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Nirvana in Fire

Episode 36

Since young Xia Dong grew up under your guidance in Xuanjing Bureau.

She listened to your teachings, worked for you,
regarded you as a father.

But when you light up the bomb fuse

You would not even care about where she was at that time. You would not even care that

perhaps she is standing in front of the doors

- Shifu, Dong-er's life
- Be quiet

You are the next director of Xuanjing Bureau,

do not behave like a married woman.

Firstly Xia Dong betrayed us. According to the Xuanjing
iron-clad rules, she doesn't have a way out alive.

- Shifu you promised.
- I promised to spare her.

If she survive this I will not pursue it in the future

Deceiving. Exploiting. Exploit again.

Destroying her only when there is no further use.

Its a pity that Xia Dong is your disciple,

and could not see your true colors in time

She turned her back on her Shifu and supported rebel forces,

how could I treat her with exception?

I have always been clear about Director Xia's methods.
It seems that this time

Prince Jing is unable to save Wei Zheng

At such a time Marquis Yan you can still be this clam.

Isn't it because the people are attacking
Xuanjing Bureau, no matter dead or alive,

would not be link to Prince Jing.

Prince Jing did not participate participate at all.

How do you intend on making that claim true.

It's true that there'll be nothing before the bomb blows up,

but how about after the bomb blows up?

Do think about it carefully Marquis Yan.

With flesh and blood all over place, dead bodies every where,

news will spread very quickly.

There are so many Capital Patrol personnels surrounding Xuanjing Bureau

all of which are lead by Prince Jings' close confidants

Are they are able to bear to just watching
and not do anything?

Only when the bomb goes off, my people will have means to get them to enter.

The hardest thing is the start. Once they exchange blows

the people involved will get larger and naturally the incident will get bigger.

When it becomes bigger Prince Jing will not be able to keep his hands clean

and I will not give him any chance to clear his involvement

Commander Bei

You have been watching all the time. Yes

No one rush out yet? No one.

Get our men ready


What's wrong Marquis of Yan? Cannot keep your calm already?

Did Prince Jing tell you that in an event of a failure how he will be able to get out of it

Prince Jing and I do not converse

but I do not believe he will do anything illegal

Brother Xia don't expect anything from me

This mountain taoist temple is quieter than the city's

Any type of noise will not be heard from here

Its a pity, such an exciting incident

I am fated not to see

Even more exciting incident

Brother Xia has already seen a lot


Seeing that we are old friends let me warn you

that year you have chosen the wrong side.

Do you still want to make the same mistake?

Right and wrong can only be justified in one's heart.

You think I am wrong,

I too will think that you are wrong.

Xiajiang you may not believe in friendship ties

but you best do not look down on friendship ties

else you will fail because of it

Brother Yan, in all these year did only your age grew?

You could speak such naive words.

It is you people will be fail because of friendship ties.

You have the winning hand in the first place but you gave it up.

It was the same that year and the same today

What is the Marquis is doing now?

I can leave. I cannot tolerate staying longer with you for a minute


Teacher, the Marquis really left. It doesn't seem that he is trying to be mysterious

Did you find that his last words are odd?

Which last words?

He said lastly that he can leave

Not prepare to leave and not want to leave

But he can leave.

Perhaps before that he cannot leave

Why can't he leave?

Marquis of Yan motive for today isn't it to get Teacher out of the capital?

Not good

Teacher, the horses disappeared. What do we do?

Lets go

Luckily we hid them. What if on the way back to the capital Xinjiang snatch our horses

Your son will not be able win in a fight with him

Its good that you are clever. The mountain roads are deserted and it is almost the New Year Festival

Xinjiang would have to run to near the capital gates then will he be able to snatch a horse

Even if his inner strength is powerful, running the entire journey will tire him

Don't know at this moment what is the situation is like in the Xuanjing Bureau

How is it? Cannot be found

Team Leader Kang. Did not found anything

Team Leader Kang. What do we do now

Don't talk about not catching the rebel forces, the people from Security Department have retreated

Should we chase or not? In which direction should we chase?

You asking me? Who do I ask?



What happen? Why is it this quiet?

Reporting to Leader Xia, the situation was not as we have planned

After the rebel forces enter the front courtyard, they only attack till the front doors of the dungeon

But not attempt to break into it then they tried to break their way out

We thought that since the bomb will not explode on them, we did not light

Wanted to capture some alive but who thought that they

They disperse poisonous smoke and made the entire route impossible to see

Forgive your subordinate for being incompetent. Really couldn't stop them

When they break out you did not chase them?

We did chase them relentlessly but once out of the mansion the Capital Patrol personnels surge out

and keep shouting to catch some bandits, making a big mess out of the situation

After which. After which it became like this

Teacher, Prince Jing planned the prison break with such a big fanfare

but why is the actual breakout ado about nothing much and ended confusingly

Prince Jing's usual conduct does not starts with a bang and end with a whimper


Unless Yanque drew me out of the capital not because to attack better

but because they are afraid that I would be on site to see through their deliberate puzzle


Teacher, you meant that

-Prince Jing's actual motive is not to launch an assault on Slanging Bureau
-Not actual?

But my lord when the bandits attack it was a big fanfare

A bigger fanfare will attract our attention

and the final goal

is obviously to cover their true operations

Their true operation

Teacher, this doesn't bode well. Could it meant that Prince Jing has found the true location of where we held Weizheng

Leader Xia, you are here to

Leader Xia


Too foolish. I am really too foolish

Lord Xia

Thanks for leading the way

-Quickly head back and transfer all the troops over


Save him

Good kid, play here first. Will call you in a while


-Good kid, lets go.
-No. I still want to play.

Did you forget who did you promised to? Quick follow me out.

Teacher. Teacher


Teacher, don't worry. I will coordinate the chase

How do you chase when the Capital Patrol are all out on the streets?

Then we have to watch as Weizheng is rescued by them

We truly did not foresee that they will really succeed

but regardlessly Prince Jing has taken action so this is not an ending

but a beginning

Chief. Chief.

-How is it?
-Your Highness

Chief, we have succeeded

-Is Weizheng rescued?
-Rescued. He has been rescued

Where exactly did Xiajiang transferred Weizheng to?

As expected it is a place that neither anyone of us thought of. Supreme court's jail.

Supreme court only review criminal cases but do not have the authority to hold trials

Related criminals will usually be held at the Ministry of Justice. Only released when they are summon for questioning

as such even I have overlooked it

In actual fact, there is a jail within the Supreme Court

Xiaqiang's choice of location is actually not bad

No one will think about it at all

Fortunately he brought us there himself

Marquis of Yan's act will definitely raise Xiaqiang suspicious mind

if he doesn't see Weizheng, he will not rest assured

Sir Su indeed have great foresight

Your Highness, are you prepared?

And the next thing

is my battle

What battle?

Where do General Lei think Xiaqiang will go next after suffering such an enormous loss?

He will definitely go to His Majesty to blow up the entire incident

At that time how should His Highness respond

This matter is not blown up by Xiaqiang

but the matter in actual fact is huge

See this

Your Majesty, during the late Emperor reign there rare rock

that has the words "Peaceful Liang" naturally formed

The entire court deem it as auspicious

After which the Northern war stopped and the world was peaceful

Your official thinks that such a natural rock with the words "Sacred Liang" is similar to the "Peaceful Liang" rare rock

is a auspicious sign from the heavens agreeing to Your Majesty reign

Yes it is. Yes it is.

Father is the holiness that praised by all the people.
Nothing special of all the past emperors.

Since this auspicious sign has appeared, it must be fate.

why not follow the heaven message to have emperors ordered in ceremony.

What do you all think?

This child do pay lots of lip service

Fengshan is sacred ceremony since ancient time.

You see. The officials are do not know how to answer your question

What I though of is what I speak of. I did not think it through

This is indeed a rare rock. Jingyu, get them to use rosewood for the frame

Place it in Hongguang Pavilion


Then everyone can leave

I understand Sir Su intention

Using force to enter Xuanjing Bureau and Supreme Court to free the prisoner

By only telling these truths to Imperial Father, it is enough to enrage him

Not to mention that it is told by Xiaqiang himself

Its good that Your Highness understands this

This is a decision I made myself

I also know what kind of repercussion there will be

but I did not have any hesitation

Its just that this will hinder the progress of your plans

I apologize for that

Its to early to apologize now

We originally stand on losing ground

but we have successfully rescued Weizheng

with Xiaqiang not obtaining any concrete evidence

This is a fortunate thing within all misfortunes

I understand. Even though the operation was successful but there were numerous flaws

Especially when Capital Patrols coordinated at the periphery. Xiaqiang will not let this go

His Majesty trust Xiaqiang that much that he will believe what he elaborates

and with the suspicion on me the greatest

A storm is inevitable

Its fine to lose favor in front of the Emperor,

and good to be suspected. These are not dead ends

Xiaqiang only have words and no evidence. Even if the Emperor believes him, he will still have some doubts

Sir Su, do you think that His Majesty will let Xiaqiang and Prince Yu incite his anger

to deal with this harshly without a care

That is why His Highness have to remember

no matter what Xiaqiang say to incite

you must firmly state that this issue is unrelated to you

From now onwards, Weizheng will be taken care by me

His Highness do not have any relation to him

Can this be done?


Reporting to Your Majesty, Xuanjing Bureau's Xiaqiang request an audience

- Let him enter
- Yes

Xiaqiang did not have the fortune

If he were here earlier, he would have seen the auspicious rare rock

Now he has to go to Hongguang Pavilion to view it

- Leader Xia will not fuss about such matter
- That is natural

Your Majesty

Does Your Highness have any qualms?

There is a question which I have yet to understand

In actual fact Xiaqiang only need to lock Weizheng up in the dungeons and guard him heavily

Unless we stage a revolt, we will not have any opportunities to attack

Why did he have to spend to such lengths

That is because Xiaqiang goal is not Weizheng

but is to force Your Highness' hand

Even though Xiaqiang knows that Your Highness will not sit idly by,

but he is unsure to what lengths Your Highness will sacrifice for Weizheng

Really? He really so thoughtful

We will be helpless if Xiaqiang blindly sticking to that

But once his motives are complicated

I would be able to find flaws even with a perfectly weaved setup

I am only afraid that he would not set it up

Your Highness, you have already made your mind up to handle all circumstances

I feel rest assured with your firmness

but this would most likely implicate Her Ladyship Consort Jing

Hopefully Your Highness will not waiver when the time comes

With regards to this, I have discussed with Consort Mother

Her resolution is stronger than mine. Please do not worry about it

That is good


And what?

Its nothing. We will talk about it later.

Your Highness, I am here to receive punishment

Please forgive my incompetence

Today Xuanjing Bureau and Supreme Court was continuously attacked by bandits

I fought back without success. Weizheng, the traitorous criminal from Chiyan

was taken away by force

What did you say?

The traitorous criminal Weizheng was forcefully taken away

Take... Taken away

Leader Xia, make yourself clearer

It is planned to rescue the traitorous criminal but it did not succeed or is it really

He was taken away

How did it became like this?

There is someone who broke into Xuanjin Bureau to snatch the criminal

Isn't this a revolt

Your Majesty

Where are these thieves from? They are to create such rampant chaos. Who?

The criminal is very sly, although I know who it is

but as I do not have any evidence, I do not dare to speak of it

If you know who it is stop hiding it, tell me.

Tell me, who is it? Who?

Your highness, after I captured Wei Zheng

who was the one who pitied and tried to protect
him, you should know very well.

Furthermore, when the incident happened
the patrol army was all over the streets

instead of helping us, they said they were
catching their own criminal, creating a huge mess,

preventing my army from chasing.

It can't be, Jingyan is insensible sometimes

but he wouldn't be so daring.
Kidnapping a criminal is a big serious crime

furthermore, Wei Zheng is not a normal criminal,
has Jingyan gone crazy?

Your highness, take care.

Go, tell Prince Jing to come.

-Your highness.
-Hurry, go.

Father, take care of yourself,
don't be angry.

Jingyan is probably just confused,
don't be angry.

Greetings to Qihong jiejie

What do you want?

His Highness ordered me to pass a message to Her Ladyship the Empress, it is time

I understand

Prince I think it is not smooth here


You are not wrong. It is a bit stiff when played

Why don't I revise it to this instead?

This revision is indeed much more splendid than before

Miss Gong is indeed an expert

You flatter me Prince, Sir Yan is the good on here.

Lady Gong you flatter me.

We've chatted for almot two hours,
go get something to eat.

That's right, please wait a moment.

It's too lacking here

it's hard on Lady Gong

there isn't even anyone to look after here
she has to do everything herself.

Send some people over to look after Lady Gong.


Don't worry Prince, it's quite here, I like it.

If you don't want to live at my house, at least
move somewhere else, it's so lacking here.

Furthermore, the smell is not good,
it's not suitable for you to live in.

The prince must be feeling stuffy. Why don't I open the windows for fresh air?


Its good

Whats wrong? Whats wrong?

Isn't that Dong jie?

Why is she here at such an outskirt alley?

Let me see

Dong jie is still arresting criminals? Its only the 5th day of the new year

Dong jie came back so quickly from Gu Mountain.

- The carriage is not here
- Rest assure it is coming.

Help him calm down, don't let him die.

The horse cart is here, hurry, be careful.

Lets go.

Prince, Xuanjing Bureau is catching a criminal,
nothing much to see.

Lets just eat. Aren't you hungry?

Arresting a criminal so suspiciously in the capital

this Xuanjing Bureau is getting too nefarious

Greetings, Your Majesty.

Unfilial son! Even now, you

are still unrepentant.

Father, scolding Jingyan is not worth risking your health.

Jingyan, shouldn't you be admitting your mistake
to father and asking for punishment?

I came as ordered. The greeting isn't even complete.

Without knowing what the crime is, I dare not take responsibility.

Father, you know I'm slow.
Please clarify the crime.


I will give you this opportunity to explain.

Tell me,

how do you explain Wei Zheng being rescued from Xunjing Bureau today?

Wei Zheng was rescued today?

Surely Your Highness isn't trying to say you didn't know.

Xunjing Bureau answers directly to Your Majesty.
I was not put in charge.

Why am I being asked to explain
what went wrong at Xunjing Bureau.

Didn't you send the perpetrators?

Why do you say that? Breaking a traitorous criminal out is a serious crime. I dare not lightly take responsibility for it.

Who was the first to accuse me? I request to confront him.

Your Highness cast aside the charges so cleanly.
I'm impressed.

But the truth is evident. I'm afraid your lies won't work.

You posted many Capital Patrols outside Xunjing Bureau
during the last few days. Isn't this true?

I didn't just put soldiers around the Xuanjing Bureau,

I put soldiers at all the important points in the city

to catch the Taihang thief, father you know about this.

Great, catching a thief, well let me ask you

after being busy for so many days, have you caught the thief?

Talking about this, I want to ask you leader Xia

before I arrived, I just received a report.
Today, the soldiers had found the thief

but when they were chasing him,
the Xuanjing Bureau's army rushed out and so we lost him.

I want Leader Xia to explain this to me.

Great, you are the perpetrator but you
blame me?

Do you think changing the topic will confuse
the emperor?

Who is the perpetrator blaming others,
I don't need to say do I?

Leader Xia, so you are aware.

Enough, I ordered you to discuss not argue.

You need to honestly reply to Xia Jiang's question.

I want to listen to this.

The Xuanjing Bureau's army and the patrol army

did indeed clash on the streets because of a criminal

but there were no traitors involved

and they did not enter the Xuanjing Bureau at all.

I don't really understand what Leader Xia means.

Does he want to say that my patrol army
stole his criminal on the streets?

Your highness, the clash with the patrol army
happened on the street,

at that time, the criminal had already escaped the prison.

The Xuanjing army left the bureau to give chase

-but were stopped by the patrol army.
-What a joke.

Is your Xuanjing Bureau a place that is easily broken into?

Father you know very well the strength of the Xuanjing Bureau.

You are also aware of the number of people I have.

Even if there were criminals that attacked the
Xuanjing Bureau,

how can you confirm that these criminals were my people?

Prince Jing,

in the city, is there another person with the
ability to do something like this?

So, Leader Xia does not have any evidence
and is just guessing.

SInce it is like this, then I will help you,

Father, I want to ask fro the presence of
the minister of defense.

What do you want him for?

The people in my army and
the patrol army is recorded in the defense records.

Whether they left today or whether they were injured

or whether they have the ability to break into the
Xuanjing Bureau, it can be investigated.

If Prince Jing was to do something like this,

why would you use the soldiers that are recorded?

You are now a seven pearl prince,
to secretly train some people is not difficult.

The patrol army were just helping from the outside.

The people who broke into the Xuanjing Bureau

it will probably hard to find their real identities.

JIngyan, I am going to give you another chance,
be honest.

Kidnapping the criminal from the Xuanjing Bureau

who were they?

Greetings empress.

Go in and search.


Can I ask what I did wrong this time?

Empress, please move into the inner room.

Consort Jing, you are very daring.

Father, do you also believe I secretly
trained people to do this?

If it's other things it doesn't matter

but the kind of place the Xuanjing Bureau is,
father you are clearer than me.

Can I ask, how many people do I need to train

to have the ability to raid the Xuanjing prison?

Brother, you have been a seven pearl prince
for many years, can I ask brother

can you train people that are unrecorded

with no traces with power to break into the Xuanjing prison?

We are talking about you, don't drag me into this,

Jingyan is being reasonable

to break into the Xuanjing prison

probably needs hundreds of people.

The Jing Manor cannot have had that many people

without a trace.

Your highness, today the people who broke into the
Xuanjing Bureau were very vicious, there were only thirty people

Thirty something people? The Xuanjing Bureau
has a strong army and many masters

your prison has many traps, you can only get in and not out,
everybody knows that.

Only thirty something people were needed to
abduct a criminal?

Leader Xia, you aren't joking right?

With that few people, they probably could
only get to the prison door.

Xia-qing, I really wanto to know

how was your prison broken into?

Reporting to your highness,

Wei Zheng was actually abducted from Da Li Si.

Da Li Si?

How is the Da Li Si involved?

Your highness, I already reported when I came in

the Xuanjing Bureau and Da Li Si
were attacked one after the other.

At that time, the criminal had been transferred to Da Li Si.

He was actually abducted from Da Li Si.

Such a important criminal, why wasn't he
locked in the the Xuanjing prison

instead he was in the loosely guarded Da Li Si?

Leader Xia, do you want people to come abduct him or not?

Reporting to your highness, the empress sent
someone over, apparently there is an urgent issue.

What urgent issue does she have, tell them to wait.

Father, the empress is normally steadfast,
she wouldn't disturb you without good reason.

Maybe there really is an urgent matter.

Your highness, listening to Prince Jing
not admitting

we can't solve this quickly anyway.

I think you should listen to the empress'
urgent issue first.

Tell them to come in.

Greetings your highness.

What is the issue?

The empress ordered me to report to you that

Consort Jing has committed a treasonous
act in Zhiluo palace

and has been caught by the empress.

Because she is favored by your highness'
she doesn't dare to punish herself.

Can your highness please go to give the punishment?

Say it again, who? Consort Jing?

Yes Consort Jing.



You mother and son, how must I favor you?

How can I favor you?

Even your mother?

I've been treating you so well.


Get up, kneel properly.

I will go punish your mother first,
and then I will see to you.

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