Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 45 - Episode #1.45 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 45

What are you saying?

Everyone says that I'm the prince
who resembles you the most,

but in my opinion,

after you finished using Princess Linglong,

dissolving the country wasn't enough

you should have also killed the Prince as well.

that is what is called, pulling out the roots
to prevent future problems.

Isn't your traitorous son smart?

You, you have gone crazy.

These lies, who told you them?

Since it has come to this, I have lost
there's nothing I can say.

Father you don't have to interrogate further

fighting for the throne and rebelling

I admit to all the crimes.

But if you still think of me as a son

I just want to ask one thing.

Please answer it yourself.

Is my mother Concubine Xiang

or the Hua Clan's Princess Linglong?

Your Majesty.


this is the last time you and I will speak

you really can't tell me the truth?

Princess Linglong did indeed

lead the Hua Clan's army

and helped me ascend the throne.

But this woman

was too smart

too dangerous.

As long as she and the Hua clan exist

my secret

could not be kept

I could only let her disappear

along with the Hua Clan.

If this happened today

and happened to you

you would have made the same decision.

wouldn't you?

Are you saying you have not even
a bit of regret?

Son, when a chess piece

is of no use

When it's time to give it up

for the person playing the game

would they still ponder over the decision?

What about me?! What am I?!

I'm the small chess piece borne from a big chess piece?


Back then, before I became Emperor,

the Hua Clan

was a defeated country.

Jinghuan, you are my fifth son.

Son, your biological mother is Concubine Xiang. Do you understand?

Prince Yu committed treason, a most serious crime

from now, lock him up individually

nobody can go near him.


Jinghuan. Failed?


Mother, I beg of you, please talk to His Majesty
and save him.

I can't even save myself

how can I save him?

Jinghuan was determined to command troops to
Jiu An mountain, the moment he is captured

it is irrevocable evidence,

Death sentence.

This loss, is the last defeat.

Mother, Jinghuan is still
the Emperor's biological son

he would not kill him, right? Right?


Was Prince Qi

not his son too?

The traitor Qing Li army had 15 000 deaths and injured

about 20 000 surrendered and were captured,
the remaining has escaped.

The soldiers have all been kept at the bottom of the mountain.

The generals have been detained separately,
to await further interrogation.

Treason is one of the most serious crimes,
no matter if they were captured or surrendered

all shall be punished by death.

The generals should be punished,
but the soldiers were following orders

please have mercy and not punish them.

What words are those,
those traitorous soldiers fought in front of me.

If we let this go, how can we steady the kingdom?

Only death and not death of the whole family,
that is already generous.

Xu Anmo falsified the army seal to
command the army

there was problems at the higher level,
it is not the fault of the soldiers

furthermore, killing these thousands of troops,
the people of the kingdom would say

they were sincerely rebelling, rather
then the fact that they were cheated by their generals.

The moment these 20 000 heads touch the ground,
it will damage the royal family's reputation.

Please reconsider father.

Please reconsider your highness.

Your words are reasonable,
get up.

Thank you father/your highness.

Since it is like this,
then they do not need to be killed

but the escaped traitors cannot be spared.

It looks like Prince Yu did such a big thing
away from the capital

we still have not received news from the capital

then if the empress was not controlled by him,
then she is his accomplice.

There are still 7 000 Jin soldiers
stationed within the capital

I don't believe they would betray your highness,
they must have been controlled by someone.

As long as I personally go back,
I can help your highness reclaim the capital.

That's what I thought to,
Official Meng, take 100 000 soldiers

and leave immediately for Jinling.

First take the empress' power sue and
put her under house arrest

and wait for me to deal with when I return.


When I first heard that something
was happening at Jiu An San, it frightened me.

I was worried you would be hurt.

Then I thought about it, if you were
up here to plan the defense

The ones that should be afraid would be
Xia Jiang and Prince Yu.

Actually the key point wasn't me

as long as Jingyan arrived with troops
in three days, then we'd be alright.

With Zhen Ping and Fei Liu by your side,
I should not be so worried.

That Lady, was she injured badly?

It was serious.

Is she also your follower?

Yes. She works for the Jiang Zuo Alliance.

I didn't ask her to come. She left the Capital
and infiltrated the army; I had no idea.

Having such a good subordinate following you
isn't so bad.

Since both Zhen Ping and Fei Liu are males

having them do work is fine, but to take care of you

having a woman taking care of you, I feel at ease.

She isn't taking care of me

she was only dressing as a man in front
of my tent guarding.


Fine. From now on, safeguarding you
will be my responsibility.

- Zhanying.
- Your Highness.

It is so late, how come you are not resting?

The rebel army has only just been extinguished.
It's better to be cautious, just in case.

- Has everyone moved in here yet?
- Yes.

- What about Sir Su?
- He's in the east wing.

He is already sleeping?

These last few days must have been exhausting for him.
It is so late, does your Highness having somethingto discuss with him?

Send an order, to increase the guards at night
to watchover Prince Yu and accomplicesand to try and capture Hui Yao.

The moment he is caught, no matter when
report to me.


Reporting to your highness, we have captured Hui Yao.

Hui Yao must be confined individually

do not torture him, we need him to return to the
capital alive.

Yes, the guards are all from the Jing manor,
do not worry your highness.

Did he say anything?

He keeps saying that Prince Yu lied to him.

He really thought it was Prince Jing rebelling.

Looks like he wasn't planning to protect Prince Yu.

When gain and loss is on the line,
relationships don't matter.

Father allowed me today to read
Xia Jiang's confession.

I am thinking the Emperor doesn't believe
a word of Xia Jiang's confession.

I still read it. Majority of it is the truth.

There is one part I don't understand.

After writing so many truths

why would he say you are a former member
of the Qi household?

Without evidence, an accusation like this
would actually make people think

that he is acting desperately, he shouldn't be that silly right?

He is not foolish, it is something I admitted.

You admitted?

Prince Qi has been a thorn in Xia Jiang's side

Xia Jiang's bias towards your highness is
also because of Prince Qi

I said that I was a member of the Qi Household
to agitate him

and also to buy time and make it easier in
exposing his weakness.

So that is the reason.

- Be careful! Put down the cage! He bites!
- Slowly, be careful!

Your Highness, your Highness! We captured it!

Your Highness, we caught it!

I already know you caught Hui Yao.
Zhan Ying mentioned it just now.

No, not Hui Yao. It's the monster.
We caught the monster!

Well, congratulations. After a whole
year you finally caught it.

Your Highness! The monster,

looks like a person. He is just outside in the cage
do you want to take a look?

I wish to take a look. Your Highness,
if I may take my leave?

Please go ahead.

Sir Su, this way.

- I want to go see as well.
- This way.

Chief, you must be careful. He's ferocious.
Don't get too close.

- Sir Su!
- Don't come closer!

What is going on?

Your Highness, Sir Su is--

Don't be afraid, I will not hurt you.

Can you raise your head?

Can you let me see your face?

I know. I know.

Trust me, everything will be okay.

With me here, everything will be okay.

Trust me.

It's not good! His eyes are red! Sir Su, you must
move away! His eyes are red!

- That monster, he drinks blood!
- If he drinks my blood he will be in less pain!

He has been holding himself back from doing that.

He does not want to harm me.
Open the cage.

Sir Su.

I am ordering you to open the cage!

Your Highness.

Your Highness, may I ask you to allow
this person to be under my care?

If it's not convenient for him to stay here,
I can take him elsewhere.

Since you're feeling so strongly about this,
staying here is fine. But please do be careful.

Thank you, your Highness.

- Open it
- Yes.


Move aside.

Come with me.


Your Highness, Sir Su has not said much
to the furry man

except constant assurance and providing
medicine for him.

At the moment, the man is very calm. Sir Su had someone
bring in a wooden container and hot water togive the man a bath.

What is the relationship between Sir Su and this furry man?

And also, it seems that Sir Su gave some of his
blood for this man to drink.


Gave his own blood?

It seems like it, I did not see too clearly.

Your Highness, unbelievable! It turns out its white!

Your Highness, it's white!

What is white?

The monster. No, wait. That man.
He had to be washed for it to show.

The fur on his body, it's all white!

It was because he was too dirty,
so I thought his fur was brown.

Qi Meng, why are you telling His Highness such
useless information for?

Doesn't His Highness want to know?

The things His Highness wants to know
are not these. You can leave now.

Fine, I won't tell you these things!


Please, drink this medicine.



Brother, todays events had me concerned,
so I came over her to see.

Don't worry brother, no one saw me enter.

Can you let me see your bracelet?

I know that is a bracelet from the Chiyan Army.

On it has your name.

Your appearance has changed. I want to know

if you are the person that I constantly think about.

Nie Feng? Nie Feng da-ge? T/N: "-da-ge" is a term referencing to as older brother

You are Nie Feng da-ge?!

Nie da-ge

Nie da-ge, you didn't die.

I am Xiao Shu.

I am Xiao Shu.

Nie da-ge!

Your Highness.

Sir Su, I thought you were busy
taking care of the ill person. How is it you are here?

Why are you being so polite, what's wrong.
Hurry and get up/

I have a presumptuous request,
that I wish for Your Highness to grant.

If I can do it, I will do it. Please rise first.

I wanted to request if you could
ask Consort Jing to help treat my patient.

The patient that is in your room?


Since he is a patient, would it not be
better to have a physician see him?

His illness, only Madame can treat him.

It is late now, tomorrow

I will ask my mother. But whether she comes
or not, will be her choice.

Thank you, your Highness.

A patient that is covered in white fur?

I see. Please wait a moment while
I get my medicine kit.

Madame, how is is condition?
Is the posion deep?

It's alright, the poison is not deep,
not 30 percent yet.

My acupuncture can only supress it for one to two months.

The posion of the Bitter Flame
is the most dangerous of poisons

It is too bad he has been poisoned for so long.

With my abilities, I cannot cure him.

I understand, please start the acupuncture.


Fei Liu, is this the messenger bird that
is suppose to go to Lin Chen?

How you capture it after I just released it?

Fei Liu, return it to me!

Let me tell you, Sir Lin is being brought
here for an important reason.

He won't have time to bully you, Fei Liu.

Don't kill it! If you do, I'll tell! And you'll get in trouble.

In trouble.

Good. Good child.

I thought I might just watch you,
just in case you bring it back again.

It's done.

Thank you, Madame.

All physicians have a benevolent heart,
no need to thank me.


You must know the person who can treat
the poison?

Yes, I already wrote to him.

It is only that he is far away, it will
take some time before he arrives.

During this time then, if the patient has any problems,
you can find me.

Thank you, Madame.

He was over concerned for the patient,
so he forgot about you.

Mother and Sir Su, you don't seem to have
just met.

Look at you, you are still curious.

But Mother still does not wish to tell me.

Sir Su is the son of someone in my past.

I did not know before

having the chance to meet again, is certainly
a coincidence.

A person from your past.

Yes, someone from my past.

Back then, I was still young

and followed my master to help cure people
and was bullied by the physicians there

if this person of my past did not pass by and help me

I'm afraid I would have already died.

So he is your savior.

Since you are the son of the savior,
why have I never heard mother bring this up?

This situation, it was only after
meeting Consort Jing, that I realized it.

But this, doesn't seem like anything. How
come Mother couldn't me about it?

It isn't because I can't tell you about it, it is
because I don't want to tell you.

It is is the past, to speak of it

makes me saddened.

The patient inside, what is his relationship with
you, Sir Su?

He is an old friend of mine.

That's true. You came to the Capital for almost
two years

it is natural that you would have a
friend that I do not know.

Okay. Everything seems to be normal.
I won't ask anymore.

Your misgivings still remain.

I trust mother and I trust Sir Su. But it seems
everyone has their secrets

it makes me feel alone.

The road you walk on, it is and will
be a lonely one.

The higher you rise, the lonelier you will become.

These last few days, I thought of the past

to have brothers and to have friend's support

my heart was always at peace and happy.


The burden you carry

only you can handle it

I can not help you.

But I trust, there will be a day

when you look back

you will find, that right now by your side

you have a friend that supports you.

Thankfully the poison is not too deep, so
you should not worry about anything.

Just rest and leave the rest to me.

I know, you went through a lot of suffering

to get from Meiling to the capital
and to Jiu An mountain.

You were chased the whole way but
you just wanted to meet Dong jie.

Too bad she didn't come this time, don't fret.

When we return to the Capital, I will
arrange a meeting for the both of you.


It will be alright.

It doesn't matter how you become,
Dong Jie will not care.

As long as you are alive,
being alive is the greatest comfort for her.

The seventeen generals of the Chiyan Army,

only you survived

the lives of the two of us were saved
by our brothers who fought to death.

Father, the many uncles

the lives of the 70 000 Chiyan soldiers

all live within us.

So we cannot give up

The hope to clear everyone's names

of everyone, whose cases must be overturned.

Elder Brother Nie must not used to sleeping here.

Pay attention to any activity that goes on in his room.

Yes, I understand.

Chief, are you not feeling well?
Take your medicine.

Chief. The medicine, wasn't there still one pill left?

- Su ge-ge.
- Fei Liu, help the Chief lie down.

Go find help Fei Liu.


Water Buffalo.

Water Buffalo. Water Buffalo.

Water Buffalo.

What happened?

Su gege.

Zhen Ping, don't tell Nihuang. Don't let her come here.

Yes, I know.

What happened?

Chief has finished all the medicine. He's extremely unwell at the moment.

Your Highness, I am alright. I am alright...

I will bring Mother here.

Su gege. Su gege.


What did he say?


He is in a steady condition. He will need to be watched over carefully for the rest of the night.

He doesn't have steady breath. You mustn't let him lie on his back.

Jingyan. Don't be afraid.

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How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

scatters the clouds