Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 2, Episode 21 - Episode #2.21 - full transcript

Yuan Qi finally realizes what Guru has been planning. Ping Zhang asks Qian Xue to help find a cure.

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[Nirvana in Fire 2: The Wind Blows in Chang Lin]

[Episode 21]

We will die here soon!

Don't block me!

- We can't go out anymore!
- The city gates have been closed!

Stop pushing! There is no use in pushing! Stop pushing!

Stop pushing! Stop pushing! Stop pushing forward!

Don't push!

Quiet down! Quiet down!

Please, all be quiet!

Fellow citizens!

Although a plague in the capital is a great disaster,

everyone, please do not panic.

The Crown Prince is still in the Taiqing Palace!

The Heir of Chang Lin is here!

I am the Senior Grand Secretary of the Cabinet.

My family and servants are all in my manor.

No one has left.

Our Jinling is the city of the Son of Heaven (the Emperor). It receives the blessings and protection of Heaven.

The government will stand by the people in these times of hardship,

and await Heaven's judgement.

- Just light the fire and slowly boil it.
- Yes.

I do not understand it very well. Isn't it unfair for those people who are not sick

to seal the city gates?

Jinling is the capital of the state. It is better to be prepared in guarding against epidemics.

Based on usual practice, the Medical Bureau will assign several areas or wards that might become endemic within the city.

Once they notice any symptoms, the patients will be sent there and treated.

Those who are not sick will be shielded carefully and have their movements limited.

Even with doing that, we still cannot be one hundred percent sure.

But it is much better than running away in panic. Not only will they not get treated,

it might also lead to incidents in other towns.

That sounds right, too. After all, His Majesty is still at Wei Mountain.

It is quite near from here.

Honestly, for the Cabinet daring to make such a decision

is quite bold.

Uncle Tai.

Uncle Tai, what's wrong?

Young Prince, the area up ahead is an endemic area.

Y-You must not continue moving forward. Let us just go back.

Young Prince.

Young Prince.

Young Prince, you...

Puyang Ying...

so this is what you were plotting.

Young Prince, what did you say?

Young Prince!

Elder Young Madam, it is very chaotic outside. It is really too dangerous. I cannot allow you to go out.

You surely are not thinking that you can stop me, right? Move aside!

Xiao Xue, I was just looking for you.

There is something that I need your help with.

What is it?

- Move all the books in here.
- Yes.

You do know that Langya Hall knows all things, correct?

Stop beating around the bush. What really is it?

These books were brought by Pingjing from Langya Court.

I heard that the treatment for this plague is recorded among them.

- Really?
- Really.

But Pingjing is helping out in Ji Feng Hall, while I have more things to handle.

We both are unable to find time to do it, so I want to ask your help in finding it.

In this pile of books, on a certain page, there are four characters that read "Since ancient times, honesty has always prevailed."

There are so many books!

In matters like skimming through books, do not ask me to do it anymore.

Dong Qing--

These are books from Langya Court. There are a lot of secrets recorded in them.

We must not let outsiders know about them.

Then... fine.

But there are so many books. How long will it take me to finish?

You can finish it in a few days.

Hurry and start looking.

What were those words again?

"Ancient Supplementary."

Lin Xi, you should go rest.

If you even get sick, then all the more there will be no one who can help Old Master Li.

What is wrong?


are you not afraid?

What is there to be afraid of? I believe in you and Old Master Li.

Lin Xi!

Master, people from below the mountain just sent a message.

The city of Jinling has already been closed for three days.

It's the closing of a city again.

Their actions are much faster than I expected.

That is right. We initially thought that since the Emperor was absent,

the government officials would surely pass the responsibility off to each other and no one would dare make a decision.

Closing a city is the only method that they can think of.

In the past, the Chang Lin Army also did the same thing to us.


let them have a taste of it.

Disciple, come, come. You have worked hard.

Thank you, Master.

His Majesty is not in the Capital. That is really a fortunate thing.

But Uncle not only sealed off the city, you also locked the Crown Prince inside it.

