Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 47 - Episode #1.47 - full transcript

General Yue and Master Jin rush to try to protect the emperor. Empress Dowager makes an unexpected move.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 47

I am wife of Zhuoyang Jun. My name is Li.

Greetings Honorable Consort Jing

Please rise

This is my granddaughter.

This is the granddaughter of Minister Liu Cheng.

So this is the granddaughter of Minister Liu Cheng from the Grand Secretariat.

As expected, she is gentle and elegant throughout.

Just the manners of a noble house.

Thank you for Madame's compliments.

Young Marshal, do not worry.

Xia Jiang is being cornered like a beast and is of no threat anymore.

He will soon be captured.

I am not worried about Xia Jiang.

He will be caught sooner or later.

The one I am worried about is Dong jie. Though the Emperor has granted her amnesty,

but we cannot tell, when we can get her out of the prison.

Her amnesty is only for the death sentence. Reinvestigating does not mean no sentence.

With Xia Jiang's revolt and escape, Your Majesty's fury for the Xuanjing Bureau is at its peak.

To rescue her will have to take some time.

Nie da-ge after hearing his wife is ok, is now more at ease.

Waiting another two months

maybe is what it takes for good things to come.

I already told you, you are here to recover

you do not need to do work like this.

I am almost recovered from my injuries.

Chief, I heard earlier that something was troubling you

and so I thought of an idea.

Maybe it could be of some help.

- Are you referring to Xia Dong's situation?
- Yes.

Tell us your idea.

I am roughly skilled in the Art of Masquerade. Though deceiving for long

or completely replacing a person is not possible,

But the prison is dimly lighted, only the turnkeys patrol everyday.

Maybe deceiving for a few days is possible.

Gong Yu, are you suggesting that we take you to the prisons

- and switch you and Xia Dong?
- Yes.

General Nie and Madam Nie are so concerned about each other,

it would be better to have them meet earlier.

It would be good to let me switch with her

so they can meet each other, even if for a few days.

Do you have guarantee?

I will not let them discover me.

But you have not completely recovered yet.

Physician Yan said

as long as I quietly rest for a few days, I will be in no danger.

Gong Yu's idea, it could work.

As long as we are careful during the switch

and avoid letting Dong jie be brought to trial, we should be able to deceive.

But Gong Yu

entering the prison, it would mean hardship for you.

If I can do this to help Chief, I will not consider it too great of hardship.

If Dong jie and Nie da-ge can meet earlier

they will thank you for your efforts.

You can leave first

when the time comes, I will let you know.



What present?


She is it.

Pretty woman is a present.


The Royal Cabinet has decided

on the 16th of June

Prince Jing will be crowned prince.

There is nothing surprising about this information.

Not surprising, but afterall a good message

Once Prince Jing is Crown Prince, he can be rightfully delegated to temporarily rule the country.

Your dream, it has almost come to pass.

- Are you not happy?
- Of course, I am.

But if you can do the task that I asked you for Dong jie I will be even happier.

Let's not talk about this

Ever since your much admired Cai Quan has taken over the Ministry of Justice

that prison's security is even tighter.

I need yet more time.


A messenger bird from Qin Zhou arrived with news that Xie Yu died.

He's dead? How did he die?

They said it was an accident.

At the quarry where he serves hard labour for punishment,

a rock slide hit him and took his life.

Squashed to death?

Isn't that too coincidental?

But thinking of all the terrible things he did

dying this way, he is considered lucky.

Yes indeed.

But he is more useful dead than alive.

Now that Xia Jiang has revolted, the Emperor aged,

the Crown Prince' prestige at its height, now is the right time to rehear the Chi Yan Case.

But I lack the right moment to set things in motion

What moment?

In Princess Liyang possession

is Xie Yu's confession. It can only be taken from her only when he is dead.

Wouldn't it be too soon to do this?

Right now, Prince Jing is not yet Crown Prince.

