Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 39 - Episode #1.39 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 39

I did go to Dengjia Alley.

The person that was taken away,

Was it Wei Zheng?


So this is what happened.


I finally understand.

What a loyal, bold Xia Jiang.

What a conscientious Xuanjing Bureau, sworn against evil.



Your Highness, mercy.



Meng Zhi personally took Xia Dong away?

Yes, he came and said that
it was orders from the Emperor.

He did not say much more to me
and left with her.

This is not good.

Shifu, what is not good?

I believe Xia Dong has already betrayed XuanJing Bureau.

To force Prince Jing's hand, I purposely
let Xia Dong be their inside person.

Allowing her to bring the rebels into the Bureau.

But we cannot tell this to the Emperor.

That's right. In His Majesty's eyes

Shimei is Xuanjing Bureau's Senior Executive Officer

and a favored disciple. His Majesty

will think that it was by your instructions.

His Majesty summoned Xia Dong,

it must mean that he's found some details,

and became suspicious.
So he wants to question her personally.

Brother, we just need to investigate
clearly what happened

Don't be angry, don't be angry.

I already suspected that some
thing was strange.

That traitor Wei Zheng was jailed
securely within Xuanjing Bureau's dungeons,

with several hundreds of guards keeping watch.

Unless you gathered troops and rebelled,
otherwise who would have the ability to abduct a prisoner.

But for some reason the prisoner was moved to the Review Court

Tell me, in the morning on the 5th,

Was it you who brought the attackers into Xuanjing Bureau?


Great. What a great scheme.

You even deceived me.

When Xuanjing Bureau was attacked by rebels,

even with such strong combat capabilities

not a single rebel, dead or alive, was captured.

Instead I am told the prisoner got away
because the Capital Patrols were obstructing.

Xia Dong, you certainly have not
disappointed my trust.

You have some skills, some great skills.

Your Majesty, this is not a small incident.

I don't think Xia Dong could have acted alone.

There must be someone else that is
the mastermind behind this.

Does that need to be said?

Who is she? Who does she work for?

Who is able to order her?

Who does she always listen to?

You can't see it?

Brother, if you have questions,
please ask slowly.

No rush, no rush okay?

Where is Wei Zheng then?

With all your pretenses, you took him away.
Where did you take him to?

I killed him.


Wei Zheng was a member of the Chiyan army

He is one of the people who killed my husband.

He has already lived for too many years.

- I will not let him live one more day
- You

He already had a death sentence,
do you not know this?

Wei Zheng was only a lieutenant,
he wasn't the main instigator.

Besides, your Majesty favors
Prince Jing right now.

If he risks his life to protect Wei Zheng,
your Majesty may be swayed.

So I must take action first.

You... Even now you are still accusing Prince Jing.

Who ordered you?

I did these things on my own accord.

It involves no one else.

Your Majesty, please do not suspect Shifu.

You did it all by yourself?

You alone can keep this from Xia Jiang?

And move Wei Zheng to the prisons in the Supreme Court?

How can you alone deliberately

transfer Xuanjing Bureaus' guards away.

Just by yourself, how are you able to
plan and orchestrate a feigned attack?

Xia Dong.

The first and foremost rule for Xuanjing
Bureau is to be loyal to the Emperor.

But you guys

you have been deceiving me from the very start.

Brother, you said you would
not get angry. Don't get angry.

No matter what, we've managed to figure out the whole incident.

This is a good thing among all the bad.

This time, thankfully you happened upon it.

Otherwise, Jingyan would have suffered for this.

His personality prevents him from
bending and is impatient.

It's easy for people to ensnare him in traps.

Royal brother, you are always kind,
how could Jingyan have suffered.

Except Xia Dong

She has been a widow for many years
and the days have been lonely and hard.

Inevitably some of her actions may be extreme.

Please be magnanimous with her as well.

Right now, I don't feel like dealing with her.

- Meng Zhi
- Yes

Personally lead the Imperial Guards

and take the Imperial Gold Seal to seize Xuanjing Bureau.
Everyone is

to be contained within the Bureau, to await further decrees.
Anyone refusing to obey,

- Kill them.
- Yes

Your Majesty after we seize Xuanjing Bureau

Xia Jiang will defiantly wish to speak to your Majesty.

Will you allow him to meet with you?

After doing this, why would I want to meet him?

Take Xia Jiang and this Xia Dong directly

to the Ministry dungeons.

Yes your Majesty.

Recently, Shimei seems quite rash.

I'm afraid she may not defend you Shifu.

It'll be better if she doesn't defend me.

But what I am afraid of is if she deliberately
slips up while pretending to defend me.

His Majesty a deeply suspicious person.

The more she defends me, the more he will suspect
that she did it under my orders. That will be bad.

Then in this case,

everything in his Majesty's eyes would have changed shape.

If it's just Xia Dong bringing rebels in the Bureau

it would not be a dead end.

I can always think of an excuse for it.

Since on the old Chiyan case,

his Majesty trusts me more than he does Prince Jing.

Shifu, what about Mei Changsu?

This Mei Changsu is too intelligent

he cannot have the opportunity
to speak in front of His Majesty.

Shifu you mean...

After questioning Xia Dong, it's likely that
I'll be summoned for questioning soon as well.

If anyone then comes to summon Mei Changsu as well

the situation will be hard to handle.

We must take action now.

I'll go first, you lot follow quickly.

Remember block all entrances and
exits of Xuanjing Bureau without delay.

- Yes Commander.
- People behind keep up!

-You can go.
- Yes.

Looking at your face, Officer Xia,

it seems like Director Xia has changed his mind.

I'm sorry, Sir. Su.

You want to send me off so early.

So I guess Xuanjing Bureau's situation
is not too good wither.

Sir. Su, don't wory

I'm really quick.

I won't let you feel pain

Officer Xia Chun

Your Shifu's orders

You complete every single one of them.

Haven't you ever questioned any of them?

Shifu's orders are paramount.

There was a time in the past when

Xia Dong was like you

believing that their Shifu's command is
paramount and must be obeyed.

But why has she changed?

You are just delaying the inevitable
by bringing up this matter.

Things can change in an instant out there.
Please forgive that

I cannot talk more with you.

Officer Xia Qiu

Do you want to know why?

His Majesty has decreed that Xuanjing Bureau be seized.

His Majesty has decreed that Xuanjing Bureau be seized.

Meng Zhi

This is the Xuanjing Bureau head quarters
established by the Taizu Emperor.T/N. Taizu - the first Emperor of a Dynasty

And I am the Director in Chief conferred by his Majesty,
equivalent in rank to a First rank Marquise General.

Even if his Majesty has sent a decree to
summon me, you cannot be this disrespectful.

You're wrong

His Majesty did not order me to 'summon' you.

If there is no decree from his Majesty

then you are trespassing for no reason.

Are you planning a rebellion?

Do you say that to everyone you meet Director?

It flows so easily out of your mouth.

Meng Zhi, what do you want?

By his Majesty's decree, I've come to

seize Xuanjing Bureau. All relevant parties are to be confined within the Burearu for further investigations.

No exception.


Even if his Majesty is deceived by villains

he would summon me to allow me to testify.
He would not directly order an arrest.

You created a ploy to frame to a Prince and
to deceive the Emperor. Unpardonable crimes.

On this there is already indisputable evidence.

His Majesty is in no mood to listen to your defenses.

Only because Xia Dong allowed rebels to enter the Bureau?

What kind of indisputable evidence is that?

Director in Chief, do you still don't understand?

It's okay. There plenty of time to think
about it when you're in jail.

Brother Chun, Dong'er is my sister after all,
she wouldn't betray us for no reason.

How it all started, I must listen to what he has to say.

It's because you and Shimei listened and think too much.

So you are slow and indecisive in doing things.

It is Shifu's order to kill Mei Changsu.

No delays allowed.

- Shixiong, listen to me.
- Sirs, my two sirs

- What is it?
- Sir, things are not going well

Imperial guards... The imperial guards are outside

They have surrounded the Bureau office.
Saying there's a decree to investigate Xuanjing Bureau.

- What?
- What about the Director?

Director has been taken away by Commander General Meng


Officier Xia

You are certainly very loyal,

even at this time

you still haven't forgotten to complete your Shifu's order.

If I allow you to leave this dungeon alive,

I'm afraid Xuanjing Bureau really will be ruined

You. No fun.

The Imperial Guards blockade is
airtight, I cannot get more information.

I only know that His Majesty is not willing to see Xia Jiang

instead had him arrested and directly sent to jail.

How did Xia Jiang also get...

I don't understand. Where did this go wrong?

And made Father dealt with it so harshly.

Your Highness

with the situation now, you can
only pretend to not know anything.

After all, Xia Jiang was the one controlling
everything in this case.

On the surface, your Highness was not involved.

That might be the case,

but Xia Jiang may not be so nice,

to not involve me.

Moreover, that day, I worked with
Xia Jiang to force Jingyan.

How can Father not see through this.

Trying to get out now,

I'm afraid it won't be easy anymore.

What should we do now?


Even though, today was a troubling day

But luckily it's not issues that need to be resolved immediately.

Lets just wait till after the New Years holidays,

It looks like you are tired as well.

You should go back and rest. I will take my leave.

Just wait a bit more.

Stay with me a bit more

Wait till Meng Zhi returns, and let us listen

to what Xia Jiang had to say.


Your Majesty,

Ministry of Justice, Cai Quan and Ministry of State Revenue, Shen Zhui are requesting an audience.

They said they have something important
to report to you, your Majesty.

What is up with those two?

The Court reopens on the 16th,

but they come to see me on the 7th.

What is it? Is it that important?

Shen Zhui is okay, but that Minister Cai
is a famous for being impatient.

As soon as he gets something he doesn't want to wait.

Brother, why don't you bring them in,

If it is nothing big than you can yell
at them and let off some steam.

You're saying silly things to cheer me up.

They are both 2nd rank Ministers

You can't just yell at them.

- Bring them in
- Yes your Majesty.

- Your subject Shen Zhui greets your Majesty
- Your subject Cai Quan greets your Majesty

- Rise
- Thank you, your Majesty.

You have rush in to see me before the New Years festival has ended.

What is it that you want to report?

Your Majesty,

The ministry of Justice just concluded the trial of a case that is related to the illegal fireworks factory

from the year before the last. I believe there is a need
to report the details to you your Majesty.

Illegal fireworks factory?

It's the one where Prince Xian and the former
Minister of State Review Lou Zhijing colluded,

and built an illegal fireworks factory at the North City gates.

Hasn't this case already been clarified already?

The abolished Crown Prince had also been punished.

Why, is there more to report?

The case was handled by Minister Shen,
all details are documented clearly.

The sentences placed on Prince Xian and
Lou Zhijing are also appropriate.

There is nothing wrong with it.
What I'm referring to,

is the explosion that brought this case to light.

- Explosion?
-Yes. Your Majesty

The day the fireworks factory exploded,

over a hundred people died or were injured and for a while the people's discontent rose to a dizzying height.

I believe your Majesty still remembers clearly.

Wasn't this situation already sorted out as well?

The people's discontent has been appeased,

is there still people who are not happy?

When the explosion happened,
everyone thought it was an accident.

That it was caused by careless usage of
naked flames in the factory.

But according to my recent discoveries,
this explosion was not an accident.

It's not an accident,

then someone purposefully did it?

I have brought along a statement
for your review your Majesty.

Please be calm, your Majesty.

Your Majesty.

Initially it was because we caught a criminal for a different case.

In order to reduce his punishment this criminal claimed that he was involved the illegal fireworks factory case,

and was willing to report on people involved.
I investigated layer by layer

and the number of people involved got larger and larger.

And the truth got more and more frightening.

This statement I submitted, and what I've relayed

match exactly with no discrepancies.

So I judged it to be believable.
Up till now,

I know that I have yet to reach the bottom of the case,

but it now involves official of the same rank as myself
I cannot move till further permissions are given.

Hence, I had Minister Shen enter the Palace
with me today to request for a decree

Your Majesty please allow for,

The High Court to supervise, and the Ministry of Revenue to assist

so that we can summon Judge Zhu Yue of the Grand Court of Review for questioning

as soon as possible.

While all the witnesses are pointing at Zhe Yue, but

there must be a motive for everything.

Zhu Yue is the Judge at the Review Court,
why would be order people to

detonate the fireworks factory?

Your Grace, Zhu Yue is Prince Yu's brother-in-law,

and the factory was built by Prince Xian's orders.

The explosion caused all to accuse Prince Xian

who benefited in the end?

This... What is this mess... It's confusing me.

This accusation is huge

we cannot make assumptions,

I think we should have Zhu Yue come see you as well.

and question him personally?

You might be foolish but I'm not.

From the illegal fireworks factory, Zhu Yue, the Review Court,

to Wei Zheng and Xuanjing Bureau and Xia Jiang.

On the surface it seems to be all a mess,

but in actual fact

It's all very clear!

Brother, What you mean is...

Previously Prince Xian and now Prince Jing

this was all intended by Prince Yu?

It can't be.

Everyone is blood brothers, how can they do this to each other.

But... no... Also Jingyan.

Jingyan's incident was all done by Xuanjing Bureau.

This shouldn't have anything to do with Jinghuan.

These words

explain the most important point.

The Royal Grand Court of Review isn't much,

the other cases,

I can excuse.
But Xuanjing Bureau!

Through every reign, they have
never been involved in party politics

an organization that's loyal only to the Emperor

could also lie to me for Prince Yu?!

I will not condone this!

- Gao Zhan
- Yes

Pass my order, summon Prince Yu to the Palace.

Mr. Su, are you ok?

Thanks to you Director Xia,

I, Mei Changsu am still alive

Mei Changsu

Seven days

You better remember you only have 7 days

What about 7 days?

What is he talking about?

Looking at how Mr. Su is doing now

He might not even live for 7 days

I'll still say the same thing!

When people die, then there really isn't anything left.

So you will not win!

What do you actually mean? Speak.

Command General Meng

Ask this to Prince Jing for me,

Sacrificing Mei Changsu to save Wei Zheng, is it worth it?

What the hell is he saying!?

Do you really believe in Xia Jiang's words?

Mei Changsu...

What do you actually mean?

Your son greets your Father.

For what reason have you summoned me Father?

Look at it yourself. What is this?

Father, I have been wronged.

Father I don't know anything about the situation with Xuanjing Bureau.

No, no, no. Jinghuan, take a look at the report first

it may not be related to Xuanjing Bureau.

Father, in this matter I'm wronged as well.

Your Highness Prince Yu, I was the one who gave these statements to his Majesty for review.

The contents only incriminate Zhu Yue
not you your Highness.

I am not sure why your Highness is defending your innocence.

Father, these statements might not be accusing me

but everyone knows that Zhu Yue my brother-in-law.

Accusing him, naturally means accusing me as well.

Father you are wise, you should already know this.

Wrongly accused... Wrongly accused...

You mean that you can guarantee Zhu Yue?

This is all statements from trouble makers
how can you trust it so easily.

Furthermore Zhu Yue doesn't have a
bad history, these crimes

might have a high change of being wrongly accused.

Your Majesty, up to this point in the investigation, I cannot guarantee that there is no wrongly accused.

But the one who accused Official Zhu was
his personal guard

and not the words of an unrelated outsider.

If we just muddle over this like this
it's hardly acceptable to the law.

I'd like to request your Majesty to allow the
3 Judiciaries to hold a joint trial

once the Court reopens on the 16th.

We must investigate this thoroughly,
so Official Zhu is not wrongly accused.

Since you insist that Zhu Yue is innocent

then you should have nothing against a joint trial by the 3 Judiciaries.

Zhu Yue was accused, it is natural for him to be trialed,

I have no objections.

However, while it's a joint trial by the 3 Judiciaries

but who doesn't know that it's Minister Cai who is in charge.

I heard that Minister Cai has a very strong personality

whenever he's questioning, he is very forceful.

Zhu Yue is very timid, so I'm worried

Your Majesty,

if Prince Yu is worried, he can sit in on the questioning and supervise if necessary.

I will do my best to conduct a fair trial.

Your Majesty please allow for a joint trial by the 3 Judiciaries.

Your subject supports this request.

What's wrong, they're allowing you to supervise already.

Feeling diffident?

Of course not, if you want me to go

I will follow your orders.

Still being stubborn.

You've squandered my favor for you for all these years.

Your outrageous acts come one after the other.

Do you think I'm old and confused now?

You even dare to intrude on Xuanjing Bureau
what is there that you wouldn't dare to do?

- I...
- Xiao Jinghuan

I've underestimated you

You've cleared yourself quite completely,

just like for the Xuanjing Bureau case right?

Father's scolding, I do not dare to argue against.

But in regards to Xuanjing Bureau,
I really didn't.

Please investigate thoroughly, father.

Framing Prince Jing

Xia Dong already admitted to the crime.
What else is there for you to say?

And you still dare ask me to carefully investigate it.

If I actually found the truth,
can you bare the consequences?

Royal brother, calm down... Calm down...

The games you normally play

I keep one eye and close the other
and just let you off

but who knew you'd get worse,
and now even daring to lie to me?

If you continue like this,
who'll you not dare to cross?


Are Zhu Yue's activities related to you?

If you say one more lie, I will not let you go.

Zhu Yue's incident, I really don't know about it.

Director Xia Jiang's incident is not related to me either,
I was just going with the flow

and said a few words.

You've certainly cleared yourself quite completely.

Pitiful Xia Jiang, he thought by helping you
he's helping the new Emperor.

And didn't realize it would end like this.

Everyone says that out of all of my sons,

you are the most similar to me. But look at you.

You dare to do things, but dare not to take responsibility for them. In what way are you similar, in what way?

Please calm down, your Majesty.

Brother, please be calm.

Please forgive Jinghuan,

Maybe there is another story to this.

Your subject once again requests your Majesty,

to allow the 3 Judiciaries to hold a joint trial.

I support this request.

Father scolding me is a small thing

but a joint trial by the 3 Judiciaries is a big issue.

If the trial is allowed,
it will be made known to the public.

If it damages the royal family's reputation

I cannot repay that even with a thousand deaths

If this is the case,
then I'd rather just admit to everything.

But Father I hope you can see,

that even if I have made mistakes

I would never dare to disrespect you father,

I am only protecting myself.


I will send an order to the General Secretariat,

to revoke Zhu Yue's title's

without the status as the Judge of the Review court,

you may question him at your convenience.

Then I don't have to go through the bother
of using the 3 Judiciaries.

What your Majesty means is

for me to deal with this case in it's entirety?

Cai Quan

For this case, giving up Zhu Yu

is enough to appease the hearts of the citizens.

I don't think there is a need to pursue further.

For this case, you didn't have a good new years

it was tough for you.

Close the case early and you can still have a break.

But your Majesty,


Others who deserve punishment,
I will punish them.

Just worry about closing the case.

For everything else, you don't have to worry about it.

Your Majesty...


Do you understand what I'm trying to say?






How is Wei Zheng?

Wei Zheng is safe at the Mu Manor.
No one suspected it.

What about the Master Su?

All of Yaowang Valley's people have
been sent out of the capital.

- Tell Prince Jing to not go to the palace today,
hold back for a bit first - Yes

Also, tell Commander General Meng

Sister Dong will be in prison for a while.

Tell him to look after her.

Be quiet. If you say one more word

I will make you mute.

Brother Cai Nian. Official Cai... Cai Quan

Wait a minute for me.

What's the use in being so angry?

Aren't you used to situations like this yet?

Are you saying you are used to this?

This is not a good place to talk.

Let us leave first.

Brother Shen, once we leave the Palace, come and have a drink with me at a restaurant.

Why would we go to a restaurant? Let's go to my place.

It's just outside the Palace walls, its close.

Alright then.

Reporting to your highness. I have seized Xuanjing Bureau

Xia Jiang, Xia Chun, Xia Qiu

have been moved to the Ministry prison
and held in separate cells.

All other Junior Officers, aides and guards,

are held in the Bureau office,

awaiting your Majesty's judgement.

What did Xia Jiang say?

He refused to admit that he is guilty and
keeps asking to meet you.

This is Xia Jiang's personality,

he never admits his crimes until the very end.

If he easily admitted everything,

then I would think it was strange.

Your Majesty,

Xia Jiang is constantly asking to meet with you.

Xia Dong keeps saying that only she is the one involved.

And insists that she only wanted to revenge her
husband and has nothing to do with Xia Jiang.

Your Majesty, do you think we can trust her?


You are too innocent and simple.

Xia Dong's confession,

only you would believe her.

Think about it

if she was really revenging her husband

then she could've just killed him in prison.

Why bother pretending

and bringing him out?

Plus, Prince Ji also saw it.

They were helping Wei Zheng to breath easier,
is that revenge?

Clearly, they don't want him to die.

This incident

if it was only Xia Dong's doing

I'm afraid that Wei Zheng

would already be dead.

Are you saying Xuanjing Bureau is holding Wei Zheng

secretly in another location?

Yes, that is what I think as well.

I'm guessing Xia Jiang,

still wants to use Wei Zheng to make up some stories.

For example,

secretly hide Wei Zheng somewhere
in Prince Jing's area of control,

and send people to find him. This way...

it will become evidence against Jingyan.

Incriminating Jingyan.

This is too evil.

How can someone come up such a plan?

Brother, you are far sighted.

With one look, you have already seen far ahead.
I am dim witted,

How could I... would not have...

Would not have thought of this depth.

That's bcause you don't understand Xia Jiang

I am well aware of the schemes he pulls.

In the past, I felt,

that he would never lie to me.
So I did't think about it much.

Now that I think about it more,

it makes me very alarmed.

If Wei Zheng was still here and in Xia Jiang's hands,

then wouldn't that be easy?

Immediately summon Xia Jiang for questioning,

that way we can learn where the criminal is.

There's no use interrogating Xia Jiang.

He would never hand over Wei Zheng

Why not?

I said you are simple. Do you really not use your brain?

Xia Jiang is trying to prove that

Jingyan abducted the criminal.

In the end, if he personally hands over Wei Zheng

Wouldn't he be admitting his crimes?

Yes. That is true.

Framing a Prince is a serious crime.

If he gives up Wei Zheng, then doesn't that mean

it would be a closed case.

Framing a Prince is punishable by death.

Xia Jiang is a dangerous person.

Go and tell him that I don't want to see him now.

Tell him to think it over carefully.

When he's finished thinking,
give him paper and ink

and have him write a statement for me to see.


You can go now.

Then, I will also leave too.

By your leave.

Your Majesty,

Should we go back to Yangju Hall or..

Let's go to Zhilou Palace


- Your highness.
- How is it?

Your highness, don't worry. Everything
has been settled, there was no issues.

What about Sir. Su?

Sir. Su has been brought back to Su Residence.

Did he get hurt?

Mr. Su was in Xuanjing Bureau for 3 days

Xia Jiang must have tried somethings on him.

I'll send someone tonight to ask for details.

Sir Su is indeed a great strategist.

Everything proceeded exactly as he predicted.
Prince Ji was only in the palace for 4 hours

before the order to investigate
Xuanjing Bureau was given.

Sir. Su really does understand his Majesty.

Father can tolerate Prince Yu doing power play, fighting for favor, embezzling

and he can also tolerate Xuanjing Bureau's nefarious methods and disregard for the law.

But he cannot tolerate the two working
together and lying to him.


you can say, is father's bottom line.

His Majesty is abnormally angry,
he is not even giving Xia Jiang a chance to explain

and immediately sent him to prison
without any leniency.

That is Xia Jiang we're talking about.

The favor and trust the Emperor has given
him these years cannot be compared to anyone.

But once they fall out,
it would come so easily to this.

Xia Jiang is nothing.

Back then...

The way he treated brother Prince Qi and xiao-Shu...

was also with much favor.

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How many scrolls can be filled with stories of change?

Troubled times stirring fear

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

The Emperors palace is still imposing, and towers above all.

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armor is still bright

The world cannot hide my pure heart

It is my belief that the world be like a painting.

Holding up the spear at the borders, who will repair the heavens?

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud