Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 54 - Episode #1.54 - full transcript

Prince Jing plans for Liang's future while Chang Su and Lin Chen organize travel plans. Returning threats force Jing and Chang Su to act.

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 54 - THE END

The Chiyan Army's reputations have been cleared.

I'd like to hear your thoughts on how to handle the follow-up.

First, His Majesty needs to make a royal statement

clearing the treason charge of Prince Qi, Lin Xie, and the other thirty one

civil and military officials.

Also, this decree needs to be sent throughout the kingdom.

Your Highness

Consort Chen, Prince Qi, and the other children of the emperor

should be interred in the imperial tombs.

Reinstate the Lin family's hall and their offerings.

The soldiers who are alive should be promoted and rewarded.

The family of the deceased should be compensated.

Your Highness

The criminals Xia Jiang, Xie Yu and others

committed treason which is punishable by death

but Xie Yu is already dead

and Grand Princess Liyang's confession allows her to be forgiven.

Well done.

Your highness, is there anything else you wish us to do?

I am thinking for the next few days

to set up a memorial hall in the royal cemetery

and have his majesty lead the relatives of the dead and pray

to make peace with the deceased souls.

His majesty agreed?

I just came from the palace, the his majesty agreed

You guys can get ready


So your plan is ready?

Yes, I am ready

We can first go to Huo Zhou's Lake Fuxian, taste some Xianlu Tea

stay a couple of days, make detour to Master Qin's place

to eat vegetarian, cultivate ourselves for half a month

We then continue along River Tuo, see Gorge Xiaoling

That mountain has the golden light

If we stayed there for 10 or more days, we will definitely see it

and after that, we will go to Feng Qi Gou.

And we will take Fei Liu to see monkeys.

This is good.

We haven't seen Weiming, Zhusha and Qinglin

we can visit them on the way

Meng Zheng Grandma's spicy peanuts, isn't it your favourite?

Before we head back to Lang Ya mountain, we will get two plates of it.

- And then we
- Alright, alright

Following your itinerary, by the time we reach Lang Ya Mountain, half a year would have passed.

So what if it is half a year?

If you are counting the days to be this exact, what's the point?

You trust me, we can go this way

Whether we can get back to Mount Langya in the end

This isn't something you need to think about.

Fine, I'm going to give myself to you.

When the ceremony is over, we can leave.

Then it is a deal.

Since we are leaving in a few days, I should go prepare.

What are you preparing for?

I'm the one who is going, not you.

Even if you and Li Gang don't have family here

and don't want to be an official and be rewarded by the imperial court

You guys don't always need to follow me.

Jiangzuo Alliance still has many things to do.

You guys are not going to manage them? Are you expecting me to do it?

This time, I am only bringing Fei Liu. You guys return to the state.

Chief, Fei Liu is still a child.

He can't take care of anyone

Isn't there still Lin Chen?

- Sir Lin doesn't have that capability either. If you don't have take care of him already, that would good.
- Hey!

I am standing here! Who do you think you're talking about.

Nevertheless, between Li Gang or me, you have to bring one of us with you.

Bringing a kid out, especially a mischievous one

I don't want too.

What are you thinking?

He is your Master

If he tells you to return to the Jiangzuo Alliance, then you should do so.

You dare to refuse

And you want to go out and play?

You wish.

There is no chance at all.

Go back to Langzhou and work for the alliance.

If there were a person to follow us...

Then it should be Gong Yu.

It is reasonable for her to go.

What kind of crap are you saying?

It's a great plan.

They think I'm insensible

If no one follows, they won't agree.

Your Jiangzuo Alliance has so many matters, these two can not possibly step away.

So given this, Gong Yu coming along would be make the most sense.

Stop messing around. If we have to bring someone, there's a lot to choose from.

With a woman, how uncomfortable.

A woman is more detailed

Fine, you can pretend you are bringing a maid

Don't tell me, a young master like you has never employed a maid?

Don't listen to him! And don't say any of this to Gong Yu.

You really don't understand how to enjoy life.

Fei Liu

We're going to travel soon with your Su gege, are you happy?

And your Lin Chen gege?

So heartless!

Deceased Zhongsuyong General Xie of Family Lin's memorial tablet T/N: Zhongsuyong is a title given to Lin Xie after his death for his accomplishments. "Zhong" means loyal, "su" disciplined, "yong" courageous.

Urgent military report, get out of the way!

Report, Da Yu is attacking the boudaries with 100 000 soldiers, we have lost Gunzhou

- Report, Donghai's navy has invaded...
- Report, Nanchu has soldiers outside Qingmin passage

- fighting on the Southern border.
- Report, rebellion an Yeqin, the general has been killed.

- Please send support immediately.
- Report, 50 000 enemy soldiers have broken through the northern borders, emergency!

The military issues are urgent, the amount of soldiers we have is 170 000.

How is the war equipment preparation?

Your highness, the Xingtai army has about 20 000 people without complete armor

the ministry of defense is ready, they will be complete very soon.

What about money and food?

Since the first report, I have been putting together a military fund

I have already thought of a few idea, once your highness approves, I will carry them out.

Don't need any more details, I allow it, just do it.

Marquis, any thoughts?


Your majesty, the wars have appeared all at once

we cannot deal with everything straight away.

We believe we should prioritise peace,

it's better to send someone to discuss a deal first.

Prioritise peace? Only scholars prioritise peace.

Soldiers prioritise war,

how can our Da Liang be flipped around?

The war has just started and the marquis want to resolve this peacefully?

Princess, we are not afraid of war

but we only have 170 000 soldiers

to face Da Yu, Dong Hai, Bei Yan and Ye Qin (four borders of the kingdom)

We don't haveadequate manpower.

There is nothing inadequate about our manpower,

the thing that is inadequate is Commander Generals.

As long as we have Generals to take on the big responsibility

this limited manpower can have great fighting force.

Marquis, this is the time

for you to lead the soldiers and help the country.

Is there anyone willing to help?

Marquis are all high level generals in the imperial court.

Back then when I was amending military regulations

didn't everyone have a lot of ideas?

Why are you not speaking anymore?

Marquis Heng, what do you think?

Your highness, I am old now

- and cannot take this responsibility, pleas...
- What about Marquis Huai Yi

I am old too

as long as it is something I can do

I would without delay, but leading an army to take on enemy soldiers

is something that I am no longer capable of.

Marquis Huai Yi, there was something I wanted to discuss with you

Doesn't your Jade Dragon Stables over 700 horses

I heard they were trained as war horses too

last year during the Spring Hunt you said

for royals to come buy horses from your stables.

Minister Shen, I would have forgotten if you didn't mention it

this morning I told the managers

to pick out all the good horses

and do a count because they will most definitely be useful.

My horse stable may not be as big as Marquis Huai Yi's

but can help out too.

Alright, whatever you have at home

that may be useful

tell it directly to Shen Zhui.

Shangyang Army that is guarding the Southern Borders has just been defeated

Supervising Commander Qi's fall has taken its toll on the soldier's morale

We are in dire need of a fast victory to elevate our the spirits of out troops

Therefore I propose-

You Highness, please reconsider!

Our country's in emergency state, while His Majesty is...

His Majesty is in frail health constitution

In this time of need, the country desperately needs Your Highness to overlook state affairs You can by no means go to the front lines yourself!

- He is right.
- Your Highness, please reconsider

Your Highness, Official Shen is right

The Crown Prince is the country's emperor-to-be, he is to heed from going to the front lines under any circumstances

That is true Your Highness.

Granted, I understand your concerns.

But as they say, "With the skin gone, to what can the hair attach itself?"

Is the life and death of the Liang Dynasty, not of greater importance than the existence of my person?

Jingrui! Jingrui!

Yujin? Where are you headed in such a rush?

I'm sure you must have heard

The border regions are being threatened, the country's recruiting soldiers

Right now is the time for men to step up and serve the country

My Father has already given me his consent So I-

So you are going to the Ministry of Defense to be enlisted


Looks like, I can't get away from you.

- Let's go
- Come on

You leaving this time, have you settled everything at home?

You cannot go.

It isn't that I don't trust this King.

It is just that you can't trust him at all.

If you were to leave the capital, there would be great problems that would arise.

Do you not understand this?

Of course I understand, but...

Jingyan, let me finish what I want to say.

Alright, what do you want to say?

I have roughly thought through it,

Wei Zheng is good at water battles, sending him to Donghai (East Sea) is most suitable.

Yeqin's problem can be solved with the army already there.

For the battle at the Southern border

only you can deal with the situation,

to avoid Nanchu from acting out and so we do not become enemies.

I understand.

I was planning to do that too.

Right now the most difficult battle is at the Northern border.

This time Tuo Ba Hao is rushing recklessly ahead with 50 000 soldiers,

there must be problems with their back up.

Their goal

is probably a quick win and then to have a discussion with us to get money

or it's to ask for the Sanzhou area back that we took thirty years ago.

Tuo Ba Hao's main goal this time

is for their seventh Prince to show power

so do not have plans for a long battle.

As long as we act quickly and build up momentum,

we can definitely force them to retreat.

Talking about fighting a quick battle

Nie Feng's name as the Blast General did not come from nowhere.

Although people don't really understand Nie Da Ge's words,

but Dong Jie already understands most of it

if we let the couple go together

and a together with a few capable generals

Tuo Ba Hao, will not be able to get what he wants.

Right now Bei Yan's problem is solved

what about Da Yu?

Since you cannot go

- I am thinking
- No, you can't.

I haven't finished speaking.

It doesn't matter what you say

I will not let you take an army to the battlefield.

I know right now you are concerned about my health.

Didn't Empress Jing tell you

By my side, I have a good physician

During this time, he has treated my illness well.

Furthermore, with the current situation, how can I recklessly overexert myself?

- You must believe me
- Brother!

Alright, if it is really this case

bring this physician to me

if he tells me that you are capable to go, then I will allow you to.

Right now the country is threatened,

Only I am fit to be the commander general.

It is almost winter and the battlefield is in the North,

Pushing your body to go there, how long can you last?

Three months.

I know. The plant that Wei Zheng found, cannot be kept long

So you made it into Bingxu Pill, correct?

Whether I did or not, what does it matter?

Who said I was going to let you use it?

I know, with your medical skills

I don't even need to use those pills.

If not for this war

maybe I can peacefully spent the last half a year of my life,

- a year, or maybe even much longer than that
- Not "maybe"! I can! I know I can!

Chang Su

The old case is resolved.

All this burden you have taken upon yourself you can leave them behind now

At this time, is it too much to ask for you to think about yourself for once?

There are too many issues in this world things happening in this world

You cannot take of all of them onto your own shoulders!


Why do you always give up, just when you should give up the least!

This is not giving up. It is making a choice.

I have live as Mei Chang Su for 13 long years .

If at the end, I return to Lin Shu's end

returning to the Southern Borders, returning to the battlefield

for me, that is a true blessing

I don't know Lin Shu.

The friend that I desperately tried to keep alive with everything in powers, isn't Lin Shu.

You said so before yourself, Lin Shu died long ago.

To let a dead person revive for 3 months

you are trading in Mei Chang Su?

Mei Changsu's mission has already been completed

But Lin Shu still has his share of duties to fulfill

The fire of war is raging the Southern Borders, there is no-one in the Imperial Court to lead the army

As a descendent of the Lin Clan, how can I stand by and watch on

Now that you have found the Bingxu Herb against all odds

why not grant me those three months!

What about after those three months?

Within three months

�I �will end the battle, rebuild our southern defense forces

After this battle

Jingyan can reorganize and discipline our troops at the Southern Borders

Da Liang's military strength absolutely will recover to its �prime-

I am talking about you!

What is going happen to you after three months?!

Once you have taken the Bingxu Pill

you can indeed stimulate your physical strength

but at the same time, it is a fatal poison that leaves no room for turning back!

As soon as limit of three months is reached, not even the gods

- can prolong your time in the mortal world by a day!
- So what!

Yet I am still Lin Shu

Even though 13 years have passed

I am still the young general of Chiyan Army, Lin Shu!

I want to return

To the battlefield I was last on with the Chiyan Army.

I want to return! For that is the place where I belong!


Be it choosing or giving up

This is your decision.

Do as you wish.

Where are you going?

The enlisting office hasn't closed yet, has it?

I am going to register.

Chang Su.

I promised you that I would accompany you until the very end.

You have broken your word, but I cannot go back on my promise

Once I have my official post in the military

I'd like to ask General Mei to appoint me as a close guard

You say you have never known Lin Shu.

I believe once you know him

you will not be disappointed.

♫ The west wind blows past, cold rain in the mountains. ♫

♫ Home and country remembered vaguely in dreams. ♫

♫ Thinking of you but not seeing you, brings forth more sorrows. ♫

♫ Though arduous, separation is endured. ♫

♫ When will the flames of war rest? ♫

♫ Successes and failures will wash away in the river of time. ♫

♫ The candles are spent, but tears will not dry. ♫

♫ The kingdom is still young but she is not. ♫

♫ Separation is to be endured. ♫ ♫ Though hard to bear, separate we must. ♫

♫ Entrusting the wild geese to head south, but where shall this heart go? ♫

♫ She is no longer while time flows as always. ♫

♫ These pure feelings will never waver. ♫

♫ When will the flames of war rest? ♫

♫ Successes and failures will wash away in the river of time. ♫

See? I didn't lie to you ♫ The candles are spent, but tears will not dry. ♫

Even Lin Chen said that I am in good health.

No need for.

I understand your intention.

Using Meng Zhi to head the army,

with you �at his side, calculating strategies for him

is indeed the best decision

It is just

I am only going there as a strategist, not as a warrior on the battlefield.

You don't need to worry.

I am in no way concerned that you cannot handle the war

Yet you should know, fighting and following the troops

all require physical strength

♫ Separation is to be endured. ♫

If I didn't have enough confidence in my physical constitution

I would never think of leading an army at a crucial time like this

If during a critical battle, I collapsed, how am I to face Meng da-ge?

How can I be worthy of our warriors at the front, of the people of Liang?

I understand that, all of it!

♫ These pure feelings will never waver. ♫

It is just that in the past

we always used to go to battle together

I have never

had to watch you go, while I have to remain here.

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The last time, I watched him leave for battle was Meiling.

I was about your age.

At that time, I had thought my Lin Shu ge-ge

was an invincible young marshal

that he would return soon and be by my side

wait until I was older and we would marry.

I didn't think that once we parted, it would be thirteen years.

The Southern Borders is my most familiar battlefield.

Da Yu is my most familiar enemy.

These past thirteen years

I have been carefully watching their movements.

There would be no one else knows them better than I do

As good emperor, you need to know people well, to use them well

The most appropriate and sole candidate to lead this battle, is Lin Shu

But thirteen years.

Having been parted already for thirteen years

for you, for Nihuang, for everyone

it has been too cruel.

This time's farewell too

there is no knowing when we will meet again.

In fact in everyone's eyes

when he returned to the Capital

he had changed into a different person

but in my heart

he has always, and always will be

the most radiant boy of Jinling City

with an un�changing pure heart that will never perish

I am willing to support him to follow each and every single one of his words

let him do what he wants to do.

Do you understand?

I understand.

What do you understand?

This time when he leaves

please be by his side to take care of him.

You must.

Back then, all Brother ever wanted, was for the country to become wealthy, for the people to live in peace and happiness

You put this much faith in me, to become great emperor who has his people at the forefront of his mind

So do everything in your power, to come back safely

I will never let the throne erode my original intention

But I still hope

you will always be by my side

Please, watch me with your own eyes

how I create different Liang dynasty. Can you give me your word?

Of course.

Brother, please don't forget

you promised me

that we would travel the world together.

After the war ends,

you must come to Yunnan first.

I know that older brother holds the fate of the kingdom in your heart.

As long as there is no ceasefire in the land,

you and I can never spend our time together like ordinary couples.

They all say fate lasts for three lives.

In the next life, I hope that we can be born into ordinary families,

and spend the rest of our lives together in peace.

You must remember your own promise

in the next life.

I will definitely keep my promise in the next life.

♫ Grey bricks, black tiles. The scenery has remained the same. ♫

♫ Nature has no feelings, and does not understand human worries. ♫

♫ The flames of war left little behind. ♫

♫ In funeral attire, he pays respect to those who have left, and old memories finally rest. ♫

♫ A bright moon and light breeze, and he who ranks first on the Langya List. ♫

♫ Who still remembers the carefree years of the past? ♫

♫ A decade passes in an instant, yet in his dreams he keeps wandering to the past.♫

♫ How many wrongful deaths did it take to create that simple robe? ♫

♫ A world of unexplained deceit ♫

♫ has led to the victors reigning supreme. ♫

♫ He walks alone on this turbulent path, ♫

♫ and leaves behind all mortal emotions. ♫

♫ Looking back after everything has settled, ♫

♫ the past is forever imprinted in his mind. ♫

♫ A fragrance imbues the world, and is taken in with a glance. ♫

Deceased Young General Shu of the Lin Family

♫ People's motives are hidden deep within palace walls. ♫

♫ In a game of chess, killing needs no reason. ♫

♫ The power balance changes in an instant with the use of brilliant ideas hidden up his sleeves. ♫

♫ After calculating everything that could happen, he should congratulate himself with a drink. ♫

♫ With his ailing body, he plans ahead, ♫

♫ and few could decipher his schemes. ♫

♫ Though he could live no longer, no regrets were left behind.♫

♫ He bids farewell to the past as he departs for the dangerous journey ahead.♫

♫ A thousand memorials made from bloody tears lamented the sacrifices.♫

♫ The soldiers may perish but their aspirations will never falter.♫

♫ Wait for the return and reorganisation of the Chiyan Army, ♫

♫ who will continue to protect our kingdom.♫ Personal letter for my sister Nihuang

♫ Grief was traded with spears, ♫

♫ and he spent the rest of his life upholding righteous values. ♫

♫ The blood still flows, and the vigour of a soldier has not been buried. ♫

♫ A thousand memorials made from bloody tears lamented the sacrifices. ♫

♫ Mortals may physically perish but their aspirations will never falter.♫

♫ Wait for the return and reorganisation of the Chiyan Army, ♫

♫ who will continue to protect our kingdom. ♫

♫ Grief was traded with spears, ♫

♫ and he spent the rest of his life upholding righteous values. ♫

♫ The blood still flows, and the vigour of a soldier has not been buried. ♫

♫ Brotherhood and friendship ♫

♫ will remain in the snow covered plum blossom ridge (Meiling) ♫

♫ forever. ♫

Come, come, to Grandmother.


What a good boy.

Greetings, your Highness.

Please, rise.

Ting Sheng ge-ge!

- Ting Sheng ge-ge, chase me!
- Slow down!

Look at the two of them, getting along so wonderfully.

Yes, they are.

Gao gong-gong, you are getting older.

You should wear another layer.

Look, the wind is �rising.

No, no, it's not that the wind is rising.

It is that within these palace walls, the wind has never stopped.

With Your Majesty's orders, and under the effort of all the generals,

the Northern Expedition Army and former Shangyang Army

have been completely reorganized into one.

Your Majesty, please bestow a name upon the new army.

Changlin Army. T/N: Changlin: May the legacy of Lin Shu live on forever.

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♫ The sword is given away to her ♫

♫ No wish to live out the rest of my years ♫

♫ The Emperor’s palace is still imposing, and towers above all ♫

♫ Crystal clear vows split the night sky ♫

♫ The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall ♫

♫ The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright ♫

♫ The world cannot hide my pure heart ♫

♫ It is my belief that the world be like a painting ♫

♫ Holding up the spear at the borders, who is to repair the heavens? ♫

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♫ returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen ♫

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♫ That wind ♫

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