Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 43 - Episode #1.43 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 43

Sir, if you don't mind

Would you allow me to check your pulse?

Mother, Sir Su already has a good physician by his side.

- There is no need--
- I am only checking his pulse.

I am not using acupuncture or giving him medicine,

all physicians like to look at more cases

please allow me Sir.

Please, sit.

Mother, what's wrong?

I will be alright in a moment, just a moment.


Have you greeted your father today?

I was with father since the morning.

What about the afternoon?

I haven't gone yet.

Then you should go, greet your father.

Isn't father having his afternoon nap?

Even if he is having his afternoon nap, you should go!

Just go there, wait for him to wake.

Mother, you wish me to leave, am I correct?

Quickly, leave please.

Madame, please don't cry.

Crying will not help.

I don't want to be like this either.

But I have held it in for so many years,
I suddenly couldn't do it any more.

I don't know if your father or your mother could either, seeing your present condition.

Aunt Jing, I am doing alright.

My body is only weak sometimes, it is nothing to worry about.

Poison of the Bitter Flame

the most mysterious of poisons.

In order to cure it

would it be really as simple as changing one's appearance?

The physician who is treating you for the poison

has he said anything?

He said I will be ok, I am in no danger.

How can you be ok?!

A poisoned removed by moving your bones
and tearing off your skin.

How much suffering must you take upon yourself

If your father or mother could see the hardships
you have taken upon yourself

this heart would die of heartbreak.

Xiao Shu,

You used to look so much like your father.

Even though my appearance has changed

But I am still the son of the Lin House.

I need to show the Lin House's innocence


You don't need to manage anything any more,
do you understand?

Take care of yourself

I will handle the things within the palace

- Trust me, I can accomplish it
- No, you shouldn't

It was not easy coming this far.

No matter what, you should not stop me.

Aunt Jing, if you really want what
is best for me

Please don't tell Jingyan who I am.

We are a step away from success.

I will definitely take care of my health.

Aunt Jing,
You will promise me


Mother had me leave.

What did she speak to you about?

- Prince, did you not greet the emperor?
- No, I did not.

Then why are you still standing here,
not entering?

My mother has never done this to me
I want to know the reason.

But I don't want to upset her.
That is why I ask if you could tell me instead.

Your higness should only need to know that Consort Jing
is a good mother

and always has in mind what is
best for you.

In everyone's heart, there is a secret that they
wish to keep from others.

Why does your highness keep trying to find about it?

Not asking, is also a respectful thing to do.

Nevertheless, I will not tell you, I hope your highness will forgive me.

It's my mother who will not let
you tell me?

Since she made you leave, it is so that you
would not find out.

If your highness must find out, please ask
Consort Jing directly about it.

I will take my leave.

Mother, you don't have something to tell me?

Can you not ask?

As your child

Seeing how worried you are, how could I not ask?

Don't worry.

My worry has nothing to do with you.

It has nothing to do with Sir Su either.

It is only when seeing him

brought back old memories.

I couldn't help but be saddened.

Old memories?

Yes, very old memories.

This was before you were born.

Back as far as before I came into the palace.

So you cannot help me.

Sir Su is not any older than I.

If it's something that refers to so long ago,
how is it that he can make you think about it?

It is his illness.

I have seen his illness before in the past.

After I asked you to leave

I asked him a few questions about his illness.

You know, that when a physician asks personal
questions, they need to be confidential.

That is why you were not allowed to hear it.

Sir Su

Xiao Shu, I heard you met with
Consort Jing?

What happened?

I should not have met
with her.

How come?

I had hoped that in front of Jingyan she would
be able to compose herself.

She couldn't do it?

Then Jingyan must have

He was suspicious

The only thing Consort Jing and I can
do now is

and hope he doesn't continue to ask.

If it were up to me, you should

just tell the truth to him directly-

No, absolutely not!

Mother, please, I am begging you!

Whose life and death? Whose win and defeat?

That is Xia Jiang's problem, not yours!

He cannot escape his crimes so he is desperate.

You and him are different.

You are a noble prince, you are a royal son.

You do not need to take this route!

But is there any other way?

Xia Jiang was right.

If father was in his stronger years
then I can be patient and wait

but that is not the truth, think about it
father is currently surrounded by Prince Jing and his mother.

We cannot guarantee when he will have
a will in his hands.

The Jing army's Official Meng
is clearly also close with Prince Jing.

The middle scholars, the ministry of revenue,
rites and justice

are all clearly supporting Prince Jing.
Uncle Ji is also not saying anything.

No other princes have good relations with me.

Mother, the moment something happens to father

what do I have to compete with Xiao Jingyan.

Even if there is no chance of winning

we cannot...

Even if mother is satisfied,
and I admit defeat

will Xiao Jingyan really let us go?

Mother, don't forget that when Consort Chen killed
herself, you

can't say you didn't have a hand in it.

Consort Jing knows all about this.

She still remembers it.

Mother do you still think this woman
is kind and easily bullied?


But treason...


I don't want to commit treason,
it is only a strategy.

You know me, I would never there
to commit the crime of killing the ruler.

What are you thinking?

What do you want me to do?

Right now the whole city follows your orders.

You just need to send the order,
for the responsibility of protecting the city

to be passed from the patrol army to the Jin army.

Then I can lock down the whole Jinling city.

What are you planning to do?

This way, the I can use the Jin army.

One, it breaks the communication between
the capital and the outside

Two, gives Meng Zhi's army

no chance to go support at Jiu An mountain.

What are you planning to
do the people at Jiu An San?

Mother, do not worry.

My plan

will be successful.

The empress' orders,

from today forward, the gates of the city

will be guarded by the Jin army.

Patrol army listen to orders from the empress,

the city gates will be taken over by the Jin army,
strictly prohibit entry and exit.

Sit up straight!

Brother Su isn't talking about me, right?

But for some reason that order...where
have I heard it before?

Brother Su, Ting Shen

since he came out of the Servant Prison,
he's grown sturdier.

Yesterday when I was with Prince Ji,
he noticed him.

He said

this Ting Shen in Prince Jing's manor

what is his status?

Prince Ji?

Come with me, hurry.

I'm going out to see what's happening.

Continue writing.

I will go check it out for you.

Follow me!

You guys, come with me.

General Qi, where are you going?

Sir Yan, Sir Su.

It's the creature. Someone saw that

This time, we will capture it.

You're saying that creature from Gu San is now
here in Jiu An San?

Is that possible?

I'm not sure. I will have to see for it myself.

Men, let's go!

Wait, I will come along as well!

Brother Su, keep teaching Ting Shen!

What are you doing here?


You dressed up as a man to enter the army?

Chief has left

the capital without Zhen Ping or Li Gang
by your side

I could not help but worry.

The Jin army already has brothers
from the alliance.

You don't need to worry. Please leave tomorrow.

I won't go.

There is nothing of importance happening with Sir Shisan
in the capital.

Chief, please let me stay.

You follow no ones orders now?

When the Spring Hunt is over,
go back to Langzhou

General Xu's reply was like this.

Please decide your majesty.

This Xu Anmo is timely

with his 50 000 soldiers, we won't need to worry about defeat?

Go prepare, we will personally go
to the Qingli army barracks.

- The Jing army's two generals...
- Who is it?

I don't have time to explain everything

But you must escape here and tell your people
that Prince Yu is planning to rebel.

What did you say?


There's someone

Tong Lu, this way



- Hurry
- They are at the door

Hurry, capture them!

Don't let the escape, hurry.

Jun Niang, quickly, get away!

They are over there!


Come, quickly, let's go!

Tong Lu, go first. Go first!

Please go, go!

- Men, assemble!
- Jun Niang!-Tong Lu!

Tong Lu, please go!


How is everything?

Things are done here, how about
on your end?

Everything has been prepared.
We can leave at any time.

It seems that this time, Prince Yu is
no longer targeting the Su Manor.

Chief has said before, it does not matter
what Prince Yu is planning

Eventually we would be pulled into it.

So if there is any movement on his end
we must be able to leave immediately.

And have an empty house with no evidence behind.

Lets do as the chief says.

When everyone is hidden, then we will go out and take a look.

See what this Prince Yu is up to.

Mr. Li, Mr. Zhen, Tong Lu has returned.

Tong Lu?


Tong Lu, why did you betray us?

If I was by myself,

I would never betray you.

But they used Jun Niang as a hostage, there was
nothing I could do.

Who is Jun Niang?

I have never

Loved someone as much as her.

Until I realized she was working with Qin BanRuo.

Capturing you was Prince Yu's trap?

Then how did you escape?

Jun Niang sacrificed herself to save me.

Zhen Ping, please tell the chief

Prince Yu is planning to rebel
and is bringing troops to Jiu An San!


The people in the Su Manor were
only going to hide away

But now with Tong Lu's information

they will definitely find a way
to get the message to Jiu An San.

We just need to continue chasing that way

and we will find their tracks.

Waiting for you to prepare will be late,

the moment Tong Lu escaped,
I sent people to strictly guard the city gates.

I've also blocked the roads to Jiu An Mountain.

Leader's plans are very thorough.

Such a large residence,

would there really be no evidence left behind?

It is completely empty.

It seems that Mei Chang Su was well
prepared the moment he entered the capital.

Helpers, house, physician

Even antidotes for poison.

That is what I still don't understand.

He did not get the Wujin poison's antidote.

How did he cure it?


Mei Chang Su's ability to survive the poison,
could it have something to do with already being poisonedwith the bitter flame poison?

What did you say?

Poison of the Bitter Flame?


Zhen Ping, quickly, go!

- Quickly!
- Stop them!

Stop them!

Your Highness

What is so urgent?

I just learned, Prince Yu is planning a

That's impossible

Prince Yu does not have that many men.

What is he using to rebel?

The Jin army's vice commander generals
are already loyal to Prince Yu and the Empress

and the guarding of the whole city has been
taken over by the Jin army.


These two people, can you handle them?

These vice commander generals transferred
over after the killing of the inner guard.

I don't have a grasp on them,
but i believe my troops

they will not listen to an order of rebellion.

But right now in the city,
the empress' orders are absolute.

In reality, the Jin army is already under their control.

As long as the empress does not say
that Prince Yu is planning a rebellion.

The Jin army will not argue.

Even if the Jin army is under their control,
they wouldn't dare bring them out of the capital.

Is Prince Yu using his own guards to rebel?

Prince Yu has already gone to move the Qin Li Army.

Greetings Prince Yu, general Xu.

It is the Qing Li general, general Xu.

It's the one who escaped at the last moment

and nearly got punished by your army, that Xu Anmo?

Isn't he the Crown Prince's cousin?

That year to protect him,
the Crown Prince fought very hard with you.

Why would he help Prince Yu?

There is no longer any Crown Prince

the world is about self gain,
for someone like Xu Anmo

as long as there is gain,
sides don't matter.

Lets analyse the situation.

The emperor has ordered

Prince Jing Xiao Jingyan is colluding with the Jin Army

and has evil intentions and has
taken his majesty hostage at Jiu An mountain

and has ordered Prince Yu to move
50 000 Qing Li troops

to rush to the hunting grounds without fail.

I came personally to send the order

do you guys still not believe it?

Your highness, I Yi Zhi

want to see the army seal and the secret order.

Looks like you really don't trust me.

This is the capital, this is Jiu An mountain

Qing Li Army is stationed in the west.

But when the Qing Li army is not in battle,
the general does not have the power

without the army seal, the troops will not take action

What way can Xu Anmo have to move these 50 000 soldiers?

Making a fake army seal.

The person who checks the seal is
Xu Anmo himself

of course he can do something.

But the five generals have the right to check it

can you confirm nobody in the five have been bribed?

your highness should be more aware than me
of the army's situation.

The army today is not like it used to be.

Apart from the Xingtai army on the four borders
who are determined,

the other armies because of lack of
funds and multiple defeats

they have already neglected the bloody battlefield.

To bribe a few general will not be difficult.

Who else does not believe in Prince Yu?

We will follow orders.

Do you two still want to check the army seal?

We will follow orders.

Immediately send troops to Jiu An mountain.

If it's really like this, we must
immediately report to his majesty.

We must act quickly, to prevent a disaster.


If we report to the emperor now,

no matter whether he believes it or not,
he will immediately want to return to the capital.

This way, if Prince Yu finds out he cannot ambush

he will immediately cease his actions

and since there is nothing strange at the capital yet

and Xu Anmo has enough time to get rid of the evidence.

There will be no evidence to say that
Prince Yu is rebelling.

What will the emperor think?

A prince that has just been promoted,
and the commander general of the Jin army

colluding to accuse Prince Yu of rebelling.

If Prince Yu bites back,

what would the consequences be for your majesty?

I don't need to say anymore.

Not reporting to his majesty?

Then what if Prince Yu and his rebellion are on their way?

Then the situation will be even worse.


If the emperor is travelling back to the capital

if the armies clash on the way, we only have
one tenth the amount of people

if there is a battle

there will be no way of winning.

We cannot act recklessly,

the moment we leave the mountain,
it will be a dead end.

But if we don't move then we will
be waiting for them to surround us.

Isn't that also a dead end?

Then isn't receiving the news useless?

Of course it is useful.

Strategising beforehand is better than no preparation.

Look, this is the enemy camp

Tell me, which way do you think we
should go?

Of course from the left,

no, there is a river to the left,
it will affect our army's advancing speed.

If we go from the left, we will be forced to take the attack.

There are no patrol stations around Jiu An Mountain.

Da Kang is the closest to here

there will be Jin army checking there everyday.

Prince Yu cannot have stopped them beforehand

The Qing Li army are leaving with thousands
of people, there is no way of hiding their presence

so they must be quick.

To be quick, they will not go around this patrol station

I will send someone to inquire about movements there.

I was in a rush earlier,

I'm sorry.

No worries.

You need not worry about these things.


Prince Yu is rebelling, report to his majesty.

Prince Yu is rebelling.

Hurry, come save him, hurry.

What? Say it again.

Prince Yu is commanding the Qing Li army and
attacked the patrol station on the way

he's already rushing to the hunting grounds.

Da Kang's patrol station has been attacked,
Prince Yu's rebellion is not far from Jiu An mountain.

Jiu An mountain has steep cliffs on three sides,
it is easy to guard but hard to attack.

Right now, guarding is the best way.

If Xu Anmo does bring all 50 000 Qing Li
soldiers but there are only 3000 Jin soldiers...

They could probably hold for two or three days.

Three days is the longest limit.

Can you get back in time?

Mother and you are all on the mountain,
even if I die, I will come back.

Wait a moment.

What are you talking about?

Ji city?

To bring over the closest and strongest Ji city army

can probably resolve the situation.

But, he...

How is that path?

Not bad, but won't be good on the way back
there are many people on foot in the Ji city army.

The horse soldiers will leave first,

then who will command the other soldiers?

Let Zhan Ying go with you and
take them around Qizhu stream.

Taking Xie Lan cliff is alright too,
depends on the weather.

Wait a moment.

Sir Su, you only asked whether Prince Jing could
return in three days,

why don'r you ask how he can get out?

Right now the only way out of the huntng grounds
has been blocked by the Qing Li army,

who can get out to find an army to save us?

Commander General Meng need not worry,

I can go down mountain on the northern face.

- The norther face is a sheer cliff, there is no road.
- There is.

There is a very steep and dangerous path,
completely covered by weeds.

Back then, Xiao Shu and I discovered it when
we were running around Jiu An mountain.

Not many people know about it.

But from Sir's plans, it looks like you know it.

Is it also something the princess told you?

The princess has mentioned it,

I didn't think it'd be useful now.

Good thing there was the princess then.


His majesty is summoning Prince Jing to the palace.


Commander General Meng, you must re-organise
Jiu An Mountain's guard plans

no matter how dangerous the situation will become,
his majesty and madame must not be harmed.


Sir Su must not be harmed either.

You can't blame me.

You two think too fast, i couldn't keep up.

We can't worry about these things.

Hurry and send someone to inquire
who the Qing Li forward army's general is.

and how many soldiers there are.

Alright, I will go right away.

He dares to say Jingyan is

defying orders and holding me as hostage?

They came to guard me,
when did you take me hostage, when?

The rebellion needs a starting point

In the future, 5th brother can say that when he arrive the situation was complicated

He eliminated me but Your Majesty was also killed by me

Since there is no Crown Prince, naturally the assencention will be based on the Empress order

and instate the new ruler.

Delusional, that traitor!

Jingyan, the rebellion is close
what are your plans?

I think that

moving down the mountain will be falling into a trap.

We must use the time before we are surrounded,

with Commander General Meng leading the
Jin army to guard

for three to four days while I
bring troops to help us

and will try and arrive in three days.


I will give you a decree now.


without an army seal, I cannot move the
Ji city army.

Why are we moving the Ji city army?

The closest army should be the guarding Jin army
from the capital.


the rebellion is coming from the west

and there has been no emergency from the patrol
station there

if I ask for support from the capital,
I'm afraid there will be no effect.

Has the capital already fallen?

Your highness, since Prince Yu has dared
to go to the west

and collude with the Qin Li army, while
disregarding the jin army's attack from behind

means that they have already reined the Jin army

and controlled the capital.

What mother said is right,
please give me the army seal father.

I will definitely command the Ji city army
and come back and to help in three days.

Gao Zhan,

Jing Yan, the kingdom

is in your hands

you must not fail.

Yes, I will definitely do it.

Father, mother, take care.

I guarantee that I can get down the mountain
and can go to the Ji city army barracks

and get here in three days without
eating and sleeping.

But i am still worried,

we only have 3000 soldiers

can you really hold for three days?

The moment Prince Yu and Xu Anmo
moved their armies, there is no turning back.

They will definitely fight with all their strength,
we are outnumbered ten to one

even if we set up guard beforehand,
winning is not guaranteed.

The moment we lose the guards,
our situation will be a mess.

Because this battle is life and death

the soldiers will definitely fight to the end

as the leading general, your majesty
must not worry now

and have doubts.

As long as we carefully place the soldiers,

there is a chance of survival.

But if we lose here, Prince Yu will take
father hostage and command the kingdom.

Then, the truth will be from him

even if he accuses me as a traitor,
I can still escape

but mother and you...
and the commander general

- will not survive.
- The rebellion has started

the kingdom is most important.

If we cannot wait till your return,

you must take the army to the capital

and command the armies,
you must not let Prince Yu win.

I believe that Consort Jing, Commander General Meng

and the 70 000 Chiyan soldiers that you miss

will all have the same belief as me.

Within 3 days, Ji City army flag will be seen

Matters on the mountain will be left with both of you

Rest assure Your Highness

I will definitely wait for Your Highess to return

How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

The wind rises

scatters the clouds