- We should wait a bit, no?
- Of course we will wait a bit

Meng da-ge, remember, we received this news from a messenger bird.

Xie Yu is currently an exiled criminal. The news of his death can only be slowly spread

He doesn't even have the right to speed it up.

To reach the capital, it might take 1 month

What's wrong with Fei Liu?

He has been unhappy for a day already

it must be that Lin Chen has arrived.

This Sir Lin, knows very well you are waiting for him

but doesn't come straight here after arriving at the Capital.

Who are you guys talking about?

It is a person from the Pugilistic world that I invited to treat Nie da-ge.

That's great

finally someone can treat Nie Feng's illness.

Ever since you came back from the Hunting Palace, you have been depressed.

Speaking of which, you are unhappy because of Nie Feng's illness

but Prince Jing is unhappy as well.

What is he unhappy about?

You have to put yourself in his shoes.

Right now, his burden is much heavier and it is difficult to bare.

By my side, I have you guys to speak freely what is on my mind. But he has no one.

Even if Consort Jing can comfort him

they still have the palace rules between them.

That's true.

The higher a person's position, the less people they have to talk to.

When he becomes Emperor in the future he would have even less, right?

You should tell him your identity, then he won't-

I said the wrong thing again, didn't I?

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Greetings, your Highness.

Please rise you two.

Your highness, it is about to be the time for the Eastern Palace to be bestowed on you

Why do you look like your unhappy?

Of course not, the Xuanjing Bureau was successfully disbanded

and today, the news of a prosperous harvest has been known

the issues of the court are smooth, what is there to be unhappy about?

Your coronation is already set

Prince Yu's crime decree will be sent soon.

I heard that not many are being punished alongside him.

Your highness, you can now be happy

One man turned the soldiers to rebellion

how many innocent people died on the way?

If Prince Yu could happily live as a Noble Prince

then all this would not have happened.

It is another crime in the palace, another head to hit the ground.

It's been over ten years

humanity's propensity to war still cannot be stopped.

Yes, thinking about it now,

Although the previous Crown Prince has been exiled

at least he kept the lives of his family.

It is really hard to determine who was lucky.

Since your highness returned from the hunting fortress, you have had much on your mind

I dare to ask

Your Highness, are you thinking of the past, of the time of Prince Qi?

Thirteen years ago, I had just started at the Palace.

But the situation when Prince Qi's case occurred

I still remember clearly.

I was not there, tell me what happened.

Although it was a case of treason, the situation was different from Prince Yu.

The capital then had so much blood lost

Prince Qi's reputation was high

when the case occurred, almost half the ministers were begging and guaranteeing his innocence

But the situation only got worse.

People died one after the other.

Many manors had everyone killed.

Lin Xie's wife, Princess Jingyang killed herself

Prince Qi's mother, Consort Chen, Lin Yueyao

when she died, she was carried out by people dressed to mourn.

All these years after their deaths

who dares to speak of Prince Qi?

Why are you talking about this?

Your Highness

the person who was in charge of the Chiyan case was Xia Jiang.

and now Xia Jiang is a criminal of treason.

I think your highness has some thoughts regarding this.

That's right, these past few days

I was thinking about this.

Your Highness

before your coronation, you must not bring up this case in front of the emperor.

Why can't I?

The guilty one is indeed Xia Jiang. But the one responsible for the decision was his Majesty. And his temper-

His majesty most values reputation.

To bring up the case without any reason or evidence

the emperor will think that you are deliberately bringing it up to force to admit his great mistake in judgement.

His majesty will not forgive you.

But from Xia Jiang's rebellion you can see it.

- And the truth at the time-
- What truth?

Are you saying that thirteen years ago, people did not try to tell the truth?

But in the end?

They were either exiled, killed or...

no one dares to speak of it.

For the emperor

whether or not Prince Qi had planned to rebel was not important.

The most important thing was if Prince Qi wanted to rebel, he could at any time.

