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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 40

I am guilty

I was foolish and useless

I am unable to help you.

I thought my brother Zhu Yue could help you out

I didn't think he'd act so recklessly,

and ruin my lord's plans.

Things have already happened. What is the point of saying this now.

I am here on behalf of my younger brother to accept any punishment.

Stand up Lanjin.
Winning or losing it is all fate.

I spent 10 years fighting the Crown Prince.

It wasn't easy to beat him.

Then Prince Jing rose up.

I thought I didn't need to use much energy to
tear him apart and move into the Eastern palace.

I can't believe that I, Xiao Jinghuan in one night,

have been defeated so thoroughly.

It won't. My lord, there will still be opportunities.

There won't be another chance.

I understand my Father too well.

It's only a matter of time before I'm punished.
From today onwards

I will never be fated with the throne.

Brother Cai, this is Zhuangyuanhong has been aged for 60 years.
T/N: Zhuangyuanhong - type of spirit wine

I have been saving it for a long, today is your luck.

Fill it up!

I know that you are unsatisfied,
but what's the point in drinking yourself to death?

Besides, this conclusion you should
have been prepared for it.

Truth be told, I was already prepared but...

I cannot help but feel disappointed.

Brother Shen, you have seen it.
His Majesty kept scolding Prince Yu.

Scolding him for scheming and lying,
but Prince Yu

just said he was forced to protect himself,
allowed him self to be hurt

and showed some respect.
This was enough to get his majesty let him go.

Regarding the fireworks factory case,
have they really repented?

Prince Yu said he was forced to do it
and never meant to disrespect Imperial power.

But what is the key point?
That was not the key point.

Sixty-nine lives, that was sixty-nine living people!

To the Emperor doesn't it deserve criticism,
to Prince Yu doesn't it deserve repentance?

Nobody mentioned it and
nobody took it seriously.

The things they care about,
the things that are on their mind.

What was it? What?

For their own greed, killing indiscriminatly

is bad enough, but the most bitter thing is

our rulers do not care about this at all!

Lives are paramount, that should be the bottom line.

If we continue like this

what destiny will Da Liang have?
Do people still have a way out?

Don't be discouraged, there is still Prince Jing.

Since Brother Shen said it
then I will not hide it from you.

The expectation I have for Prince Jing
is the same as you Brother Shen

but, Prince Yu's schemes are evil.

If Prince Jing doesn't have someone beside
him to shield him from hidden arrows

he may not be able to make it to the last step.

Prince Yu and Prince Xian competed against each other for many years

and have many schemers under them

Hopefully Prince Jing's fortune runs deep.
And be able to handle everything.

The political situation is like this

it really makes one feel cold and bitter.

You are wrong, the more the political situation
is like this, the more we cannot be discouraged.

If you hold the position, then you should do your job.

There may be some things we cannot do anything about

but having the heart to serve the country
is better than doing nothing.

Jingyan is alright.
The case has already been made clear.

His wrongs he has suffered,

I will make it up to him.

Don't worry.

What is the matter?

Jingyan's incident is because he fortune is bad.

He cannot take too much of your Majesty's favoring.

Your Majesty, it would be better if you favor him less.

Look at what you're saying.

All the favors that Jingyan received, he worked for.

I was not biased.

Since I'm favoring him

naturally will make it that he can take such favors.

Okay. I understand, you are afraid.

And am not blaming me.
As it is, of course you'll be worried.

Jingyan's personality,

is too straightforward. Spontaneous.

He knows that I don't like it

when he argues for the old Chiyan case

but he still does it.

This point, compared to the schemers

makes me feel more at peace.

Jingyan is honest, please be considerate with him.

This time, I really expect it,

that Xuanjing Bureau would be so daring.

So I didn't think about it,
and allowed Jingyan to suffer.

Or else, with Xia Jiang's ways

letting the sick Su Zhe go in fro questioning

if things went the way he wanted

he probable could have made some fake evidence

and destroyed Jingyan.

Su Zhe? Is he that...

The one who defeated a martial arts expert from Northern Yan using 3 children?

People in the Inner Palace often talks about him.

Yes, that is him.

Why? Does he have such a reputation in the palace too?

I've never heard Jingyan talk about him.

It looks like they aren't close.

Then why would Xia Jiang interrogate him?

You live in the palace, of course you won't know.

This Su Zhe...

His real name is Mei Changsu.

He has a reputation for being very talented,
his insight and knowledge is astounding.

I heard in the capital, he became friends
with many people. So Jingyan

inevitably he'd probably met him a few times.

Xia Jiang, probably tried to used these meetings

as an excuse to say he was Jingyan's accomplice.

If Xia Jiang really had bad intentions towards Jingyan

then shouldn't he directly attack Jingyan

why did he make it so complicated
and make up an accomplice?

You are really a woman, what is Jingyan's status?

He is a seven pearl Noble Prince.

Xia Jiang, while has equal status with a first
rank Marquis General,

but without my decree, can he go and interrogate Jingyan?

What can he find?

Then that Mr. Su...

Compared to Jingyan

this Su Zhe is different.

He is a scholar with a weak constitution

and isn't very strong. If he entered the Xuanjing Bureau

then Xia Jiang would be free to mess with him.

If that is the case, then Mr. Su suffered

a disaster for no reason.

I wonder how he is doing now...

I didn't ask, but probably not too well.

Mr. Su can be considered one of the Court's guest

I'll naturally have to placate him

to prevent people from thinking that
the Court does not appreciate talent.

Since your majesty says this,
he must not be an ordinary person.

This Sir Su is a knowledgeable person

Jingyan is just too stubborn.

Tell Jingyan to go and seek more of Sir. Su's advice.

I heard that Jinghuan often went goes to Su Residence.

Your Majesty, as long as Jingyan completes his work for the court, that will be good enough.

Even though he should pay respects to famous scholars

but he doesn't need to intentionally
pull them to his side.

Jingyan, does he just want to be a Prince?

You all can leave.

Someone asked me to come see you.
Are you doing well?

Xia Jiang is your Shifu and has also
used you as his chess piece.

The vengeance and hate in this cannot be clearly determined.

I am a martial man so I'm not sure how to comfort you.

I just hope you can pick yourself up.

I believe General Nie's spirit in Heaven

doesn't want to see you wallow like this.

How is my elder brother and Brother Chun?

Xia Qiu was not there when the incident occurred

so we can confirm he is not Xia Jiang's accomplice

Xia Chun's crime would be more serious,
with a few other things, but still not that severe.

Then... what about him...

He's the principle culprit.

With just the one crime of framing a Prince,
he would not be able to escape the death penalty.

He deserves it, so don't think about it anymore.

I won't hold it in my heart.

I already have no heart. Where can I hold it?

You don't need to be nervous. I have no other meanings.

I am not suspecting that Jingyan has wild ambitions.

As long as your majesty understands, then its good.

I understand. All these years, you have gotten used to suffering.

Before there was the Crown Prince, and now it's Prince Yu


You have never thought about such things.

But now, it's time to think about it.

Jingyan, not creating a faction in the court

and acts fairly.
I like that very much.

But in his own household, he should have someone.

This time, nearly falling into a trap,

isn't it because he doesn't have someone
to help figure things out for him.

Your Majesty's favor towards us, I understand.

What you just said, I will advise Jingyan.

But this child, what he dislikes the most is...

I'm sure you must know, if he doesn't listens to my words,

I can't do anything about it.

This stubborn child...

Alright. This isn't a big deal.

I will look after him.

Also, you've both been confined recently and
mustn't have seen each other for a while.

In the next few days, I'll tell him to come.

Help me, make it up to him.

Make up for what? Even in peasant families, when children make trouble,

they'll get a few strikes,

Let alone when you're Royal Father and he is your Prince.

Furthermore, experiences let you grow
this is good for him too.

If he really holds a grudge

then I haven't taught him well.

Jingyan's personality is like you

This makes me like it very much.

Just now I realized something.

Didn't you say summoning Su Zhe from
the palace is against the rules

then let Jingyan bring him to the Spring hunt in March.

Going out of the palace means less rules and protocols,

plus with my allowance,

find a good time and tell him to come see you.

The March Spring hunt, you are bringing me with you?

If I don't bring you, who else would I bring?

Yes. I will do as you say.

General Nie died with regrets,
before the truth is revealed

you must look after yourself.

Is there someone you would like me to send a message to?

Can you tell Sir Su and Prince Jing,

I believe, they will definitely bring justice for the dead

before that, even if I am exiled

I will still be able to hold out.

Tell them both to not worry about me.

Don't worry, Mrs. Nie. I will bring your message to them.

The old Chiyan case, Prince Jing is determined to pursue
it to the end will not leave it like this

General Nie may not have a crime against his name

but the whole Chiyan case started from him.

If we cannot clearly tell the world the truth,

I believe General Nie's spirit will not rest in peace.

Good bye.

Commander Meng, has the Wujin poison
in Sir Su been removed?

What poison?

I am not filial and have caused you to worry.

Everything has already passed, we need not bring it up. Rise.

Yes Madame.

Jingyan, sit down.

Your complexion is different to usual,
did something happen?

Sit down first.

These past days, inside and outside the palace,

has been shocking and life-threatening.

I do have a lot of things to speak with you about

I also want to listen to you tell me everything
that has happen outside the palace

But before that, there is still one thing unresolved.

What is it?

There's a witness account

that you must listen to.

Greetings my lady. Greetings your highness.

Xiao Xin, the things you told me about,

Tell it to Prince Jing.


Come , drink the medicine.

- Wasn't he getting better yesterday. How can he be so bad again?
- What do you mean getting better?

I've never seen him get better before.

Come and let me look.

In another hour, I will come back and give him acupuncture.

You both don't need to be so upset.
I am here and I'll look after him.

Doctor Yan, then these few days
do we have to prevent him from seeing people again?

He loves to see people, but it'll be
strange if he can be conscious these few days.

Even if you bring 100 people here, they won't even get to speak with him. He has no choice but to rest.

What are you saying? You are a spy for Xia Jiang.

You could say that.

I am following Xuanji princess'
will to follow leader Xia's orders.

So are you saying that the person who caused trouble for Zhilou Palace and made my mother suffer..

Is all done by Xia Jiang and Prince Yu?

Yes. The person who Sir Su supposedly sent

and my tears to upset you was all planned by Xia Jiang.

- Take her away.
- Yes

This scheme is not hard to overcome. But has caused a mess

Xia Jiang knows your personality

not only my personality

but also my bias, towards Sir Su

although I work well with him,
and admire his knowledge

but deep in my heart

I still treat him as a strategist,
and do not completely trust him.

With suspicions come cracks

for Xia Jiang to be able to use these is not strange.

Regarding reading people, I cannot compare to you mother
you did not know the truth at the time either

yet you were much calmer than me,
and your trust in Sir Su, was much more than mine.

Of course I know. He would never do those kind of things.

What did you say mother?

I said, since the misunderstanding has been cleared
what are you planning to do?

I definitely have to go and apologize

- Commanding General Meng
- Open the door.

Open the door.

Your highness

But now I see clearly.

You can, without a blink of an eye become
an immoral and heartless person.

I, Xiao Jingyan, from this point onward do not need
you, Chief Mei, to waste your time on me.

Prepare the horses.


Prepare the horses. I'm going over to the Su Manor

Your highness, it's snowing really hard outside.

The day when Mr. Su came to stop me, wasn't it also snowing.

Please forgive us. Chief is sick in bed. If you have anything, please feel free to tell me.

- Mr. Su is deeply sick?
- Yes

Did he suffer during the interrogation at Xuanjing Bureau?

Maybe, but ever since winter started,
his body hasn't got better.

Also when he stood waiting for you at your manor,
he caught a cold.

Even though the medicine can help,
he will still need to rest to fully recover.

The Prince just wants to visit Mr. Su,
there wasn't anything else.

Since he is sick, then we should go see how he is.

Open the door.

Where's Doctor Yan? Greetings Prince Jing.
How is he now?

Commander General Meng, why are you so worried?

When he was being interrogated at Xuanjing Bureau, Xia JIang poisoned him Wujin pill. You guys didn't know?

Are you talking about Mr. Su?

Of course I'm talking about him.

After he eats the poison, on the 7th day he will die.

I already interrogated Xia Chun, and ransacked
the Xuanjing Bureau but still have not found the antidote.

Go and ask Doctor Yan if there is any other way to save him.

Leader Xia.

Your Highness.

Your highness.

To find the antidote, we must get it from Xia Jiang

But Xia Jiang, he definitely won't...

I will go with you to meet him.

Until now, what should we do?

Prince Yu is still out there. I haven't fallen yet.

Prince Yu has locked himself in his house. He is unable to protect himself.

I'm afraid we can no longer help us.

A centipede dies without fighting back,

it won't be easy for him to get back up.

But he still has a chance to still save me.

What chance?

The Spring Hunt.

You have always been smart. I'm sure you understand what I mean.

The few months before the Spring Hunt,
you must tell Prince Yu to hold on.

Tell him to beg and cry about regret
in front of his majesty.

He cannot clash with Prince Jing again.

- I understand.
- Prince Jing has arrived.

Greetings Prince Jing.

Leave caterer.

What? Have I offended you Prince Jing?

You won't even let me eat?

If it's nothing else, it's probably about the wujin pill?

This Sir Su is quite important,

that he can move you two to come visit
me in prison.

Doctor Yan

Don't worry about the wujin pill

Don't worry?

The poison of the bitter flame in his body
is the most mysterious poison in the world

when the Wujin poison entered his body,
it has already been eaten and destroyed

it will not affect him.


Of course. Since you said he will be ok, I'm sure he will be ok.

Speak, where is the antidote?

What if I don't tell you?

Do you dare to kill me here in jail?

Why won't I dare?

A noble prince

and the army commander general.

Before the case is closed, coming to
kill a criminal in prison, what do you think

our suspicious emperor will think when he hears about it?

I am usually reckless so cannot think that far

There is three days till the Wujin pill
takes effect, I can not go to the palace

and interrogate you till the last moment.

If anything happens to Mr. Su, I will personally snap your neck.

Nobody will retrieve your corpse for burial.

Alright. For a strategist

you are being so reckless?

Xiao Jingyan, I was not wrong

the two of us cannot both be alive.

Where is the antidote?

Prince Jing...

Last time, you quickly went to Mr. Su's house

I forgot...

To bring him some dim sum.

Is he doing well?

He was poisoned with wujin pill during the interrogation at Xuanjing Bureau

Wujin Pill

Mother, don't worry. We already found the antidote.

Even though the poison has been removed,
there will still be harm to the body.

You should really go see him more often.

This time, I was able to overcome this is all because of Mr. Su.

Before he told me not to save Wei Zheng, I got upset and cut off my ties with him

But still afterwards, he came to
help me

come up with a strategy. He even allowed himself

to be taken and interrogated by the Xuanjing Bureau.

Sir Su did not agree to save Wei Zheng?

Logically speaking, his action is correct.

But most importantly, you both were able to overcome this challenge

With him supporting you, I feel more at ease

After saving Wei Zheng, Mr. Su still
took care of him afterwards.

He didn't tell me where they hid him.
He told me it's better if I don't know.

Actually, I had really want to meet Wei Zheng.

I want to hear what actually happened back then.

Since he has already been saved,

You don't have to stay stuck on that issue

These past years, I always keep thinking

how did the Chiyan army perish? How did
Xiao Shu die?

When he died, did he say anything? Did he leave anything?

I sometimes have a hard time accepting that Xiao Shu has died.

I remember back when I was going to Donghai and he teased me

This time you are going to Donghai and you probably won't be back until a half year later

I heard that Donghai has a lot of pearls. When you come back, bring me some pearls to play with.

At least bring me a pearl that is as big as a chicken egg.

As big as a chicken's egg? That is so bad. Where can I find a pearl that big?

I'm just kidding. Just bring a pearl as big as a pigeon's egg.

I'll try.

I actually brought the pearl back... but he...

Not even his skeleton can be found.

Even the Lin Manor... the place that we played together at...

Within a night, it became a restricted area

and became a place of our memories.

Jingyan, my good son

As long as you haven't Xiao Shu, he is still alive.

He is alive in your heart.

I don't want him to live in my heart.

I want him to be alive in this world.

You cannot demand for things to happen.

You will never be able to retrieve the things that have left.

Even if Xiao Shu can come back to this world, I am afraid...

He won't be the same Xiao Shu anymore.

Brother Prince Qi, General Lin and Lin Shu

I know you are above watching me

Mother, there is nothing that can make me turn back and give up

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

Subbed by the Lang Ya Bang Team @ Viki

scatters the cloud