There are already seven deaths in the Tiaqing Palace today.
(T/N: Temporary residence of Crown Prince)

If anything bad happens to His Highness, the Crown Prince,

and even if the capital can be saved, I fear that the outcome...

I also did think about such an outcome.

But as the Senior Grand Secretary of the Cabinet,

I must prioritize my government duties.

If at this time, I get scared and retreat,

how can I still face His Majesty?

Don't come too close to me.

Old Master, how is she?

Did the patients who have taken Master's medicine


A few of them are not coughing out blood anymore,

but they all still have high fevers.

Looks like... we should add one more...

Xi'er, I know how to adjust the prescriptions.

Right now, you should stop thinking and just rest.


This matter cannot be left to go on for a long time.

I ask Master to be bolder.

I just got sick.

I can help Master test the medicines.

Test the medicines?

How are you going to test the medicines?

Go and pick the ingredients.

Master, isn't this a bit dangerous?

What is dangerous?

Just follow the prescription and get the ingredients.


Older Brother.

- Old Master Li.
- Heir of Chang Lin.

I read in the records, the majority of the doctors who were willing to enter the Yeqin borders before, were from Ji Feng Hall.

I wanted to come and ask were you also--

I was indeed one of them.

It's just that after testing, the beneficial effects of the medicines used before are not well known.

I am currently thinking of ways to improve them.

Elder Brother, Lin Xi has also fallen ill.

Miss Lin has also become sick?

Minister Xun...

Senior Grand Secretary Xun...


Minister Tang.


you've been up for a day and a night, have you not had any rest?

Right now, the capital has been sealed off.

In addition, a lot of our officials are also sick.

How many rations do we still have in storage?

I must at least have some inkling of an idea.

Minister Tang, do you have any new reports on the situation?

Minister, though we're in a better situation than Chixia Town,

the number of people who have become ill in the city

is also increasing.

Minister, did you not say yesterday,

you would examine the records from the old incident at Yeqin?

Your subordinate has brought them for you.

It has been a labor for you, Minister Tang.

Minister Tang,

I wish to understand, after the plague disaster,

what happened to the survivors of Yeqin?

Oh, here, let me find it for you.

Minister, look here.


in Yeling City, which suffered the brunt of the plague,

only thirty percent of the citizens survived.

Those who fully recovered were even fewer.

The survivors seem to have been...

only children and young people?


For an unknown reason, those under fifteen years old

did not succumb to the illness easily and also were treated and recovered quickly,

but afterward, these survivors became scattered.

Some people like the citizens of our Liang kingdom

adopted them.

Minister, are you asking about these events today

because of any special reason?

Not really.

I'm only thinking of the conditions in our capital,

how they might develop in the future,

and have what kind of conclusions.

No one knows.

I just want to make some early preparations.

You may leave now.


Your subordinate takes his leave.

Puyang Ying?

Was this your real origin?

Is this your plan and motive?


Lin Xi.


Miss Lin... she...

If she does not have any fever until tomorrow,

this child may be able to escape this disaster.

I can tell,

Miss Lin is not indifferent to Pingjing, Old Master.

Why then is she not willing to reveal her identity?

What does the Heir mean by those words?

Old Master Li should understand very well what I mean.

Did you really not wish me to guess it?

The Heir is truly insightful. You are not wrong.

When the mother and daughter ran away from home, it was I who took them in.

Why did you not notify Royal Father?

The wife of Officer Lin Shen developed obsessive thoughts due to the pain of losing her husband.

She totally couldn't endure any additional stress.

I am a doctor. I must consider my patient's welfare first.

She died after five years passed. I then asked Xi'er.

She said that she did not want to talk about the old agreement, (T/N: The arranged marriage with Pingjing)

so I had to put the matter aside.

This means... Miss Lin is abiding by her mother's wishes?

Not entirely.

Xi'er has always had a weak temperament, but she has grand ideas.

Even I do not often understand what she is thinking.

I hope that Heaven is merciful.

