Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 46 - Episode #1.46 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 46


don't be afraid.


did you hear what he said?

It is just some murmuring, I could not hear clearly.

Madame, Madame, how is Sir Su?

Sir Su saved me once. I heard from Lieutenant Lei

You know.


I know.

I know he is afraid I would worry.

I know he must be very ill.

Duchess, he has good physicians by his side.

But he must take some time to recover.


I can imagine

how seriously injured he was

I don't want to ask

because I'm afraid he would be saddened.

You are now the closest to family he has.

He is also afraid that you will be saddened.

- Zhen Ping.
- Chief, you're awake.

Nie da-ge?

Prince Jing has been keeping watch over him.

Help me up.

Your Highness.

I didn't realize how skillful of a physician
my mother is.

Looking at your complexion, you seem better.

So it was Consort Jing.

I feel guilty.

Sir, if you are feeling better, there
is a question I would like to ask.

Please, go ahead and ask.

Can I ask what your father's name is?

Father's name?

Since your father is my mother's savior,

then I should know his name, shouldn't I?

Why have you not asked Consort Jing yourself?

After asking you Sir, I will ask mother as well.

Is there something wrong?

Is your father's name also a secret?

Of course not.

His name is Mei Shinan.

Which Shi, Which Nan?

Shi as in Stone, Nan as in Nan shu T/N: "-Nan shu" is is a type of tree.

Thank you Sir. Please rest now.


How is Sir Su?

He didn't sleep so well during the second half of the night,
but he's much better now.

That is good then.

Mother said that Sir Su is the son of your savior.

- That is why you are so concerned for him.
- Yes.

I would like to know something

What was the name of this person of your past?

How come mother isn't saying anything?
You can't tell me you forgotten the name of your savior?

What is his name?

Why do you not ask Sir Su?

I already asked.

Since you asked already, why ask me?

Unless, you think the name

we both give you would be different?

If this person really exists, then they
would be the same.

Mother, it is just a name.

Unless you can't even tell me this?

His name is Mei Shinan.

Mei Shinan.

Which Shi, which Nan?

Shi as in Stone, Nan as in Nanmu T/N: "-Nanmu" is is a type of wood.

I thought I was crazy for a moment.


Mother, did you know

yesterday night, I suddenly had
an epiphany

a very sudden and strange epiphany

for just a moment, I thought

I was so sure

that he was Xiao Shu.

I thought he was Xiao Shu.

I don't know why myself

how I could have such a crazy thought

Xiao will not be coming back.

Even if he returned, he would not be like this.

Back then Xiao Shu was so prideful and competitive,

on the battlefield, he ran with his silver armor
and spear

he did not know what cold was.

But Mei ChangSu

he always has his head down with a smirk,
figuring out everyone's hearts

He is always around the fire without
an ounce of liveliness

I don't know why

I would think of those two people to be the same.

Jingyan, since Wei Zheng returned

you constantly recall old things of the past.

so it's not strange that your mind is restless.

Your Highness.
Greetings Consort Jing.

Your highnes, Commander General Meng's
messenger is here.

Now I can be rest assured

Official Meng's acts quickly

the remaining Jin army is back in his control.

The troops have been re-organised.

We can go back anytime now.

Commander General Meng personally returned
and successfully reclaimed the Jin Army.


What's wrong?

Xia Jiang escaped.

Xia Jiang escaped before Official Meng returned.

There is also a report from the
ministry of justice confessing for letting a criminal escape.

This criminal disappointed me,
even more than Prince Yu.

Immediately distribute wanted posters,
dead or alive it doesn't matter.

- We must recapture him.
- Yes.

Have to make you work hard again.

Organise it today, we will return tomorrow.


Summon Prince Ji.


Prince Ji, where are you going?

His Majesty wants me to go in, I am
not what the reason is.

Prince Ji, looks like the capital will be settled soon.

There are many decisions the Emperor needs to make.

He is likely asking for your opinion.

I am just guessing of course. Once you meet
with him, you will know then.

Greetings, Brother.

Please sit.

Sit. I have things to discuss with you.

- Is this Noble Consort's cooking?
- Eat.

This rebellion was started by Prince Yu

his actions

really disappointed me.

I even had hopes for him

but he?

Put together a faction and privately
carried out selfish actions.

When he knew there was no hope of being the ruler,

he resorted to treason?

I really can not continue to be patient with him.

Who would have thought
Jinghuan could have done this?

This child.

Despite it all

he is still my son.

When I think about it

it pains me.

Brother, don't think too much about it,

take care of your health.

I asked you to come

so I can discuss this with you.

Since the Crown Prince has been deposed

and Prince Yu's crimes cannot be forgiven

who do you think the position of the Crown Prince

should go to?

This is something only brother has
the right to decide

I would never dare to give an opinion.

I was just asking, no need to panic.

Please rise.

Continue eating.

Tell me, what do you think of Jingyan?



is benevolent, filial and moral,

honest, loyal and courageous,

yes honest, loyal and courageous,
a role model for the other princes.

Actually you know that

he is not my best son.

- Then
- Jingyan has his good points

he knows to be humble

this point is different from Jingyu.

Maybe it is related to his mother's personality.

The noble consort has a kind personality too.

This time to save us, when he arrived

the Jin army was nearly out of strength

the hunting fortress was already under his control

but he, without a word, handed over the army seal.

I was very surprised at the time.


I thought he would ask something

or hint at something.

But I tested him earlier

Jingyan had no intention of delaying
the return to the capital.

Do you think he has interest

in the position of Crown Prince?

I am sure that if you ask any Prince,

if they say they have no ambition for the
throne, that would be a lie.

Aren't you a prince?


They are Princes, I am your little brother.

Little brother, that is different.

Why are you so nervous? Eat your dim sum.

So in the end, the kingdom is his.

Prince Ji, to have this revelation

are you thinking of the eldest prince of the past?

The world is now his

so this divine talent who can
obtain the world is also his.

Your Royal Highess is planning to leave?

Yes, going.

And I won't come back again.

This place, I used to come here
every year.

The scenery this year is different than usual.

The mountain has not changed, but
the hearts of the people have.

Tomorrow we are returning,
things can be settled.

You can stop worrying now.

Prince Jing has wanted the opportunity
to thank your Royal Highness

but did not have the chance to.

Thank me for what?

I have always acted with my heart
not with what people say.

Even what I say, is not always what I see.

What is there to thank?

Prince Jing wants to thank you
for having saved Ting Shen.

If you did not have some feelings and saved him

there would have been no way
for Ting Shen to have survived.

Especially this, there is no need to thank me.

We are all one family

who is not related to who?

Sir, you have awoken.

We will be resting here for
half an hour before heading out again.

Prince Jing asked me to check
on your health.

I am well. I have been laying down in the carriage.

Laying down, uncomfortable.

The road is just a bit bumpy.

The returning troops has lost the liveliness
they had when the came

The emperor must be very upset.

Yes, very angry. He has been blaming
Prince Yu.

Such a dangerous situtaion,
it's his first time seeing it.

It is the second time.

Second time?

The emperor has met with rebellion twice.

The previous time, he was the one
that attacked and won the throne.

But this time

even for him, he is unsure what has been won.

Your subjects greet your majesty.

Greetings, your Majesty.


Thank you, your Majesty.

Your majesty, your subject Meng Zhi
has commanded 2000 soldiers to welcome you here

and take over your protection.

I have organised the Ji city army
to set up camp outside of the city.

Is this preparation to your satisfaction?

The preparation is good.

The Ji city army have credit for protecting me.

After they set camp and receive their reward
they may return to their barracks.

Having you protect me with the Jin army

I feel more at ease.

- You may all rise.
- Thank you, your Majesty.

Decree from his majesty

to depose the Empress Yan and to be
moved to Shan Qing An,

given two maids

the other servants of Zhengyang palace
will be redeployed by the inner management.

Member of Yan, receive the order.

His majesty was generous, the Yan family
will not be punished.

What else do you want?

What about Prince Yu?

Prince Yu rebelled. He is now imprisoned.

The rest of his manor has also been confined
to the celestial prison, awaiting further orders.

Member of Yan, receive the order.

Criminal receives the order.

Get inside.

your Highness, your Highness.

Your Highness.

Are you alright?

I'm sorry

I implicated you.

We are husband and wife

we should go through troubles together,
no need to apologise.

All these years, I have not taken
good care of you

now I have you accompanying me to death.

Your Highness

to die together with you

I have no regrets.

It is only

only that

only that

I am carrying your child now.

To have the child follow us in death

I feel it is unfair.

What? What did you say?

This way is good. With this child coming along

we can be together in death.

No, no. You can't die.

You have to live. For our child, you have
to live.

I will speak with Father.

His majesty has a stone heart,
begging him will be of no use.

Guards, guards! I want to speak with
the Emperor.

Guards, Guards.

- Your Highness, please don't be like this.
- Guards, guards!

- Guards
- What is it?

- I want to speak with the Emperor.
- Stop making so much noise.

Who are you, how dare you
speak to me so disrespectfully.

Tell them

I want to see the Emperor. Let me see him.

Your Highness.

You are already at the end of the path,
stop wasting your energy.

Guards, take this woman prisoner to
to a different cell.


- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?

What are you doing?

- Let me go!
- Let her go!

- Let me go.
- Let's go.

Don't worry, even if father has
me killed

I will have you and our child set free.

- Let me go
- Don't worry, don't worry.

I will beg father to save you. Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid.

Don't be afraid. Don't be afraid.

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Why did you come here?

Since we have known each other for some time

I came here to send you off.

If you had stopped earlier

at least you could have lead a
peaceful, wealthy life.

it would not have become this
current situation.


are you saying like Prince Ning and Prince Huai?

Supporting Prince Jing from below?

The ambition and determination for the throne

has already penetrated your bones.

I see that you do not regret.

Of course I regret.

I regret trusting you.

I was not the cause of your downfall

but it was yourself.

Do you really think you
know everything?

Let me tell you

they let me surround Jiu An mountain in desperation,

it is the happiest thing I have
done in my whole life.

Since I lost

then of course the result is death.

There is nothing to regret.

Isn't it the same as Prince Qi?

The same as Prince Qi?

Aside from being in this same
prison as he

what right do you have to say
you are like Prince Qi?

You will never become the Xiao Jingyu with
the kingdom and its people in his heart.

When you die, now one will remember you

and nobody would clear your name for you

because you are not innocent.

How do you know no one will mourn for me?

The happenings in the world

all have cause and effect.

Nevermind, even if I say it, you will not understand.

After being fooled by you for so long

finally before my death

I finally have something you won't understand.

What can I not understand?

Thirteen years ago

you stood here and watched your
brother drink the poison.

All the things that he asked you
to tell your father, you said none of it

now you are in the same prison as he was

this is your karma returning.

I was right in my guess

you are a former member of the Qi Household.

You will never know who I am.

In this world

there will not be a second Xiao Jingyu,

even the one like the dominating sun

the Prince Jing who has the Eastern Palace in his hands

I'm afraid can only slightly hope to be like
his shadow.

Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Your Majesty

Your Majesty?

Are you having a nightmare?

You may not have recovered from the shock of Jiuan Mountain.

Should I invite the physician to
take a look at you?

No need.

Your Highness, here is Prince Yu's

Please take a look.

Jinghuan says

that his Consort is with child.

Please do not execute them.

- Gao Zhan.
- Yes.

Take me to the prisons.


- Your Majesty
- Move aside

His Majesty wishes to see Prince Yu.

Your Majesty, Prince Yu he...

What is it?

I haven't sent the order yet,

How could he

How could he die?

Your Majesty, half an hour ago, we
discovered that he had killed himself.

it's already been reported.

Your Majesty.


I should have killed myself at Jiuan Mountain.

I lived so that I could let you personally sentence
me to death.

and feel guilty for the rest of your life.

Now, I take my own life to repent for my crimes.

I only beg you to pardon Lanjin and my unborn child.

Your traitorous son, Jinghuan.

Where is Princess Consort Yu being kept?

Princess Consort Yu...she...she...

Where is she? Speak.

After hearing that Prince Yu killed himself,

she committed suicide as well.

Your Majesty, your Majesty.

The body you found, won't have any problems?

It is an honour that a female prisoner who died from sickness

can receive the elaborate funeral of Princess Consort Yu. She won't be treated unfairly in the afterlife.

I am thinking, the Emperor won't kill them.

Aren't we being too paranoid?

Looking at the Emperor's mood

if he does not kill them now

it does not mean he won't later.

Furthermore, as Prince Yu's son

letting him grow up in the busy capital

how can this child hold himself?

Wouldn't it be better to let him live in the
Pugilist world as a commoner?

This is the best place for him.

It's better to let this child be away from the court.

You have thought far ahead.

Send another person to ask why my wife
has still not come out yet.

Why are you being so slow?

Prince. Are you leaving?

I'm not leaving, princess has been summoned

the cart is already ready but this
woman is so troublesome.

She is still choosing accessories.

Then that is to say, what I heard is true then?

What did you hear?

Prince Jing's wife has been ill for many years

his majesty wants to give him a new wife

and ordered the Noble Consort
to pick someone within the noble families.

This time, the princess is probably
going in to help select.

There are no females in your household

knowing all this information, what use is it?

I may not have any, but
relatives and friends of mine might have.

Right now, all the ministers of the court are excited.

What are you laughing about?

I am thinking about the time when
your mother was pregnant with you.

At that time, everyone thought you were
going to be a girl

they were all fighting to set an arranged marriage
with you.

Even we tried, but unfortunately we didn't win.

What do you mean you didn't win?

How come she is not ready yet?

Tell her to hurry.

Your Royal Highness, if you didn't win,
who did?

Come, tell me, if I was a girl, who would
I have been engaged to?

Yujin, that is in the past.

you're not a girl, why are you worried?

but if that child was still alive

he would be about your age.

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How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud