Manor

No matter. Things will be clear after a few days.

You are worried about Royal Father? You do not want him to go to the border, right?

In this country, what son

is willing to see his old father go to a cold and harsh place like the northern borders?

Why not try to persuade him to stay?

Royal Father said this is his last time. When he returns,

he will retire in the capital. His Majesty has agreed.

What else can I do?

It is peaceful, there is no conflict there.

Royal Father is going just to take precautions.

He will return very soon.



Your curiosity is getting stronger.

Does my disciple know what this is?

I know. Master has injuries in your bone marrow.

To cure it, this is the only effective medicine.

The flowers of frost initially are colorless. They are just dyed by the night sky.

The darkness and coldness are in the bone.

You can call it a miracle medicine.

It can also become a lethal poison.

Lethal poison?

This poison is called "Frost Bone".

It was created by the ancestors of our Yeqin state. Too bad it didn't get passed on into the world.

It is only found in the palace records.

Although I am not versed in medicine,

I was able to obtain this book.

It is really my great fortune.

If it is a poison, how can it heal?

I will reveal it to you slowly.

Royal Father, your horse is ready.


A letter in white envelope.

Is this a letter about someone's death?

I received news

that Nanjing's Prince Mu,

he died last month.

Apart from Langya Mountain,

on this earth, I met him and

still remember him.

Now, they are no longer present.

Royal Father.

Royal Father, Big Brother.

I have already spoken to His Majesty.

This trip to the border is not for a battle,

no need for a pompous send-off.

You and Xue-Er do not need to accompany us any further.

Let's say our goodbyes here.


When your older brother and I are not here, Chang Lin Manor,

- and especially your sister-in-law, will be your responsibility.
- Yes.

I will send Royal Father on his journey,

then make two stops, and return in about a month.

All the matters in the residence and Pingjing

are now hard work for you.

Don't worry, I will keep an eye on him, so he does not get into trouble.

Prince Hui's matter is still an issue at court.

I would like you to remain in the residence,

calm down and reflect on things.

Yes, Royal Father.

Take good care of your health. Come back soon.

Let's go.

Master, Xiao Pingjing did not leave.

His staying in the capital is exactly what I want.

Young Prince.

Uncle Tai.

Do you remember this?

Of course, I remember it.

This is from when the Young Prince was ten years old and went to watch jade carvers to learn,

picked out this piece, and brought it back to the manor,

as a gift for the Grand Madam.

I was young then

I could not recognize good jade.

The workmanship is rough, but for so many years,

Mother always wore it and kept it with her.

The manor does not have her tablet, (T/N in the ancestral hall, to be worshipped with the rest of the family)

This is hard on you, Young Prince.

But it is good that you still have this keepsake,

to keep as a memory.

The possessions of Laiyang Manor have been completely confiscated by the Jin Guards.

All the traces regarding Mother have been erased.

Good thing this bracelet was crudely made, so it did not attract their attention.

No one realized this was something she carried.

I was able to keep this.

Please eat, Young Master.

I will go out, you do not have to come with me.

- Please take this away
- Where are you going?

Young Prince, Jinling City has a lot of unrest.

If you're not carefu, you will be treated badly, why not remain in the residence, okay?

The undercurrent here in the capital will soon be flipping out into the open.

The time is just right.

Receiving a little scorn, I will not take it to heart.

Young Prince...

It will be great if after taking this medicine, my cold will already get better.

[Ji Feng Medical Hall]

Doctor, could you please...

- Doctor Du.
- Okay let me show you this last...

Okay, thank you, Doctor.


- Something strange is happening.
- What is it?

Someone has been collecting large amounts of Baiyin herbs in the capital and neighboring towns. (T/N a type of remedy and also town where it is grown)

Collecting a large amount?

Baiyin herbs are not frequently used.


It doesn't make sense. That's why I thought it was strange.

It's ready.

- It's almost time. Please go get him.
- Okay.

Thank you, customer, go safely.

Let's go.

What is this doing?

His illness was different from expected.

It manifested too quickly, and is not infectious enough.

We must use a suitable medicine to restrain it.

Everything is prepared in the capital,

how much longer do you need?

In a few days,

we can draw blood.

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Hoping for the day when we can sincerely join hands in a faraway place without a second thought ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