That the fate they had together since their birth,

if it has to break,

that it won't break in this situation.

You mustn't... You mustn't touch me now.

It is very dangerous.

I am not afraid of danger.

Lin Xi, aren't we friends by now?

If you do not agree, then I will be careful not to touch you.

Between friends, there is never any fear of danger.

You don't know... Actually,

I wondered what you looked like.

It's a wonder I'm seeing you cry.

When you have recovered, you'll go back to being the same old ice block.

No matter what happens in the future,

I am very happy

to have known you.

Let's wait till you have recovered to talk about this.

It feels strange to talk about this now.

Lin Xi,

you will be fine.

I want a drink of water.


Second Young Master...

What are you doing with the fire?

I am boiling water for Lin Xi to drink.

How is she?

I am just out in the front. If there's anything, just call for me.

Lin Xi...


Your Majesty, Puyang Ying's Qian Tian Court--

You need not speak further.

The Crown Prince is my life. There is no substitute for him. Without him,

I do not care if I live or die.

And everything else, I care even less about.

Your Majesty,

the Crown Prince is not yet twelve years old.

According to the previous plague event records,

the Crown Prince has every chance of recovery.

Elder Brother.

Pingjing, I know you are concerned with Miss Lin,

but you can't keep watching over her.

If you also fall ill, you will not be able to look after her. You must come home tonight to rest.

- And then tomorrow--
- I know.

Heir, with Old Master's new medicine,

Miss should take a turn for the better.

Do not worry, I will watch over her.

If the new prescription is working, you can send it to--

Heir, do not worry, Old Master Li has already asked us to make more.

If it works, we will give it to the other sick people in the front hall.


The manor sent a message to let you know that Minister Xun has invited you over to discuss an important matter.

Heir of Chang Lin.

Due to these circumstances, I am sorry to ask you to come here at such a late hour.

Secretary Xun called for me regarding the illness in Taiqing Palace?

The Crown Prince's condition is considered stable.

That's good.


If the Secretary has anything on his mind, please speak directly.

Puyang Ying?

Was it because the Capital Governor confessed,

- that's why the Cabinet ordered the closure of Qian Tian Court?
- Exactly.

Such an important document, why did Grand Secretary Xun not inform me back then?

Heir, you should know.

We searched Qian Tian Court and did not capture Puyang Ying.

I have spent these few days inspecting closely

the old medical records of Yeqin.

This is entirely a fabricated conspiracy

to create within the Jinling City capital

the plague conditions that are similar to those of Yeqin's capital back then.

He has such a deep grudge and hatred.

Not caring about the consequences at all and yet not aiming to benefit from this.

The only logical explanation for this is revenge.

Also, if we calculate Puyang Ying's age,

twenty-five years ago, he would have been thirteen or fourteen years old.

His age would match that of the survivors of Yeqin.

The disaster of Yeqin was horrific,

but to take revenge on Great Liang,

isn't that too outrageous?

A crazy person can do such an act,

but that is difficult for an ordinary person to understand.

But we clearly know the background of Li Gu. He surely isn't from Yeqin?

Then why would he help Puyang Ying to commit such an act?

Ah, Li Gu already confessed

that Puyang Ying first bribed him with a huge amount of gold

and then lied and tricked him.

It is because he did not realise this matter was so serious

and that's why he made such a grave mistake.

Puyang Ying directly went to bribe Li Gu,

is that right?

This was something he could not guarantee.

He sure has a lot of guts.

These are past events that do not need to be further investigated.

I have asked the Heir to come today as I am worried about something.

About what?

To ask the Heir, while protecting the capital, to be more careful.

Heir, think about it. If Puyang Ying is driven by revenge,

then survivors of Yeling City

may not just be him alone?

Honored Sect Leader.

Wu Liang and Wu Bing have no news?

After Jinling was sealed off, there were no more reports.

Maybe because the decision of the Cabinet

was faster than you predicted, so their actions were a bit late

and they did not make it in time to leave the city.

Honored Sect Leader, do not worry. It is impossible for them to get sick again.

No one in the capital knows they are your disciples,

they should not be in danger.


One person knows.


Young Prince, in these circumstances, you should be hiding in the residence.

What are you looking for?

Uncle Tai, was this town not the place where the plague events first happened?

I do not know.

Uncle Tai, please go home first.

Young Prince.

Looks like this Capital of Great Liang will become like Yeling City soon.

They are doomed.

For this epidemic to have such an effect is all thanks to the Sect Leader's clever strategies.

The suffering we endured,

we'll let them have a taste of it.

Please let us through.

Here, here, this way!


Carry him over there.




The medicine has arrived.


With Old Master Li's new prescription, was there not a turn for the better yesterday?

Yesterday, after we gave out the new prescription, the sick did get better.

But thirty minutes ago, these people's conditions suddenly worsened.

Their fevers recurred. This is the third one.

Lin Xi!

Lin Xi! Lin Xi!

Pingjing, let Old Master Li take a look.

Xi'er's pulse is not the same as the other sick people.

Old Master Li means by this...?

Old Master Li, another five patients have died in the front hall.

Old Master Li, please save Lin Xi.

- Du Zhong.
- I'm here.

You remain here, I will go to the front hall.


Old Master Li!

Let me do it.

Pingjing, look... She's awake.

Quick, get up and take a look


How is Xi'er doing?

Miss Lin's recovery is evident and she has recovered some liveliness,

but everyone else is still doing badly.

Then this is very strange.

The same treatment

and Xi'er's body is not really different from others.

After a day's rest, you have regained some color.

Of course, now that you've gained alertness, you will ignore me.

Am I the only one that has recovered with this prescription?

The other night, you said you had wondered what I looked like.

Those words, I still do not understand what you meant by them.

We met for the first time in Guanzhou?

I spoke randomly while having a fever, you must have misheard me.

You did not have a fever that night.


Why did it only work on me?

Lin Xi, last evening you said--

With what's going on, you're still talking about that?

You've just recovered, don't get angry.

Help me to Old Master's room.

Where is the mistake?


Why have you gotten up?

I can't do anything else right now,

but I can still help think of solutions.

Master, let's discuss again the medical treatment.

Very well.

Master dealt personally with the Yeqin plague,

so this medical treatment should be entirely correct.

After readjusting it several times,

your illness indeed slowly is being cured.

Why are the rest..?

The same treatment...

Mine and theirs, what is the difference?

Among these twenty sick people, there are some similar in age to you,

girls who have just started to get sick.

But after taking the same medicine, they had high fevers.

May I say something?

Only one thing!

Second Young Master, if you have something to say, please do.

I have been wanting to tell you both something.

That night, when Lin Xi wanted to drink some water,

I boiled this in it.

It's because of the heat in the lungs. The heat in the lungs has not been cured.


Take this.

Be careful.

How is it? How is the child?

All right, thank you.

Zhen Zhen, come here.

- Slowly.
- Does it taste good?

It's here. It's here.

I have a feeling that it will work this time.

♫ Memories of that certain year, when far-away borders blazed with fires of war, in vast fields of ice and snow ♫

♫ From this world, the many slanders pass through the vermilion gates, over the palace walls ♫

♫ Beneath iron armor, together with silken skirts and silver spears, hair grows hoary as though with early frost ♫

♫ Hoping for the day when we can sincerely join hands in a faraway place without a second thought ♫

♫ Fiery liquor consumed at the end of the world, at the limits of exhaustion, is a feast! ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Good bows hoarded; likewise, so as not to injure, sigh against the way of heaven when stored indefinitely ♫

♫ Clouds of fear calm shameful waves, the night air stops their bickering by starlight ♫

♫ There is little intention to return the real men to the war in the north, though willing, they are not given free rein ♫

♫ Discussions about their heroism led them to be questioned, and suffer dismal complaints around them, unable to clear their names ♫

♫ Hoping for the whole world to remain at peace, quench the fires of war ♫