Nirvana in Fire (2015–…): Season 1, Episode 37 - Episode #1.37 - full transcript

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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 37

Jingyan, being out of contact for all these years.

This is the first time I have realized how eloquent you were.

I am curious to see

If Consort Jing can speak as well as you.

If she can wash away the blame of

all the things she had done.

Do something for me, don't let anyone know.

Do not hesitate to do so your majesty, I will do as order.

Make a memorial plaque for Consort Chen,

Pray to her... for me.

Your Majesty

You are the head of the Inner palace.

Why do the problems never end?

What is the issue this time?

Reporting to your Majesty

I am indeed incompetent, I dedicate myself to
organising the inner palace

yet I am still unable to create harmony.

Consort Jing privately made a memorial tablet
for the criminal Lin Yueyao, this is treason.

To only be in the knowledge of this today, I am indeed to blame.

I beg for forgiveness from your majesty.

What did Consort Jing say?

Consort Jing knows she is at fault,

and has not yet spoken a word to defend her case.

Is this where Consort Jing set up the memorial plaque?

Yes, the incense and plaque were all here.

Clearly evident as the place she uses to pray behind close doors.

If it is where she prays in secret,

then naturally there is no need for it to be in the knowledge of others.

Situated far away in the Zhengyang palace,

How did you come to know of her prayers?

Consort Jing's maid was unhappy about
her treacherous actions

thus reported it to me at Zhengyang palace.

Which maid is this?

Reporting on your master as a servant is a serious crime.

How did we have people (things) like this in the palace. Guards.

Take her out for execution.

Empress! Empress!


Wait a moment.

Your Majesty, this servant is from Zhiluo palace.

Do I dare to ask for your majesty to let me punish her personally?

To a servant that has committed such acts of betrayal, you must not go easy on her.

Yes, I understand, thank you your Majesty.

Your Majesty, under your entrustment of managing the inner palace

I am naturally strict on the rules and norms.

Consort Jing's crime is clear,

As the Head of the Inner Palace, I cannot tolerate such behavior.

If Your Majesty intends on treating the consorts differently,

Then please give me an official edict.

Otherwise I will have to punish according to the rules.

You ask for an official edict?
An official edict for such trivial matters?

Do you want the world to be in the knowledge of the discord in my Inner Palace?

Is this how you assist me?

First and foremost, the Inner Palace should be at peace and consonance. Do you not understand?

Your Majesty thinks it is a trivial matter, yet I dare not treat it thus.

Consort Jing set up a tablet for a convict. This is clearly an act of disdain to your majesty.

Her motives are frightening. For the crime discovered today,

she should be severely punished.

Consort Jing, do you admit to your crime?

I acknowledge my crime.

I was bewitched by my feelings of friendship from the past,

and paid my respects in secret. Though I had no intention of defiance to Your Majesty,

It is true that this goes against the palace rules.

Your Majesty, please bestow your punishment.

The Empress accuses you of heresy,
yet you only confess to being bewitched by the past.

You are most certainly not acknowledging your crime. Attendants!


Confine Consort Jing to Zhiluo Palace, and make sure she reflects on her mistakes.

Without an official edict, she must not leave the palace walls.

Only ask for my presence after you have truly reflected.

Your Majesty.

I have already bestowed my punishments according to your wishes. What else do you want?

Is confinement enough for such a severe crime?

What do you want?

Do you want me to find a sash of white silk and strangle her?

You are currently a criminal. Decrease her endowments by half.

This place is a mess. Clean it up yourself.

I understand.

I obey your orders.

The Empress must be exhausted. Return to your own palace.

There are many trivial matters happening recently.

You must learn the proper way of assisting an Emperor.

The Emperor takes his leave.

Your Majesty, will you return to Wuying Hall or...

Gao Zhan, don't you think there
are too many coincidences today?

You mean...

While I was interrogating Prince Jing at Wuying Hall,

the Empress used this chance to attack Consort Jing in the Inner Palace.

Are you saying that Consort Jing and her son
are having a bad luck day?

Foolish thing. You won't understand even if I explain it.

Father, the Empress's urgent matter?

Inner palace women making a fuss over nothing,
It's nothing.

Continue your counter arguments.
Where did we leave off?

we got to the matter of the Review Court.

Right, the Grand Court of Review, continue

Stand up to talk.

Thank you Father.

After I defended myself as incapable of breaking into Xuanjing Bureau, Leader Xia conveniently changed his statement.

and said the criminal was abducted from the Grand Court of Review.

- I did not change my statement. From the beginning, I...
- Fine, let's assume that.

Then does Director Xia mean that

my Capital Patrol guards were also outside the Review Court, using the excuse of catching the thief to create confusion

and obstruct your pursuit and capture of the criminal?

The Capital Patrols did have a conflict with your subordinates in front of Xuanjing Bureau.That is a fact.

If Director Xia uses that evidence to accuse me,
I will admit I am guilty of not properly disciplining my subordinates.

But the prison at the Review Court,

Capital Patrols did not have any
contact with Xuanjing Bureau's guards

Does Director Xia still want to force the crime of losing a criminal on my head?

Jingyan, I was already here when Director Xia came in.

He actually didn't say much.
He just explained that the criminal was taken

and the fact that the Capital Patrols was outside of Xuanjing Bureau hindering their pursuit.

As for suspecting that you were the person behind it all,

That was Father's wisdom
in seeing through it right away.

That's why you were asked here to confront this.

If you are really innocent, just refute them one by one.

Why be so aggressive against Director Xia?

May I ask royal brother Yu whether you
were at the scene at the time?


Then do you have an imperial decree to be in charge of Wei Zheng's case?

I don't.

Firstly, since you are not the witness
secondly, not the adjudicating officer. You have no say in this case.

Father is here.
Why you are so quick to absolve Director Xia?

I was just doing justice for Director Xia.
And you are being aggressively towards me.

You are the one in diffident and worried.

Father said you are disrespectful.
He is right.

I am your elder brother, how can you talk to me like that.

Your lawless temper.

I am sure you are involved in this case.
Who is Wei Zheng?

He is the lieutenant of the criminal Lin Shu.
Everyone knows you and Lin Shu were like brothers back then.

In this whole capital, besides you,
who else can stir up such a big incident?

Your Majesty, I know I don't have concrete evidence.

I originally should not have spoken so irresponsibly.
But your Majesty commanded me to speak, I dare not not speak.

Of course Prince Jing has to defend himself against such accusations.

There will not be any results if we keep arguing like this.

That is right. Breaking into prison and abducting a prisoner is heinous crime.

The truth can't be found by endless arguments here.

Please give orders to investigate, Father.

Nobody can evade by excuse.

Your Majesty, the prisoner was lost by Xuanjing Bureau.

I hold my responsibility. I feel ashamed to see you without bringing the matter to light.

But the matter is complicated and involves the Royals.

I wish to ask Your Majesty for an imperial decree

to avoid any obstruction from others
when interrogating suspects.

Under the circumstances that you all keep arguing here

will not help find the truth.

- Xia-qing.
- Here.

You have been handled the Wei Zheng's case all along.

You must investigate so that it is clearly understood.


However, those people from Prince Jing's manor that didn't go out can be excluded from interrogation.

If you want to question any of his people

you'll need to inform him first to avoid any clashes.

Jingyan, you are the main suspect.
You'll need to understand

when Xia-qing want to interrogate any person for any reason

you shouldn't stop him.

I understand.

Thank you to Your Highness, Prince Jing.

I would like to immediately summon an important suspect to Xuanjing Bureau,

Please allow me to take my leave, your Majesty.

This person is dexterity thought
Always has knowledge of things long before they occur.

I afraid that he would flee if I go late.

- Who is this person is?
- The Chief of Jiangzuo Alliance

Mei Changsu.

Mei Changsu?

Fei Liu, either you pluck the flower or arrange flower everyday.
You must have learnt from Lin Chen.

For me?

I like it.

Zheng Ping, where should I put the flower?


Mei Changsu?

Do you still remember, your Majesty?

Of course I do. I had asked him

to be in charge of the Duchess' paper trial back then.

This person is very talented and dedicate to serve the country.

If not for his poor health,
I would have him in the Courts.

Do you mean while he is recuperating at capital

he is too close to Jingyan?

