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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 42

Where's the pouch?

- Open it
- Right now?

Don't you think you have no choice now?

If we miss this opportunity, then
it is really over for us.

- Open it
- Okay


This... how can this be a letter.

This is a letter for Prince Yu.

The one who wrote the letter
is not Princess Xuanjing

It is her elder sister, Princess Linglong

How come you are here? I don't want
to hear anything about the palace right now.

Do you not understand what I'm saying?

Your Highness. My Prince.

You cannot give up.

What you are giving up, is not only what
you deserve

but also the hopes of Hua people.

Hua people?

All these years, you supported me on the surface

but you were really trying to revive the Hua people.

Not sending you to the ministry of justice
to be punished is already gracious of me

You dare to speak to me about Hua people.

Your Highness, I only learned of it today

that you carry the

bloodline of the Hua people.

What nonsense are you talking about

Recently, there has been reports that

said that Prince Yu colluding with the Xuanjing Bureau

and the case with the gunpowder factory

even though I locked him up to repent,

it was a light punishment. What do you think?

Your Majesty's decision, has its reasons.

Jinghuan is naturally smart

and has been competitive since he was young.

Everyone said

of all the Princes, only he was
the most like me.

But I have never really thought so.

Your highness, since Prince Yu has been locked to repent.

It seems like he won't fight for the throne anymore.

You punishing him lightly, he is a smart person

He should know how to retreat.

I am only afraid that he is like
his birth mother

Your Highness

Concubine Xiang's background, only you know of it.

These years, my favour towards
Jinghuan, you have seen.

And only you would understand.

Your Majesty, everything is well now
why do you think of the past again?

This secret

will end with us.

That time when I crowned him seven pearls

it was to balance the Crown Prince's power,
but I also wanted to see

if his morality could exceed the Crown Prince's

this kingdom, could have been handed to him

to pick the better one.

You highness is generous.

I am generous,

But look at him, what merits has he
done these past few years?

After quarrelling with the crown prince all these years

always acting with his own selfishness in mind

when has he truly helped me out?

If the throne were to be passed to him

can I be at ease?

You reap what you sow.

Reap what you sow.

So my birth mother Concubine Xiang was Hua people's
Princess Linglong?

Before my master Princess Xuanji passed away

She wanted me to get close to you and help support you with my all.

Now I understand my Master's intention

Your Highness, you must avenge
for the two Princesses'.

Jinghuan, my greatest regret was to
have trusted your father.

After he ascended the throne, not only did turn
his back on us

but he also let out the secret of our alliance with
Da Yu.

And had the Chiyan army eliminate us.

The Hua people's kingdom has been destroyed
and cannot be saved,

mother has become a criminal.

How did my mother die?

I heard Master say

Princess Linglong died in the last battle with Da Liang.

The only one that escaped from the Royal House

was only my Master Princess Xuanjing.


I now finally understand

why no matter how hard I work

you would never fully recognize me.

It is because since I was born

it was already determined I would never
be Emperor.

Because you would never let a child with Hua Zhu blood
sit on the throne.

You treated me with love and care

but to only use me like a chess piece.

Before to control the Crown Prince

and now against Prince Jing

Ironic. So ironic.

I had in heart wanted

no matter how much I fought with
Jingyan or Jingxuan

I have never thought of making things
difficult for you

or to fight with you.

Qin Banruo, tell Xia Jiang

There is still a lot to do before March spring hunt.


How you got the throne in the past,

today, I too can do the same.

Zhilou Palace

You have come Mr. Huang

My lady, how can you do these work. What if you get tired?

I'm use to doing this. How can I get tired.

Mr. Huang, what did you bring us today?

Newly arrived spring tea,

We already sent it to Yangju Palace and Zhengyang Palace, and now we are here.

You are currently making tea, it might come in use

The lady only uses E Mei tea leaves

she doesn't use other green teas,
so she wouldn't use this Wuyi tea either.

Well then, this I guess I don't understand then.

Since it is such good tea,
please leave two of them for me to try.

Thank you for coming here.

Our Zhiluo palace isn't very wealthy,
but it is a piece of my lady's feelings

- Please don't dislike it.
- This child is scolding me.

Who would dare to look down on Consort's gift.

Madame, if there is nothing
else, I shall take my leave.

Xiao Li, box these for me.

When Jingyan enters the palace, let
have him take it with him.

Yes, Madame.

That child, has always loved
drinking water.

Just like a water buffalo.

This tea quality is really good.

Of course. My sister knows that you love this type of tea, so she sent people to Minzhou to get it.

There is no other tea better than this.

Thank you the princess for being considerate

As long as you remember how my sister feels, that would be good enough

Speaking about it, I can't tell the difference whether this is good tea or not. What is the difference anyway?

Some people love tea, and there will be people who don't.

And there are some people who will be fine with water.

Where is Fei Liu? I want to go play with him.

He must be at the garden.

Then I'm going.

Also, little prince.

When you go home, can you bring a message to your guest that is staying at your place.

What is it? Are you going to take him away?

Today, I'm going to have people go get him. Make sure to tell him to prepare.

He has stayed with him for 3 months. I don't think I can bare to let him go.

Fei Liu, what are you doing?

Young Marshal.

Young Marshal, forgive me for getting caught.

It is not all your fault, I am glad you
are well. Please rise.

Just rest. In a bit, Prince Jing will come here.

When you are speaking with him, you must be careful, especially on my identity.


Wei Zheng greets Prince Jing.

Your highness, we should sit down first before we talk.

Tonight will be a long night of conversation.

Alright. Come...

I hope you don't mind

but I have many questions
in my heart

that I thought would never be answered.
Thank the heavens that I am able to meetsomeone from that past.

Please answer my queries for me.

Please ask, your Highness. I will answer
them the best I can.

That year at Meiling, were there any other survivors?

Yes, but not many, the ones with
ranks, even less.

As they were declared traitors and would
have to face suffering

nobody dared to return, everyone hid away
hiding also their identities.

Are there still some that I may know?

There were not many to begin with

I'm afraid you do not know them.

If you survived, then not everyone died
at Meiling. what if-

- other people survived?
- At that time, I wasnt at Meiling.

General Nie Feng's army did not arrive as planned,

Young Marshal sent me to find
out what happened.

Left general.

Then how did Meiling end up like that?

General Lin's Chiyan army is Da Liang's strongest army

just from the 100 000 troops that
Xie Yu and Xia Jiang brought it

how did they get defeated so badly?

Do you also think that we were defeated from just Xie Yu?

Madame, are you alright?

I'm alright. You can go and rest.


Sister Chen Fei


What will Jingyan hear about the truth?

Back then about Xiao Shu?

What did he endure in the past?

With General Lin's personality, we
would not have been idle in the fight.

But when Xie Yu raised his weapons

we had just faced a devastating battle
and had no energy left.

Devastating battle?

So what Xie Yu reported about defeating
Da Yu's 200 000 troops

and protected the Nothern border,
was actually yur doing?

Da Yu has an army but no kingdom

if we the Chiyan army didn't use our last breath

and defeat their arrogant royal army.

How would Da Liang's Northern borders
have this thirteen years of peace?

Our emperor who was far away in Jinling city

just used Xie Yu and Xia Jiang's secret report

and his the suspicions and biases that he had

and annihilated the thousands of Chiyan army.

That year's Meiling, water turned to ice,
and a sky full of wind and snow

General Lin took a risk with a carpet of fire

our Chiyan army battled for three days and three nights,
using our last breaths

and cut down Da Yu's royal army.

After the battle, we had also lost a lot of
our troops and many more were severly injured.

With no choice, we could only rest where we were.

At this time, the young marshal already
figured something was wrong,

Nie Feng who should have come meet us
did not appear,

so the young marshal sent me to find them,
but the moment I left the mountain

Xie Yu and Xia Jiang's 100 000 troops arrived,
I even thought

I even thought they were there to help us.

Meiling became hell and was burnt to the ground,

corpses covered the ground, unable to be identified.

We had already made it through the toughest
battle with the Da Yu royal army,

Who would have know that we would die
under the hands of our own people.

A lot of people. even when they died
had no idea what was going on.

Live on.

He won't come back. So Xiao Shu...

He really won't come back now.

These thirteen years

70 000 souls have not settled,
and their names have not been cleared.

Even though I Xiao Jingyan am now
a seven pearl prince and the pride of many,

What use is there? What meaning is there?

Your highness.

Prince Jing,

this case was personally determined by
the emperor and involves many people.

It is not that easy to reopen the case.

The plan now is to hold back your anger

and look at the bigger picture,
as long as your goal is determined.

You don't need to worry about not succeeding.

Yes, your highness. To re-open the case, it would mean that the Emperor would have to admit that he is wrong.

But this mistake is too big.

How can the Emperor admit to it.

Plus, Wei Zheng is currently a criminal and his words

cannot be used as evidence and brought to the court.

Please your highness think about this carefully.

But, being so wrongly accused,
are we just going to bear with it?

Our comrades on the bloody battlefield,
is this their only conclusion?

It is not only the Chiyan army

there is also the blood of Prince Qi

just like Commander General Meng said

To open up the case again, the Emperor must admit his mistake.

This will be recorded in the history books

and it will say that he wrongly killed
good subjects and a prince

How will this be easy?

Your highness, if you want to accomplish your goal

At this time, do not bring up the Chiyan Army case.

Let me remind Sir Su, my main goal is to clear the case.

Other things can wait till later.

Yes, I will remember.

The Spring Hunt is near,
there were some things I wanted to discuss

my mind cannot settle right now,
please be considerate.

Your too polite your highness,
for general Wei, it is quiet here

and safe for him, you can be rest assured.

Thank you for this.

This time it is all because of Sir Su
that you were saved.

Living here, you must listen to Sir Su's orders.

Yes. I will definitely follw Sir's orders.

What orders? You are both too polite.

Then I will not disturb you further,
good bye.

Good bye.

Fourth sister, telling some lies won't kill someone.

You want him alive, but he must have a reason to stay alive

As long as I get what I want, I will let you guys go.

- Tong Lu.
- Jun Niang, how did you get here?

I stole the keys when they did not notice
lets go.

Ok good. I'll take you and go. As long as I am with my brothers, we will be safe.

You can no longer be a part of Jiang Zuo Alliance anymore.
You are already known as a traitor.

Plus your master already died.

No. What did you say?

I heard people talking that Mei Chang Su has been poisoned by Xuanjing Bureau

And already died. You no longer have a leader, even if you run away

We can leave the capital and start over.

Impossible. Chief... How can he...

How is that impossible? You know how Xuanjing Bureau operates.

Once they have been poisoned there
is no way of living.

No way.

Chief has so many people beside him

there's physician Yan beside him helping him

and young master Lin's life saving pills.

When Chief's poison of the bitter flame
recurred, he still made it through

Poison of the bitter flame, what is that?


Your highness, it's not long till the spring hunt,
I received news

that his majesty is only bringing Consort Jing.

Apart from that, he also told Prince Jing
to bring Mei Changsu to the hunting grounds.

Alright. Take Mei Chang Su and let the Empress stay

The heaven is blessing me

But, the Empress isn't from Hua family

Will she be willing to help?

She can't not help.

All these years, I've listened to her.

I married the lady she chose for me

and became friends with the royals around her

wanting to stop now

is already too late.

Mr. Su.

Your highness

That is the Jiu An Mountain Hunting Palace.

I was thinking, such a nice palace
why aren't we staying there?

Instead we are camping here?

This hunting palace can only be
inhabited during the Autumn Hunt.

The Spring Hunt is only a ritual
so according to historical rules, we cannot stay there.

That's how it is.

Is the royal tent all good?

Father is already resting.

Your highness.

Your highness, Sir Su.

Sir Su's tent must be in the middle,
it must be carefully protected.

Yes, it's been arranged like that,
it is ready for Sir Su to rest in.

Your highness, I am indeed tired after the trip.

- I will leave first.
- That's good.

Mother wanted to meet you,

I guess it doesn't have to be today,
go rest Sir.


You three, do you want to have a competition?

Father you are biased, who would
compete against Jingyan in this?

You are scared but I am not.
Jingyan, lets go.

General Lie, they are already leaving
why aren't you going?

His majesty ordered me to stay here and protect you.

What danger is there, there are so many people
just go.


Sir Su.

Don't fret, Brother Fei Liu will take you in a bit.

But remember it's spring right now,
animals are just recovering, don't kill

so the Spring Hunt is mainly a ritual

don't run all over the place chasing animals,
just have a look around, alright?

Yes sir.


Brother Su, have you taken Ting Shen as your disciple?

Sort of.

You are so bias, you never taught me.

Do you remember the first time you joined
the hunt, who taught you the rules?

It was Lin Shu gege.

Jingyan isn't very lively these few days,
and has spoken much.

Looks like he has something on his mind.

Young people, one moment they are happy
and the next they aren't.

Don't worry about them.

Since it's not your son, you speak like that.

Why are you laughing too?

Third brother,

Jingyan, what's wrong, why are you unhappy?


Nothing much.

I don't know what it is,

I keep feeling restless.

I think Jingyan is scared,
the Xuanjing Bureau is too evil.

Even thinking about it is scary,
if it was me, I'd be so scared to death.

Good thing it was Jingyan, since he's
been on the battlefield for so long, he can take it.

You? The Xuanjing Bureau wouldn't target you.

That's true.

Looks like his majesty will sleep for at least two hours.

I will go back to my tent,
thank you Eunuch Gao for looking after him.

Don't worry Noble Consort,
when his majesty wakes up

I wil send someone to notify you.

Go find Prince Jing and tell him
to ask Sir Su to come see me.


Greetings Prince Ning and Prince Huai.

Your highness, her lady asked you to
invite Sir Su to her tent.

Sir Su, Prince Jing and her lady are inviting you.

Greetings mother.

This is the Sir Su that I often mention.

I am Su Zhe, greetings Noble Consort Jing.


Your welcome.

Thank you my lady.

Sir Su, it's been a tough journey, please sit.


Sir Su has been in the capital for over a year right?

Are you used to everything?

The capital is a bit colder, but everything else is fine.

Sir, you are afraid of the cold?


Jingyan, you don't know how to look after people,

did you notice whether there was enough
firewood in Sir Su's tent?

Tents in the wild will be colder than at home.

My lady, you have wrongly accused his majesty
he looks after me very well,

nobody dares to come to my tent,
they think it's too hot.

The hunting grounds are different to the capital,

you need to constantly movve in
and out of the tent,

If it's extremely hot inside and
extremelly cold outside

it'll be easier to get sick.

Your tent should have good circulation

to make sure the temperature is suitable.

Thank you for worrying your highness.

Wait a moment, Sir braved the wind and came here

he shouldn't have this tea, bring the ginger tea.


Madame knows a lot of things about health.

You have worked so hard for Jingyan

I will pour you a cup of tea.

How can I bother madame with pouring the tea.


Did you get burnt?

It's alright, don't worry.

Mother, are you a bit tired today?

Why don't you rest, Sir Su and I will come another day.

Sir looks pale and weak,

you must have been sick for
a very long time.

I know understand medicine,

if you don't mind

can I check your pulse?

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

scatters the cloud