Your Highness

you must not let His Majesty

think that about you.

Nie da-ge, Commander General Meng is arranging your meeting with Dong jie.

When the coronation of the Crown Prince is over, we can bring her out.

You can be at ease now.

The person I told you about last time, has already arrived at the Capital.

He is skillful

Once he checks your pulse

we will know what next steps to take.

Speaking of which, this Sir Lin really has the nerve

- to not do important things but chase after pretty women
- If you don't chase after pretty women, then that's wrong.

- Sick people can't run away
- Sir Lin.

Of course you have to chase the pretty women first. No?

Oh my, what is this?

Oh, how fun.

What are you still doing here?

Quickly have Aunt Ji prepare some food for me. I'm starving.

Good. Quickly check his pulse.

If you don't do a good job, no food for you.

So heartless.

You send a messenger to me, and I literally came straight from Southern Chu to here, and this is the treatment I get?

No food, no treatment.

Do you really not want to eat?

Fine. You win.

Not for me. The patient is there, can't you see?

I can see that you need to be checked too.

Physician Yan must have had it rough these days, no?

I am not going to argue with you. Check his pulse.

Fine. I will check the both of you at once.

You are probably tired master, I'll help you soak your feet.

Don't worry.

I have to go see our guest in the secret room and speak with him.

You go see him everyday.

Can't he come and see you himself?

He is not asking you for a favour

he is more like your master.

Yao Zhu, don't speak nonsense.

The fact that he is in the hidden room

I only told you, even my wife doesn't know.

You can't speak recklessly when you leave.

You didn't tell me,

when he jumped in from the window

you were in my room.

I can't not know.

How is he?

Why are you looking at me? Say something.

He looks worse than you,

but you are more sick than him.

I know the condition of my body, I don't need you to remind me.

Then what else do you want me to say?

How badly is he poisoned?

His poison

is only 30 percent of yours, nothing much.

You have never cured the poison, can you do it?

If you can't trust me, why did you ask me to come here?

- I'm leaving.
- Come back.

If I could find old Master, who would have asked you to come.

Fei Liu, are you happy?

Not happy.


I admit

If he was as poisoned as badly as you were then there is no way I could cure him.

But this person is not in that state.

It's just know.

This poison, how to treat it and its outcome

he should be told of it clearly so that he can make his decision.

That is true

after Dong jie arrives, the two should discuss this over.

Great. One person who has a lot to say

and the other person who can't say a word. This is definitely a discussion.

I brought you a big present, didn't Fei Liu tell you?

What is it?

Fei Liu

you are not being good.

Why didn't you deliver my message?

I am going to wrap you in Bima leaf

cover you in oil, chuck you in a barrel and throw you down the mountain.

Alright, stop teasing him.

What present do you have for me?

A pretty woman.

This is not a normal pretty woman.

You will have interest in her. Can you guess who?

You caught Qin Banruo?

You really can ruin the moment. How can you use the word "catch" when referring to a pretty woman?

Does she know where Xia Jiang is?

She originally escaped with Xia Jiang

but Xia Jiang left her behind because she was a hindrance.


Right now the four gates have been locked, there is no way

for him to escape this trap.

- The reason why we can't find him is because-
- He's in the Capital.

That's right.

Leader Xia

Minister Fan, do you have new news for me?

Leader Xia truely understands His Majesty.

In the end, he indeed selected

The middle scholar Liu Chen's granddaughter will be the Crown Prince's wife.

I have been by His Majesty's side for decades.

His interest and thoughts I am very clear about.

Let Prince Jing be happy for a few more days.

The higher you are, the harder you will fall.

As soon as His Majesty finds out the true identity of Mei Changsu

he will see the complete truth of everything.

From there, Prince Jing's favor will also dissipate.

Mei Changsu's identity?

Minister Fan

When you need to know, you will know.

I have confined Qin Banruo outside the city,

- You can deal with her.
- There are naturally ways to punish her.

You don't want to examine anything?

Examine what?

For example how much strength does the Hua Clan have in the capital.

Did you interrogate it out of her?

You can't blame me for not interrogating it out.

You can only say Princess Xuanji

may not have told everything to Qin Banruo.

Also a part of the information is in Xia Jiang's hands.

So this present you gave me isn't all that valuable.

Fine. I have something I want to ask you.

After Prince Jing takes the throne, how will you handle Hua Zhu?

Even until now

Many of the Hua Clan still have the mindset of reviving their kingdom.

Standing in their shoes

that is their justice, isn't it?

Back then, the Hua Clan handed over the country

but three years later, they defected to Nothern Yan.

So father commanded soldiers to annihilate the Hua Clan.

Everyone was on different sides

so how can you determine who was right?

Just like the barbarians that Southern Chu suppressed this year.

They also pretended to surrender before betraying them for another kingdom.

I'm afraid that after Jingyan ascends the throne

he'll have to properly appease

the Hua Clan and the current vassal state Yeqin.

The time he spends as Emperor won't be easy.

This mind of yours, seems to have no bounds.

It seems you haven't remembered

a single word my father told you.

Take care of yourself. This illness of yours, cannot be cured.

You were the one that wanted me to ask.

If I ask, do you tell me?

I'm tired of managing you.

Let's eat.

Is my food ready yet?

Although Prince Yu's case has been closed

but the chase for you is still very vigilant.


What do you plan to do?

Afterwards, I have something very important to do

I must speak to the Emperor

How can that be possible?

Currently, you are a criminal with Prince Yu

The streets are filled with wanted posters.

You won't be able to escape, and if you want to see the Emperor...

Official Fan, don't worry

Right now, I won't be able to meet with the Emperor

After you prepare what I want you to do and spread the news, then I will be able to speak with the Emperor

I'm just an outside official

In terms of the Palace affairs, I won't be able to help with anything.

Isn't your niece currently a concubine?

She is just a lowly concubine...

Let your niece know that I need to speak with a certain someone

Who is it?

The abolished Crown Prince's mother

Back then she was an Noble Consort who was in charged of the 6 palaces

Today, she is Yue Xian Consort

The seventh royal prince, Xiao Jingyan

Talented and heroic, knowledgeable and understanding.

Must abide by the laws of heaven, and serve the people.

Announcing to the world,

he is now the Crown Prince

handed down in history.

He will reside at the Eastern Palace

To continue the thousands of years of ruling

with the heart for a peaceful country

That is all.

I, as a son thank you royal father.

Your highness


Find two people to close the secret passage.

Since this secret tunnel has been built

that passageway was relied on for transmitting word on all big and small things

If we block it now, there will be no trace left.

The Crown Prince has been coronated, what do you want to leave behind?

Your Majesty.

The physician said you will be alright.

Rest a few days and you will be well.

I have aged.

I have really aged.

The Crown Prince is now set, and for tomorrow,

Tell him to start governing the court and country


Although Nie da-ge's appearance has changed to Dong jie

to be with him would be the most important.

Can Lin Chen really treat Nie da-ge's illness?

If it is something that can't be guaranteed, he would never promise it.

What your illness?

Am I not well right now?

Nie da-ge, please sit.

Dong jie will be arriving any moment. Once she sees you, she will be so happy.

You finally came home.

The shamans have picked three auspicious days

for the big grand wedding.

Take a look, which one is best?

Mother, you can choose.

How about July twenty ninth?

The weather would be nicer then.

Not like right now.

Of course, mother.

Ever since you returned from Jiu An San

you seem to be distracted.

Even his Majesty noticed and has asked me about it.

Are you not happy with the current Crown Princess selections?

Mother, you choose.

Mother, what did you say?

I understand how you feel

but at this time

you must compose yourself.

You have just been crowned and Prince Yu's case has just been settled.

No matter what, right now

this is not the right time to bring up the old case.

I am sure Sir Su has said this to you already.



He even had NiHuang remind me of this

I must not rush.

General Nie, Xia Dong.

I am not trying to ruin the moment but can you both not be like this yet?

Alright, I am ruining the moment

I am just saying, the two of you will have time afterwards

to slowly go through a proper happy reunion

Right now, can you both listen to me tell you about the condition of his illness?

I know, you have said this to me before.

The poison that he has is the Poison of the Bitter Flame.

It is the world's number one mystery poison.

The mysterious effect is that it can save your life or ruin it.

It can also make you suffer like you are in hell.

Back then, General Nie was injured all over by fire burns

The poisonous flame had reached your heart,

but you coincidentally fell into a snow hole

and got bitten by snow bugs, that is how you survived.

Snow bugs are only found in Meiling

they eat burnt flesh and at the same time spit out poison.

Using the cold to suppress the heat of the flame.

Your insides feel like they are burning, but it can save your life.

The poison of the bitter flame is created like this.

The people who are poisoned by it, their bones deform and their flesh swells up,

white fur will grow all over the body, like General Nie

and the tongue stiffens so you are unable to speak.

The poison attacks many times in a day.

When there is an attack, it requires blood to stop it, the best beiong human blood.

Although this can increase your lifespan and your strength is similar to a normal person,

but this kind of torture

you are better off dying.

General Nie's ability to restrain himself all these years

It is truly rare. I am impressed.

Can this be cured?

With me here, yes it can be cured.

There are two ways to treat it. A thorough one and a not so thorough one.

You can decide which one.

Of course the thorough one.

Madame Nie

Please hear out the complete procedure

before you make your choice.

In order to cure the Poison of the Bitter Flame, it is very painful.

Simply said, it is to rearrange the bones and to tear off the skin.

General Nie is a true warrior; this type of pain you can handle.

But to thoroughly cure it

the poison must be removed from the bone marrow.

you would be left bedridden for a year or so

for your bones to reform.

The benefits of this option is

after the treatment, you will look normal

just that your appearance will be very different from before.

Your ability to speak will also be restored.

However, this method of treatment has a deep impact on the body.

You will have no more martial art ability

and you will constantly be sick

especially in the cold and is dangerous to your life.

They cannot expect to live for very long.

What did you say?

A person's body has a limit to how much it can handle.

If this thorough treatment is chosen,

it is basically exchanging ones life.

But if one takes care of themselves, living up until forty should be fine.

- Lin Chen, does that mean-
- Meng da-ge

Don't call my name!

Have you forgotten what you told me?

You said your body was weak, that if you rested, you will be alright.

But now, you are in this condition, you still came to the Capital

came to the Capital and went through so much torture.

Do you want to die?!

You may not care about your life, but did you give us a thought?

- Did you give us a thought?!
- Meng da-ge.

Don't you dare speak!

You were by his side, how could you not stop him?

- How could you let him do this!
- Enough, you can stop blaming him.

It's not like you don't know how opinionated he is.

Even if you were there and not Wei Zheng, do you think you could have stopped him?

- Of course I-
- Enough!


The both of you, come with me

I will explain it to you.

And you, stop beating around the bush

and tell them more directly.

What is wrong with Sir Su?

Alright, then let us talk about the less thorough treatment option.

This cure has the same logic

it's to keep the poison in the body, but control it.

It won't damage the fundamentals of your body.

The cure will prevent future attacks and will not require you to drink blood anymore.

Although your body can't completely recover

but is mostly like a normal person.

The most important thing is, you can live for many years to come.


Yes that's right.

The white fur cannot be removed, and the tongue stiffening cannot be changed

You won't be able to speak clearly.

I am alright with your current appearance.

Feng ge, to stay with me a few more years

can you endure? Okay?

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♫ Troubled times stirring fear ♫

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