Your Majesty, I just return to capital
I dare not tell lies.

But on whose side Mei Changsu is
everyone is well aware.

Whose side?

It depends how you look at it.

After Mei Changsu gained Father's appreciation,

everyone is interested in getting to know him.

Duchess Nihuang praised him highly.

Xia Dong and Xia Chun from Xuanjin Bureau have also been to Su's residence as guests before

Even the Su's residence was recommended by Commander General Meng

Brother Prince Yu has visited him numerous time
possibly multiple times more than me.

Not to mention the gifts sent to Su Residence

the top givers are brother Prince Xian and Prince Yu.

I should be ashamed.

to date, I haven't sent a decent gift yet.

How could Director Xia imply that Mei Changsu is on my side?

Good to hear that.

Since Mei Changsu is not on your side
that make my task easier.

I am sure you will not mind if I interrogate this person.

since this person is not that close to Jingyan

what's the reason to interrogate him all of sudden?

Your Majesty, the rebels that attacked Xuanjing Bureau

are very skillful.
In this city

only the Chief of Jiangzuo Alliance is able to gather so many martial artists.

I believe I can get something valuable
when I interrogate Mei Changsu.

If you want to fault someone, a suitable pretext can always be found. Do you think Jiangzuo Alliance is the only one with martial arts experts?

Is that how Xuanjing Bureau handles cases?
Aren't you afraid the world will sneer at you?

I'm just going to question him why
are you so nervous about it your Highness?

This Mr. Su is his Majesty's guest.
What can I do to him?

As long as he is honest that this has nothing to do with him

I can guarantee that he will walk out of Xuanjing Bureau

save and sound.
Is that all right?

Father, you are also aware of Mei Changsu's poor health.

He is a renowned scholar. The Court needs
to show appreciation and respect for such talents.

If we are to humiliate him as such with no reason
it will not sound good if it passes out.

More over, Xuanjing Bureau takes orders
directly from the Emperor.

If there's any mistake on their part, the person that the world will criticize is not Director Xia, but you Father.

Jingyan, you are scaremongering.

According to what you just said, my relation to Mei Changsu should be very good,

even I didn't it was anything.

While he is famous, he is still a subject of the Empire.
How is he untouchable?

Even Father believes in Director Xia's
character, who are you to question it?

In the end, it's just summoning Mei Changsu for a questioning. There's no need for you to be so diffident.

Not to mention Father, even I'm beginning to suspect you.

Xia-qing, I will allow you to investigate as you see fit.

You must investigate in full.

Do not report back any false and inaccurate things.

I take my order.

- Father, I believe...
- Quiet

Do you not know

that you are under suspicion.
Do you not have

the required fear of law and conduct.

No matter what, your Capital Patrols are already involved,

if we do not investigate how do we prove your innocence?

Send my decree

The Capital Patrols are to be handed to the Ministry of Defense.

Prince Jing, is to reflect on his errors in his quarters.

Without a summon is not allowed to enter the Palace.

When Xia Jiang arrives

take Fei Liu with you, and
do not stop them.

- Chief!
- That's enough.

From now on, communications between
Prince Jing, Marquise Yan,

and Command General Meng

will be handled by Zhen Ping.


And, this flower

take care of it.

If I find that even a single leaf missing

I will not forgive you guys.





Rise and speak.

You must think it strange

a crime like setting Consort Ceng's memorial plague secretly

why His Majesty would let me off so easily, right?

The Empress must also be thinking
the same thing.

But I am sure she will not be able to
figured out the reason.

But you.

You are a smart girl

You should understand by now.

It was His Majesty's idea.

Correct, it was his idea.

His Majesty has been having
dreams lately

unable to concentrate.
Even having hallucinations.

He suspected that there is still Consort Chen's
enmity remaining in this Palace.

That is why he requested me to set her a memorial plague.

As a memorial and requiem.


ever since the tablet has been made,

his Majesty has been sleeping better.

I see, it was your herbs.

You still have the effort to worry over me?

Think about your current situation.

How do you plan on punishing me Madame?

There are two choices.

One is to be sent to Shenxin Bureau,

and you'll exit the Palace covered in a white cloth.

The other is,

that I let you go.

Allow you to leave this palace.

Different choices means
there are different conditions.


What I don't understand is

how did you suspect me?

And setup this trap for me.

I have been serving you

I could not have given myself away.

As long as you act

naturally there would be a weakness.

Where did I make my mistake?

Last time

when you left the palace to
find help

and then later cried for
injustce in front of Prince Jing

I realized from then

that you were a spy that was
planted beside me.

But why?

Did I say something wrong?

All my actions were logical.

Even if you thought the whole
thing was a set up

I would only a maid that was mislead and used.

Prince Yu, xiao-Jin

even Consort Hui

Those are the people you should suspect.

You have mentioned the key point.

Haven't you figured it out?

Just like what you'd said.

This whole thing was a set up.

It is a trap to instigate a rift

between Prince Jing

and Sir Su.

In this set up

regardless of how the events developed

how many layers you placed or how many people was involved.

The final goal, the most important part

is your delivery of what happened
in front of Prince Jing.

If you were an innocent and just being used

than at that last step

how could they guaranteed

that all their efforts

even the Empress risking punishment,

on this set up.

That the last crucial part

is reliant on a maid that they can't control?

Would that be possible?

If this maid

forgot to told Prince Jing?

If she ceased to speak when I stopped her?

If she didn't present according to what she heard

and reported a complete statement?


Since you are the crucial person in this set up.

Then you are definitely one
of their people.

On this point, I never doubted it.

If this is the case

Why do I have a second choice?

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I don't like killing people.

You are of no danger to me now.

Why must I take your life.

But you still have a condition.


What is the condition?

I want you to confess

this entire ploy in detail.

The layout, your contacts,

how you twist the lies.
The purpose of this set up

All the details,

I want to you clearly to confess it all.

The situation has already been passed

why do you want to listen to it?

It isn't for me, it's for Jingyan.

He needs to hear it.

Give him extra blankets.
This man is very weak

we can't have him die before the interrogation.

Yes. Shifu, do you not plan to interrogate him today?

Let him first sleep here for two nights.
Give him a taste first.

-Your Highness.
-What happened?

Xia Jiang went over there himself
and took Sir Su away.

The Su Manor people just watched?

It must have been planned earlier by
Sir Su, that is why they did not stop them.

So this is what he meant.

What did he mean?

Before I went into the palace
he said to be prepared

that Mother may encounter trouble in
the palace.

And then he said

there is also

There is also

Also what?

Nothing. We can talk about this later.

He took his words back and said
nothing more about it.

Does that mean

he already guessed that Xia Jiang would go
after him?

Xia Jiang is a cruel man, Sir Su's health is weak

can he handle it?

No, I have to go the Xuanjing Bureau.

My lord, His Majesty has grounded you.

If you leave here, you are disobeying a direct edict.

But to save Wei Zheng was something
I wanted to do

I cannot let him suffer my consequences.

The only thing we can do is follow Mr Su's arrangement.

He told you many times to
hold back for this very reason.

I think with Sir Su's intelligence

he'll be able to handle Xia Jiang.

I'm not worried about his intelligence

- but
- I understand.

But Your Highness, if Sir Su were standing here

would he agree to you doing this?

Grey bricks, black tiles.

The scenery remains the same.

Nature has no feelings

and does not understand human worries.

The flames of war

left little behind.

In funeral attire, he pays respect to those who have left.

And old memories finally rest.

A bright moon and light breeze,

and he who ranks first on the Langya List.

Who still remembers

the carefree years of the past?

A decade passes in an instant,

yet dreams keep wandering to the past.

How many wrongful deaths did it take

to create that simple fur robe?

A thousand memorials made from bloody tears lamented the sacrifices.

The soldiers may perish but their aspirations will never falter.

Wait for the return and re-organisation of the Chiyan Army,

who will continue to protect our kingdom.

Grief was traded with spears,

and he spent the rest of his life upholding righteous values.

The blood still flows,

and the vigor of a soldier has not been buried.

Brotherhood and friendship

will remain in the snow covered plum blossom ridge forever.

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- You may go now
- Yes.

Sir Su, you have stayed here for
two nights

have you slept well?

Out of the goodness of Director Xia

I slept very well.

I didn't think that the Chief of the most powerful pugilist sect

would look so delicate and scholarly.

On this I cannot compare to you, Director.

You look absolutely the part of the Director of the Xuanjing Bureau

Sir Su is well educated, experienced and knowledgeable.

Do you know what place is this?

Place of the Rakshasa.

Those who stay here are not human

they are demons and monsters.

You are too kind Sir.

I am just good at peeling the skin off people,

and revealing their innards.

Please sit.

Thank you.

I do not normally invite people here.

But if I do, unless I release them myself

otherwise they can't leave.

I have no intention of escaping.

I believe Prince Jing knows you have been invited here.

But he can't even protect himself

so he cannot come here to rescue you.

Director Xia

your tea is quite terrible.

How much money has the person who purchases
tea for Xuanjing Bureau absconded with.

You have it checked out.

I know Sir that you are very intelligent.

The strength of your mind is beyond norm.

But I have met many stubborn people before.

Sir, would you like to listen to some?

The Director's stories, of course I would like to listen.

I remembered I handled corruption and misused funds case.

The defendant was an experienced military General.

Very strong and stubborn.

He was here for only two days

before he confessed everything.

He confessed? I heard he had gone mad?

He went mad after he confessed.

Before he confessed,
I would not let him go mad

I know how far to go and when to stop

What is Sir thinking right now?

Will you be good and confess

or do you want to be like that General

and stay a few more days and then confess?

I'll just confess then.

- Is the Prince in?
-Yes he is. If he is not in his study, then he is in the gardens.

What would Director Xia like me to confess?

That I was colluding with Prince Jing?

Alright, I have been colluding with Prince Jing.

This whole thing regarding Wei Zheng's rescue,

He's the main instigater while I did the planning.

We attacked Xuanjing Bureau first

noticed the guards there were too relaxed.

It was surely a trap.
We then withdrew.

Of course, during the withdrawl process

we co-ordinated with the Capital Patrols

so that we can get away completely.

Then you returned, Director.

My informant felt your movements that day were odd.

So we followed you quietly.

We never thought that we'd end up at
the Grand Court of Review and

discover that Wei Zheng was imprisoned there.

Thus, in our excitement,

and perverse glee, we trashed you badly.

Finally we rescued the criminal.

That was how the whole thing went.

Is there anything Director you need further explanations on?

Do you know you just confessed to?

I know.

You can take my confessions and write it up as a statement.

After I sign it, you can submit to the Emperor.

The case will be finished,

Then we can all have a peace of mind.

So that is what you are thinking.

I am in your hands right now, Director Xia

what ideas can I have?

This case involves too many parties.

I have no concrete evidence.

If I use your verbal confession

the Emperor would want to question
you personally

You will then revoke your verbal confession
in front of the Emperor

you will say that I forced your confession

and made you frame Prince Jing.

Perhaps you can really make the Emperor suspicious.

Director, you have brood over the situation adequately

to think of such brilliant strategy.

I have been educated.

Mei Changshu, don't be so arrogant.

By now, you are still so stubborn.

Do you really want to have a taste
of Xuanjing Bureau's methods?

Director Xia, if you say this, then
I don't understand.

I already confessed to everything.

How can you say that I'm holding
things back?

Look at how weak my body is

I really don't want to try out Xuanjing Bureau's
interrogation methods.

I already told you, everything was
instigated by Prince Jing.

What else do you want me to say?

Unless, Director Xia, you want to involve
more people in this case.

Should I confess to them all?

If you are to confess, you must confess everything.

Tell me, where is Wei Zheng now?

He's already left the Capital.

That's impossible.

Changes and stories chronicle the pages

Trouble time stirring fears

Blood still flows but no one cares

Strong fire burns off lifelong hopes

Sword is given away to her

I have no wish for long life

Emperors palace is towering and mighty

Crystal clear vows

lit the night

The red bow from long ago hangs on the wall

Long march begs for an end while the armors still bright

The forest cannot hide from the perceptive eyes

I say the world is like a painting

Who can repair the heaven when Mt. Guan lays across

The youth from yesterday with precious blood and long spear

Returns by his lonely self, no more war

It is written for all to see

That wind

scatters the cloud