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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 38

Tell me

Where is Wei Zheng now?

He has already left the capital.

That's impossible,

Before I entered the Palace on the 5th,
I've already had people setup sentry on the four city gates.

No matter what the Capital Patrols do, he would not be able to get out.

After that Prince Jing lost control of the Capital Patrols.

The capital has been in a lock down, like a metal barrel.

Unless Wei Zheng knows how to tunnel through the ground there is absolutely no way for him to get out.

That's a bit presumptuous.

Even if it is iron-clad, there're still ways to get in and out.

As long as there is a way for people to leave the capital,
Wei Zheng has a chance escape as well.

I know how severe Wei Zheng's injuries are,

There is no way for him to stand upright nor walk.
In the last few days,

not one horizontally laid out person has been allowed out.

Carriages, luggage boxes,

even coffins have opened and inspected.

Now you tell me,

how could you have gotten Wei Zheng out?

- Minister, do you really want to know?
- Of course

Your subordinates were indeed careful in checking.

But unfortunately there were still some things unconsidered.

Absolutely impossible.

What if I said it was done by the Xuanjing Bureau's own people?

The road would be bumpy. Tie it down tightly.

Who's heading out?


I just received a letter from home, it said my father-in-law is sick.

My wife and son is rushing back to see him.

But Xuanjing Bureau's situation is more important
it's not a good time for me to go back

So I prepared some things to be sent,

Yes, as you should.

-Take care in preparing

You are saying,

you're able to put Wei Zheng in Xia Chun's wife's luggage?

I don't believe you,

Xia Chun's wife is from Wudang sect.

When she left the Capital yesterday,

there was a nephew call Li Xiaoyao accompanying.

This Li Xiaoyao is a person of the jianghu world.

He received from help from Jiangzuo Alliance before.

So if we needed him to take some local produce back to Lang Province,

he didn't even think twice before accepting.

More importantly,

many people still think that the Xuanjing Bureau
was like it used to be

never involved in faction conflicts.

As a person of the Jianghu, how could
he have known

that Minister Xia would be siding
with Prince Yu

and be fighting against me?

- Guards, guards!
- Yes!

Minister, what are your orders?

Minister Xia, don't bother.

Wei Zheng has left the Capital for a whole day already.

Where would you look to find him?

You best forget about it.

- Xiao-Yujin!
- Prince Ji!

You have not seen me for a day
and you miss me already?

Come, come, tell me what
plans you have today.

Is it to listening to tunes or to watch dancing?

Your Grace,

So secretive.

You won't tell me unless we are in private?

Seems like something is up.

-Give us some privacy.

Come, sit.


I think your Grace might already know

a few days ago, Prince Jing was sentenced to confinement.

You are concerned about this?

Is the Yan household...

This thing has nothing to do with our Yan household.

But the reason for Prince Jing's confinement makes me uncomfortable.

The reason for confinment.

The Palace didn't make a clear explanation for it,

and there's rumors on the Court.

But the basic premise is that Xuanjing Bureau

lost a prisoner charged with treason.

There is a thing like this.

Xuanjing Bureau caught a criminal from the former Chiyan army, Wei Zheng.

And before they even interrogated him,
he was abducted by a bunch of rebels.

Xia Jiang accused Prince Jing of instigating the whole incident.

This will obviously rouse his Majesty's wrath,

and ordered Prince Jing to be confined and await investigations.

After Xuangjing Bureau lost their prisoner,

they put up wanted signs at all four city gates.

Sentries have been checking everyone
who's been passing through.

I passed by there today as well,

I didn't think...

What didn't you think of?

Your Grace, take a look.

Look at this person.

This. This. This

Are you thinking that this person
was that person?

I am sure of it!

The person that Sister Dong picked up that day
was definitely this criminal.

This, this is strange then.

If it was Prince Jing who had taken this
person from Xuanjing Bureau

how is it that he is with Xia Dong?

- Never mind. You may leave.
- Yes.

Director Xia

have you ever thought about why

even though I knew you'd come for me,

but I did not run

or hide.

Do you know why?

You know that I can't do anything to you.

Of course you can't do anything to me.

Also, I have no fear of you.

A weak scholar like you,

you think I can't subdue you?

In terms of strength, you can kill me with one hit.

However, if I were to die here
in Xuanjing Bureau

not to mention what the Emperor will think,

but people of the Jiangzhou Alliance will
not let you go.

Plus what ever fame I have in the pugilist world,

Aside from my brothers from the Alliance
I have many other friends.

While Director you are a high ranked Official with much power,

but people of the pugilist world are everywhere,

it's not a joke when they start going for blood.

Director Xia

are you willing to risk having the entire pugilist world to

come after you, just for my life?

Letting me live will only benefit you.

You can know more of the
the things you want to know about.

One thing is for sure

this body of mine will not be able to endure any type of interrogation methods from Xuanjing Bureau.

So whatever you ask, I will answer.

But the thing is, whatever I say

will it really be useful to you?

You can't control me

You don't dare allow me to stand
before the Emperor to testify anything,

because you are afraid.

You are afraid that I will say something
incriminating about you.

Su Zhe.

Making me angry will not benefit you.

Right now, you are in my hands. I can
treat you in whatever way I wish.

This, you best remember.

Director Xia, of course I know.

Let me know, what it is you want me to do.

I don't care about anything else,

I just want you to tell me the truth

Director Xia

everything I said earlier, it was all true.

I really did colluded with Prince Jing
in saving Wei Zheng.

I also really did send people to thrash you.
These are all truths.

Mei Changsu.

You know what I mean.

Why did you choose Prince Jing?

Why did I choose him?

Compared to the former Crown Prince and Prince Yu

Prince Jing is the best.

Prince Jing is the best?

Isn't he?

You could have chosen none of them.

You are the chief of Jiangzuo Alliance
the biggest sect in the pugilist world.

You have both fame and power.
You can live a carefree life in the pugilist world.

But why did you step into the
murky waters of the Capital?

What is your reason?

Your Grace, how about if I come with you?

You don't need to come, you will
only make things more complicated.

His Majesty is already very suspicious

if the Yan House gets involved
as well it would not be good for you.

But Your Grace,

I am only entering the palace to tell some truths,
there isn't any danger

Brother still trusts my words. And even if
he doesn't, I still have to tell him.

Anything after that, I will not bother with it,
and I can't anyway.

Your Grace, it's all because of me
that we're in this situation.

If I hadn't taken you to see Miss Gong Yu that day

you wouldn't have coincidentally witnessed that scene.

What does this have to with you?

All I have to do is tell everything to my brother
then I will feel much better.

-Your Grace, the horse is ready

Go home now, just act as if you know nothing of this

Xuanjing Bureau has agents everywhere,

How I came to be at the Capital?

How could you not know?

The Divine talent.

He who has thee would have the world.

Originally I did believe that you came because you could not

escape the former Crown Prince and Prince Yu's invites.

But after this confrontation, I can confirm that

that excuse is complete fallacy.

With your intelligence,

if you didn't wanted to be brought into the court,

who could force you?

I am very grateful

for your praise.

In coming to the Capital, what do you want to achieve?

Fortune and nobility like that of a high ranking Official?

Power enough to disdain the world?

To mark your good name in history?

Director, can I have all 3 things you've mentioned?

Or is it,

you came for something else.

Some other goal.
And this goal,

can only be achieved with Prince Jing's help.

Is that right?

Prince Ji has entered the Palace,
inform Commander Meng to get ready.


Director Xia, you wouldn't think that this goal

has something to do with rescuing Wei Zheng?

Of course there's a relation.
With your intelligence,

it should be easy for you to see that for Wei Zheng's case

the best countermeasure is to ignore it completely.

And the most insane and illogical move,

is to commit the treason and heresy,

by abducting a prisoner.

Why did you choose the worst method possible?

Because I couldn't stop Prince Jing.

Since I couldn't stop him, I can only do my best to help him.

Once he succeeds,

Prince Jing will trust me even more.

I position among Prince Jing's
supporters would be much different.

Is that it?

- Of course there's a second reason.
- What is it.

Because I'm confident.

I'm confident that even if I chose the worst
method I can still beat you.

You think you've won?

- Have I lost?
- Don't forget that you're still in my hands.

That's because I was willing to come.

I just wanted to see how long you can keep me in your hands.

I also wanted to see how you'll deal with me.

It looks like

you really have nothing to fear.

Mei Changsu

are you scared of death?

Of course.
If people are not scared of death why are they alive?


When people die, then there really isn't any left.

Being alive is the most important thing.

Do you know what this is?

Perhaps a tonic?

It's so cold now, almost about to start snowing,

and in the middle of New Years holidays,

you just have to send a greetings card,

there's no need for you to come personally.

Brother are you taking a dig at me?

Accusing me of being lazy and not visiting you enough.

Ha, you realize you're lazy.

At least you're sensible.

You may all go.

What have you

come for today? Tell me.

I became aware of a situation,
and if I don't inform you of it,

I won't feel at peace.

What, who is foolish enough to offend you?

No, no, it's not someone offending me.

This incident happened on the 5th.

At the time, I didn't think it was anything,

but the last few days with all these news coming out

I started feeling uneasy.

The 5th?

What happened exactly?

Explain clearly.

You are quite humorous Mr Su.

This is definitely not a tonic,

it's a poison.

You want to kill me with poison.

This depends on you.

This poison is call Wujin Pill.
The outbreak will come 7 days after you consume it.

If you take the antidote within 7 days, then you won't die.

I see.

If my performance is satisfactory when testifying on the case before the Emperor,

then you'll give me the antidote.

Otherwise I can only die. Is that right?


Why should I believe you?

What if you broke your promise afterwards?

Because you're in my hands,

you can only believe me.

Let's change it up a bit. Why should you believe that I

would acquiesce to your threats just to get the antidote?

What if my loyalty to Prince Jing has reached the point where I would rather die than submit.

You didn't come to the Capital to profess your loyalty to Prince Jing.

Think of your true motives.

Even though I still don't know what your true motives are,

but I will know someday.

Director Xia.

Just based on your speculations,

are you confident that I won't revoke my confessions in front of the Emperor?

Of course not.

I would have a foolproof plan.

The Malevolent Telekinesis technique. T/N: Form of martial arts

Only martial artists with a powerful inner energy can use it.

If you dare to willfully speak nonsense before the Emperor,

you'll be like that lamp

before you can even finish talking.

You dare to commit murder in front of the Emperor?

Since it is telekinesis, I will naturally be some distance away from you.

I wouldn't even touch you - how can you say that I am responsible?

Director Xia, you are insulting my knowledge of martial arts.

With your level of energy, you won't be able to kill me

without being discovered.

Of course I can't just rely on this.

Do not forget.

By that time, you would have taken the Wujin Pill.

I just need to use the weakest level of the technique to attack your Tianchan pressure point,

the Wujin poison will take effect.

Before you have time to utter even a single word,

everything will be over.

However, the Emperor will definitely investigate the case thoroughly should someone be murdered in front of him.

He won't be able to reach a conclusion.

You won't have any noticeable wounds.

The final conclusion reached will be that you committed suicide by poison.

Will he not suspect that you poisoned me?

If I wanted to poison you, I could have done it in Xuanjing Bureau, where I had ample time and opportunity to do so.

Why would I drag you to the Palace
and poison you before the Emperor?

What would I gain from doing that?

It seems that I must die.

You don't have to die.

Just think carefully about

what you should say.

Xia Dong?

You saw her clearly?

She didn't mask her appearance nor change
her attire. Of course I recognized her.

Why is the criminal that escaped the Supreme Court with the help of traitors

in Xia Dong's hands?

She even had to secretly transfer him in a deserted lane.

What is

Xuanjing Bureau doing?

I don't understand either.

But since I witnessed the incident, I felt I had to report it.

To be safe, you should summon Xia Dong

and question her personally.

Perhaps she can explain it clearer.

- Gao Zhan.
- Yes.

Send some men to Xuanjing Bureau.


Go and get

Meng Zhi for me.

Mr. Su you have considered the proposal for over 10 minutes.

Have you reached a conclusion?

Even the great sages have chosen the wrong in regards to life or death.

Besides, now it's just me.

Sages have never chosen death themselves.

They will only persuade others to choose death.

When you take the Wujin Pill, you will know

that living is always the most important.

Director Xia.

I'm in your hands at the moment.

It seems that I must take the pill.

Wait. Wait. I'll eat it myself.

Let's be more cultured.

Is this pill bitter?

Sir Su.

What use is there in delaying?

This is the Xuanjing Bureau. Who can come and save you?

Not necessarily. What if someone does come to save me?

Just let me delay as long as I can.

After I take this pill, I will become your marionette.

I will only be able to say things according to your wishes.

That would be highly unpleasant.

Just by understanding that,

I can tell Sir Su is an intelligent person.

Like I've said that there is no criminal Xuanjing Bureau cannot rein in.

You either listen to me, or die.

A third path doesn't exist.

It seems I've underestimated Director Xia.

If I knew this, I would've escaped.

Mei Changsu.

Ever since you decided to choose the worst strategy possible

and aid Prince Jing in saving Wei Zheng,

every move you make is destined to be dangerous.

The days ahead will not be easy.

Director Xia.

Can I ask you another question?

Greetings, Your Majesty.

- Rise.
- Thank you, Your Majesty.

Your Majesty, may I ask why I have been requested?

Meng Zhi.

Personally go to Xuanjing Bureau,

and bring Xia Dong to me.

Xia Dong?


You must do it quickly and covertly.

Make sure there are no delays.

After you see Xia Dong, you mustn't let her interact with anyone.

Especially Xia Jiang.

Yes, Your Majesty.

You just asked me

why I'm not living a carefree life at Jiangzuo,

instead choosing to involve myself in the murky affairs of the Capital.

Now, I also want to ask you.

Historically, Xuanjing Bureau has never involved itself in factionalism, and its position highly respected.

The Emperor trusts you almost unconditionally.

Why would you involve yourself in the fight for the Crown?

Arresting criminals is the responsibility of the Xuanjing Bureau.

It is also our way of professing loyalty to the Emperor.

Then all you had to do was keep Wei Zheng in prison, and ask

for an order to behead him after New Year's.

Why must you spend so much effort

planning such a big set up

to lure Prince Jing?

Forcing traitors to reveal their true motives

is also a form of loyalty to the Emperor.

You are not telling the truth.

But that won't matter.

I was just asking randomly.

In fact, deep down I understand everything.

What do you understand?

I understand why Director Xia wants to get rid of Prince Jing.

Tell me about it.

Because you are afraid of him.

Afraid of who?

Prince Jing?

How did you reach such an absurd conclusion?

Why would I be afraid of Prince Jing?

You're afraid of Prince Jing, just like how you were afraid of Prince Qi.

Over a decade ago,

Prince Qi was involved in politics as an executive,

and once planned to dissolve the Xuanjing Bureau.

Am I right?

Father, throughout the times,

truly enlightened rulers have never needed the presence of an agency like Xuanjing Bureau.

The court system should be centralised.

Father, I believe that

the Xuanjing Bureau should be merged with the Supreme Court,

and act upon decisions together. Its power should be constrained by the law.
- Stop. I don't want to hear this.

What is this? Who taught you this?

Such nonsense.

Do not mention

these ideas ever again.

Though the idea was refuted by the Emperor,

but you knew that

even if the plan was temporarily shelved,

once Prince Qi ascends the throne, the plan would ultimately be enforced.

But in the end, his highness died.

The threat was eliminated.

You lived in peace for a few years until Prince Jing rose in ranks.

He was brought up under His Highness Prince Qi.

He would have an even lower opinion of Xuanjing Bureau.

If Prince Qi had dissolved Xuanjing Bureau back then, perhaps

he would consider how to settle you.

On the other hand, in Prince Jing's eyes,

not tearing your limbs apart is already granting you a favour. T/N: Form of punishment where in a criminal's head and limbs were tied and drawn apart by separate horses.

No matter how deeply Prince Jing loathes Xuanjing Bureau,

there is no reason for him to despise me so.

Then you need to ask yourself what you did back then.

To protect Xuanjing Bureau and your own power,

you sent an honorable Prince to his death, and caused the unjust deaths of seventy thousand Chiyan soldiers at Meiling.

Did you think that such immoral acts would be concealed forever?


I understand now.

You aren't here to support Prince Jing.

You are here to overturn Xiao Jingyu's case.

Who are you exactly?

A former member of Prince Qi's household?

I am simply someone who admires Prince Qi.

Even now,

there are people across the land who continue to admire him.

You should know that.

Divine Talent?

Sir Mei of Jiangzuo?

I want to see how long you can last.

Director Xia.

Is there any use in forcing me to take the poison?

After all the things I've told you,

you still dare to take me to the Emperor?

You can meet His Majesty.

Yet you won't have the chance to speak.

Right now, all I want is for you to die.

But you won't die in the Xuanjing Bureau.

You're still worried about where I will die

at this late hour?


You are too powerful.

Powerful to the degree that I am forced to fear you.

Powerful to the degree where I don't dare give His Majesty any of your original testimonials,

because I'm afraid there are traps in there that I cannot discover.

Director Xia you are overestimating my abilities.

But there is no use in being so powerful.

I will say it again.

If you die, you are left with nothing.

I admit that I am currently not your match.

However, I can take your life.

After you, I will deal with Prince Jing.

Who is there?

How did you get out?

That day when Shifu left the Palace,

and locked me in my room.

Originally I was not able to get out.

Luckily my two disciple brothers still worried about me.

and did guard me so tightly.

And also thanks to years of your tutelage,

if I didn't have the skills to get out that,

what right do I have to be an Executive Officer?

When did you arrive here?

I arrived before you got so angry.

I had always thought,

that the tenets pass down through the generations of Xuanjing Bureau

is loyalty to the Emperor, is justice,

is clearing the Court.

And this is what you've always taught us.

But today, the things that you done,

I don't understand.

I am interrogating a prisoner,

you may leave.

Even if he is a prisoner,

since when can Xuanjing Bureau

force poison down a prisoners' throat?

All generations of Xuanjing Bureau had the Wujin pill.
Its not something your Shifu started.

You don't know about it because he hasn't taught it to you yet.

Extreme people require extreme methods.

There are some things which you still don't know,

so just stop asking so many questions.

There are many things I don't have to question.

But I must question the things that happened today.

Prince Qi's old case,

is intimately related to me.

I only want to know, Shifu,

- what role you played in the whole case.
- Insolence!

How dare you question me like this.

The things that you've done recently
have really disappointed me.

Did this Mei Changsu tell you something?

Prince Qi plotted treason, he deserved his punishment.

Did you forget

that it was because of this that your husband died in the hands of Lin Xie?


this is the last time I'm begging you.

Give him the antidote.

Turn back!

Justice is people's hearts.

If you still don't repent,

even if you kill 10 Mei Changsus

it will not solve the problem.


Shifu, please forgive our oversight.


take Xia Dong back to her rooms,

and put her under strict custody.



I still don't understand what happened the last few days.

What did Dong-er do wrong?

Why are you punishing her so severely?

I do not need to explain my decisions to you.

From now on, without my orders,

no one is to see her in private.

- Shifu!
- Yes Shifu.

Brother, no need to say more,

Shifu just wanted to teach my some new things,

but I couldn't learn it,

and I don't want to learn it either.

So Shifu got angry.

Brother Chun, you've learnt the new things

that Shifu taught?

Let go.

Greetings Commander Meng. Please wait...

Commander Meng, why have you come to Xuanjing Bureau?

Naturally there's business.

By his Majesty's orders,

summoning Executive Officer Xia Dong to the Palace for an audience.

No delays allowed.

I dare to ask what his Majesty's summons is about?

It has nothing to do Officer Xia Chun.

Officer Xia Dong


- Shimei
- Officer Xia Chun

do you want to resist an Imperial edict?

I dare not.

I'll go report to Shifu.

Your Majesty, I have brought Xia Dong.

Your subject greets your Majesty.

Xia Dong

on the 5th,

the day that a prisoner was abducted from Xuanjiang Bureau

where did you go?

I went out of the city,

to Mount Gu, to pay respects to my late husband.

When did you return?

- I returned late at night.
- Lies!

In the afternoon on the 5th,

someone personally saw

you at

at... what was that alley called again?

Dengjia Alley

right, right,

Why were you at Dengjia Alley?

I did not go to Dengjia Alley.

The person must have been mistaken.

Xia Dong, the person who saw you was me.

At the time, you had a couple of people with you,

even though they were not in Xuanjing Bureau uniform,
but they all listened to your orders.

I saw it clearly.

How could I lie?

Prince Ji said,

he saw you

load a prisoner that looked very much like Wei Zheng, into a carriage.

For this, what explanations do you have?

Xia Dong!

In from of me

how dare you not answer!

Is Xuanjing Bureau still mine?

Appart from your Shifu,

do you put anyone else in mind?

I dare not.

I believe Prince Ji will not unjustly accuse you.

Speak. Why did you go to Dengjia Alley.

Xia Dong

His Majesty is investigating personally. Prince Ji is the witness.

This is not a small matter.

If there's any hidden reason say it now.

I did go to Dengjia Alley.

The person you took,

was it Wei Zheng.


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Changes and stories cover how many scrolls

Trouble time stirring fears

Blood still flows but no one cares

Raging fires consume lifelong hopes

The sword is given away to her

No wish to live out the rest of my years

Emperors palace is towering and mighty

Crystal clear vows split the night sky

The red bow of yesteryear hangs empty on the wall

The march of battle begs for an end while the armors is still bright

The world cannot hide the clear eyes in my heart

Its my belief that the world be like a painting

Hold up the spear at the boarders, who's to repair the heavens

A spear of justice and sacrifice, the youth of yesterday

Returns by his lonely self, beacon flames no longer seen

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud