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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 41

Chief, it looks like you are recovering.
This time it really scared us.

It was the same fright just like two years ago
when the Poison of the Bitter Flame recurred again.

What do you mean the same fright?

It was clearly frightening but not dangerous.

Frightening but not dangerous. Frightening but not dangerous.

You still have not heard any
news on Tong Lu?

Since Tong Lu gave away Sir Shisan,

we couldn't help but redirect many of our men. And what with General Wei's matter,

So things have been slower
on that front.

Even if Tong Lu is in any trouble

he would not have given me up so quickly.

They must be keeping him somewhere
and interrogating him.

Since everything is more settled now

have more men

look into the whereabouts of Tong Lu.

Yes, I will get on it right away.

Has the snow stopped?

Yes, Madame

Since the snow stopped the last
few days, the scenery has been very nice.

Imperial Consort Yue, has your health been ailing you?

Thank you, Empress for your concern.

I am well.

Although the deposed Crown Prince is no longer in the Capitol, he is still the imperially ranked Prince of Xian.

His Majesty's grace still abounds.

Even in the latter half of this year's rewards he was not forgotten.

You are the mother of Prince Xian. Rank and status have not changed.

In the Inner Palace, besides me, you are still the highest ranked.

If you are well, then pull yourself together.

His Majesty still has affection for you.

If you stand up for yourself,

then naturally you won't have your position usurped by someone else.

Thank you Empress for your suggestions.

I will follow the court regulations and serve His Majesty with all of my heart and strength.

Consort Hui.


The Buddhist scriptures that I asked you to copy, have you finished with them?

Those scriptures,

were to be used during the Lantern Festival in the Dowager Empress's small temple.

How could I dare to neglect it. Everyday, I work deep into the night.

It definitely won't cause any disruption to your plans.

Do you think that if you give it to me on the 14th, you won't disrupt the plans?

If your handwriting is illegible or you missed something, then what shall we do?

If the scriptures can't be used and the time has come,

in such an urgent situation, what do you expect me to substitute it with?

Your Highness's worries are most due.

Why don't you let me do it.

I'll start copying Buddhist scriptures today too

we are all sisters

from the two, you can definitely pick one to use.

The great empress was always generous

she will not mind.

You were a female doctor when you entered the Palace

that is too lowly

no matter how much the emperor favors
you, you cannot deny your background.

The Buddhist scriptures in front of the great empress

you do not have the status to copy.

Consort Hui, copy two copies by the 14th.

I will follow orders.

I heard you went to greet Zhengyang palace

and the Empress embarrassed you.

Who would spread that to you?

Empress was only being more direct,
that is all.

Being the younger sister, I cannot

You won't protest, then let me do it.

Your Majesty

The empress reminded me of something

the previous Crown Prince has left the capital

yet she is still the head of all the concubines,
that is no longer appropriate.

But she has been by my side for many years
and demoting her doesn't seem right.

The place of Noble Consort (lower rank) is empty

lets move her over, yeah?

The Crown Prince has been deposed

must Noble Consort Yue be demoted?

Of course

Through history, th mother's status depends on the son.

Jingyan is now a noble prince of seven pearls

so your position will also be risen.

These are the rules.

I will not allow you to reject.

I am a physician

I am not looking for any position.

As long as we sisters all get along

and peacefully get through each day,
that is good.


Yes, that's right. Those are the items.
Please deliver them.


What are those things?

It's soothing cream,

Consort Hui these past few days
has been copying scriptures non-stop

her hands hurt from writing so much.

Applying some medicine will make her
feel better.

Why is she copying scriptures?

They need to be given to the great empress on the 15th.

The empress, wants it soon and wants two copies

so she is rushing.

Is the Empress still making
things difficult for Consort Hui?

I thought it was strange as well

Consort Hui has always been respectful,

Why would the Empress...?


Only you do not mind

For why would she?

Isn't it obvious?

Have you forgotten?

That year, both the Empress
and Consort Hui both had children at the same time.

There were only a few days between birth,

Both children also got sick at the same time.
Jingting although was disabled from this illness

but he still lived to be an adult.


Having lost a child, it is natural for the Empress
to be saddened.

But at that time, it was a sudden sickness that spread.

It was out of anyone's control

How can it be blamed on Consort Hui?

If everyone could be as reasonable as
you, that would be good.

But the heart

is not always something that accepts reason.

These few years, each time
Her Majesty sees Consort Hui, she is unhappy

And even when seeing Jingting, it is the same.
I know all this

but as long as Consort Hui can endure, then
Jingting will be okay.

As Empress, she is just asserting her power.

She hasn't done anything overboard.

So I have not stopped her.

Your Majesty, Jingting is an adult now

he is already a proper prince with his own manor.

Consort Hui is also an elder in the palace,

If you are free, you should go and advise the Empress

The personality of the Yan family

Advising will not work.

Don't worry, I have an idea.

The case at Xuanjing Bureau

because it's related to the royal family

I do not want others to know about it.

i must chose a prince to take over

but Jingyan is involved, so it's not
suitable to give it to him.

But speaking with you today

I feel that

Jingting is suitable.

Your highness, wants Prince Ning to manage
the Xuanjing Bureau case?

JIngting is timid

he will not dare to unfairly treat the case.

But, because of the Empress' grudge

He won't turn this big case into a small case

and easily let Xuanjing Bureau and Prince Yu go.

Letting Jingting manage the case

is the most suitable.

Your highness is brilliant.

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Xia Jiang

His Majesty has read both your
confessions, and hewas not impressed with either one of them.

From our past friendship, I will give you
another chance. However, you should know

His Majesty is not a patient man.

If you do not make a truthful confession

you should know very well

what awaits you.

If his Majesty knew

that you are also colluding with Prince Jing

what will he think?

On your confession, you state
that Mei Changsu is a former member of the Qi Household

His Majesty after reading it only
coldly laughed it off

If in your next confession

even if you state I am colluding with Prince Jing,
I will still hand it to him,

then you will know how his majesty will think.

There will be a day when His Majesty
will see that I am telling him the truth

Do you dare then to speak the truth about
what happened thirteen years ago?

If Leader Xia refuses to make a truthful confession

and wants to buy time, that's fine.

Besides, two of your supervisors have
already confessed

saying that you allowed those people who rescued the criminal
into the Xuanjing Bureau.

Telling them not to stop them.

I did that to set up a trap.

I had a bomb planted in the dungeon

the purpose was to surprise and kill
these rescuers.

It was you, when you sealed the Xuanjing Bureau,
you rubbed away all the traces of gunpowder.

It must also been you who changed
the testimonies of the two officers.

As long as his majesty personally interrogates them,
he will know that I am innocent.

How is it the person who masterminded
this, is also the person crying victim?

It's too bad, everything is over for you.

What do you mean it's over?

You're two supervisors said they were
just following your orders,

but they forgot that they work for the imperial court.

They said they were not to blame because
they were just following orders.

Prince Ning reported these crazy words to the emperor,
he was so angry he ordered 40 beatings as punishment.

They could not handle the punishment

and they're dead now.


They died yesterday.

Leader Xia,

Your situation today is all your own fault,

A Xuanjing Bureau that can't be trusted
has no worth to his majesty.

you should already know.

His Majesty is currently uninterested
of anything related to you.

On that note,

even I will not come visit you any more.

Before you die

you should stay here in this dungeons for a bit

I am sure there are more crimes
you have committed in the past.

There is paper and ink prepared

so since you have time
think on it and take your time writing.

Don't take this to the grave with you

and have it carried to your next life.

Meng Zhi.

Mei Changsu's Wujin poison

is it really cured?

If it hadn't been cured

do you think you would still be alive right now?

Your Highness.


Your Highness came from Zhiluo palace?

His Majesty was having his afternoon
nap, so I first went to visit Consort Mother.

Consort Jing is doing well

a few days ago, my mother entered the palace
and wanted to go greet her

but was blocked by the empress

saying that she was locked in
her palace to repent. She is alright now right?

Thank you for your mother's concern.

You must have business at the Yangju palace,

your highness, the gunpowder factory case has been closed.

Came the his majesty to report.

The case has been resolved so quickly,

to me

of course it hasn't resolved, but to his majesty

it is consider resolved.

Alright, that's enough, stop holding grudges.

In front of Prince Jing it's alright,
but if other people around, it won't be good.

I would only say this in front of Prince Jing

it's cold outside, lets go inside.

Yes, of course.

Very good, we will do as you say

tomorrow, send a decree to the middle scholar court

revoke Zhu Yue's duke status and position.

Just do it.


The Xuanjing Bureau case has
been investigated enough by Jingting

This Xia Jiang

speaking of him makes me angry.

even though the court hasn't opened yet,
the rumors have been flying around

everyone is waiting.

Okay, I will do what they want

tomorrow I will deal with it all.

Has Xia Jiang confessed?

I already know the situation

it doesn't matter whether he confesses or not.

Xia Jiang is already messed up,

randomly accusing people, in his report he told me

That Su Zhe, while he was being interrogated
admitted that

he was a former member of the Qi Household.
Can you believe that?

I grew up in the Qi Manor

if Su Zhe was a member of the Qi Household,
I would have recognized him.


Looks like Xia Jiang is becoming

Mei Changsu and Prince Qi

How can they be related?

The person that His Majesty is talking about, is it
the Su Zhe that came to the Capital to recuperate?

Last year when Princess Nihuang needed
someone to oversee the written test

I had the chance to speak with him

he is truly articulate

however, he is an outsider

his ambitions

I cannot tell.

Yes, that is him.

I told you to visit him

and ask for his advice

have you been?

I went once. But he was ill, so
I did not meet him.

And then?

And then I did not go see him again.

How do you want me to teach you?

If nothing else,

asking for advice

Jinghuan does it better.

I do have relations with Sir Su, that year

the three children he used to defeat Bai Liqi,
are training to be guards in my manor.

At new years and festivals, I would send over some gifts.

Do you think this is enough?

You have to know that before

how did Jinghuan persuade him.

Has brother's persuading been of use?

This time they forcefully dragged Su Zhe
into the Xuanjing Bureau

looks like he couldn't persuade him

and decided to take this chance to get rid of him.

Brother's actions could not persuade him,
looks like Sir Su does not take these things

to be honest father

I am like Minister Shen, I have once
chatted with Sir Su,

this person is extremely knowledgeable,
which is very admirable

If he becomes a strategist,
he'd be very useful

What you say has some logic to it.

But Su Zhe, this time because of you

got involved for no reason.

You should use this chance to visit him more.

This person, knows things very well

you've been away from the court for many years,

I want you to improve quickly.

Frequently discussing with scholars
will definitely be helpful

but not only I, the ministers of the court
should also constantly improve.

Since I need to go, Minister Shen and Cai should
come with me.

Everyone is a young and talented,
it will be good to talk together.

You silly child

you still don't understand what
I want you to ask advice for

asking these two to go too, then won't
you be simply discussing knowledge?

Is that not good?

Okay, okay

Whatever you like.

I will just have to worry more about you.

Prince Yu, Xiao Jinghuan

Acted against the emperor's wishes and immorally

demoted to a two pearl Noble prince

resign from the court for three months,
starting from now.

That is all.

I accept the decree.

Consort Yue abused her power and
has been demoted

to a second rank Noble Consort.

Consort Jing, elegant and intelligent,

from today, has been promoted to Noble Consort

with an extra rank.

Will find an auspicious day for the promotion ceremony.

Prince Jing is the highest ranked Prince.

Lady Jing has been promoted to Noble Consort.

This good luck and progress shoud be
cause for happiness.

I don't know what it is.

But I'm a bit unsure in my heart

I understand your meaning

Today when we closed court, Minister Liu
came to talk to me

He wants me to advise his majesty

the higher you are, the harder you fall.

Looks like, right now

we need more people to look out for him.

- Prince Jing
- Where are you going?

I was just at the Su Manor.

Sir Su met with you?

How is meeting me strange? It's not like I'm a bad person.

Has he recovered from his illness?

Oh, that's why he looked so pale earlier. He was ill.

Mu Qing, I want to ask you

Wait, I actually have something to ask you.

This is something Sir Su wrote to my older sister

- Do you want to know what it says?
- Nonsense.

This is clearly a personal letter from Sir Su to Nihuang,

how can I read it?

I just really want to know what it says

but I'm afraid to open it.

But if you really want to see it, then
I can tell my sister that I had no choice

Mu Qing.

Alright. I'm going. I have things to do at home and later I have night class.

See you later.

Your Highness, what did you want to
Mu Qing earlier?

I wanted to ask if Wei Zheng is at the Mu Manor.

You're thinking that Sir Su hid Wei Zheng at
the Mu Manor?

Mu Qing knew what I wanted to ask
and deliberately changed the topic.

Looks like he made a promise and can't tell me.

Doesn't matter.

- Have people invite Minister Cai and Shen to the Su Manor.
- I will do so.

Chief, they're fighting already but you are still
only watching.

Let them fight a bit longer.

Commander General Meng knows what he is doing. Even if Fei Liu doesn't know what he is doing but he isn't in a hurry.

Besides, he can't hurt Commander General Meng.

Hey Xiao Shu, you are really unprotective.

You said it, as long as Fei Liu isn't hurt it's fine right?

Stop watching.

- Drink your medicine.
- Yes.

Don't waste any of it.

Physician Yan

are you angry again?

People say that being angry damages
the liver. But everyday you seem to be upset.

How come your body is still so healthy?

You still have the nerve to talk? Because of you

my life feels like its shortened by two months.

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Okay, stop fighting.

Let Commander General Meng go inside.

He let you touch his hair

I didn't waste my time practicing kungfu with him.

That's good, you have more colour in your face.

The last few times, you wouldn't
let me come in, I was really worried.

When I am in and out of consciousness,

I didn't think of wanting to stop you.

Even if Prince Jing wants to see you

it is only because of concern for a friend

why do you have him stopped from coming?

When I am in a confused state, I say unintended things.

if he should hear them, it would not be good.

Chief, Prince Jing and the two ministers are here.


They really brought it?

I heard the Emperor told Prince Jing to come see you more often.

He said he wanted to bring ministers with him,

I thought that was to avoid the emperor's suspicions

Who would have known.

He really brought Cai Quan and Shen Zhui with him here.

- So this is what is happening?
- Yes

Actually, Jingyan doesn't have to do so much

Do so much?

Shen Zhui and Cai Quan

will be the key officials under Jingyan, and the future pillars of the kingdom.

He brought them here so that in the future, I will have them to help me along the journey.

I think, the things that happened here
will all be hidden and disappear

like that secret tunnel,
when we are finished

it will also disappear without a trace

and I will also slowly disappear from the view of others.

But Jingyan is a person who values relationships

He brought these people to know me

and wants it for me as Mei Chang Su

to prepare a smooth path for me.

That is good.

This is Prince Jing's real personality

it didn't waste the effort you put into him.

I schemed and strategize not only for Prince Jing

Everyone has their own agenda and goals

No one can owe each other.

You can't really say it that way

- You are really
- Okay

they should be coming in soon

You will have to climb the fence and leave.

With you like this your highness, do you plan to give up?

Xia Jiang is being held in the dungeons.

Father has demoted me two pearl Noble Prince

The ministers of the court are all afraid of me

What else can I do?

That year after the Chiya case, Prince Jing was involved

and basically got exiled with no favor and rewards

and only had the status of a lowly prince.

But today, you are still a Noble Prince,

you have the empress and
a certain strength within the court.

Isn't the conditions much better than what he had?

This defeat is still too early to say.


If I was no longer a Noble Prince

would you still come see me?


What if I was exiled

would you still come see me?

Your highness, these are all imaginary
scenarios, why worry about them?

You won't come, right?

Of course. You're a strategist

and also a descendant of the Hua people.

You have an unfinished mission.

So naturally you need to find someone
worth supporting

Now that I have fallen down, you obviously won't come see me.

- It isn't like this, our Highness.
- I'm tired.

I really don't want to fight any more.

Your Highness, Xia Jiang may have failed

but you are not at your worst yet.

Next month is the time of selecting the
new ministers

there will be new people entering the imperial court.

You can find new allies and start again.

Banruo, we've already lost the chance.

- Sir Su, what do you think about the new selection...
- Official Shen.

The two of you, have been here all afternoon.

You have also had dinner here as well.
Why do you still have more to discuss?

Sir Su must be tired.

perhaps you should return another day for
further discussions.

It's already nightfall

Brother Cai has just finished asking his questions,
I just started.

You are both talented ministers

I have very little opportunity to meet with
the two of you

so there is no need to hold back; please continue.

The selection of new ministers is the responsibility
of the ministry of rites.

Why are you concerned about it?

It is not of my concern

but the the supervisor of the selection

was always when the Crown Prince and Prince Yu
argued the most.

But this year the situation is different.

The person all the ministers are watching

is you your highness.

Minister Shen is correct,

for the selection of new ministers

who this important role will be given to

who this new position will be given to

the emperor will definitely ask your opinion.

By that time, you must reply

My punishment is to repent in my manor

even if I want to get involved in the selection

I would not be able to.

Without me and the Crown Prince,

the selection of ministers would be
advised by Prince Jing.

He can use this chance to put in his people,
and create a faction.

Who can stop him?

Leader Xia has asked me to tell you

The Spring Hunt is the best chance to fight back.

Second month selections and
third month spring hunt.

All have nothing to do with me anymore.

Your highness.

Your highness, are you still listening to my words?

I don't want to fight anymore.

I'm tired. I don't want to fight anymore.

Yes, normally regarding the selection of ministers

the previous Crown Prince and Prince Yu
has always had a bloody fight.

The people who have been chosen,
will naturally consider the benefits their masters will receive.

Hence corruption is widespread outside of court.

Though there are some loyal and honest officials who present memorials of complaint,

there is little improvement.

The practice of inducting corrupt ministers into court is so widespread only because the Secretary of Discipline Inspection himself is unscrupulous.

As long as we can choose an incorruptible and loyal person for this position,

there is no doubt that we can put a brake on such practices.

Your Highness is correct. Anyone with ulterior motives

must not be allowed to take this position.

What is it? Did we say something wrong?

Your Highness must be a bit hazy, since you haven't been in central government for many years.

Choosing the Secretary is a complicated process as all other information must also be considered.

Hometown, birth,

past friendships, marriage, teachers.

Too many factors can affect the final result.

It isn't simply linked to factionalism.

No matter who becomes the Secretary of Discipline Inspection,

to eradicate widespread corruption, he must be able to endure pressure from all factions,

and be incorruptible and impartial himself.

That is the only way he can avoid being criticized.

Not only that,

this person's official position must not be too low,

and he must have the skill to placate all the scholars.

Only then will people be convinced.

Your Highness. This person must be capable

and also have the ability to withstand pressure from all sides.

He must also be incorruptible and fair.

It's already hard to choose one. Moreover, there are also 18 Deputy Secretaries.

You two have discussed so much. Must His Highness

compromise due to the current circumstances?

If no compromise is made, are you suggesting that His Highness rectify the court and leave a bloodbath in his wake?

The current situation is

if His Highness isn't tactically flexible enough,

then this proposal can't be continued.

However, if His Highness were too compromising,

I'm afraid you won't feel good about it yourself.

I'll keep it to myself if Father doesn't ask. If he does, I will follow my heart.

Then let's discuss the choices for the 18 Deputy Secretaries.

What do you think, your Highness?

Your highness, don't look at me.

My mother Princess Qinghe's family history is complicated. I won't be able to withstand the pressure from them.

To prove my innocence, I could only hide.

I'm not afraid. If Your Highness appoints me a secretary, I will be brave enough to be one.

Fine. Then use Minister Cai as the model

when choosing the 18 Deputy Secretaries.

- Your highness, are you satisfied?
- Yes.

Choosing 18 lao-Cais? Are you trying to kill people?


Then what about the Secretary of Discipline Inspection?

I will suggest someone, Your Highness.


Cheng Zhiji.

Who is he?

Elder Master of Feng Hall, Cheng Zhiji.

You're talking about Elder Master Cheng?

Goodness, he is probably almost 80 years old...

He isn't that old. He is only 75.

What is the difference on 75 and 80?

Anyways, His Majesty has personally allowed this elder to retire at home.

No one has ever called an elder back to court.

Though the Elder is being left to idle away the years with an empty title,

he is still a senior first rank official according to the court system.

He definitely has the qualifications to be shortlisted for the position of Secretary.

Did the Wujin poison not take affect on Mr. Su?

No. I heard he is recovering well.

Prince Jing brought other officials to visit him.

That is impossible.

The antidote is not in the warehouse

Even Xia Chuan doesn't know where it is.

Do you think he has a highly skilled doctor by his side?

The wujin pill and it's ingredients

No one in the world knows.

It's impossible for anyone to find the antidote within a few days.

To think about it, it's really weird.

How is the plan with Prince Yu?

Prince Yu is unable to pick himself up again after this defeat.

I've followed him for many years. I've never seen him like this.

In the past, Prince Yu has been able to overcome these things

How can he no longer do it anymore?

Even if others has beaten him

To Prince Yu,

If he is unable to become the leader, then his identity...

Whether he is a Noble Prince or regular person

It won't be any difference

All he has is ambition.

Unfortunately, in the Emperor's heart

he will no longer be considered for the position of Crown Prince.

Since Director Xia understands this,

how could he not understand?

We can give up on Prince Yu, but we should not give up on ourselves.

Even if we go to hell, you won't be able to explain it to your Master.

But if we don't have Prince Yu, then our agenda won't work.

I am not happy to lose...

Princess Xuanji left you with a silk pouch, am I right?

Yes. Master told me if I no longer have any other choice, then I can open it.

- Where is that silk pouch?
- I've always kept it on me.

- Open it.
- Now?

Even now, do you not think you have no other choice?

If we miss the opportunity given to us during the Spring Hunt, we'll be done for.

Open it.

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How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud